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Question for you: is it possible to create particle emitters in TrenchBroom? I have an idea of attaching a particle emitter to a func_train but didn’t know if I could mess with emitters

Thank you. 
Those are done in QuakeC so you'd have to write a mod. My mod progs_dump borrows a lot of particle effects from older mods but I don't have anything that is attached to a train. I know you can do that but I'm not exactly sure how to do that myself. I still have a lot to learn even after 3 years of messing with QuakeC.

I know you can add a flag to a model in AdQuEdit and Quake Model Viewer that would make it drip blood or attach a rocket trail. But I don't think you can make a train out of a model without coding.

If you don't need the player to touch the model progs_dump has the ability to swap out models on the misc_teleporttrain entity. So you can use a model that drips blood.

Here's a link to the mod: The manual is quite detailed. 
I’m looking to have a floating object on a path (inspired by the teleporting device that paths around Shub) that is dripping blood. Definitely will not need to be interacted with by the player. This is just for some gore aesthetic I’m working on.

I’ll take a look at the link you’ve posted. If you have any additional info, I’m all ears.

Thank you very much dumptruck_ds. 
Teleport Device 
Cool. That's the same entiy I mentioned previosuly in progs_dump. So all you'd have to do is add the "blood dripping" flag to a copy of that model and use progs_dump as your devkit.

Here's the info from the manual.

This was used for the final boss level in the original game. In progs_dump you can use this as a moving decoration with a custom model or even target it as a spawn point for a func_monster_spawner. Make sure and select the Don't Rotate spawnflag in this case, or you'll experience a pretty hilarious game breaking effect!

You set this up like a func_train using path_corners. By default, it will move automatically between path corners upon map load. However, you can have it wait to move by giving it a targetname. If you need to target it as a spawner and want it to move on map load, use the Start On spawnflag. Here’s a video tutorial on how to use trains and path_corners in Quake.

You can add effects using the dropdown, use a custom model using the mdl_body keyvalue and even make it Invisible with spawnflag 8. For example, you can animate a moving light around a level using the dimlight effect with the invisible flag set.
Teleport Device 
This is badass!

Thank you so much dumptruck_ds! 
Good New ! 
holy crap thats so cool. i wish more companies open-sourced their old games so we can continue having fun instead of dealing with all this modern crap 
God, I hate Quake's memory management. So complex and difficult to track things down. 
Heap Of Trash Size 
You're not the only one. Novum just replaced the memory management system in vkQuake. 
Quake's memory management is designed around running on an MS-DOS PC with 8 MB of memory and no virtual memory.

That's why it does things like having a fixed-size hunk, allocating the zone from that hunk, and allocating models and other objects in a cache that things can be moved into and out of on-demand, also from that hunk.

That's why software Quake also allocates it's video buffers from the same hunk.

The main constraint here is that 8 MB is an absolute hard limit. The program just cannot go above it, unused pages won't get swapped out (no virtual memory), and this limit is enforced by allocating all memory that the program is going to use at initialization time. There's some looseness for temp buffers and the stack, but otherwise any attempt to use more memory will be a crash.

WinQuake and GLQuake were obviously quick and dirty ports that didn't have the same constraint, so they sometimes go into alternative memory management and usage via big static buffers, etc.

It's very instructive to look at how memory management changed between Quake 1 and Quake 2. Quake 2 did not run on DOS, so it could take advantage of running on an OS that managed virtual memory for it, and all of the cache stuff was gone, the Zone was just replaced with malloc calls (and some tags to allow for multiple zones), and instead of a single large global hunk, each model had it's own individual hunk.

The memory management stuff I did on the old Inside 3D just replaced the Zone with malloc, on the basis that there was only one zone in Quake 1. It also replaced the cache with malloc, so that sounds, models and other items are never actually evicted from the cache, but instead persist for the entire run of the program.

That approach is obviously not compatible with game changing, nor with anything like Frik File (IIRC) that needs multiple Zones, but it was never meant to be, and further enhancements are left as an exercise to each individual. 
Reading through those again was very nostalgic. I'm cloning sdlquake to have fun with these on linux. 
thank you for all the hard work documenting all your findings with the community through all these years, mh. it's just awesome. 
Progs_dump + Copper 
Good evening friends and I hope Dumptruck sees this: How would I give the Enforcers in progs_dump the shooting behavior of the Enforcers in Copper? I’ve got my nail Enforcers in my map since I’m using progs_dump in Trenchbroom but I want them to continuously fire when they see the player just like the Enforcers do in Cooper mod. Thank you for your time. 
For Posterity 
I've reached out to Xeryn but I figured I could answer this here. The next version of progs_dump should be out in a matter of weeks. We've added a new Enforcer style (5) that is a rapid fire nail attack. We were going for more of a deathmatch opponent with a nail gun feel for this. It's not exactly like the Enforcers in Copper but they do fire a volley of around 10 nails per attack. Their aim is pretty weak. Again, not like Copper but closer than the normal Enforcer.

The good thing is you can replace the nail models and sound effects very easily to lasers and even the wall hit sound can be replaced.

Stay tuned for progs_dump 3 news very soon. 
Sound Off Soldier! 
If you check in here once a day or once a week please post a reply below (even if anon)

Want to gauge how many visitors are here (unless metlslime has some analytics. 
Me o/ 
I have data on active use (posts) — currently hovering around 1 per day — and the last login time for each registered user. That’s how the People page can tell how many recent users visited in the last 30 day — currently 69. Of course that doesn’t count anonymous visitors. 
Sounding Off Like I Got A Pair! 
I typically at least look at the site once per day to see what topics there may be any new posts in. 
The Quick Red Fox 
jumps over the lazy brown dog. 
Still Lurking... 
Would never give up on Quake! 
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