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Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

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If Wrath Is A Girl, There Is No God 
While messing with doom3's chaingun script to try and change the way it spins up and down, I fucked up a while loop and now I've got a six barreled flak launcher that dumps all 60 rounds in one frame. It's like a fucking anti-aircraft cannon. I'm sitting here launching hell knights across the room.

Entirely not what I meant to do, but totally awesome nevertheless. 
Awesome :) 
that hairy beast thing looked kinda neat, for the hairy effect.... of course a sshot is totally different from how it looks in game.

But yeah, not every game is going to be put out by well established companies already 3 sequels deep into their FPS de la jour. Yes there are some hot exceptions out there. But these companies hopes aren't set on being the next big thing. They are simply trying to establish themselves to land bigger projects.

Hell even the 'established' companies throw stinkers like this at us all the time. Not just in the FPS department but all genres are victim to this. 
Sounds like a jolly old romp :D
Be careful who you share that with though; you do realize how many players there are who would consider that the basis for an 'awesome' MP mod? :P 
do the same thing to the bfg and you'll have an instant classic! 
The BFG Already CAN Dump The Whole Clip In One Go 
you just have to hold the button for a second or two. :)

Chaingun's now working the way I desire - it's almost as much fun to use as the impromptu flak cannon.

I thought of a nifty way I can quickly test Byzantine monster/weapon balance - build a big and very ugly deathmatch map, and rig it DMSP-style. It'd be quick and continuous gameplay just generated on the fly, plus nice and easy to box up and upload to a few testers ... 
Is there a Byzantine design doc? If so, may I take a peek? 
More Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Goodness... 
Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks 
On Development Of Oblivion: 
"According to Howard, the AI has caused guards to decide to eat and go hunting deer, only to get themselves arrested for attacking something. When they fight back against the arresting guard, the other guards see a fight and try to join in. In not too much time, every guard in the town was involved in the scuffle, which left the rest of the town open to thievery by other NPCs, resulting in empty stores."

This sounds just too fucking cool.
Elder Scrolls 
Looks fucking fantastic Jago. It also looks like a section from 3DMark03 :D 
But What You Really Need Is A Deus Ex Clone...

Just to add a bit of variety to the Painkiller clones ;)

P.S. ES: Oblivion on the other hand does look very cool. 
how are "clone" games, as an idea, any worse than the gazillion sequel games produced by the big studios everyear? 
ta ta for now! leaving for Madison early tomorrow morning. my computer is already sitting in my car. :D 
Safe Travels 
There is, but I'm hesitant to show it around very much.

... Email me. 
Lets Start A Pool. 
10 bux says scampie takes the wrong highway and ends up in Quebec. 
He He He 
no thanks, I already have one. 
That Is, If You Count 
a three foot deep kiddie pool a real pool.

Once again, good luck Scampie. 
hello wrath, you are a qt.

A/S/L? Want 2 cyber? 
Back To An Earlier Discussion 
...on the existence of qmap projects, I just caught this over at gamasutra. (registration required, but well worth it)

in short, it is a small game that ernest adams, of twinkie withholding fame, claims is a perfect game. note I said "a" perfect game, not "the". I digress. One of the three people responsible for said game is Iikka Ker´┐Żnen, by the way. Good on yer.

so, food for thought. One of the aspects of game, mod and level making is of course the game design portion of it all. In the case of mods, it's sorely lacking. In the case of games, it's even more so, and it's even more symptomatic of an industry in dire need of some smacking alongside the netherworld. the closest a mapper will get to actual game design, and I'm talking low level shit here -- the scary, wonderful stuff, is some scripting and monster placement. But in truth, you're working within the constraints, boundaries -- and to be fair, possibilities, that are already put into place.

maychance some kind of project that isn't necessarily FPS-oriented could be useful to engage and challenge the established patterns of designing, and could help out when working in a 3d environment equiped with every bell and whistle nvidia and jcarmack can muster up? 
that's like the smartest damn thing anyone's posted in this thread yet. 
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