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Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

News submissions:
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Strange Quake 
This is copied from PlanetQuake forum. (Written by Demon):

"Years ago (in ages past... just kidding), I had a very strange/unusual version of Quake. when you pull down the console it was BLACK and without a version number. there are the great differences I noticed:
1. Ogres didn't have the "Q" symbol on their clothes.
2. Animations of heads of "blown-up" monsters (grunt, enforcer, rottweiler, scrag) appeared different.
3. Only the monsters mentioned above could be "blown-up".
4. when you get killed by a scrag, the message says you were killed by a... WIZARD!
5. The Boss at the end of episode1 was looking VERY diffent: dark, lava-textured body, horns, big eyes.
6. The "well of wishes" with DopeFish was MISSING.
7. e3m4 was not "Satan's Dark Delight" but "The Haunted Halls" - and the circle gateway was missing!
8. e3m7 (secret) was "Wind Tunnels" and there WAS a circular gateway in the beginning.
9. The total number of monsters in "Wind Tunnels" was 0 (ZERO!)
10. The sky in e4m2 and e4m7 was neither the blue clouds one, nor the purple clouds one - it was GREEN clouds!
11. e2m6 "The Dismal Oubliette" had a WHOLE COMPOUND of rooms before the beginning we all know (near the bridges-pit). In this area was a secret - under a bridge, look up at down side of bridge and shoot button to reveal a secret room with zombies, armor and ammo.
12. The Thunderbolt appeared as a Rocket-Launcher before you pick it up. And worked in a slightly different way!
13. Schubb-Niggurath's Pit was A TOTALLY NEW LEVEL! You start in a room filled with at least 8 100 Health boxes. There are some corridors with Fiends and Ogres. You pass between corridors through yellow-circular-window-like teleports. The Hall with Schubb herself was enormous, with a huge dome - its texture: green slime. There was a podium with a pentagram made of lava and two elevator accessible ledges with ogres. There was no "roaming spiked ball" but a teleport that brings you on top of Schubb and you're able to shoot her and kill her with your guns (but nothing happens).
14. The "rocket-jump" slipgate secret in e4m4 was missing.
15. In e2m5 - if you shoot the great circle/window/symbol on the ceiling of the large room with water on the bottom, a large metal pike appeared through the wall and pushed down into the water a box of shells(???). This thing is missing in the Quake we all know."

Have you ever played this version? Maybe someone still has got it somewhere. I had it many years ago but it got lost after hard drive crash. I can also remember that you coudn't get the silver key without nocliping in e4m6. 
That guy must be on crack or something... 
some of that stuff sounds like pre-release material, especially the description of what was must be the "Lost Entrance" to the Dismal Oubliette.
Could be it's not so old, and was actually a bunch of stuff hacked together/reskinned by someone.
I was going to suggest QTest, but I don't remember there being so much stuff in it. 
You have used this lost Entrance To The Dismall Oubliette in your Contract Revoked map pack. Or am I wrong? 
Yup, in the secret map. 
The Huygens Probe Has Landed 
Posting in anticipation of shots of either a really cool murky cloudy frozen alien world, or just lots of fuzz. 
Quake Pre-Release 
Some of the #QC folks were redistributing that a while ago. I might still have a copy somewhere. I never could really be bother to look through it and check all the changes, but I do remember that the Q logo on the ogres' chests was one difference. 
spawnpoint is back! 
necros is back! 
It's been up and down all day... Seems up now, but it's still a bit slow... =\ 
and after this weekend when I switch hosts, maybe it'll be up more often... and maybe I'll make a real front page... and if they space/bandwidth is any better, I'll host some more people (still on an invitation by me basis) 
Should we backup our sites if/when you switch host? =) 
stay in contact, I'll let you know... hopefully I can just have the new host get all the old files for me. I may just have to make a backup myself and move things over, having you guys each do your own backups can help. 
On UWF's Site 
I'm willing, if everyone's OK with this, to do all the Quake reviews for UWF's site solo, so that it's still sort of an official review site, until such time as I run out of spare time, I die , I'm abducted by aliens and they don't give me access to Quake and the internet, or I become uninterested in Quake. I don't think any of those is going to happen in the immediate future... :)

I've completed reviews of all of the maps that my name is listed for on the site. If no one else has said anything about those two, I'll do them this weekend. 
Many Thanks Mr.tronyn! 
tronyn is henceofrth known as = "the map-reviewing machine"

4 New Map Reviews: 
massive update at my site:

"Tronyn has been very busy enjoying and immersing himself in Quake 1's twisted but beautiful new worlds and has produced a update of 4 brand new map reviews".

Enjoy. :) 
Excellent Reviews 
good work tronyn. I agree with giving Marcher 20/20 too, you rock (as does uwf)! 
Doom 3 Map Reviews? Thoughts? Volunteers? 
thanks Starbuck... also i am thinking abut adding Doom 3 SP Map reviews to my site.

1.Does anyone have any thoughts on this idea?
2.Would anyone be interested in writing Doom 3 map reviews?

[My personal main stumbling block for Doom3 right now is the money required to buy the hi-end graphics card i need to play Doom3 at a frame rate acceptable to me. [right now i get 15-20 fps typically]]. 
1. Review for games that really need maps reviewing, both in terms of exposure needed and maps that need to be analyse.

2. Review for games that genuinely inspire you and that you geniunely want to highlight mapping for. 
Kinn Kell RPG Bal Cybear Anyone else I seem to host without knowing it:

Please email me your SP logins/passwords, I've bought new hosting, and will now be readding you all. For this week, we'll still be at our current location, but as soon as I get you added and email you back some directions for logging in, you can start getting things together on the new server. Also let me know if you currently have an SP email and if you want to continue using it (and login/pass if it's differant)

Hopefully I'll be able to make the move as painless as possible, but it'd be very helpful if you each move your own sites over. Kinn, I'll move you since you're most likely already gone to the US :D

In the meantime, is our new home, could a few people try downloading this 10 meg video clip to see how speeds are? (the nutrigrain commercial thing that was going around a year ago, very funny) 
256/64 ADSL from Perth, Australia 
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