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Updated Quake Models For D3 Engine Quake Remix

some better than others but not bad attempts. Obviously skins will make or break. 
Tarbaby: sure
Wizard: head isn't loyal
Enforcer: meh
Dog: yay
Ogre: interesting but not overall fat/ugly
Hellknight: sure
Demon: yay
Shalrath: meh
Shambler: yay x 10
Fish: yay
Soldier: meh 
I Love The Fiend... 
looks perfect!

others are varying amounts of meh.

legs on the vore are fucked up but otherwise alright.
scragg's head looks moronic and shambler isn't covered in fur (although i can understand the reason for that last one, but it has to result of looking more just like a d3 hellknight but slightly different. the skin for this will be very important on whether it will look like a hellknight dropped at birth or a shambler...)

honestly, i have no idea why they posted the animation of the ogre's walk frames... they are terrible and look wooden. plus his upper body is moving way too much...
same with the soldier's run animation. less wooden, but it looks like he's working out on a treadmill and not chasing after the player trying to rip his lungs out. 
I like the shambler, but where are his claws? One of the shamblers main characteristics is the huge bloodied claws he has.

The fish is pretty good, and the fiend looks decent. The others I am not so sure about.

The ogre looks reasonable, but really needs a more Quakey outfit and his GL and chainsaw to really look like the ogre.

The dog doesn't look scary, and the enforcer and soldier (Quakeguy or grunt?) are a bit sucky. They could have pretty much modelled the Quakeguy and modelled in the detail on his texture and he would have looked awesome - same for the enforcer. They also need the zombified look they have in Quake.

I agree about the wizards head - doesn't look like a scrag at all :( 
Yeah generally variable amounts of meh.

As always with these things, the quality of the modelling is great, but the faithfullness to what makes Quake monsters Quakey is often lacking. I don't understand why, it's not hard to start Quake, find some monsters, and have a think about their distinctive characteristics.

I like the fish though. 
All below here is about the "'faithful' to Quake: yes or no?" from me.

soldier: Uhm... Y M C A! Looks gay. Even Monkeyrat's looks better (his weapon models are great even not 'faithful'.)...
fish: The first one looks ok. But that is maybe the most easy model.
shambler: Looks way too skinny and not evil enough. The head looks bad and I agree with than about the claws.
shalrath: Way too insectoid. And the legs bend(?) into the wrong direction! Also it lost all his female looks, the face, the arms...
fiend: pretty good, but I don't like the huge horns and the "face".
hellknight: Did anyone say Diablo? Looks absolutely too "good".
ogre: Totally wrong. He is too tall and not fat enough.
dog: Looks like a real rottweiler = good :)
enforcer: wtf?
wizard: A weird mix of human face and elements from 'the' Alien. Not too bad, but not faithful at all in my opinion. The original wizard has some "bird-like" appereance in it's face (I can't explain that really good... Maybe you know what I mean.)
tarbaby: So who but silicone on his joystick?

The animations just look awful. 
I like the fish and the demon. The shambler is OK but needs claws, and his head I think should be less of a head).

The tech guys (grunt, enforcer) look terrible, they could be placed in any FPS, they don't resemble the originals at all.

Ogre is the one I hate the most. It doesn't resemble the ogre at all.

Tarbaby doesn't have the kind-of-face element that makes the original interesting and is rather just a blob; scrag is decent model (as it basically copies the original exactly but with more detail; actually it probably should be been "ported" less and "interpreted" more)- BUT they fucked up the face, as they did with the vore.

hell knight looks good though not like the original (place this model in any RPG, sure), plus his arm lengths seem very odd indeed.

Rest is meh.

Did anyone check out the map screenshots?




for chrissakes, F!

The classic Doom3 mod (which tries to convert original Doom1 maps to Doom3) seems to have run into a similar problem. You cannot just reuse high-resolution textures with some doom3 shininess and port the original quake/doom maps exactly because IT WILL LOOK LIKE SHIT

I know I have bitched about some of the modelling being unfaithful to the art style/lame/generic, and it's not like I don't appreciate these people trying. However, I think any mod of this type should try to emulate the mood/style/atmosphere of the original (yes, and the level layouts, but add more details where appropriate), and not either a) port directly or b) make up some shit that has nothing to do with the original and say that it does.

ok, thats already far too much ranting 
I've been contemplating+sketching a high-poly shambler for literally years. I guess I'm just going to have to take the plunge, upgrade my machine, get a copy of Max and do this myself.

Most of the models seem well made, but they just don't fit in my opinion, the proportions don't work in most, what's up with the shambler's tiny head and tiny hands? Where are his claws?
Yeah, I'd really like to try modelising a Shambler some day. 
Fuck That 
I can't even properly chamfer a cube in GMax to make a crate. 
Those Models 
The Fish? Yeah, I did that ZBrush tutorial too:

What others said really. Some of the models are competant (Fiend, Shambler), but seem to ignore a lot of the characteristics that made the original Quake versions good. Animations make Baby Jesus cry :( 
Kell, Bal 
me too! Don't have time right now. I was going to have a go at modelling an ogre, and took some screens from Quake to get a good idea of his proportions (he's pretty bloody square, actually) but never got started.

Maybe if we worked together we could make our own series of high poly Quake characters. If we had some time to do it. 
Haha at the zbrush tutorial, that fish did seem familiar. =)

Than, heh that would rock, but bleh, time... T__T 
Er, That's What I Meant 
Have you tried zbrush? I saw that tutorial when I was working in the UK early last year and thought it was pretty cool, but having watched it again, it looks shit hot (for characters at least). Any good? 
NO! I Was Right 
It was Kell who said he had been trying to make a high poly Shambler.

I haven't tried zbrush so much yet, and well, even if you can pretty much do your complete model in it (like in that tutorial), I'd still prefer making the initial model in max/maya, and then going to zbrush for all the details. It's definatly a very powerful app (I have some Gnomon zbrush vids, there's some impressive stuff). 
in general they look pretty good. As others have said, shambler needs claws (and sharp teeth), wizard/scrag a mouthless kinda face, and the shalrath should get rid of the techy bits, it's a mystical creature.

The fiend is good in the shot shown... the ogre ain't that bad in my opinion, I'd add more fat though.

Hmm. I don't know what the tarbaby will look like when moving if it doesn't blob-droop (if you understand) more but instead has just a thin appendage. We'll see, if it's continued along the line.

The rear end of the rottweiler is kinda small in the rear structure but i don't know if it's a wide angle shot or a badly breeded dog as model. :/

Just my ideas, i'm not a modeler or anything. 
I don't like any of them for Quake monsters, but they're good in their own right. Maybe I need to see them with their skins, but they don't look Quakey to me at all. 
I checked out those QuakeRemix level screenshots, and I have to admit that I was surprised anyone could make a Doom 3 level look so shit. 
It would be nice to see artists and modellers take the approach that they're trying to make textures where the original texture ends up being one of the mipmaps, or models where the original models and up being one of the lower LOD models. Rules My Littel World 
Sent by blizzardz (profile) at 09:11 am on 1/8/06

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Than / Bear 
if you want to get on irc from over there, let me know [ sollers dot inertia at ], i can set up an irc bouncer over here to take care of that problem 
can someone tell me if 9702 is spam? it's so badly written i can't tell. 
I sure could use "600000 gold" 
...I'm sure I could use a few citizens daily :) 
mega is copy'n'pasting an email / private message he got about some online game shizzle. 
Thanks for the offer. It would be great, but I really don't need to get drawn into idling. I waste enough time as it is browsing the internet without having people to chat to about stupid things like penises and fizzy peach drinks :) 
*abruptly Stops Stirring His Fizzy Peach Drink With His Penis* 
Remind Me 
Never to drink or eat anything from Blitz, ever. 
than is the one who famously stuck his penis into peach fizzy drink. 
This Last Posts... 
... would have been posted in either food thread or drunk thread guys ;P 
Uploading Photos.. 
but it's taking too long from this place so it will only be very few for now :( Hope it will work better from school when I get a password to use their computers.

+I'm not really interestes in using irc when I'm here. 
Please Help Check My Website/portfolio Thing 
I spent the past couple of days making a little web portfolio. It's not quite finished, as there are a few more images I want to put up, but the navigation design and code are all done. lio <-- !

You need Javascript enabled for it to work at all. Don't worry, it's just for image flipping. There is no flash, no sound, no popups, no animated gifs and no redirect to goatse.

I've tested it with Opera 8.5, Firefox 1.5 and IE 6. On my pc it looks the same in all, although it feels a little sluggish in IE.

It is designed for high resolution screens, although my laptop has a fixed resolution of 1920*1200, so I haven't been able to test 1280*960 :( Might be a bit big though :( :(

Navigation should be easy enough, but a kind of hidden feature is that if you click on the main image, it will cycle through all the images, rather than just the current set.

Please give comments on the design, ease of navigation and tell me how it is with your browser. My email address is on the page if you want to respond via email. Also, is it too dark? Looks fine on my screen of course, but there are so many people with dark monitors out there :( 
Than Website 
First thought:
Dammit, this needn't be wider than 1024. I'd at least advise using stretchable layout, or a minimum of 750px (if you care about 800 x 600 users, I do) or like 975px for 1024 x 768.

Second thought:
2 missing images on the top left...
- images%5Cnav_wireframe.gif
- images%5Cnav_getimages.gif

Third thought:
AAAAAAAAAGH my finger feels really weird because when I click a next/prev link the mouse pointer doesn't change to the hand and it just FEELS weird - there's no feedback besidse the color change and I wanna chop off my right pointe finger because of it. :| 
Than Website 2 
Oh yeah, I do like the idea going with the design by the way. 
Re: The Mouse Pointer Doesn't Change To The Hand 
I agree, you can change that with CSS, than
cursor : pointer 
I imagine that's how he did it anyway :P (guessing) 
I reckon your name will be featured prominently elsewhere, but otherwise having your name down the side and awkward to read is kind of silly.

And yeah, that seems too huge. If you're applying for a design position, shouldn't you demonstrate forethought and ability to design to the lower common denominators? It seems like 1024x768 would be plenty.

Otherwise it seems ok. 
It's too big. Also, I think it's better to have a gallery of images and open big versions upon click. At least have a bar with thumbnails at the top.

It also misses a bit of personal information - like your age, location, resume or whatever.

And yeah, what phait said about the mouse cursor is true.

Oh and, for me, nothing happens when clicking on an image (Firefox 1.5 Windows XP).

If you want, I can have a look in Safari and see if everything works ok there. 
What others said.

Make it fit 1024. You have no reason to go above that.

Use thumbnails, and really clear navigation.
C'mon, you're not using this folio to apply for 'pretentious web designer' positions, so don't try to look like one. Leave that sort of thing to phait. A potential employer-of-mappers is going to want to see your awesome, efficent mappage quickly and easily.
Design your folio to let them do that. 
no redirect to goatse

Well screw that then! 
C'mon, you're not using this folio to apply for 'pretentious web designer' positions, so don't try to look like one. Leave that sort of thing to phait.

Finally someone gets it! 
Fuckin' slow ass func_! PHPBB FTW! 
C'mon, you're not using this folio to apply for 'pretentious web designer' positions, so don't try to look like one. Leave that sort of thing to phait.

Finally someone gets it! 
The Content 
the three first shots are of the same scene?

A bit narrower would be good too, scrollbars with 1152x... 
Thanks For The Comments 
The reason I left it wide is that I assumed whoever would be looking at my portfolio would be using a high resolution (1280 minimum, more likely 1600+)

However, I will move the label with my name and resize all the images to a maximum width of 950, but keeping a constant height throughout.

I suppose I can make a small thumbnail gallery too.

On another note, I have fixed the pointer thing and precached the "missing" images. Thanks for the heads up there. I wanted to change the pointer before, but didn't know how, and didn't think there would be a way to do it in css. Thanks again for that :) 
Not a single thing is functional on that page for me. There's missing images, absolutely no navigation, and the link to the .zip is broken. I can't even read the email address on the bottom right, which probably isn't a great idea for a portfolio page. 
Ok, Fixed As Many Problems As I Can For Now... 
Blackdog: do you have javascript disabled? It's needed for the image gallery.

The top images and file link had a backslash in the url, so didn't display properly in firefox once uploaded onto the net (although they worked fine in Opera, and Firefox when stored locally). I can never remember whether to use back or forward slashes in urls, so it obviously slipped my mind there.

I fixed the missing images, put a proper email link there, resized the page to a width of 960. The image filesizes are slightly smaller too, so that should help somewhat.

The page is still too tall, but I am not making everything tiny for 1024 users, since I'd imagine most game developers are going to have a reasonably high res monitor. Hopefully HR people will too, but maybe I should look at that again.

Further commentary will be much appreciated.

Sleep: Yes, please test it in Safari if it's no hassle.

Here's the url again: lio 
forgot to mention that I have ff 1.5 and am using xp and the next image loads if I click on the main image. The image precache doesn't seem to work, so it takes a while, which is a bit annoying.

For precaching images, what do I need to do? I thought it was just imageObject.src = "imagesource.jpg"; ? Doesn't seem to make any difference though :( 
By The Way 
This (minus compression artifacts) is how it looks on my screen in Opera. That's also why I made it so big to start with. I should have looked up information about safe screen sizes and stuff. (1920*1200, 115kb)

It looks and behaves exactly the same in FF1.5 and IE6 on my Win XP PC. 
It works fine in Safari - no problems there whatsoever.

Regarding image precaching - yup, you can do it that way. It works for me (in Safari). I'll check it out later in FF 1.5 again. But with those images being so huge, the precaching can take quite a while. You could remedy this situation by not displaying the full size images, but a thumbnail gallery first.

Thinking about it, I don't think it's really neccessary to precache those images at all - I mean the user expects a delay when a large image is loading, so I don't think anybody would be annoyed when the images do not load instantly when clicking "next" or "previous".

Apart from all the nagging, I like the simplicity of that site, and I also like the wireframe / texture mapped switching. That's a neat touch IMO. 
Lol Than 
desktop penis? lol. 
Thanks Again 
Cheers, Sleepy.

I was thinking about putting a thumbnail gallery up like you suggested, but I am so fed up of looking at this thing that I don't want to start another mini project. Maybe I will do it another time.

As for the image precaching, it wasn't working previously because I am such a sloppy coder. I have fixed all the errors now, so it works.

Also, you mentioned before about putting my personal information there. Well, I want to keep the site really bare without cluttering it with that sort of stuff. I will mostly be sending the url in emails to potential employers along with my resume, so they shouldn't have any need for contact details. Also, my email is on the site if someone does need to contact me, and that should be enough if they really are interested in me/my work.

Anyway, thanks for your help. I just have a couple of minor images to add, and then it will be done for the time being. 
Works Now 
I have some javascript abilities disabled in Firefox, and enabling them fixed the page. My bad.

I still don't like it; the links to "next set" and "previous set" are a clumsy method of grouping images and are difficult to read, it's impossible to right click and open new windows/tabs so navigating the site in parallel is impossible, and the overall structure of the page isn't clear. The user has no way to see or directly navigate to images without wading through them one by one, the same goes for sets, and I basically hate the fuck out of pages which do that.

IMO you'd be better off with more useable design that lets people go for what they want rather than clicking through everything (which with long loading times is a PITA). 
Than - Maybe There Is A Problem 
I connected to your page and opera just started downloading 68 files (over 6MB). I cant check it again because I dont't want to delete my cache. 
Coop Question. 
Posted by Dr.Gizmo [] on 2006/01/10 23:28:05

Hello there, I'm looking for some help concerning COOP quakeplay. Can I play COOP Quake? If yes, can any of you point me in the direction of some good COOP mods or whatnot? Any help is greatly appreciated.
wait a sec, rouge trooper is a bloody low poly ps2 game, right?

also I hate u now for working on sniper-elite which is an insult of a game for any Russian

thats all I want to say for now 
Dr. Gizmo 
FuhQuake will probably suit your needs for playing co-op Quake. I don't remember if Nehahra supports co-op, but if it does I think it would be a great mod to play with a few people.

Otherwise you'll generally want to find larger scale maps -- Marcher Fortress, Februus Depth, Adamantine Cruelty, off the top of my head will all probably give you a good co-op experience. 
Mod = Client 
Argh. Misread my own post. Fuhquake is the client, Nehahra is the mod. 
Re: Comments 
Blackdog: Fair enough. I know some people hate this sort of design, which is why I have included the link to d/l the images separately. However, I the idea is that the person viewing the images is supposed to look through them all, hence there are only next and previous buttons, and the images are grouped into sets as a way of sorting them more for me than the user. This site is supposed make sure the viewer (someone in an office, probably using a fast connection) looks at the images as I intended them to.

If I was setting up a public gallery of images then I would certainly take heed of your advice.

I forgot about the inability to right click and open links in a new window :( However, it's not as bad as flash imho. Flash is the scourge of the net. Anyway, I might have a look and see if I can get the ability to browse in parallel in there, since it would be useful in comparing images.

Ankh: Sorry, the images are all precached, so that's what was happening. All the images used by the gallery are loaded in advance so that there is only a short delay when advancing to the next image. The site still works if you hit the stop button and then use the navigation buttons as normal, although Opera won't display the status bar for some reason.

Speeds: Yes, it's low poly. That scene is 20-30k tris, which is about average for environment art afaik.

Sniper Elite is a fuckin abomination of a game (perhaps that is pushing it a bit far, but I don't like it). I hated working on it, and the claims made by those in positions of power at the company claimed that it was a realistic interpretation of wartime Berlin. Actually, it was a semi-realistic interpretation of The pictures on my site are from something that I was making that was not used. Actually, it was based on the Hackenhofe Market, and was a fairly accurate recreation. You should have seen the previous version of it that I was given to "tidy up". Seriously...

After Sniper was released and it got good reviews and positive comments from users, I was so taken aback that I thought maybe something had changed drastically. I grabbed the almost impossible to find and not available on the Rebellion homepage demo and installed it. It's almost exactly the same (but marginally improved, believe it or not) as when I last saw it when it was in development.

Also, you might be interested to hear that the game won the TIGA game of the year award. The owners of Rebellion are founding members of TIGA. I find that a little suspicious :) 
I haven't tried Marcher in coop - the spawning would be kinda broken i'd imagine. 
QExpo Big Push? 
I know that nobody has officially announced anything this year, but since there seem to be so many big, unfinished Quake projects sitting lying around on peoples hard drives, how about we all really make a special effort to push them out by QExpo, eh?

Maybe it seems a long way off (what, 8 months or something) but time can really fly by. I have an sp map in the works now, and I'm either going to expand it into a multi-map pack, or release it when it's done and start a new level or set and release by QExpo. That is my promise - I will have something to release during this years QExpo, and possibly something before too. I hope others will join me and try and get a project finished (either new or incomplete) done for QExpo.

Or maybe I'm just imagining all these unfinished projects. Travail, Rubicon 2, Tyrann's big level, CZG_Hate, APSP2/3, SOE: Indian Summer, Glassman's Nehahra pack, Obscurus... I think there are more 
Qw Coop 
nor marcher neither bastion worked for me and my friends :( 
Nothing Is As Bad As Flash 
Don't get me started on how fucking crap even well-designed Flash sites are.

Than: OK, I can understand that. You might take a look at this, though: 
ffs, put good images first. Now there's two almost similar shots right in the start?!! Delete the second one alltogether. Only later on when you actually read the tiny text of "next set" or click it by accident, you hit good stuff. :)

I don't need any thumbnails, they are just annoying since I anyway open all images (unless they are huge or extreme quality).

But you've got nice stuff there really. 
yeah, why just not make it clicketyclick through all the images without any layers gimmicks etc... a 5/12 etc number indicator would be good if it's super-easy to code though, since then it's easier for you to go back to a good image if you remember the number. 
Great idea! But I guess I won't have the time to make any new maps this year. I will become a father in few days :) 
Congratulations! :) 
Let's Wait 
until it happens :) 
Just had a look at Than's portfolio page.

Absolute rubbish, I would call it a triumph of form over function, except the form itself is pretty bland. The only thing that could make it worse is using F***h.

There are many things wrong with it as people seem to be pointing out, but the most prominent ones for me were:

- too big, horizontal scrolling, unneccessary vertical scrolling.

- blanking out the usual link destination in the IE window.

- menu items all over the page.

- no idea where the links are going

- no indicated order to the portfolio

- no information provided

Basically I was clicking on links with no idea whether I was being taken to a same-game map, a different-game map, a set of screenshots, a map page, a game page, a download link or anything. You seem to have designed it to be as user-irritating as possible, well done ^_^. 
OK Now I Think You Are Being Mean To Than :( 
I liked the page... 
You could get Vondur to design it. 
Environment art - you mean its not the geometry used in game maps? Cause from shots rouge leader maps look more like ~2-5k poly

If its game-related works portfolio, would make sens to provide pics of how it actually looked in game, not just the mesh. And did anybody mention your site is a dilup killer?

AFAIK some ppl like Sniper Elite, cause oddly enought humans like to errm... snipe.
But hero dressed as nazzi (but not German?) killing Soviet soldiers in Berlin? It like a game by neo-nazzis or what. 
Bambuz: Er, That's The Hidden Feature... 
maybe it shouldn't be hidden, but if you click on the main image, it goes onto the next one, regardless of set, so you can navigate the whole lot by clicking the main image until you get to the end.

The similar shots are there because 1. I like them and 2. The first few shots are supposed to be how the player enters the wreck - maybe I should put a shot of inside the engine that the player walks through to make it more obvious?

The image number idea is a good one. Maybe I will see if I can quickly put that in, along with the ability to open the image in a separate window, and made it more obvious that you can go through all the images just by clicking on the main one.

By the way, Blackdog, I read that page you linked and after making the changes earlier I think that have followed almost every rule written. Seriously. It's not as badly designed as you think considering the purpose of the site.

There are improvements, sure, but I think it's a good start, and I don't need to change it too much. If it doesn't help me get a job, then I'll make a new one, and be more aware of all the suggestions people have made for this one.

Anyway, thanks for the comments, everyone. Your responses have been really helpful.

Ankh: Well give that kid a keyboard and mouse! Teach him or her to map! I wonder how truely awesome someone could be at mapping if they started before they could walk.

Hmm, then again, imagine how antisocial they might turn out.

Anyway, good luck with the birth. 
Good then, if people viewing that site already have your resume, then it makes sense to omit it there - also the precaching is not a big deal then, since the ppl visiting that site will most likely have a big-ass connection in their offices.

Best of luck with your applications! 
The shots of Rogue on the net are ANCIENT. I'm surprised that Rebellion haven't released a few more. Anyway, some of the maps look higher detail than others. There is a map in a forest that is afaik 50k+ polys on screen for the env alone.

We used to have really stupid poly limits on Dredd (4-8k polys, which used the same engine, but a much older version of it. These days the tech at Rebellion is actually pretty decent, and the tools are REALLY good (if you like Max for modelling).

As for sniper, I found that occasionally it is ok, and at least the sniping aspect is quite satisfying, but overall it feels really second rate and devoid of polish.

Graphically it is horrible, although there are one or two nice areas and touches in the game. 95% is really quite hideous though :( 
now make site flash-based

just to piss off shambler :) 
I didnt know ps2 can chew that much
atleast most ps2 games look fairly low poly 
Speedy 2 
I forgot to reply to your comments about my stuff.

1. No in-game pics because I don't have the games I worked on, and in some cases I don't have the textures for the mesh I created. Rendering and photoshopping at least makes the images look good (imho).

Also, have you SEEN some of the games I worked on? Seriously, do I want to put images like that on my portfolio, or do I want to make the images look nice and presentable. Also, I think highlighting the work that I did is easier this way, since if I take a shot from the game, there is a lot of art that I didn't create.

Anyway, the wireframe images are there to hide the max+ps flash and show the stuff that I actually made at work, as well as showing that I can actually build tidy and efficient mesh.

2. Yes, it's a dialup killer, but it's intended to be looked at by people who are working in offices with fast connections. It's possible to hit stop and continue to browse the site normally, with each image loading as you navigate through them. I just wanted to minimise the delay for the people that will actually be considering employing me. 
god, I am really spamming this thread today. Sorry...

Some ps2 games look amazing. I don't know if this is because they have great tech, or just really good assets. The PoP games for instance, and God of War are examples that spring readily to mind.

PS2 can push a lot of polys, but it has very little memory, so you can't texture those polys with many textures. Either that or you can't have large textures. 
Pretty much what everyone else said about the portfolio - a bit big, it's rather overdesigned, simpler would be better. Not that I can talk because mine is certainly a big pile of overdesigned arse and badly needs rebuilding, as well as updating.

Where are you going to be applying for jobs by the way, back in the UK or in other exciting parts of the world? 
Did you overlap with Matt Newport at rebellion? Small world and all that. 
Regarding your assertion that most people are on high-res desktops, I think you're right. However, I also think most people don't run their web browsers in fullscreen, unless their desktop is 1024x768 or lower. 
They Don't? 
Nearly everyone I know runs their browsers fullscreen, including myself, even at 1600x1200 or 1280*960/1024 and such. 
Of Course Not Really Representative... 
but here are the Quaddicted stats:
1024x768 45.79%
1280x1024 34.36%
800x600 6.85%
1152x864 5.33%
1600x1200 3.49%
If that helps you.

I like plain portfolios. Metl's is perfect for example. Just one site with all the info on it. 
Quake Expo And Quake Travail 
Travail was announced at the last QExpo and with 8 months to go, it would be sweet to have our mod released. Much work is complete and the momentum is strong on this project. 
Hello my once-every-33-people brothers. 
Fullscreen Browser 
I don't. Never. The only program I run in fullscreen is my IDE. Yeah. 
Full Screen + Answers To Shallow And MWH 
I run Opera full screen most of the time, and my res is pretty high (1920x1200, as I am always bragging).

I have the sidepanels visible most of the time, although this is to take up a the extra space for widescreen, because there certainly aren't many websites designed with that in mind.

Answers to questions:
Shallow: First Japan, then the UK if I can't get a job here. Might talk to the gf and see what she thinks of going to the US, since there are a lot of good jobs going there, and the pay is better, cost of living lower (like, what the fuck?)

MWH: No, I don't think so. I was there from October 2002 until June 2005 and don't remember that name. There was only one other Matt I remember, and his surname was not Newport. Was he a coder or artist? Did he work at Rebellion or 2000AD? 
Done It 
Ok, I finally stopped pissing about with that damn portfolio and just applied for a job. I sent the link to the portfolio in the email, and I hope to god that the damn site works properly now.

Anyway, I added the ability to shift click an image and open it in a new window. I got fed up of messing about with it after that, so that's all I did. 
Bloody Hell 
I saw 28 posts in GA, and I thought "ooh, flame war".

And it turns out to be people just trying to help out than :( 
Pretty Cool Shambler Pic 
I like this "interpretation":

The claws are a bit too thin maybe but the rest is great in my opinion. 
What About Work Hrs? 
What are the usual working hrs in Japan and USA gamedev? (isnt it like 50 work hours weeks in the Land of the Rising Sun and constant crunch 100 hrs in the Land of Bush) 
Far too furry.
Claws too thin.
Teeth too sharp.
Not bulky enough.

Tis a nice picture though. People still aren't capturing the essence of the shambler I think. 
OK, can't remember when he left, was probably around the time you joined, or not that long after. He was a coder and worked for Rebellion (he worked on Gunlok, iirc). 
I like that Shambler pic, but yeah, what Shambler said. Still I think it kind of gets the essense of a Shambler, and does a better job than any other interpretation I've seen.

As for working hours, well, I think it's pretty much the same shit wherever you go. If you are on a project at the end of development, you are going to get pretty knackered. At the start of a project it can be fairly relaxed. I think hours depend more on the company and people there.

However, I've heard from some people that Japanese game devs can be cunts, and that the employees feel obliged to work their asses off for the good of the company. Having not worked in such a place yet, I can't really give any further comment.

I've also heard that people start work later here than in other countries, and work until later. That's fine by me, especially if it's flexitime style where you can show up between say 9 and 11 and work until between 6 and 8. 
Being A PC Gamer Is Shit These Days? 
Holy shit, I thought the horizon was looking pretty barren, but then someone sent me this...

Ok, so they aren't all guaranteed to come out this year, but there are still a fuckload of games that look awesome on that list.

I nearly wet myself when I saw some of the adventure games on there. UNF! 
Working In Japan 
I was working there for 3 months and my feeling was that the japanese people worked slow and not effective. Thus they had to stay longer at office to finish they duties. The same work done by a non-japanese was finished in half the time.
And also no one left work earlier then the boss :). Me and my friends could leave the office at 17.00 and it was a strange feeling because everyone was still sitting there and working very hard.
Japan was a great experience anyway. 
atleast there is Vondurs` game 
I think this is the best so far, it's a pretty old pic and seems it's distorted, horizontally stretched somehow. 
Vondur's Game? 
which one is that then? 
heroes of might and majykk five 
Post #9780 
Best post ever. 
Do You Know What? (obviously Not, But I Will Say) 
I was dissapointed by that list because I thought there was nothing but RTS to look forward to... then, after about 10 minutes of scrolling, I made it past the end of the strategy part of the list and realised it was subdivided by genre. I nearly crapped my pants. I never knew there were so many games being made that look so pretty. 
indeed, those screens from the adventures are so yummy. and i've got ankh game already. v.nice one. 
The List 
plenty of goodness there:

vondur, agreed, Heroes 5 looks awesome.
Alan Wake looks pretty and its a nice story, looks interesting.
Oblivion is stunning and it's going to eat my life.. haven't been this excited about a game for a long time, if ever.
Generally looking forward to running any Unreal Engine 3.0 game on my pc. 
Oh Boy 
I never knew there were so many games being made that look so pretty.

Pretty is no longer a reason to be excited.

... still loading the page. :P 
True, but what it means is that the instances of good gameplay spoilt by ass-ugly graphics are decreasing, so that in general games usually have visual appeal these days, and one can pick and choose the ones that play well too. 
and then there's the old saying that since graphics nowadays cost a lot to make, (and they _have_ to be good to sell at all), there's much less possibility of taking risks with some different or innovative gameplay - many of those games resemble each other a lot superficially. (Yah yah it's stupid to say from one screenshot etc...) There's also quite many sequels and remakes in that list.

That Chronic Logic weirdo thing and Gothic(a?) were at least shots that left an impression to my mind. :)

And what's with that Defcon, there already is a strategy game with that name? Are out of game names nowadays? 
Pretty No Longer A Reason To Get Excited? 
Well it's interesting to see that PC game graphics are still good enough to compete with next gen consoles.

What I have found in the past is that pc graphics get overtaken by those of consoles when a new generation is released, and then the pc catches up and overtakes consoles after a year or so. However, it looks like the pc is already competing with consoles graphically.

Also, I thought that most of the rich and/or talented developers were starting to make everything on the fucking RAD Xbox 360 and "1% of the power of the human brain" PS3. 
i looked at your portfolio like 3 times now, and i JUST realized what the hell it said underneath "next", which is "next set". the txt there is really quite small and ass. the pics are nice, just erm make it more obvious that you are playing around with multiple sets as well as within each set. 
I only have a 17" widescreen monitor, and it's stuck in a stupid high resolution and I can read the text fine. I have crap eyesight too.

Anyway, I will have to redo it all in Japanese, so I will take all this stuff into account when the time comes.

For now, I've been asked to do an art test, where I have to model a 300 poly spaceship (guess I'll just follow the Max modelling tutorial ;) and an old womans face in 2000 polys. I think it should be fun. Hopefully I can do something good, even though I applied for a FUCKING ENVIRONMENT ART position. Maybe they could have asked me to model a 300 poly brick, and an old womans house? 
Tough One 
old womans face in 2000 polys 
Quake Mappers Are Gods 
they can make a model out of an old woman, it just takes 2000 "polys".

Good luck than. 
I Can Make An Old Woman.. 
out of just one "polly" 
metl makes another funnay!

seriously dude, you should write these down, work up an act :| 
Yet Another Shambler Model! 
Indeed, Looks Like A "Shrek" Reject 
fat-comical, as opposed to Quakey-disturbing

side rant: I hate how most 3d animation shows, like Shrek, portray their characters. Fuck that cutesy "stylized" stuff. 
That is the funniest thing I've seen all day. Simply awful. 
I don't think it's awful. The Q1 shamb has a big gut, so it's a reasonable interpretation to make a high-poly shamb a bit fat.
The, are cool, but they're really not claws. They're bony fingers.
It's the mouth, though. That's the problem. Those teeth are wrong. As the guy posted below the pic, they're chisel teeth i.e. herbiverous. Not monstery and certainly not like the original's teeth, which are the clearest part of the skin.
Perhaps he was basing his interpretation a little too much on the model Speeds linked earlier: 
Bonus points for actually making the shambler fat as opposed to giving him a six-pack which is what most of them do. 
Re: Shambler Model 
While a shambler might have some fat, it should have neither the aforementioned clearly distinguishable six-pack nor rolls of fat because its hide hangs loosely upon its frame. IMO. 
please take my wife. er... 
RPG Is Right... 
It should be neither fit nor slack...
I've never thought of the original id Shambler as having a "big gut"... neither extreme seems to work well for me
and by previous admission that face/mouth is ridiculous
I think, although this may well sound bad, that to make a great, and new, Shambler, the modeler may have had to have seen a decent amount of Lovecraft art. That's where "the shambler from the stars" came from anyway. 
More Shambling... 
I see you wasted your afternoon in exactly the same way as me... 
Shamblyness Two 
look at bears for example: they're neither sixpacky nor slacky. 
Geocomp IV! 
too bad it's on dont count on good judging, fairness, non-twisted-ness, etc. 
Something You Guys Might Be Interested In... 
it's a bit old and rather long, but it's well written and (i feel) worth the read:

cheers! :P 
started reading. very interesting. 
Hmmmm yeah interesting stuff. Way too long, I skipped the middle half, but the rest was pretty enlightening. I see enough greed and money-fixation in Guild Wars (a game without any chance of theft or piracy, and only very minor options for scamming) for it to strike a chord. 
Oh Nooo 
MMORPG drama 
Qexpo 2006? 
Hey Guys 
If you're sick of func_msgboard being ridiculously slow, just log out. Everything loads like lightning if I'm not logged in. You don't get last-read tracking but that's not exactly vital.

Surely metlslime will rush to fix the issue. 
Very Cool Quake Image / Wallpaper / Conback 
Textures Beta Test 
textures beta test. kinda
those been rotting for like 3 years ...

test them in ur mapping and request particular textures to be made
(I know there are no lights)
then it could be made into final.
small ones are q1 friendly even

dont re-distribute plz dont steal credit 
These look very very dark to me, can't make out anything. 
Q1 Tools Update 
at . All engines are updated with many features/fixes, e.g. speed optimized builds, enhanced QC (progs) validation and support for 1k sounds.

GL-engines have now also external bsp texture support, smooth model interpolation and improved model lighting. GL/WinQuake have now rudimentary Nehahra support and can have 64k globals in progs.

NehQuake has now also support for 1k models, >32k clipnodes and improved standard engine conformance. Light and ConvDem have some minor fixes. Please see readmes for details.

Any comments are welcome. 
double news post. 
if anyone has nolf2, can they please email me ? 
I bought Quake 4 a while ago, and got bored of it really fast. Dug up my copy of Quake 1, sent it to a bunch of friends, got a server set up, and downloaded a bunch of old Quake custom maps. It's the best fucking game ever created. Ended up stumbling into here along the way.

I used to post on Qboard way more than could have been healthy like 6-8 years ago, and I'm mildly shocked to see this community is still kicking around. Lots of familiar names on the member list. Good work, guys. 
What was your nick back then? I don't remember your current one... 
we're a lot uglier now though :o 
Just Zan. Admittedly, this place was never too fond of me, I was a stupid annoying little kid back then. I've grown up since.

I'm sure a few of the older remembers have some fond memories of myself making a complete ass of myself in #tf :( 
Zan, zanyashi or whatever? HAHAHAHA, you're a legend on #tf (sorry, that's not a compliment, no hard feelings though ;D ).
Welcome back anyways. 
Yup, I remember =). What Bal said: Welcome back!

And what necros said, of course. Oh, something about your mother. 
OMG, Zan! 
I've grown up since.

Uh HUH. o_O O_o ^_~

Would it be cruel, pointless, ungratious and innappropriate for me to post the chat log where Zan threatens to get me banned from my own ISP with the help of his "Kaos Knight" buddies??

Yes, it would.

Here ya go:

P.S. Welcome back. 
Oh And... 
Someone wake up Aardappel, they used to get along quite well if I remember correctly... =D 
That is some funny reading. And I thought I was immature when I first started coming to #tf!

Speaking of logs and stuff, what is up with 
oh crap that's one site I have forgotten to set up after the server crashed. It'll be up within a few minutes.

Zanno: Don't take anything here too seriously - it's mostly crap with the occasional comment about games and mapping here and there =). 
So you've come to haunt us after all these years? Enjoy your stay! 
Finished RoE Last Night..., hang on. I didn't finish it. I got right to the end battle after having no problems running this impressive addition to the DooM world in 800x600 high quality and found that even if I turned down everything to the lowest possible factor and turned off almost everything that makes playing the DooM3 engine worthwhile, the last section is unplayable due to FPS issues.

Nerve (too bloody right), thanks for the awesome experience but did you morons even test the last section. 
I finished it. ati card? try ati-optimised shaders 
Yeah, I remember that chatlog. Tows the line between embarrassing and hilarious. I was going through a huge wrist slitting phase at the time and and was spewing any random paranoid bullshit that came into my head. Must have been all the blood loss, or something. At least I've managed to work myself from "completely batshit foaming at the keyboard insane" to "sane enough to hold down a job, at least" over the past few years.

I happened to read a few posts of Aardappel on the something awful forums and as far as i can tell he's just as much of a worthless faggot as he was when I first met him :) I mean, he posts in gbs instead of fyad. That's all I really care to know about the guy.

I don't really plan on sticking around, I have no interest in custom mapping anymore. I was just pretty surprised this place still existed in some form, and felt like saying hello. 
^^^ Errr 
That's not the same Aardappel. 
... Yeah... This Is Pretty Fucked Up. 
i want to read that thread so bad. Possibly the reason he's having girl troubles (understatement) is connected to the fact he's offering computer elf money as reward to getting him laid. 
Someone Needs To Find That Thread 
For sure. 
It Was Deleted :( 
sadly, the only thing blizzard is really good at regarding WoW, is not finding bugs and fixing server problems, but deleted fucked up threads. XD 
Finally Found A Good Place To Ul Photos From 
the result of two hours of downsizing and uploading photos is now on my site. 
Q2 Install Issue 
Anyone ever have this problem :

This version of QuakeII will not on this language version of Windows95/NT. To find out if a version localized for your operating system is available for puchase, please contact your local Activision office.

It worked fine before, nothing's changed. 
What happened to ? 
Soldout to

Oh, wait.. 
I think Gom was reinstalling that server yesterday night, the beer probably got to him before he was able to finish. =) 
I've never had Quake 2 install under 2K/XP as far as I can remember because of that message, always resorted to just copying all the crap off the CD to my HD. Doesn't matter as none of the patches etc. require the game to have been properly installed as far as I can remember. 
tried that but then I get "error during intialisation" when I run quake2.exe. i thought it must have been because I copied straight across.

And I havent tried to reinstall it yet, but wouldnt the mission pack not install too ? 
I Don't Think Any Of The Installers Work 
Copying the files should work fine. It all works ok on my XP Pro machine. 
i remember the bloodninja stuff on that site i think?

well, apparently there's more of it...

(in case anyone missed it)
this stuff is old, but it cracks me up to this day. :P 
Quake 2 
Change the language you set when you installed your OS, eg from English Australia to English USA or whatever, then install it. You can as was mentioned just copy the files from the CD to you HD and it will work fine, none of the Quakes or Dooms actually need to be installed as such to run. 
Hats off to ID mappers! I just browsed again through D3 .map files and hot damn. Most awesome .map files ever. This is the quality everyone should try to achieve.

Too bad the game itself isn't as good. 
no way!
d3 rocks my world! i consider it's the best fps ever! don't tell me it isn't as good! 
Q4SP : Cold Steel

anyone tried it yet?
screenshots look cool at least.. 
Nope, but thanks, will check it, good that you bring this stuff to our attention, feel free to submit it as news in future, even if it's bollox it's worth highlighting what's going on in various mapping scenes. 
Please go write a botanical book called A Brief History of Thyme.

I can't believe I'm going to eat this entire package of cookies tonight. But I'm more than half way through, so I can't turn back, can I? 
Attention: Zombie 
Come back to #TF. We miss you.

-Love, the crew.

ps. i need models 
Is there someone who already used MilkShape3D model editor tool ? I would like to know if it's better than qME ? 
milkshape has more capabilities, and supports more games, but qme has a better interface for what features it has. 
... I have only qME unregistered, so I can't modify "big" monsters... Well, I was trying to find good reasons to install MilkShape, I will do, and see if usefull or not..
Anyway, thanks for the infos ;P 
one can get the full version from somewhere. at least i downloaded it from an official? url someone posted. don't know where it was, though. 
Thanks a lot ! You rock ! I will try the stuff tonight ;P 
Logo Thoughts 
Could y'give me some thoughts on this logo I designed? Do you see any issues? 
Not bad, but the squigly area above the beak makes it look crooked, and detracts the sense of mystery and malevolence a raven should have.

The writing is good though. I think it has potential. 
Not bad, but the squigly area above the beak makes it look crooked, and detracts the sense of mystery and malevolence a raven should have.

The writing is good though. I think it has potential. 
Another "I only clicked submit once" double post o_O 
Pro Tips 
it should fit into the rectangualar shape and be less of ravensoft ripoff to become any good 
<q<Re: Shambler<q/>
I'll take a harder look at that and see what I can do.

Re: Speeds
Ravensoft... That's a royal assfuck because I had a previous design that went through the motions too - it was a side-profile shot and immediately people thought Ravensoft.

I don't know if it's the raven subject matter, or the raven-in-a-box style... I would highly prefer to keep the head-on view, but maybe I need to experiment with how it's sitting. I think Ravensoft's logo is a little overdetailed, though it seems to scale down alright. 
if you don't want it to look like the ravensoft logo, don't limit yourself to cropping it to the raven's head. There's plenty of other angles and poses than headshots.

Are you thumbnailing out a few dozen of these and then picking the good ones or just starting a fully detailed logo cold and hoping for the best? 
the eyes could be bigger and more side-looking and bulged to make it more animaly and menacing... dunno. And maybe even such that
the pupils don't show, since in reality the raven's eyes are prettymuch black.

but it'd probably not work, dunno... the current logo is too cartooningly amusing in my mind, it looks a bit like a human-style caricature. 
the eyes are canted, and it's much more evil :) 
A Few Variations 

I did only a few small sketches, nothing too substantial. Because I couldn't find good reference pics for a headon shot, this one was kinda hammered out - and also why it has some issues. Right now my biggest issue is the beak, I realised it's not the right perspective with the rest of the head. The eyes are almost there, but not quite yet.

Bambuz - that is 1 photo I've recently come across.

I want to avoid evil look, and moreso a bold look. It's inbetween. I prefer the headon because I think it can be engaging. 
...err, how do I contact you outside this board? 
Don't mean to sound like an ass but here's a tip to keep you from wondering next time:

Remove all characters starting at the end of the URL until you get to the last /, which designates a directory (TCF) so:

And you would find my site, and a contact form :) 
are you there? :P 
I am here.

get on the hotdog :P 
SM119: Happiness In Slackery 
No theme and only two maps this week: Trinca discovered the power of cut'n'paste, while neg!ke offers a controversial approach to the concept of happiness.

yeah, func was lagging at the right time... again.

---- we're doomed :( ---- 
--- it's pure joy to remove bot news submissions on half working and slow func... FFS ---

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Subject: he had seen ophie for the first time, when

This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

to this list will be made and fund raising will begin in the additional states. lease feel free to ask to check the status of your state. hese donations should be made to roject utenberg iterary rchive oundation 113 1739 niversity ve. xford, 38655 4109 itle laherty . . uthor eorge ernard haw
seems to work from thailand on quakenet, I was able to connect today but the client installed (pirch98) killed the computer after a while but I might come back in the future when Im doing my netcafe visits. 
Me Too 
connected last night. I just had to connect to a different server than the usual one (

I connected with Opera, but I doubt it would have made any difference if I'd have used Mirc or whatever. 
Hmm Dunno 
I just tried connecting with mirc from this other net cafe and it says asia-pacific is blocked but maybe I should to as than and try some other server... 
doesnt work, so it's probably mirc's fault...

I'm adding a few photos to my site atm and are writing some short descriptions for older stuff as well.

The tv channel "now" must have the least appropriate name ever since they seem to fill a lot of their air time with a program from 2001 showing q3ctf matches. 
doesnt work, so it's probably mirc's fault...

I'm adding a few photos to my site atm and are writing some short descriptions for older stuff as well.

The tv channel "now" must have the least appropriate name ever since they seem to fill a lot of their air time with a program from 2001 showing q3ctf matches. 
Warlock Staff Users 
I dont like to stress the fact that the warlock rocks, but he jus does. So, for all you staff users out there, feel free to come in and post, my staff is a good one, but here is how it goes

1. post message in the room


3. dont report anything, i might get in trouble :)

and 4. Have fun!!! 
was that? Is necros' account hacked? 
#TF Has Tainted Me 
All this talk about "staff using".. 
Quake End Game Messages 
Does anyone know of any alternative game end messages to the standard ones ? I'm still messing
around with the tyrquake engine, and am sick of the old ones. It's probably been done in the past.. but where ?

If it hasn't, maybe a new thread ?? 
i think it's in the quakec code. no engine mod required. 
Quake 3 Coding/Modding Etc... 
Does anyone know of a Quake 3 Coding Manual similar to the QuakeC Manual 1.0 (by ferrara francesco)? the quakeC manual had listings for all the important defs and functions available in qc along with their syntax and other random tidbits of information... it was really helpful.

trying to learn a bit about q3 coding... and while we're on the subject, can anyone point me towards some good tutorials on basic quake 3 coding?

while q3 has more resources available, it also means more crap is there too :P i hope someone knows of good tutorial thingies. 
No, I think he's talking about altering quitMessage[] in menu.c. 
Link To A Link To A Movie Translation

You can either see the clip yourself, or just be content with the translation. Either way, that kid is teh FUXXORED. 
Q1SP - Necromanicide 
Just a boring remake I did for people to speedrun in. Your mileage may vary. Don't run it with darkplaces. 
Q1SP - Necromanicide 
Just a boring remake I did for people to speedrun in. Your mileage may vary. Don't run it with darkplaces.

I am utterly retarded. 
you rock...make more more more more more......
No shotgun in the map. No shotgun in the map? No shotgun in the map.

Otherwise, it rocked and had some neat spins on the original =D 
the original had no shotgun and I wanted to keep the enemy/item count identical to e1m3 for speedrunning purposes. But on subsequent maps like this (if any) I'll tweak the gameplay a bit so skill 1 has more of a standalone entity set and only 0 and 2-3 are like the original. 
off topic, but can anyone tell me where I can get help compiling fitzquake using VC++ Express? i've installed masm32 and the platform SDK, and it starts compiling but inevitably fails... I don't even know where to begin trying to fix it

You could begin by telling us what the errors are. Missing header files? 
Actually What I Meant Was 
"I'm so completely blind and incompetent that I didn't realize there was a shotgun in the original" (just found it) 
is so unavailable I'll probably stop visiting for a while. My computer broke too.
Have some nice time. 
Or Rather 
have a nice spring!
(except blackdog) 
/me HUGs Fern 
Doom Map 
This is what I get for picking up Doom Builder -- a cute little old skool DOOM sp wad, filled with demonic joy.



Have fun, and find all those secrets! 
nice one - a fun blast from the past. made me want to do some doom mapping again, too.

i was pretty low on health all the time and therefore died a dozen times in the outdoor area, but that's ok for uv; once i got the plasma gun it all worked out by itself.
you forgot to make the doortrak linedefs "lower unpegged", though. ;) 
I'll Have A Nice Spring Anway, Damn You! 
Erm. Much later this year, anyway. 
Thanks, you. I knew about unpegging the doortraks, but at the time thought it looked interesting to see them rise up along with the door, made them appaear more "mechanical". Dunno.

And please please please finish that doom map you were working on -- it looks awesome. 
Interesting Looking D3 Map

ColdT has a little teaser video from his upcoming level "Make It To Morning 3". What it lacks in polish it makes up for in looking like a whole heap of fun and being original. 
looks like a half-life level with normal mapping.

But trains! helicopters! flying minecarts! 
Quake End Game Messages - Metlslime 
.. The messages like "I'll bust your face open for leaving" are in the C engine code [what tyran said]. There's 8 or 16, 3 or 4 line stanzas. I'm not much at generating quake atmosphere, so am reluctant to try myself. Maybe if I tried plaquerizing some of the cool quake fan sites ? 
Do Id Still Have Those Messages On Their Current Games? 
The quit messages are one thing I remember from their old games. I don't recall seeing anything other than the utterly generic "are you sure you want to quit?" in more recent games. I hope they bring them back. 
I Wouldn't Leave If I Were You - DOS Is Much Worse 
These have been missing from every id game since... well, since Romero left. 
What happened to all my internet pals that I hung out with until a week ago? Has Europe and Asia been bombed off the map and someone forgot to tell me? I know I've been busy and absent, but I didn't think I was that absent. 
Why do you no longer come to #tf? 
Biff Re: Doom Map 
Awesome map. I only got 2/3 secrets but 100% kills so that's awesome. I only have two complaints though, one minor, one not so minor:
1.) It was too short. It took me like 10:00 to get through the map (and like half an hour to figure out how to get it to run.)
2.) Everytime I went to use an elevator, Doomsday crashed on me and exited. Dunno why. I had to noclip through them, so it wasn't too bad. I couldn't figure out how to get it to run in Zdoom, but that doesn't matter cuz Doomsday > Zdoom.

Anyway, gimme me more! 
Gimme me grammar check! 
not to sound like a wise-ass but IMO it�s more like:
Doomsday - eye candy but poor compatibility (i.e. poor dehacked support)
ZDoom - classic look and cool editing possibilities (scripting, deep water etc.)
Have a look here:,
try wads like Void, RTC-3057 or Dark 7. For running wads in ZDoom just drag and drop the wad onto ZDoom.exe.

Biff: haven�t played your map yet(feeling more like Q2 atm), but I will for sure. Have you considered to upload it to newstuff ?
I�m sure many other doomers would appreciate a new quality wad :) (there are weekly reviews at Doomworld) 
Minerva Metastasis Part 2 Released 
I saw on Source News today that Adam Foster released part 2 of his ongoing HL2 SP series "Metastasis"

Info, screenshots, and download here: 
Zwiffle & Sielwolf 
Zwiff: Yeah, it was a bit short, promise the next one will be longer. And Sielwolf is right, ZDoom is the way to go.

Sielwolf: I'll upload there, although I am already wincing at what the Doomers will have to say about it ;D 
Sielwolf, Cont. 
Well, I tried to upload there, got a "550 permission denied" error =( 
2 New Map Reviews 
"a descent into the maelstrom" by louis manning
"Escape" by Trinca 
sorry I should have read more carefully, the exact quote from Doomworld was:

"If you're looking for /newstuff or /incoming, this is not the place! To upload files to /idgames you will want to use an FTP client to connect to, and for the latest in /newstuff you should mosey on over to or one of its mirrors." 
Quake 3 Running At 10240x3072 Resolution 
they're posting news now, something needs to be done.

Also, I stuffed up one of the rejections, please delete that one. 
Got it. 
I'm Uninformed. 
What are those posts, and why does one have my name in it? 
OMG ! 
Don't call me pathetic >_< 
I was talking about the video... I would never dare to insult you man ;P 
If Anyone Is Still Interested 
Stalker is supposed to come out first quarter 2007 or never... so that's something. :P it could come out as early as sept this year, but yeah, at least we know if it's not out by early 2007, we can finally forget about it :S

also, there were some nice photos i found on a stalker website of the real chernobyl area... thought some of you might be interested in those: 
I'm still interested in Prey. Hopefully I can get an uber system this summer and can play it at a low res with decent fps. But I'm not interested in Stalker. 
any reason you aren't interested in stalker beyond the ludicrous amount of delays?

i dunno about you, but an open ended rpg-fps hybrid with funky monsters and loads of replayability sounds cool to me. ^_^ (not even mentioning awesome theme and background story) 
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tto must put on an officer s uniform. e presented himself to the sisters. hat gold is not sewn fast on the collar, said ophie, and undertook to

Sounds hot. Where's the rest? 
the frigbot waypoint archive apparently went down, does someone still have them? or does someone have frogbot WPs for the netquake version (and can put them up anwhere)? trinca?

and are all coop bots dumb? Zeusbot is ridiculouly stupid... frigbot without WPs too...

thank u... 
Omg Yes Lol! 
Did you get my email? 
I found the frikbot stuff. sadly, it sucks. even with waypoints, on e1m2 it prefers to camp the RL =) and it&#180;s buggy. sometimes it just vanishes, leaving me running around screaming "fight already!" mumble, grumble.

otoh, on alcyone without wps, it is pretty tough (OK, that has weapons every 5 meters). on dm4 about average. not as good as omicron tho.

next: frik vs. zeus as a coop sidekick... 
I know there was a monster thread somewhere, but I'm too lazy to dig it up, don't think this was posted here as it's fairly new.
Fuck yeah. =) 
New Q1SP 
"Halls of broken records" by Kay Berntsen found at SDA:

It's a pretty nice map with solid gameplay. 
I concur -- wicked art, there. 
And The Winner Is... 
no one. apparently no bot is really nice in coop, they all tend to get caught up and stop following. grrr. 
should texture his maps a bit more, and looks would go up 100%. 
should have texture that map a bit more, and looks would have gone up 100%. 
Strange Site Though 
it is possible to get stuck between the debris in the dead jesus hall in that map. a clip brush would have been nice. 
the end of that map fucked me up real bad. I damn near shat my pants. I wasn't expecting what happened at all. Luckily I managed to escape despite only having rockets to deal with the situation. 

Anything interesting happened here while I was away? 
The capital letter yelling in your "I'M BACK!"
was the most excitement for at least six months.

Well apart from the czg/zwiffle/metlslime tri-orgy, but you don't want to hear about that. 
Ya Rly 
No TronDM3 yet. So little excitement. 
I read that as "trilogy" the first two times.

That would have probably been more exciting. 
what's wrong with the main site btw.? it always displays some site called the subdomains work, though. 
Except For Pipeline 
I made a board game. There's a demo here:

front page is gone due to lazyness on my part. anyone need pipeline back? 
Well I Assume 
there will always be SOMEBODY who could make good use of pipeline :) 
ha. Nice one. :) Wanna come over and play a few practice rounds with me? 
Yeah, sure, whereabouts are you? 
Greensboro, North Carolina, USA 
But if you come around for a game, I'll buy you a beer or two! :) 
I might be the US this summer =) 
Oh For Real? 
I'll be sure to keep some beer on hand. Mind you, I do that anyway. 
Wait . . . Did They Really Say That? 
Didn't Tim Willits or someone at id software justify the slow movement speed in Doom 3 by saying that they wanted the player not to speed by the art and architecture they had made, but instead slowly take it in?

It seems to me like that's the biggest bit of bogus balderdash bade by id software ever. I mean, shouldn't the inverse be true? If the player isn't forced to see or experience everything on the first run through, there will be a greater sense of depth, more to experience on each subsequent pass through, and therefore more reason to reply the game.

I think that's a load of crap. It would've been more plausible to say "it added tension and suspense to the game." But, I think I read that quote in PCG, and IIRC it was a comment to D3DM (why it was slower paced and only had like 1.5 players allowed per server.) But either way, that's a crappy reason to make a player move slowly. 
While that does sound sort of like B.S, I think doom3 the game benefited from the slower movement simply becuase it suited the style of gameplay. What they hopefully did (this is unlikely) is said "here's the movement speed that benefits gameplay" and then "here's how much detail we should put in our levels based on the already-designed movement speed. 
i still don't know how to do basic things, so i have the 'v' key bound to the command for movement speed, which i have upped to about 240 which i press every time i play d3 these days. (a little faster than 'sprint' speed)

i don't find i miss anything at all, and i still spend time to appreciate a nice area of a map. (and i've played the game through a half dozen times now)

i think the slower movement speed had more to do with making the game harder. i've noticed which 'quake style' movement speed, the monsters are easy to dodge. it was the sluggish movement which made them dangerous. 
Oh, Absolutely 
There's no question that the movement speed suited the gameplay they were going for, but that justification, even if not a main one, is absolute rubbish.

Also I was wondering if someone might have comments regarding a correlation of movement speed and perceived depth of an environment, since a player may be less likely to notice certain details; or at the very least, then the player gets to choose which set pieces to stop and look at. 
The amount of things willits says that are absolute rubbish cannot be measured by any instrument yet constructed by modern man. 
The amount of things willits says that are absolute rubbish cannot be measured by any instrument yet constructed by modern man.

Amen, brother. 
I'm Not Sure If I Fallow The Argument, 
do you mean that Willits is being dishonest in his statement of the purpose of having the player move slowly in game, or do you mean the idea in its self is poorly conceived? 
Hmmm, Am I Late? 
How long have those "Previous 25" buttons been there? 
Since ~11 Hours Ago 
Whoa! I coaxed Lunaran to make a post!

HeadThump: I mean that's the dumbest reason ever to make the player slow. It also seems narcissistic. Furthermore, it seems (to me) to be a rather short-sighted and non-linear approach to the gamer's experience. 
those are valid points. I find the nobby kneed feel of the movement to be clunky, and not visceral and immediate the way Quake controls feel.

BTW, you are getting closer and closer every year. Raleigh to Durham to Greensboro. Next step is my back yard. 
Winstom-Salem is your backyard? 
Boy Howdy! 
I've been making typos all night and I haven't even been drinking. meh. 
Just Outside The City 
Oh, Wrong Direction 
I had to look on a map for that one. I unloaded a package a few nights ago going to Summerfield, and since I didn't know where it was, I didn't know if it was a failed delivery or not. 
I Hope It Wasnt 
the Thai porn I ordered. I've been wondering what's holding it up. 
And a congratulations to RPG on getting post number ten thousand! A big round of applause for Rob there!
You may pick up your diploma* from the burly man in thights behind the bar.

(* the dicklicking diploma) 
Monitor Trouble 
somthing is wrong with my belinea monitor. whenever there is an application running at a 60hz refresh rate, it suddenly switches to some sort of wide screen mode (image is stretched, sides are off the screen). then i have to shake it a little, knock or sometimes even punch the lower left corner until it switches back to normal. this is really annoying as i don't want to damage it.
it's not a problem with games, since the ati refrash rate override can handle it, but - and this is the most important issue - it happens a lot with quest.
so does anyone know of a way to solve this without smashing the monitor with a slugger? are there maybe additional tools to let dos applications run at a higher refresh rate? 
one thing I can say is, that when it comes to the point of actually physically hitting something to make it work correctly, especially electrical equipment, you can safely assume that some type of repair is needed, this may be trivial or maybe major, but be assured some form of repair will be required at some point. I however would take myself down to the local PC store in a hasty fashion, and score myself a shinny new beauty, and enjoy the extra wide smile on my dial.

But if physically hitting the thing works for you, and brings you some form of joy, then slug away, I know it works wonders with people you don't like.

Best of luck with it. 
Freaky Shit 
Clean up in aisle 1 !!! 
is post 10004 part of the spam too? 
RPG got post #10000! 
Whatta, I must have had some old cached version or something, the latest post in mine was the one about thai porn, weird shit! 
Thank You, Czg 
I've been preparing my whole life for this. I'm just glad I got it instead of that silly bot. 
Hot Damn 
i clicked all those links and I still gots me no damn Viagra 
Is there a brand new "previous 25" link or have I been blind for a long time? 
Wait is post 10004 part of the spam too?

No, It is a genuine post by a long time registered member.

See, that is me there ^^, first on the list.

Oh Yeah... 
I forgot to rename your account. Remind me to do that when I get a chance. 
No Please Don't 
That is my selected user name, but if you must, you are the boss. 
If You Must Name Him.... 
I vote for Princess Poopy. 
it breaks the design of the board, since your username is a link to your user page on the people page and on every post you make. Since your name is zero-length, the link is unclickable. 
That's also why I could never get the hexi digit colour thing to work !! ;)

Yeah I realise all that, but it is no difference to some annon posting but just leaving the name part blank, but like I said, it's your show. If it must be done, at least let me pick it, all I want is the benifits of membereship, see new posts etc, without actually existing. Yeah I may pop out every now and zen, but I won't say much, I don't want to have tea and scones with anyone, or discuss the meaning of life and Quake, hang on..., life and Quake are the same thing..., anyway..., whatever, all is cool.

You run a top site, one of the most usefull, straight to the point, entertaining (at times), Quake site's going. Most maps, or at least those worth playing, get released or reported here, Q2, Q3, Q4, D3 support and coverage, basically the home of Quake Speedmapping, some of the best of the best in the Quake World come here, mappers, artists, coders, hey, this is heaven. My hat off to you sir. Respect!!!</endsuck> 
The post above was me logged in, this is me logged out, the only difference is I haven't the ability to see the new posts 
I always wondered why you and Peej didn't include something extra in links for thread titles, posts, and usernames. This sort of thing created a problem on QMap when you searched for something and it returned a post that had no title--and thus was unclickable. It seemed to me like an easy solution to that would have been to include the post icon as part of the link, since every post has an icon.

In this example, why not include the user's IP address as part of the link? And on the User page, include the square color-indicating image next to the user name. It seems like that would allow people who unintentionally break the board to continue going on their merry way, while still allowing for full functionality. 
online directory main 
Online Directory Main 
Free Sex 
Free Sex @ !!! 
Huzzah For Spam 
logging in to "show new posts" just depresses me, plus by never log in I feel like I am avoiding the system. :)

I do think it should be neccesary to login though, would stop this spam and the extra ten seconds to login is a sacrifice I will sadly make. 
I'm Gonna Try 
besmelling with my girl on monday... if she approves. 
I'm playing through some old levels for nostalgia.

Anyone have a working copy of Matt Sefton's "Arcane" ??? Mine seems corrupted, and I can't find any download links that work, including on the author's old site.

heisskj at gmail if you have it and want to send it!! 
Definitely a map worth playing through, even if you're not playing for nostalgia's sake!

I have mailed you the .bsp and .txt. I don't have the original archive handy, so hopefully this will suffice. 
R.P.G. thanks for the file - that's exactly what I needed. And HeadThump - that's an awesome link - everywhere else I looked had broken links, or no Arcane. I suspect more of the levels in my maps folder that I haven't played in a long time got corrupted years ago when I had HD problems - so now I know where the levels still reside if I need more.

Thanks - you guys are the best! 
Well That's Kinda Annoying. 
Anyway I was checking out the Tomb Raider Legend demo just now (I am a fag for adventure/exploration + platform jumping games)
And I noticed in this area here:
That's a texture from Q3 wrapping around that angular archway there.

So the question is,
how much of a NERD does that make me? 
How Much Of A Nerd? 
quite a big one, I guess.
Also, Lara Croft has shiny legs these days. 
I Had Just Had Her Swimming Around For A Bit. 
The shinyness is a fancy water shader that maps glistening pixels onto her arse 
forget q3, the original source of that texture was from doom. :P

chalk me up a couple of nerd points too, i guess. :P 
Who Cares About Texture Source... 
... when I see Lara's beautifull but, it puts in my mind to buy this next game... BTW I played all the Lara's game since the first one... so.. who's the 'nerdest' here ? 
That's not nerdy, that's just sad. 
Come On... 
Lara's but is sad for gays.. not for me !! 
Everybody should have played the first Tomb Raider. Some people should have played the second. Noone should have played any of the sequels after that.
Legend is kinda cool tho I might have to [ . . . ] it.

And Re: the texture from Doom. Yes I know there was a texture like that in Doom, but id made an updated hi-res version for q3. I'm not saying that TRL has used a texture that looks like the q3 one, I'm saying it is the exact same bitmap. 
Everybody should have played the first Tomb Raider.

Really? I was under the, not unfounded, impression that TR1 was just a Q1 ripoff with tits.

Some people should have played the second.

Could you elaborate on your reasons for these two statements?

I'm not saying that TRL has used a texture that looks like the q3 one, I'm saying it is the exact same bitmap.

It is. Without a doubt. It's used in q3dm4 for the pulsating eggsacs that hang from the ceiling.
Isn't using it illegal, not to mention extremely sad of the TRL devs? I can't imagine they'd have bought the rights from id software for one texture o_O 
Really? I was under the, not unfounded, impression that TR1 was just a Q1 ripoff with tits.

How on earth could anyone have thought to compare it to Quake? The TR games are all about endless jumping puzzles and dragging boxes around to open up for more jumping puzzles. I love that. Hardly any shooting at all in the first game.

Could you elaborate on your reasons for these two statements?

The second one was okay in places but also started the crappy tendency in the later games to be less about raiding tombs and more about wearing a fancy dress to a nightclub while being hit upon by burly men before you kill everyone with a grenade launcher.

Isn't using it illegal, not to mention extremely sad of the TRL devs? I can't imagine they'd have bought the rights from id software for one texture

Yeah I guess what happened is they scrounged textures from everywhere just for the initial prototype and then went over and replaced the textures but forgot that one... Also this is just in the demo. They might have changed it in the final release.
Although it would be very funny, I doubt we will see a lawsuit because of one texture... 
The texture id Software used is actually an open source texture or a texture from a commercial texture pack and thus TRL dudes actually have rights to it. Something similar to how we keep hearing Doom doors opening in movies all the time. Maybe. 
and that tumbling skull block release sound from the end of doom 2... and the cyberdemon scream.

Didn't think the textures came from a library though - especially the more grotesque ones. I thought only id could come up with that sort of stuff. 
"and that tumbling skull block release sound from the end of doom 2..."

I always hear that sound! Thought I was paranoid until now! 
that one is definitely taken from some sample cd. I mean you even hear it in commerials... 
I Hear Some Metal Bands Ripped Off The Doom Music, Too 
Smashing Pumpkins.. 
credit id for a sample from Doom in the Mellon Collie album notes. It's the rocket explosion sound and appears on the track XYU.


God, Billie Corgan is a twat. 
And what's up with the Ogre in Quake and the Pig Cop in Duke Nukem 3D making the same/similar sounds? 
most of the sounds that are in doom/quake are from a very popular sound sample CD. 
I Bet 
If you browsed through some of the older Emu or Fairlight soundbanks, you'd find a wealth of used sounds.

They were both early samplers that had a number of add on carts and discs, and still do, but my guess is that Bobby Prince probably had either an Emu or a Fairlight and that's why those sounds seem ubiquitous -- because that was pretty much the only game in town for people who didn't want to do foley recordings themselves back in the day. 
or even a number of people did updated sounds for quake - paks, used the original 44 khz 16 bit sounds from the libraries. The shaft for example sounds a bit different, it was fucked up a bit in the conversion in quake. (didn't q1test have better sound?) 
Several original doom .midi's are actually 'covers' of metal songs. There was a list at doom3world I read ages ago I've never been able to relocate, so if anyone knows where that can be found I'd be eternally grateful for several hours. 
5 New Map Reviews 
5 new map reviews at my site.
2 reviews by myself and 3 from Tronyn.

reviews of:
Egyptian Rhapsody.
Hangover Devestation.
Event Horizon.
Forgotten Tomb.

great maps, everyone! 
Forgot Link.... 
i think everyone here knows the URL, but just in case: 
Thanks for the review ! I'm glad you enjoyed the map ;) 
Underwoldfan And Tronyn 
Thanks for the reviews. You rock!
Keep it going! 
I remember at least 2 of them were Alice In Chains songs. 
There Is 
an mp3 named "bobby prince is a filthy thief" that explains a lot. :) 
Yeah UWF/Tronyn 
Thanks for the reviews! Keep up the good work! 
JPL: i liked your map a lot, good atmosphere, and i think your previous map was even more atmospheric. :)
Hrimfaxi: thanks
Ankh: replied to your an email, and i changed the download link for you as you asked. 
I know, CDA was better visually than Event Horizon... However, it is not the same map style (i.e. medieval vs base) and I have to admit I'm more comfortable with medieval stuff: I'm maybe more inspired by medieval theme than other themes...
OTOH, I read the review you posted today on your website, and I found it very good. Also, I found very cool the fact you didn't mentionned explicitely CyberDemons existence: you let the surprise to new players, even if Doom reference is given, and I found it a good idea.
Anyway, thanks a lot for the review. 
the best result I got was a cached site... looks pretty complete:

if that doesn't work I got there by searching for 'doom midi "them bones"' on Google and it was the 4th result. 
This Mp3 Explains Something 
Wow... first sounds like Metallica - Kill Them All 1st album... all my youth..... :) 
Quake Q Symbol .svg 
Anyone got the .svg of the Quake-Q? Moondrunk or Up2nogood made it. Please send to my email address 
Yes you can use the textures and yes you can have the crates. please be on the internet for more than six minutes a day and I'll gladly deliver them. 
for anyone interested, this is the sound library that a lot of doom and quake sounds are from:

and incidentally, thanks for posting the links to the doom songs with their realworld sources. :) 
What's Up With Pq Web Hosting? 
my site url changed to (from, and when i upload new files, i can't access them anymore, even though i can see them in my ftp client... what gives?

i've noticed other pq sites, like underworldfan's haven't had a changed url... anyone on pq know what's up? 
I know that PQ is going through some unknown metamorphosis. I'm not sure if that's affected your site or not. Otherwise I have no ideas. 
Project Offset 
Is still really cool lookin, and sometime in the next week or so they should be posting a video of a dragon or something, so it it'll be damn awesome. Try to join the team while it's young! 
Yeah, shit's all different now. I noticed a few weeks back and contacted Pappy-R; apparently they did a bit of auto-tweakage to hosted sites so they wouldn't be broken by the changes, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to look things over.

You can log into a new control panel thingie at:
with your regular PQ login/pass and do stuff from there.

I haven't actually gotten around to messing with it yet, because (a) I'm lazy and (b) too much Real Life... 
couldn't even log in there. :\ 
Did You Try... 
login: necros
pw: your regular PQ/FTP pass?

If nothing else, just email someone. Pappy-R is usually really solid about getting back to me when I have some question or problem. 
I re-uploaded texturefaq.htm, since it's my #1 not found file in my website stats. I'd lost it in the hard drive crash, but managed to find a google cache of it tonight.

Images are broken, I'll fix it later. 
I have a copy of the original, which I saved as an .mht file (web page single file)long ago, complete with the 2 images if it's of any use to you, prolly not since you found a cached version, but just thought I would mention it. 
omg metlslime :) thks a lot didn�t know that!!! will try when i get home! 
Would it be possible to create a link to this page in the main func_ page (if not yet done elsewhere) please ?

I think it would ne cool to have some links to any tutos about mapping/textures/etc... that could be used as technical support for Quake mapping basics.

What do you think ? 
Doom 3 FPS Problems 
I've recently purchased a Club3D 6600GT PCI-E 128mb video card and I having a weird FPS problem with Doom 3. No matter what settings I use, I seem to get ~55 fps on the first "timedemo demo1" run and ~60 fps on the second. I've tried:

1024x768 VS 800x600
high VS low quality settings
r_shadows 1 VS 0
vsync on VS off

I am using NVIDIA ForceWare drivers vesion 84.21 and my machine is an Opteron 144 at stock clock (1,8 Ghz), 2 x 512mb Kingston CL2.5 PC3200 in dual-channel and an AsRock 939Dual-SATA2 motherboard. All other games seem to run just fine, I can run UT2004 and NFS: MW at 1024x768 with everything maxed without a slowdown. What could be the cause of the Doom 3 issue? 
there's 60fps cap in d3 games 
Not In Timedemo 
no name dude: yeah, if you could email me those 2 images, it would help.

JPL: it would be nice to have a website that had a bunch of mapping info and tutorials, but for now it seems silly to have a link to just one bit of that info without linking to any others.

And in general I don't want to have a "links page" on func becuase I don't want to have to decide who to link to or worry about people's feelings when I decide their page is not worth a link. 
It's on it's way. 
I think you could create a link page, and just wait for people to ask you to put them in the link list.. So no worry about people's feeling, and concerning the decision, as it is your website, I don't see any issue as you would like a certain quality about the related links...
It's up to you... 
thanks. Image tags are now working again. 
ATTN Single Player Aficondos 
You guys play a lot of single-player, suggest some good single-player maps for fQuake, the upcoming legal replacement of eQuake: 
the responses to that last post should be interesting... 
godfun.bsp was for Quake 2. 
imagine if Coop in quake was competitive?

"be the first to end the map" type of thing... your goal is not to just get through, it's to get through first. kill the monsters and any other players who might stand in your way...

weapons and items would respawn like in DM, but you wouldn't loose weapons and ammo when you die.

if it wasn't a hub map where new areas are easily accessible, some teleporters opening up to help people get back to the 'fray' would be good...

opinions? :P~~ 
Er... Well 
obviously, it wouldn't be called 'coop' anymore, since there's not cooperation at this point. XD 
I remember some coop games that turned out a bit like that actually. =) 
Yeah Me Too 
all the players respawning in the same area might not be too good an idea for that. One time it was pretty easy for a couple players to keep a couple other players from exiting the start area at all in the hipnotic mines level... 
should have been specific, but i was taking it as a given that the maps would have to sort of be made to start(or at least have the start area modified) seperated. 
would a 512mb 6800 gtx be better than a 256 mb 7800 gtx ? 
I would suggest just googling for benchmarks for those cards in d3/hl2/whatever, but I would think the 7800 would be better. 
The 256 mb 7800 gtx should win. 
If Anyone Is Interested, 
apparently you can play d3 in coop now. ^_^ 
you have been able to play coop in Doom3 for a while now. LMS also has it, plus you can play ROE coop and Classic Doom coop via the LMS mod, which you can't presently do with opencoop 
Hmm Yeah 
i realised that after posting that there have been coop mods for a while now... oh well. :P 
ban doom3 :p shity game :( 
pite you didn't like it, but at least you spelled shite correctly. 
he mean hah doom3 :P shiny game :)
He meant, buy doom3 : excellent game :) 
He meant, The Fly is a level from 1997 by Markus Klar
That reminds me of a fly from 1997, I mean a level from 1997, called "The Fly" or something. 
when i finaly learn to make something like mapping i will not quit quake for sure in next few years... at least untill i make a proper map!!! 
should do a story on where Markus Klar is now.

Better yet, someone should do a story on where 1997 is now :) 
Oh Oh Oh 
Nice in-game trailer! 
Drawing Program 
basically, I want now to draw soft blobs or clouds or what you call them. Something with soft, additive brushes, which my current more of a pixel art drawing program is not geared towards.

I downloaded Gimp, but it sucks ass. You get banding really easily. And the borders on the brushes are always too hard. And everything just sucks. And is slow and sluggish because of the GTK API.

But I know it's possible, I did this kind of stuff back in 1998 in paint shop pro, so are there any free programs for this? I wouldn't want to haul my ass to another place to do it in photoshop.. and that seems overkill anyway. 
With Gimp 
Turn down the opacity when you are working with brushes. It defaults at a 100%, a third of that will soften the edges and prevent overlay banding. If you work with Gimp long enough you should be able to do anything you want with it.

I had to switch over because my CD copy of Photoshop 6 is several years old and finaly fubared and wont copy to disk now. But, Gimp isn't a bad alternative. It has a powerful scripting language, and though I like doing Actions directly from the interface, you accomplish the same in gimp with the console. 
Don't say a software sucks ass before you've learned how to use it. =)
If the borders of the brushes are too hard, lower the hardness... that simple. =)
If you want something additive, set your brush to multiply or some other blending mode.
You can pretty much do everything Photoshop does in Gimp (except for a few specific features).
There are other software that alow for more artsy looks, like Painter, or for free, stuff like the old version of OpenCanvas, or Artrage. 
the question isn't if it can be done (it could be done in paint), but how fast. and gimp sucks in that regard, at least for me. ui is unusable - try working on 5+ images on 1024 resolution, with lots of palettes open and you'll wish your self a nice photoshop. The only thing gimp is better at than ps is true HSV mode (which i haven't found in ps yet) 
What The Gimp REALLY Needs 
Is to be able to dock palettes and all the other doodads onto the actual image window. Having free floating windows for every little shitlet is completely useless.

But of course the guys who make it are all like duuuh window management should be done by your window manager! (fart) Why should we have to fix what WINDOzE sucks at! and that's when I hate everyting that has to do with anything. Even MS Paint has a more user friendly UI, you bearded fatlumps. 
Pressing buttons on windows is silly, just learn all the shortcuts by heart and hide everything, yay!
Oh and yeah, Photoshop still owns Gimp. 
I was a bit angry and fed up last night, sorry for the initial hate. This is where I stand:

I lowered opacity. I created new brushes since the existing ones are pathetically small. I made some really fuzzy brushes.

I still can't get it to do stuff I want. I've mostly fiddled with the airbrush, brush and finger tools.

One problem is, if you keep the mouse button pressed, it only gives so much effect... you have to release and repress and voila - once you draw over your old stuff, it gets brighter. But you really have to release and press again. But if you do it this way, you get stupid discontinuous places where you released and re-pressed.

I remember paint shop pro had a tool which just added the color as long as I held the button pressed. In a nice smooth way, with medium speed so it was controllable. Then one could just move the mouse around.. if I wanted a more saturated spot, I let the tool stand there for a little longer. And then you could improve later, make the opposite effect with a dark brush.
I'm not sure, but I guess I want to have a gaussian brush that is additive and adds 1+1G+1 B per millisec at it's center and less in the peripheral areas.

But thanks for your help, I'll keep fiddling. 
To Demonstrate What I Want 
Say, I want to draw on a black background a big grey ball that is lighter in the middle and darker at the edges, with one mouse press and moving the mouse around, lightening various areas and later lightening some of the already-lightened areas even more. Gimp only goes to a certain level (dependent on tool settings) and doesn't add anything beyond that even if I hold the mouse on the area for 5 minutes. So I get a uniform grey ball. With the brush tool, with the airbrush tool, if I set the tool action to anything. 
If I do it with multi-presses I get discrete levels... And if I put the opacity so that the levels are indiscernible, it would take like 20 passes/strokes which would be very tedious... 
I'm sitting here with Gimp 2.2 and the airbrush tool does exactly what you describe .

Also I just discovered you can dock all the doodads into one window so that kinda helps the UI a bit I guess. I still hate Linux people. 
Ok, Most Problems Solved 
blackdog helped me. The opacity had to be turned to max (since it's useless, it doesn't take into account self-superimposing) and the additivity must be controlled with the airbrush parameters.
Now the only problem is stripes which result from some internal inaccuracies in the program: 
Gimp On Windows 
Only tried it a couple of short times because at least on a low spec machine it's unacceptably slow when other apps such as photoshop and painter (not all the tools though) run much better. 
Don't Remember If This Was Posted Here

the guy, obihb, who made that shambler a while back is working on a fiend now for d3...

not exactly as i picture a fiend, but certainly much better than other attempts both in the technical and style departments.

anyway, thought it my interest some here. :) 
2 More 
2 new map reviews at my site:

Hells Village
Sewage Devastation 
get rid of the eyes! and turn the horn/tusk things back into ears! Otherwise it's pretty nice. 
Fiends Have Eyes! 
Oh No !!! 
Are we going to discuss again about monsters that have eyes or not !!!??? Come on !! You should open a thread about this "issue" :P 
i recall a few heated discussions about that over msn... XD 
why is it important whether they have eyes or not?...main thing is they rip you apart quickly and ruthlessly and leave you a dead pile of rotting meat. (!!) 
Pretending for a moment that they did have eyes, they woudln't be big and glowy and yellow. 
In Fact, 
they are small and black!

Dunno if this is old, as I remember a papercraft Shambler from a while ago, but check this out:

His face and armour colour is a bit off, but the rest is pretty faithful. 
Fiends' Eyes 
yes, they do have eyes.
would be better if they hadn't, like shamblers and vores.

underworldfan, it's because monsters appear much more frightening if they don't have eyes, but are still that unerring and aggressive - if they sense your presence rather than have to rely on fallible physical means such as eyes. ;) 
Oh My Goodness Yes 
Of course, I'm the silly bugger who spent a full minute in Morrowind walking around a freshly dead alit trying to figure out where the eyes were. And realising that, during battle, I had been looking the beast straight in the nostril. 
Quake 2 Client 
Can you recommend a good one? 

Make sure to also get Open AL Audio Files which are downloadable from that same page as they are required for sound. 
I like the cut of your gib 
Oh Oooh !!! Very nice wallpaper !! 
Fiends Have Ears? 
Covered in blood? Situated just above their mouth?

Ah - no. Those are "stabby things", not "listeny things". 
Phillips 190x6fb Lcd 19" Monitor 
anyone have personal experience with these ? comments ? 
Planning To Build A PC 
3 year old PCs suck. So here's what I'm planning on getting, without overclocking anything. I'm on a budget,around $1,000.00 ~ $1,200.00.
ANY advice/comments that could help me out tweaking parts and stuff is appreciated!

It's possible to drop the HDD, I have an 80GB Ultra ATA-100 already, but getting low on space right now, and just wanted more.

It might also be possible to drop the monitor, I'm not sure. Once I have the following built, I'm planning on donating my current one to my mom/sister.

OK, here's what I'm checking out for my PC so far:

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Venice - $154.00

MOBO: ASUS A8N5X Socket 939 - $79.99

MEMORY: Corsair XMS 1GB(2x 512MB) DDR SDRAM - $95.00

CASE: Antec LifeStyle SONATA II Piano Black, 450 Watts - $89.99

GPU: Sapphire X1800XT 512 MB PCI-Express x16 - $309.00

HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200 200GB IDE ULTRA ATA-100 - $119.00

SOUND: Cannibalize my current sound card.

MONITOR: SONY WHITE 17" (16" VIEWABLE) 1600x1200 CRT - $120.99

Total: $967.97 (Unless I suck at math)

Any sagely advice? 
Always clean a dick before licking it 
I have that sony monitor currently and its really quite good. 
Looks pretty good, however I have a few questions:

1) Why are you going with ATI over NVIDIA? I am pretty sure most in #tf would argue that overall, NVIDIA is the better choice.

2) Why IDE and not SATA?

3) You don't specifically mention CPU cooling, are you going with stock AMD HSF? If so, spend 6$ on a Zalman Fanmate (for manually adjusting CPU fan speed) and it have have a great impact on your sanity. 
1.) I actually prefer ATI over NVIDIA. Besides, X1900XTX's, from what I read, are the best cards out now, and X1800XTs aren't too bad either. Does NVIDIA's cards still come with that huge fan that takes up an extra slot?

2.) You may have noticed the mobo is $79.99. That has something to do with it. I could up the mobo to something that supports SATA, but it'd prolly cost more.

3.) Yeah my current CPU-fan has a dial to adjust the speed, it's really nifty. I'll look into it. 
As your estimated spend is less than your budget, and everyone knows that you should never, ever come in under budget(!), I would recommend looking at the latest LCD screens. The recent improvements are dramatic and the CRT over LCD argument is losing ground fast.

I have a 4ms response 19" 4:3 LCD and have no problems with games when I play at the default resolution of 1280 x 1024. I could have bought a 2ms response screen for an extra $50 but I am just too tight fisted.

The extra screen size is such an advantage whether you are using spreadsheets, mapping, surfin' the net or whatever. And the extra desktop space means more room for coffee, beer, books, magazines, DVDs etc; in fact the extra room means space for a dual monitor system using the old CRT as a second screen :-). So I have Maya open on the LCD and Maya tutorials open on the CRT. Nice.

But I am still useless at modelling. 
2 Things: 
Monitor size: whether you do CRT or LCD, 17" is really small. consider getting a 19" or 20". the extra viewing area is really awesome when you're mapping or really doing anything where you need to have tools open and such. it makes using 1280x1024 or 16x12 a lot easier on the eyes too in windows because text and such will be bigger (although you *can* up the font size manually).

Ram: Consider getting 2GB? i have 1gb, and i run out of ram *all* the time. :\ having tons of ram really helps when you're working on a project where you need many different applications open at once. getting 2 1gb sticks could be expensive though, so if you can't get the ram and monitor, get the monitor. 
Viewing Screen Size 
I agree with necros. My 4:3 19" LCD gives a 15" x 12" viewing screen. My 17" 4:3 CRT gives a 11" x 8.25" viewing screen.

In practical terms that means the Func_MsgBoard Forum page shows down to the Quake Anniversary thread on the 17" CRT (@ 1024)but down to Event Horizonon the 19" CRT (@ 1280); with text set to 'normal' scale.

Being able to get more tools on screen for applications is a real boon. This screen dump taken a couple of minutes ago may give an indication (on the other hand it might not!)

I guess I'm saying, go 19", you will appreciate the difference. 
A Peak At A Woodham Map 
is always something to look forward too. I notice you use the default Windows XP display design. When I got my new machine, the first thing I did was switch it to a Windows 98 appearance (for now). I really dislike the XP style because it has a certain toyish quality like the VW Beetle.
I want a display design worthy of a SuperVillian,
not a too hip Japanese teen girl. 
I am using an AsRock 939Dual-SATA2 motherboard myself. It costs LESS than 79,99$ AND it supports both IDE and SATA... AND it supports both AGP and PCI-E videocards. Look into it. 
my mom/sister.

lol ur mom.

...wait... your mom/sister? I... I don't wanna know. O_O 
I hate everyting that has to do with anything. Even MS Paint has a more user friendly UI, you bearded fatlumps.

Forget about it; it's Chinatown. 
Some Stuff 
Yeah, I'd say go 19" LCD or 20" CRT (about equivalent screen space I think) if you can. I definitely prefer LCD these days, as long as the response time is very good.

Also, try using your motherboard's onboard sound - you may find it is more than adequete for your needs and you don't need to bother using your old sound card (unless its some spanky one you paid big bucks for, in which case ignore what I said).

BTW while SATA is theoretically, potentially, faster than IDE, the sad reality is we're limited by current HDD technology rater than available bandwith - so SATA is not substantially faster, if at all. Having said that the cables are smaller and there's no channel sharing, so its a tiny bit "nicer" if nothing else. Hardly necessary, though. 
Mr Zwiffle's Motherboards 
The new system I built just over a month ago is actually based on the Asus A85NX you were looking at. Overall it's a very good board for the price, especially since most of the more expensive boards I looked at didn't have any extra features that were useful to me. It actually DOES have 4 SATA connectors if you wanted to go that way with your storage. As Fribbles said though, SATA doesn't gain you much at the moment since the actual drives aren't any faster... However, if you're going to be brave and do a striped RAID array or something then there's potential for a more noticable speedup. Obviously you need to cough up for two SATA HDDs for that though. I haven't bothered.

The onboard sound is basically AC97, which is OK but unspectacular, and doesn't really get on well with some games - notably Dawn of War and Quake 4. Unless your existing card is old enough that it doesn't do 5.1/7.1/whatever it will probably be better than the onboard. Personally, I'm going to be ordering an Audigy 2 or something now that the credit card bill for upgrade phase one is paid off. 
NewEgg has AsRock 939Dual-SATA2 for 66,99$: It has both SATA and IDE, both AGP and PCI-E, 4 slots for RAM and a passively cooled northbridge. 
I got a used 19'' Sony CRT, people change to "hip" LCD:s and you can get one quite cheap. It's very good for mapping to have a bigger screen. It's not as sharp as an LCD but it's pretty good, if you don't try to have too high resolution. Anyway, if you get a CRT, don't get a shadow mask one, but a trinitron/diamondtron grille thingy.
It's also physically big. Do you have a lot of space on your desk / in the computer room? That might make the decision. 
trinitron/diamondtron grille thingy

aperture grill:

in my experience, the two lines i have on my aperture grill monitor are hardly ever noticeable. only when i'm working on something with a lot of bright, near-white colours. 
Seriously consider getting 2x1GB instead. It does really make a difference in modern games.

Also about 3D, friend of mine got 1900xt and while he likes it, it sounds like an aeroplane taking off inside your case, ie. HOLY SHIT LOUD. Don't know about 1800, but I assume the cooling solution is not that different(?). 
Labor Day Has Destroyed My Typing Skills 
Nice Thing About NVIDIA 
is that there's software (RivaTuner) avaible that allows you to manually set your GPU fan speed according to use. You can either set the fan speed to adjust itself according to actual GPU core temperature or you can make it adjust between 3 profiles (Windows 2D, light 3D, heavy 3D) you can customize.

During boot-up, the fan on my 6600GT sounds like a jet taking off indeed. However once I get to Windows, the GPU fan is throttled down to 60% and when I play games it's up to 80%. It's completely inaudible when using Windows and only makes a slight noise when playing games.

This, combined with the Zalman Fanmate (6$) for manually dropping the speed of CPU fan, the loudest parts of my computer are now the CRT monitor and harddrives. 
Saitek X-52 Flight Control System Review 
I just upgraded the other week to a NF4 SLI mobo with a amd 64 4000+ 1gb matched pair ram, 9700gt nvida gpu and this thing screams though all the games I play at 1280x1024 with full AA and AF, it looks stunning.

Cost a bomb though :) 650 quid including a new case, fans, and etc... worth it tho.

If your looking at a 9700gt card, go for the BFG one as it is overclocked slighty (as standard) and thus u get pwn fps 
current setup (with cpu overclocked slightly (2.6 ghz) gets me a 3dmark05 score of 8400 ish. as a comparison. 
So that means Zwiffle is... Catherine Cross? 
OMG spoilers 
Rpg Please 
as little as possible 
Err yes, a 9700gt. its a graphics card =) 
You must be mistaken there somewhere. 9700gt videocards do no exist. Or is this some obscurely rare ATI Radeon card? Because I am 100% sure NVIDIA never had one by that model name. 
You probably mean an NVIDIA 7900GT? :) 
New URL For My Website: 
all the links for my website changed thanks to gamespy (or something),
and they also messed up the auto redirect so it takes you to the wrong place...dont care about the details. all i know is,

anything that used to be:

should now be:

new domain examples: [main page]

once you goto the new main page everything should be the same anyway.
if you find any broken links let me know by email. 
eventually they should fix the auto-redirect thingy so that all your links you have on your websites to my reviews etc should auto-redirect to the new URL:

you could update your own links to my site/reviews if you wish to be sure. 
Fribbles Maps 
are being used in a tourney:

I modified just the item placements, so they're still true to the originals. More people will now be able to enjoy the major goodness that is a Fribbles map! 
Ah That's Cool 
pretty legendary maps there, haven't loaded a fribbles map in ages.

also, inertia... you seem to be up on your Quakeworld, so I've got a question for you. I'm working on a high-res idbase texture pack, so I'm trying to get the pack complete for a load of maps, in SP and DM. What are the most commonly played idbase maps in Quakeworld? Please don't tell me DM3 :)

Currently the only DM maps i'm working on are Aerowalk (is that still played even?), Aggressr by Tyrann (only because I love the look of it) and your map Slipstream, heh.

Dm Maps 
dm2, dm4 and dm6 in DM. dm3 and e1m2(?) in TDM. I think.

Starbuck, do you know Randy's great textures? I don't remember if the base textures were included, if they are not then you should contact him (#qc in They are fantastic in my opinion. 
DM3 and Aerowalk are without question, the most played idbase maps in QW. 
ATI Vs NVidia 
allows you to manually set your GPU fan speed according to use.
that's possible with ATI, too.

One thing if you get an ATI card: DONT INSTALL THE CONTROL CENTER! Get ATI Tray Tools instead. Simpler interface, more functions, less memory, etc. 

I agree, even if your are administrator, your are not allowed to open it !! A shame !!!

Now how can I remove this fucking control center without breaking all my ATI DirectX9 functionality ? 

I agree, even if your are administrator, your are not allowed to open it !! A shame !!!

Now how can I remove this fucking control center without breaking all my ATI DirectX9 functionality ? 
.. for double post :/ 
Spirit / Jago 
Thanks. So basically DM3 and Aerowalk then. I'm surprised there aren't any more custom maps that get a play. Spirit, you mentioned quite a lot of maps that aren't idbase... did you mean e2m1 instead of e1m2?

I checked out those textures by randy and I've seen them before. He has a lot of skill, and those are nice textures for the most part, but it's not really similar to what I'm doing. I'm not doing any normal-mapped/specular stuff, just the 32-bit high res textures... and my main concern is to make them fit in with the original textures as much as possible, and to try and do as many of them as possible :) 
My guess for maps played in qw for 99% of the time:

dm2 dm4 dm6 aerowalk (ztndm3 skull)

dm2 dm6 (dm4)

4on4 (the real thing):
dm2 dm3 e1m2

(dmm4 aim practice:
end povdmm4)

only dm3 and aerowalk seem basish. And dm3 is mostly that pink basewall. Misaligned. By Romero. :) 
dm3 is hideous. Improving the textures isn't really going to undo the damage, either, but I'll do it for completeness :) 
Starbuck: I just thought you asked for id1 maps. Ignore that part of my post ;)

Good luck with your texture work! 
Inform 7 Released

Inform is an IDE for making interactive fiction (text adventures.) I've never made one before but I've played a fair amount of community-released IF. It's a scene comparable to the quake mapping/modding scene, in the sense that the user-made stuff often meets and surpasses the quality of the pro stuff, they actually make their own tools, they have archives and review sites, etc.

Anyway, the main feature/scourge of this new version is their natural language interpreter for programming. This is actually pretty frustrating to use for a programmer like me, but might actually be good for non-programmers (since the target audience is writers, this makes sense.) 
necros: where does ne_dust2 come from and is there an "original" zip file? 
you have that?! :o

i think it was for a speedmap session where the theme was parody (the map is the layout of the CS map cs_dust2).

i don't remember why it wasn't named under the regular speedmap filename... maybe i was late and submitted it after the session was over in the thread or something... that was a while ago. lol 
Well, I rezipped it and it's at Quaddicted now.
You don't have your zip anymore? :D 
that's really interesting. I wonder if such a thing exists for Lucasarts style adventures, and how easily one could do something like that on his own, seeing as you'd have to make all the necessary character sprites and paint all the backgrounds.

If I were more 2D artistically inclined that seems like the kind of thing I'd enjoy. 
There are systems that support graphics, but I don't think anything that sophisticated. Ideally you'd merge the graphic capabilities of something like Flash with the world modelling and interface logic of Inform. Components of Inform are open-source, so it might be possible to add a renderer and a bunch of routines suitable to be called from within the story file. Sounds like a significan amount of work, though. 
Spirit, I just uplaoded it for you, you can download it here

Let me know when you got it, so I can remove the file. thx 
Talk to gibbie before you go through with this. Last I checked, he was sitting on a complete Doom3-compatible idbase set.

Metl: neat! 
Got it, thanks!
Do you have the original zip files of
yeah, I saw a screenshot of it, looks ace. Again though, I'm not doing bumpmaps/specularity, just basic textures. Like the Quake Retexturing Project, but coherent. 
If gibbie has a full set of id base textures, including bump/specularity, that might be a good reason for me to map for Quake 4. 
Annoying Issues With Quake 4... 
I have finally cracked down and bought the game. However, I am experiencing some weird issues that are truly infuriating me.

1) When playing online, I am getting a 3 second respawn delay. Ie, when I die, I have to wait for 3 seconds before a respawn, no matter what buttons I press. Friends on IRC are saying that this doesn't happen to them. Tried playing on different servers, doesn't help.

2) How come Q4DM is so tough on hardware? I can play Q4SP just fine at 1024x768, high quality with everything turned on and hardly get any slowdowns. However when playing online, even if I play at 800x600, medium quality with "static" lighting, I still get major slowdowns in some places.

3) I cannot find any CVAR to disable blood, gibs and decals in the game, is this even possible?

My machine is an Opteron 144, 1,8 @ 2,45 Ghz, 2 x 512 mb ram, GF6600GT 128mb running Windows XP SP2. 
Adventure Game Making And Indy Games 
I think there are a number of tools/engines for graphic adventures although I have no idea if they're all retarded or not... seems to have been used for at least a few good games. - seems to bea good place to find all kinds of interesting "indy" games. 
Err Yes 
7900 gt =) ( I SUCK ) 
Just played this with RPG.

This is a fucking fine, solid map. 
Zwiffle / RPG 
Why don't you come to #terrafusion anymore? 
Mainly: Scampie 
Partly: Bler turning into Scampie. 
If I had a penny for every time someone asked me that, I would have like 6 or 7 cents by now. 
Zwiffle / RPG 
I haven't seen Scampie do anything besides join/part for 2 or so months now. Shambler hasn't been on IRC for 4 monhths at least. 
The respawn delay is normal. I never liked it either but it stayed.

DM is tougher on hardware I think because it's a lot easier to have a lot more going on than in SP, where the amount of effects and monsters and shooting was more tightly controllable. 
Oh, And, Metl 
A sierra/LEC type adventure seems pretty simple code-wise. The entire game is just a big tree of "screens" containing hotspots that react to certain commands, sometimes with inventory items as parameters, with a second tree of prerequisites that sets up what things have to be done before what other things are activated.

Seems like the big hurdle would be doing all the necessary art - the system behind it is uniform enough that it really amounts to a scripting language. 
scampie seems to ingore #tf these days. I tried to contact with him (via #tf, private, email) and got no responce.

btw anyone can host my site? my previous site was deleted by admins when I've been away for 6 months 
sure, i'd feel honored :)
drop me a mail ( 
Ribbit Ribbbit 
If gibbie has a full set of id base textures, including bump/specularity, that might be a good reason for me to map for Quake 4.

Emo? What the hell is this? 
I don't know; I saw the URL advertised while I was watching Smokey and the Bandit II on TV. I think it's some television show.

but WTF they stole the name of map? 
Looks like it's a television spinoff based on the movie Blade
NotoriousRay please make another Quake map u rockzzz ;) 
More Bizarre Advertising 
Did anyone else get something in the mail from these people? 
At least, the video clips are pathetically funny !!! 
Omg Nintentdo Press Conferance 
OMG new Metroid, Mario, Yoshi's island and Starfox. Yaey!

And what the fuck four grown men are standing on the stage waving their hands playing tennis and what the fuck it looks awesome.

And yay Osu! Tatake! Ouendan! gets a western release! 
I Bet... 
... you can't guess who is working on Starfox DS? ;)

I wish it were Quake DS though - with Nintendo modding Network.

Man, that presentation was the awesomest thing EVER. It crapped so hard (with bad diarrhea) onto Sony's PS3 presentation. 
are you working on Starfox DS 
I'm not sure I can answer that question yet. I can, however, reveal that I am working on a DS game at a company in Kyoto*.

*not neccessarily Nintendo. 
maybe i've missed something, but what about "for those who weep"? don't tell me you haven't worked on it in the last ~1,5 years.

-totally out of context, but i was just wondering... 
Cool Presentation 
The gamespot feed I was watching ended up dying, so I only saw upto where they were about to pick the competition winner. Did I miss much after that? 
They picked a sweaty nerd from the audience and he got to play some tennis with Reggie, Iwata and Miyamoto. And the crazy thing is, it looked fucking awesome and cool.
And that was the end.

Than: bastard. 
Speaking Of Working On Games... 
czg: Are you on the team doing [q]The Darkness[/q]?

If so that would be awesome because that game looks fucking sweet as hell ok thanks.

I'm working on F.E.A.R. Extraction Point -- yay for Level Designers actually doing geometry \o/ 
I've just now gotten 3000 MB space / 250 GB bandwidth on a host that has been pretty solid for me before, and as I said back in August '05 I'd like to help a little and host some mappers.

However, before I do that I've decided I need to see what demand there is for this. I would only host a handful anyway, not like 25-50+.

So, who is interested? Based upon that I'll purchase the domain. 
The new Nintendo thing looks cool. I love Nintendo. They make THE best games ever. EVER. However, the "Wii"? WTF? That name is super gay.
Hot Chick: "Zwiffle, you wanna go out you super foxy mappist?"
Zwiffle: "No way baby, I gotta go home and play with my Wii."
That's just wrong, and I blame Nintendo for that happening in the future. That chick was hot (and 11).

Neg!ke: Huh? I lost that map when I moved on over to GtK. I was building that with Hammer, and when I switched I kinda lost all of my old Hammer maps. Kinda sad, I had like 5,000 - 6,000 brushes and no detail, and the layout IMO was pretty sweet. I had this one three-tiered room that bent around into two other areas that linked back over and under this other area you passed before, giving you a totally different view that gave way to this giant mechanical vagi... anyway, it was cool.

Oh well. Haven't worked on any maps since Christmas or so. Life sucks. 
I might be, if I ever get back into mapping (prolly during the summer sometime.)
I'd rather be hosted by you than by Scampie (no offense).

Domain name ideas:
"" <-- cracks me up

P.S.: When you end a sentence with parentheses, do you put the .,!? inside or outside the parentheses? 
Bl!tz - Related To Neg!ke? 
Bl!tz: You got in the industry? That's awesome, but what about that cool-looking Hexen TC? OK I'll stop posting until tomorrow sometime. 
no, because: bl!tz = blitz / neg!ke != negike ! ;)

sad thing about the map, the few screenshots on pipeline looked nice, indeed. i hope this doesn't mean there will never be a full-sized map by you again. 
Inside (like this.) 
Hot Chick: "Zwiffle, you wanna go out you super foxy mappist?"
Zwiffle: "No way baby, I gotta go home and play with my Wii."
That's just wrong

What's wrong:
1) That you'd rather play with your nintendo than rape women.
2) That you think women enjoy being raped by mappers.
3) That you're trying to fool us into thinking you have a home when we all know you live in a rusty fridge behind McDonalds.

Also you could have said "Wanna come home with me and play wii?" and maybe if you were lucky she was into watersports and said yes. 
I think Bl!tz has a ! on MIRC. I think. 
Strunk and White says outside (like this).

(If the whole sentence is in parentheses, then you do it like this.)

Also, you can put ?'s (WTF?) and !'s (neg!ke != negike!) in parentheses if they occur in the middle of a sentence.

I always did what Mike said, ever since middle school, but it never seemed right to me. I'll just write my own English rules (!) .? << endl; 
Two Questions 
Regarding building a new PC, I have a couple questions:
1.) I have an ATI card, and I heard switching between ATI and Nvidia drivers can be very very painful if you don't completely remove all traces of ATI drivers before installing Nvidia drivers. Would it be easier to just stay with ATI or is Nvidia worth it? (Probably I'll get either a 7800 GT or x1800 XT.)

2.) My friend said if Windows XP detects major hardware changes then it will lock me out of my computer and refuse to boot up unless I reinstall Windows. I would rather not do that. Is this true to anyone's knowledge? If so, are there any work arounds or anything? I don't want to have to back up my entire Quake directory and huge amounts of anime/manga to reinstall Windows. 
1/ I don't know about "collisions" between ATI and Nvidia, but I have other examples of concurrent tools that requested a complete uninstall process to work (e.g Norton vs Avast, etc..) So concerning video cards, I wouldn't bet on the fact you can do it safely: drivers are nothing more than programs that run your video cards, so...

2/ He is true: I sadly experimented it with my parents' PC. I had to reinstall Window, and then reinstall all the other programs cause Windows didn't recognized them any more: one week of work, thanks Microsoft.. :(

IMHO, best things to do is to go for a "higher" ATI. As back compatibility is normally ensured, I guess you will not have too much problem to upgrade your settings... just don't install this fucking Control Center.... 
you don't have to reinstall, you just have to reactivate it. If you don't reactivate it, it will eventually lock you out, just the same as if you do not activate it within the 30 day period prior to installing the OS. Also after a certain amount of formats/reinstalls,
you will be told when trying to activate XP that, basically you have done it to many times and you have to ring microsoft bla bla bla, they will walk you through the process and you'll be back up and running in no time, however you will have to go through the calling microsoft after nearly every format/install after that. It's a fairly painless procedure though.

I have also been told that after 50 installs, you will have to buy a new copy of XP, as you will no longer be able to activate your copy. I don't know how true that is, I haven't experienced that yet. But the other above I am very familiar with unfortunately.

This is actually the reason that I am experimenting with Linux, and as long as I can get my games to run fine, bye bye Windows.

I like to be able to do what I like with my OS, install it when, and as many times as I like. I believe that if you read through all the agreements with XP, you will find that they can actually shut you down and deny you access to the OS when ever they feel like it. They would of course have to have a good reason, but by installing XP and accepting the agreements, your basically telling them you agree with that. I have only been told this and shown excerpts, never actually bothered to read it myself, but I had no reason to doubt the peeps that told me, then again... 
There are differences between the 'oem' and retail versions, they go through different activating proceedures, so somethings experienced with the oem version may not apply to the retail version. I have a couple of both and have seen this first hand.

Then of course I may be full of shit, and all the above is just bullshit... 
Also (pt2) 
Last one I promise.

major hardware

The emphasis here should be on major, I have changed video, sound cards, Ram, (I don't consider them major)many a time without any need to do anything with regaurds to keeping the OS running. From what I have seen it's basically motherboards, perhaps CPU that will require action, or perhaps a number of items at the same time. But if you are like me, any hardware upgrade is usually follwed by a complete format reinstall, after I have checked everything out on the current install as to try and avoid any problems on a clean install.

Am I drunk? No,
stoned? well thats against the law, so I wouldn't do that, perhaps a bit dizzy
I don't usually talk this much, it won't happen again.

Actually being stoned isn't against the law, being in possession, or operating a vehicle whilst being stoned are, so.... yeah, I'm stoned, absolutely out of my tree, and loving it. Carry on!! 
So According To []... 
... either change of environment (go for Linux), or buy a brand new PC...

I think the safest way to avoid fights with environment settings/re-installation/etc.. bla bla bla... would be to buy a brand new PC... just to be able to re-install your Windows compatible tools... bleh ! 
i doubt you'd run into any problems with just a video card replacement, but i don't have experience when going from ati to nvidia.

typically, things like motherboard or cpu would maybe make windows stop working. a friend of mine told me there's a way to get windows to redetect hardware configuration, but he forgot how. 9_9 worth looking into, anyway. 
New Comp 
thanks to the people who put up info ages ago regarding a new comp.

Got it today, and it's a flier. The 7900GT is indeed a monster card, I just need to find somewhere in melbourne that can get me a dual link dvi-d cable for my monitor. But games look great and fly.

Now i just need to find the time to go through all the titles I wanted to play. 
within the 30 day period prior to installing the OS
That of course was ment to be '30 day period AFTER installing the OS

So According To []... either change of environment (go for Linux), or buy a brand new PC...

I'm not totally sure that is what I said, I'll have to wait a day or 2 to know for sure, but by then I prolly won't care 0_o 
I'm not totally sure that is what I said, I'll have to wait a day or 2 to know for sure, but by then I prolly won't care 0_o

errr... I was joking... really... just in case you took that as is ;P 
'Strunk and White says outside (like this).'

I'm not sure about White but I'll stand by Strunk and change my ways henceforth (in fact I'll start right away!).

Oh, but now I have two and that can't be right (can it?). 
You can combine ! and ?, into !? (but maybe that's only for exclamatory questions in comic books.).

You can't combine . with ! or . with ? or . with ; as far as I know (and I don't know a lot!.). ! 
Reinstalling Windows 
If you are switching from ATI to NVIDIA and vise-versa and fear driver overlap issues, just use DriverCleaner from and that's it, problem solved.

If you are putting together a full new PC and not just replacing a videocard, do not expect to just put your old harddrive and expect Windows to work. Even if it does, it's likely to be way slower then it should be. Always do a full Windows reinstall when you do a major upgrade of CPU + motherboard (like going from AMD Tbird to Athlon64 or from Athlon XP to Pentium 4 or whatever).

As to what comes to the whole Windows Activation bullshit, just get a Windows XP PRO SP2 Corporate Edition CD image off the net and you're set. It will NEVER ask you to activate or reactivate or whatever. No matter what hardware changes you make. 
When you at some point do a full system format and reinstallation. Do not forget to split your primary harddrive into multiple partitions, so that you have at least a C: for the OS and apps and D: for everything else. This way you will avoid the trouble of having to fuck around with backupping dozens of gigabytes of important data should you ever need to reinstall Windows. 
Silly Zwiffle... 
!, ?, and ; already have a .

: has 2 
that's all well and good until a hot chick asks you what it represents.

"umm.. it's a computer game that I play a lot"

It's Not Even Symmetric 
I think he should get his money back. 
Maybe He Didn't Pay 
Maybe his girlfriend did it.
Probably not though, huh? 
I consider quake to be bad habbit 
Yo Dudes 
great fun.....two posts in three days..btw the secret word for tonight is "joystick".

(and thanks alot for the recent releases, havent played them all but i will get to it :) 
Quake Cereal.... 
ATI & Nvidia 
Just grab a copy of "driver cleaner pro" free software, uninstall ATI, run drivercleaner and clean ATI, then power down and install the nvidia card, power up and bobs your uncles mother 
Bob Was A Terrible Uncle 
I took care of his horses for nearly two months and he never paid me once. Bitter memories, man. 
A Song 
I composed this while playing sin, titled "CPU Bound." (to the tune of simon and garfunkel's "homeward bound")

See pee yooou boound
oh ah wish ah wa-asn't
seeeee peee yoooou bound
BOUND, when the game's a-skippin
BOUND, when ma framerate's dippin
you get the idea. 
I just totally hate Bush. Just completely and utterly. I just thought I would express my frustration. 
Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 
was free for download right? i couldn't find a single copy of it on Microsoft's site, so i'm picking it up via p2p. 

The Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 has been replaced by Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition. Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition provides a complete integrated development and debugging environment making it the easiest way to create powerful applications using the C/C++ language. Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition also contains an enhanced version of the C/C++ optimizing compiler for the fastest executables. Best of all, the Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition is completely free!

:( Although, after using visual studio express for C# the past several months, I kind of like it :O 
but 2005 is a big gui version of it... 2003 was a nice simple command line compiler tool. :P

i downloaded the 2005 one, and it's asking to register it in 30 days too, so i'm not sure what that's all about... 
anyone have perosnalexperience with an lcd/tft monitor and dvi ? I've read stuff on the net but apart from the generic "it's better than vga" I cant pin down exactly what looks better ? Is there less alising for example ?

just asking, becuase dvi-d cables are a pain to find in melbourne and if it's not really worth it, I'd rather save the time and money. 
"i downloaded the 2005 one, and it's asking to register it in 30 days too, so i'm not sure what that's all about..."

Err.... you register and then it doesn't nag you about it anymore... 
BOUND, where my lovelife's loading slow enough for me 
Err.... you register and then it doesn't nag you about it anymore...

oh ok; i just saw the word 'register' and hit cancel right away. usually, that word is synonymous with 'give us your money'. :P

anyway, i got the 2k3 version now, so i'm good. d3 source code, here i come... o.o 
i've been using a DVI lcd display for a while now, so I can't remember what it's like to not have one. Signal quality couldn't be better, but it's a pretty subtle difference to see i guess, you'd probably need to see vga/dvi side by side.

if you're happy with your picture don't bother, if its a hassle to get the cable... all I read is that it addresses the individual pixels 'directly' or some shit. I don't know LCD monitor technology at all. 
Re: Vga Vs Dvi 
regular vga is analog, dvi is digital. Kind of silly to convert a digital signal from the system to analog output and then back to digital display IMO. (which is what you do with an LCD with a VGA interface.) But regardless, most people can't tell the difference unless its on a very high-end digital display. 
I bought this display not realising it only has VGA (no DVI) but at 1440*900 things still look damn purdy.

It's probably like playing at 2X compared to 16X anti-aliasing. If you have never seen it good you don't know what you are missing 
yeah I know about the analog/digital thing so going by tv tech I was wondering if that meant less aliasing and other artifacting etc or just sharpness ?

Or whether I was way off given tv and montor tech are probably different 
Attn Kell 
The download for chapters on appears to be fuxored. Site says its 15.5mb, file is 15.0mb and I get all sorts of errors trying to open it. Tried ~5 times downloading.

On a side note, is the source code for either chapters or quoth available? Wanted to peek at the code for the voreling =) 
thx, I'll investigate forthwith; I seem to recall I had trouble with a corrupted zip in the past.

re: source code - and this goes for everyone who has emailed me about chapters or quoth source code - I DON'T HAVE IT :) I never had it, I never needed to since necros was the coder. So, thank you for your interest but please: pester necros ( gods know he deserves it �_� ). 
StarWars Laser Sword Battle 
It's an impressive "home made video" !!!

Enjoy ! 
Well Then 
attn: necros - please to be receiving source code for quoth and/or chapters, should it be available :) 
Oh Btw, 
just stumbled onto this:

it's a recreation of minas tirith from the movie as a 3d realtime thing... you can walk around and it looks to me that about 50% of the structures have been finished (most of the major ones are done like the throne room and stuff). you can even hop off the tip of that ledge like poor ol denethor... whee....

i think there's something wrong with my drivers though, because i go from 80fps to 1fps on and off... or just a buggy engine.. who knows. :P still it's fun. 
Cheers necros. Is the same available for the quoth extras? Wanted to look at those new base baddies for *cough* *cough* a project.

Nope, Sorry 
the original idea was to release the source code for the previous version, everytime a new version was made... but we kind of stopped, so... yeah. :P

qexpo's coming up though... i should really go through the code and clean it up and put a few comments here and there, but i'm so caught up in d3 atm. :S

it's funny too, because originally i thought that making maps in a 3d app and importing it into the game was kind of dumb (prefering far "superior" brush construction) but i never relized just how powerful doing meshes out of the editor can be... 
I just tried it and it was less then impressive IMHO. I have a 2,45 Ghz AMD Opteron system with 1 GB ram and a 6600GT and it ran slow as hell even at 800x600. Seems horribly unoptimised, because as soon as you look at something even slightly more detailed than just box walls, the FPS goes all the way to 1-5. Not to mention the whole thing uses a total of like 3 textures.

Fun idea, horrible implementation. 
Ah Ok, 
i didn't know if it was jsut me.

the engine must be really busted then, because i will sometimes get about 50fps @ ~400k tris, and sometimes it drops to 1fps @ 100k tris...

the drop in performance is obviously not directly connected to the # of tris being displayed, but something broke in the engine.

and yeah, it's not textured yet-- like i said, it's not done. still, the geometry is pretty nice in a few places. 
Lunaran's DoW Map? 
Wasn't there a thread here at func? I could not find it.
Got to play it :) 
Contract Revoked Is LotW At PQ 
Correction: In previous Level of the Week reviews, Contract Revoked was omitted on various occasions. This has been corrected in the latest review. 
You mean Contract Revoked 2, right? Kell? (^_^) 
I actually made two -

- and would like to do a few more. but don't tell anyone! 
More like "Level Of The Whenever" 
What do you guys think the theme for the qexpo Speedmaps should be? 
"Birthday Party" should be appropriated, isn't it ? 
Thanks, I'll check them out :) 
Just Played Level One Of D3 - ROE 
on the new comp on Ultra settings.

All I can say is quote Keanu. Whoa!

I've installed some other fine looking games in Far Cry, Fear and COD2, but this is something else. 
A Question For Aguire 
couldnt spot it in the readme, and dont have my level CD handy to check, does oyur quake engine support .lit files ? 
I've yet to see a Q1 map that looks better with coloured lighting than without. But quite a few engines support it, e.g. Fitz, Joe and DP. 
nitin: yeah, it's quite impressive.

When the d3 engine is used to its best with all modelled environments it is quite stunning. 
Roommate Horror Stories 
I know a lot of you went to college, and probably the rest of you have had roommates at one point or another, so share your stories of pain and dumbfoundedness. Here's mine:

One of my roommates is in a fraternity. He's in a band, too, but that's another story. Anyway, drunken fraternity brothers are common place here.

I normally have class in the morning, so I go to bed at midnight. At 3:00 in the morning, my roommate came home with his bandmates and a few fraternity brothers. They went to the backyard and drank quite a bit; but since they drank outside, they didn't wake me up except for 2 or 3 times when they came inside to use the toilet or get more beer.

7:00 this morning. A frat boy came inside again, waking me up, and bumped into my bedroom door, all while a girl periodically giggled in the background. I got out of bed, and I was about to open the door and break his face on my knuckles, when I heard liquid hitting door and wall, and I saw a puddle of urine begin to seep under the door, and I heard him repeatedly mumble, "I'm going to kill you." 
I live at home, but our old neighbors would usually have a party a month, so it was kind of annoying waking up at 2:00 am to a backyard of guys shouting in unison "SHOW US YOUR BOOBS" over and over or having them come out drunk as fuck one Monday morning in winter talking as loud as they could on their phone "Dude you know you totally wanted to fuck her in her fuckin ass dude" when you have an exam in three hours. 
I Feel Your Pain 
I live on my own in a flat, and I think it's fair to say that pretty much all my neighbours are mongoloid fuckwits.

Let's see - there's "Mr Scrapey" living below me who seems to have a fetish for playing musical chairs at six in the morning, continuously dragging what sounds like wooden furniture across a wooden floor unrelentingly until he decides to fuck off to whatever shit job funds his rent/drug habit/furniture repair bills.

And let's not forget the "Bhangra Boys", a household of delightful young Asian gentlemen, whose enthusiasm to celebrate the customs of their cultural homeland is matched only by their ability to play that fucking horrible music at full volume whenever they fucking feel like it.

I could go on, but I'll only make myself more angry >:{ 
Don't Wanna Jinx Myself 

So far my place has been great. I live literally 10 ft from a pond filled with ducks and a gazebo to take it all in. My neighbors are quiet and friendly, and there are a lot of hot college age women who seem to enjoy doing laundry in the shortest of shorts just as I am walking out the door in the morning.

Also it's been about 80 degrees every day. 
I'm moving in with you. Let t3h molestation begin! 
RSS Feed 
So func has had a secret RSS feed for a while, but I finally added a link to the news page.

I'm also considering making a personalized RSS feed for each user, but I'm not sure how it would work and whether it would be useful. 
So far my place has been great. I live literally 10 ft from a pond filled with ducks and a gazebo to take it all in...

Mucklucks! Galoshes! Macadamia! Gazebo!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, download "bulbous bouffant by Dr Demento 
that's pretty bad! Was he actually talking to you? Did he know what was going on? Is the band any good?
My room mates have always been pretty cool. My big complaints/hissyfits are like "I bought the dish soap AND the toilet paper this week, god dammit!" then they hand me a joint, and a mug of cheap wine. So if they are pricks I don't really notice. 
A mug of wine? What... What the FUCK!?

RPG, ouch, change room mates man. =\ 
"then they hand me a joint, and a mug of cheap wine"

I need roommates like that. 
I was told that he was sleep walking. My landlord has offered to let me stay in another of his houses for the remainder of the lease. 
Bal - yes a mug. Our house of 6 people has like, 4 coffee mugs and a plastic cup I don't drink out of anymore for private reasons.

RPG - but is the band good? 
I'm pretty sure we have laws against drinking wine in anything other than wine glasses here... ;) 
Can I Just Say 
rpg3dm2 rocks. I love it. 
Ok I Havent Played Q3 In A While 
so it could be me forgetting, but are lifts always so jerky ?

Not many levels have them but stuff like vondur's kaos level and a few others do, and as you are going up on them, its like being on a trampoline. 
Watching The Season Finale 
of House last night, left me wondering, is this show ten times better than anything else on television, or what? Among Hospital proceduals you have the choice of the simple minded morality play of ER, or you have the preciously written whoredom of Grey's Anatomy which is as cliched as the Anna Di Franco songs that it sometimes uses. House is just so much more interesting. 
I've Never Seen House 
but I think it's awesome you americans know who Hugh Laurie is.

You should get some tapes of Blackadder (series 3 or 4 i think) if you want to see him in some awesome comedy.

On the subject of season finales... how about that 24, eh? Jack Bauer is my anti-drug. 
Drew: They're ok. It's more a matter of whether or not you like jam bands that don't play original material.

nitin: Thanks. :) 
how does it (24) compare to seasons 1-4 ? I quite liked 1 and 4, thought 2 was decent in the second half and 3 was faily average. 
Best. Show. Ever. 
Arrested Development.

Sadly dead beyond recovery now (DAMN YOU FOX!) but still three seasons of absolute awesomeness. 
24 Is Good 
But I always wait for the DVD to come out before watching it. I saw the premier two hour episode this January and it looked like a strong start.

Last night Hugh Laurie did a bit of a ridicule of the accent a character who is British. It was a kind of a wink to the audience that Laurie is not really the Jersey boy he effortlessly plays on the show. 
IMHO, 24 season #5 was better than seasons 3 and 4. 
I love it, waiting for season 3 on dvd. Gob Bluth is one o th ecoolest characters ever.


anyone got an answer on the q3 question, it's really annoying me. Other maps I've played recently with lifts :

storm3tourney4, pjw3dm6, lae3dm3 
season 5 of 24 is by far the craziest season yet. I'd say my favourite seasons were 4 and 5, but it's not easy to think of a season objectively of a show with so many episodes/twists/etc, if you know what I mean. It all sort of merges together.

i should get arrested development on dvd 
IIRC Lifts Are Not Client Side Predicted In Q3 
Resulting in awfulness. If you run a listen server and play with bots, you might get away with shoving sv_fps up to something silly like 72 (default is 20). 
cheers. Highly recommend arrested development too.


thanks, I'll try that although I have no idea what you mean. 
Doom3 + New Computer 
OK, after some initial hassle with my new computer, I finally was able to get it to work. I reinstalled Doom3, and holy fucking hell this game is awesome when you can actually run the game with high settings and all details turned up. I think I played for about an hour in my room alone in the dark before my nerves got shot. I love this system. Holy moly. 
Unreal Tournament 
anyone know if there's any command to imit the max fps like in quake 3 ? It *seems* to vary the player speed depending on whether you're getting 100 or 300 fps in an area. 
I Know That Feeling 
I think I played for about an hour in my room alone in the dark before my nerves got shot.

It is the one game I would have to space out my playing for a few hours at a time not out of boredom but, as you so well put it, because 'my nerves were shot.' 
Heheh, I went throught the exact same thing 3 months ago :) Btw, the gameplay and visual design quality also pick up quite a bit after Alpha Labs... 
hey, does anyone know where I should buy the original Quake (1,2,3) boxes? Also, are there any special versions of these that possibly include them all?

Like the Special Quake4 Edition, that had Q2 + the two expansion packs....

or am I left to buy (download only) from id's website? 
Purchasing Quake 
Purchasing Quake 1 or Quake 2 retail by themselves is pretty much impossible these days. However if you are lucky you can find a package that contains all 3 Quake games, I have no idea what it's called tho. Sorry that I can't be of more help. 
I Think It Is Called Ultimate Quake 
I saw it on Ebay a few months back. All of the expansion packs included.

My niece found my old Quake disk while on a cleaning spree of her room this past winter, and she wrapped it up and gave it to me for my birthday. What a sweetheart.

Armagon and DOE are still MIA, though. 
I have a boxed Quake for use with Macintosh laying around here. The box looks identical to the PC version except there is something like "for mac" written on it. I don't need and thus I am willing to sell it if you want. It is in a quite used condition though =)

Ultimate Quake is Quake 1-3, yes. But just in a DVD box...

For Quake 1 + 2 there are bundled boxes with the official mission packs.

For more info try a look here: 
So, basically, your niece gave you as a birthday present something you had already bought before yourself? 
That's Right 
a gift that she had originaly borrowed from me a few years ago and she had lost as well. 
That Audacity She Gets From Me 
Many, many years ago when I was still in high school, my sister -- my nieces mother -- was in the Navy stationed on the West Coast. My sister sent mum a floral bouquet for Mother's Day. I happened to be the only one home when they arrived and I promptly switched out my sister's card with one of my own and gave them to mum as a gift from me.

The dastardly deed wasn't uncovered til many months later. 
A Query About LCD Monitors 
It looks like when we move, I'll be getting a nice slim LCD monitor. Is 8ms response rate okay for a gaming machine?

(I think 8ms translates to a max refresh rate of 125 fps, and I'm thinking having a max of 60-75fps would be ideal.) 
I have recently got a philips 190x6 which is an 8ms screen. So far I have no issues with it (apart from finding a dual dvi cable but that's another story) and I've tried many games. 
LCD Monitors 
LCDs work in a different way. CRT monitors refresh the entire screen X amount of time per second, where X is your HZ value. LCDs only update the pixels that have actually changed. This is the reason LCD don't "flicker" as CRTs and a 60 Hz refresh rate on an LCD actually looks better than a 75 Hz refresh rate on a CRT.

As about responce rates: it all depends on your monitor. There are 12ms LCDs out there which can be used just fine for gaming and there are also 8ms LCDs which are complete crap. I would suggest picking a few options and then spending some time reading reviews and searching forums before you make the purchase.

HOWEVER: If you are a "serious" competitive gamer, you can simply forget about LCDs as no amount of $$$ you will throw at it will fix the advantage a user of a good CRT monitor will have over you.

All LCDs have a built-in additional delay that varies from model to model. Lets say you have an LCD with responce time of 8ms. This means that every 8ms the monitor checks if any pixels have changed and if they need to be redrawn. However, it takes 15-30ms for video data to actually ARRIVE from the computer to the monitor.

So basically, due to your low responce rate of 8ms you see no ghosting, as your screen updates fast, but the data according to which the screen updates itsels comes in at a delay of 15-30ms. In a competitive gaming enviroment, this is life or death. 
PS Batch Conversion 
I'm trying to run a batch conversion process on a bunch of images in PS. I want to convert them to the Q1 palette and then save them. However, PS likes to automatically append "copy" onto the end of a filename, so "bw_bricks.tga" becomes "bw_bricks copy.tga". How do I stop it from doing that? 
Fat: Get A CRT 
I switched to using twin LCDs yesterday, one 8 ms and 4 ms screen for gaming. There is definitely a sharp drop in playability for fast-paced shooters, as whenever you move or turn quickly the screen turns to blurry mush. I also tried gaming on the 8 ms screen, and that felt like having some kind of visual impairment.

Though I suppose gametypes other than FPS are less demanding on the monitor performance, I still think whoever believes that LCD screens are suitable for gaming are lobotomised mongoloids. Get a CRT. They are cheaper, faster, have more accurate colours, and don't suffer from dead pixels. 
It's Been Several Months 
since I played around with PS. I don't recall that being a problem, and I did a lot of conversions when I found the massive library of textures at the Kingpin site. In fact, I believe that problem only occurs if in your action you save inside the same folder. 
Maybe try saving the files to a different directory... If that doesn't work use some batch renaming app once you are done to remove *copy*. 
there should be options for how to generate the file name with lots of possibilities. In PS CS (first one at least) it's in the batch dialog s long as you choose destination "folder" or "save and close". 
Why Ps Is Better Than Gimp (7mb .mov)

in german, but you get the idea :). It's all in the details... 
Save And Close Works 
Thanks everybody. Save and close option works, but selecting "folder" and choosing a different folder did not. I don't understand why it wouldn't since that's the logical option to try. 
Save And Close Does Not Work 
It actually doesn't save any changes at all. How utterly useless. ^_^ 
Why Would GTKRadiant 1.5 Only Load Half Of The Textures In A Wad File? 
Aeons Of Aergh 
Apparently GTKRadiant 1.5 (or at least my version) will not load textures from a wad file if the texture name has a space. This was related to " copy" being appended to all the converted textures (see above). Manually removing spaces from the textures in the wad solved the problem.

New question: why would TexMex say that a 256x16 texture needs to be resized? 
I got same issue, and it came from the image that was not a multiple of 16... Check the image size, maybe you have a 256x17 or something like that ;) 
Fighting The Windmills 
For those interested in introducing new* maps in qw 4on4, there's info that Link might organize a tournament.

(*: "new" might mean for example e3m7, dunno, haven't read all that. There was the cmt tournament some years back, and some of the maps stuck on somewhat (mainly cmt3).) 
According to PhotoShop, each dimension is already exponential base 2. For one image, it is 8x128, and the rest are 8x64. I just checked each individually in PS. 
It sounds weird so... I got this error, but image needed to be resized... I guess the image bmp files, are they ? 
All texture dimentions need to be multiples of 16. Read more about it in this fabulous guide that some cool guy wrote: 
Sorry, I read the post too quickly, it is obvious that the 8x128 and 8x64 can not be loaded by TexMex. As metlslime said, you must have 16 multiple value for the dimentions.
Shame on me... 
To Vondur 
"Meanwhile, former Infinium CEO and current Nival executive Kevin Bachus, also known for being instrumental in the launch of the original Xbox, has sued the company for unpaid wages of around $50,997."

Wait, your current boss is an ex-Infimum Labs guy of the Phantom console fame? :O 
Missing .bsp's 
Well, I wonder if the first Turtlemap pack ( contains any SP maps - if so, where to get it? More importantly, the second 100 Brush pack ( is also nowhere to be found. Any chances of an upload?

On a side note, a quick list of oldish maps, ever-missing - the reviews can be found at Talon's and Crash's: mykd1, mercy, butcher, cavosin, marsalis, p2hell, series1 (all in .zip format).

Even though all the above belong to very early period, I believe that somebody out there have them stored. ;) 
Mercy is at Talon's ( ), but is a Q2 map (I believe I've told you this before).

The q1tm pak is DM only. Have you checked Spirit's archive for 100b2? 
While On The Subject 
of missing maps, sm95 isn't available on Quaddicted. I'd like to revist an old map of mine from that pack. 
Killer Quake Pack Rebirth 
I don't know if it has been mentionned already, but Howard Roy is back. He is the father of Killer Quake Pack... Thanks to aguirRe for the info ;) Check Howard Roy's web page here:

Enjoy ! 
I just e-mailed the sm95_headthump.bsp file to the e-mail address in your profile. I have R.P.G. and Tron's maps from that pack in my maps folder too if you want them. 
Thanks CETME, 
I plan to polish that map up a bit on the days I get aggravated with my current project. 
Please send them to me too (do you also have the readme?) so I can bundle it up and upload to Quaddicted :) 
has already been fixed at quaddicted.
besides, one can still get all of the older files at the speedq1 site. 
Thanks for clearing the turtlemap bit - as for 100b2; nope, even Spirit does not have it. As for mercy - well, I now believe that Talon somehow overwrote the file:

This page indicates that the file is of September '97, and weighs at 1.2megs - description also adds to that by stating that it is SPQ. The Q2 mercy (Mercy at Stroggos Deten3), on the other hand, is of March '98 and is only 900~kbs.

Add it to that the above page, and it becomes clear that there was at one time a mercy for Q1.


Alongside mykd1 and mercy; the reviews of the remaining four can be found at Crash's, though you have to Wayback for the site. ( 
i just checked, and i still have the 100b2 competition files in my quake folder...

i don't have the original zip though. 
i think i have then... i will see when i get home! 
check your PQ mail 
OK, I see that now. I also tried the lost meccaworld URL in Wayback, but it seems defunct lately. I have the 100b2 also, but it's a bit big to upload. 
Thanks Hrim 
Hehe, new-ish Q1SP from beyond the grave, and a nice one too! Good-looking, but gameplay/progression was a bit weird ... Still, a decent first effort. 
Regret, I Couldn't Play This 
When it first came out, but I finaly had a go at Ne_Marb and Ne_Marb2. Love the Doom environs. What is it about Quake that textures from other games (Doom, Q2, DKT, Blood come to mind) look better in Quake than in the original games?

Anyways, 'twas big fun with much in the way of engaging combat.

On to Kell's Red777. 
Thank you very much :) 
Thanks for the uploads, Hrim! Now there's only six remaining:
mercy; butcher, cavosin, marsalis, p2hell, series1.

By the way; I hope you'll keep the download links up for a few weeks. 
"What is it about Quake that textures from other games (Doom, Q2, DKT, Blood come to mind) look better in Quake than in the original games?"

I beg to differ. They don't. 
Screw U 
is any one here 
You have mail ;) 
Awesome Digital Painting 
...Or Giant Waste Of Time... 
That's pretty impressive, but the final result just doesn't look very believable, which is a shame... Could probably do better, and MUCH faster, by making a matte painting instead (then again, kinda silly making a matte painting of something that already exists, but whatever).
Nice dedication and patience though. =) 
Oh man, if I was gonna spend 11 months on a single "painting", I'm sure I'd pick a scene more interesting than an empty railway station.

Still impressive, but also, what Bal said. 
I'd Be Proud Of It... 
...but I certainly wouldn't have said that it had taken me 11 months, even if it did. And 15,000 layers is just plain barkin'. And a 1.7 gig flattened file - I've got plenty of 40 and 50 meg Photoshop files, but 1.7 gig!

Nevertheless, a tremendous achievement (and very HL2ish). 
Check The Rest Of The Site 
It goes some way to explaining why he does what he does in the way he does it. 
People Pondering Building / Getting New PC's 
I strongly suggest waiting 2-4 weeks. Both Intel and AMD have announced very aggressive price cuts today, with Intel slashing up to 60% of prices on some CPU models. 
since my site was deleted I made a new one. Thanks Spirit for hosting. You'll find my maps and photos there. There still may exists some bugs so please report me if you find it. Also it has a new design, all comments are welcome. 
Who Is PRG? 
Pulsar: in the link section of your page:

: : PRG's Level Thang
The site of R.P.G., level designer
I've never seen DAV's Quake levels mentioned anywhere. 
Those are some of my favorite levels from the oldschool days. None of them were power-packed with bad guys, and they aren't as pretty or big by today's standard, but each of them had something different/creative/unique.

I especially like QKWall and QKFort. These levels are well worth a play through for anyone who hasn't. Unfortunately, the low monster counts won't be much of a challenge for experienced players. 
I am missing these... Are they any good? 
Does anyone know how the get in contact with the ol' Crash? His old mail address seems defunct. 
is a bitch with secrets sometimes, but his maps are very solid, i found some of his Q2 maps really nice, def worth playing. 
The Same 
I always associated DAV with the Quake2 scene, as he was prolific with several good titles , but this is the first I have heard about his Quake levels. 
"Facere Sin" Request 
Where I can get this 'new q1 SP map' by Qurnel?
This map was annonced at the news thread "New Q1SP - "Facere Sin"". URL copy/pasted below

MisYU, metlslime, nitin, leviathan, xen, pushplay, Fern, nonentity, scampie, anybody else please put the working link for download this level. 
I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume English is not your first language. If you read the thread carefully, you'll notice that the initial post was edited by metlslime to indicate that there is no real map, and it was just an April Fool's joke. 
Fitzquake Help 
I guess this spot is as good a place as any. I am trying to compile fitzquake. I have VC++ 6 installed with sp6, dxsdk installed, microsoft platform sdk, and masm32 installed. I get this message:

Performing Custom Build Step on .\sys_wina.s
Microsoft (R) 32-bit C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 12.00.8804 for 80x86
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1984-1998. All rights reserved.
The system cannot find the path specified.
'ml' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
Performing Custom Build Step on .\math.s
Microsoft (R) 32-bit C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 12.00.8804 for 80x86
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1984-1998. All rights reserved.
The system cannot find the path specified.
'ml' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
Performing Custom Build Step on .\worlda.s
Microsoft (R) 32-bit C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 12.00.8804 for 80x86
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1984-1998. All rights reserved.
The system cannot find the path specified.
'ml' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
Performing Custom Build Step on .\snd_mixa.s
Microsoft (R) 32-bit C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 12.00.8804 for 80x86
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1984-1998. All rights reserved.
The system cannot find the path specified.
'ml' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file ".\Release\snd_mixa.obj"
Error executing link.exe.

fitzquake.exe - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

does anyone have any idea? 
Assembler Code And Fitzquake 
Yeah, I ran into this as well. What this means is you don't have an assembler compiler. Some bits of the quake source were written in assembler because it was released in '96 when nobody had especially fast computers. In order for the 3d engine to be feasible it had to be heavily optimised, and this was one of the ways. Of course, it's now a pain.

The way I found to resolve this was to get a copy of MASM32, a free package from
Once you've installed it, you need to add the folder masm32/bin to your list of compiler locations. I don't know for sure where you look in VC++6, somewhere in the paths for the project/for general compilation. You may need to add the masm32/include and masm32/lib to the list of include files and libraries respectively. It can't hurt to do so, anyway.

Then you should be able to build these bits as normal. Bin contains the missing ml.exe, and this will create the missing object files (eg snd_mixa.obj) from the assembler code. Hope this is useful, if anyone can fill in the details of adding these paths in VC++6, it would help. 
Nice Little Site... 
I don't know if this site has been linked before, but I found it when trying to track down some bots to test my map with.

Still updated. Run by Mephisto - someone from inside3d?

Anyway, it has reviews of all the most popular Quake bots, and a few short articles all wrapped up in a pleasant site design.

its me, but I notice a quicker load time on func.

if so, cheers metlslime. 
No it's definitely running fast -- like lightning fast. Good work metl 
it seems to vary, at times it is noticably quicker but at other times it is as slow as normal :(

Still, an improvement is noticed, so GG :) 
i didn't actually do anything so it must be a hardware change or something on the host machine. 
get into irc, i miss you 
Thanks Preach 
Vista Beta2 
I've loaded this as a dual_boot with XP. It worked first time and everything looks superb.

Only problem is that when I first switch on, I don't get the dual-boot option, I just get a blank black screen. I have to Alt_Ctrl_Del to get an immediate re-boot and then, magically, I get the option to use XP or Vista. But apart from that, it's really pretty.

Anyone else tried it yet? 
Not Tried Vista 
Anything noteworthy about it as an upgrade for winXP? I've not really kept up with Vista news... 
The most noteworthy thing I can say so far is that everything works... so far, and it worked straight out of the box! Oh, beware, it is a 3gig download.

Wireless network worked OK, ATI Radeon 9700 Pro worked OK, BspEditor worked OK, all Quake engines worked OK, all drives are OK, IE7 is OK,Media Player 11 is OK etc.

All of the security measures are OK and you get a six month free trial of PC-cillin into the bargain.

But as this is a dual_boot system, I haven't gone so far as to reinstall all software (Office, Photoshop etc) as I have installed Vista on a 100gig partition and I could fill that with second copies of everything that is already loaded under XP. Ther's no point in doing that at this stage. Vista takes up 8gig.

I will carry on playing with it (it's free until June 2007) and if I find everything is still OK, I will make the big step and migrate.

But it is pretty and it's fun playing with a new toy. 
is the user interface any different to xp or win2k? 
Good News There 
esp. about the Quake engines. There was concern about plans to have opengl abstracted into a directx based wrapper that would screw up the performance of OpenGL based applications. I guess whetever method MS did works out fine then. 
A Couple Of Screenies

The first just shows a desktop view.
The second shows desktop with an open window and a thumnail of the current IE window. As you hover over the item on the taskbar, you get a thumbnail open up.

Also notice the see-through edges of the windows. These screenshots don't do it justice.

The most obvious change is the move away from pastel and towards primary, and plenty of 'glass' buttons. The start button on Media Player shows this:-

Anyway, I'm not after converting the world here but it does look pretty.

I have also just logged onto Steam and run Half Life2 without any problem: no set-up or changes to make, no disc to insert - it just ran straight away.

Yup, I'm hooked and I've only been using it for about three hours! 
So what you're saying is that we're getting an all new OS, and the only difference is that it looks better? 
So What About Vista DRM? 
Gonna shell the money to have squandered media rights? 
Vigil - I haven't got a clue what's under the bonnet but that has never stopped me admiring body styling :-)

Phait - any existing media works fine, and don't worry, Microsoft doesn't control the world. As for the future... que sera sera!

By the way, as I said earlier, Vista is free until June 2007. So I will continue to play with it before I decide anything other than I like the way it looks. Be serious, if the man down the car lot says that I can use that brand new Merc, BMW, Jaguar (whatever) for 12 months before I decide to buy it, I gonna take up the offer and leave my four year old Honda in the garage. There are no strings attached. 
Vista DRM 
No, Vista will still play your pirate MP3 files as well as your DIVX/XVID. Don't believe everything you read on Slashdot. By the way, "squandered media rights" is something that can be used to describe a system without DRM, because on such a system you can only play DRM-free content. A system/OS supporting DRM actually allows you to play more content as it can play both free and DRM'ed content. 

Greetings from Japan, suckers! Iwakuni's been nice, flying to Okinawa tomorrow 8=) 
Distrans ?? 
I sent you a demo 10 days ago (with some delay I know... :P ...), and you didn't reply.
Do you have issues with you mailbox ? 
Going On Hols 
I expect some mappage by the time I return :) 
Kell, Tronyn 
please check your email 
What's Wrong With Func? 
it's loading really fast. 
check your email too 
Did so today, but I'm quite busy just now. What you were asking will be done by the weekend though. Got a few other ideas to throw your way too. 
Prey Demo Released TODAY 9:00pm PT 
That's like, tomorrow at god knows when for me. maybe by lunchtime! :) 
A Great Little Conversion Tool 
I needed to convert a few hundred .obj files to 3ds, and I stumbled on this on my Google inquiry --

scroll down to Biturn -- I had the conversion done in several seconds. Saved a load of time. Sweet Jesus, it's a mitzvah. 
JPL...! Hints incoming. 
Prey! Yaey! 
Just got done playing the sp demo -- what fun! It runs better on my comp than Q4! Can't wait to get my greedy little paws on the full version. I'll want to try out MultiPrey tonight, and see how much fun that is. 
I Just Played It Too 
And it was excellent.
The bar scene was awesome, and the gravity fuckery? Completely disorienting! 
For some reason I click on my GS_Prey_Demo.exe and nothing happens. So I have to try Fileplanet. I hate you GameS4wk. 
Prey looks like it's going to be great fun. Gravity, portals etc. really do add quite a lot to the experience and performance is good. On the down side the lead character is a whiney little bitch with a penchant for constantly stating the obvious, and really needs to shut the fuck up. Enemy AI seems OK but nothing spectacular. Environments were nice with the whole organic spaceship thing rather well done.

The multiplayer is not as good as the SP, it seems really gimmicky and random.

Overall it was a great experience though, I'll definitely be buying it. Anyone know anything about this download service they're selling it through? Is it as fair, equitable and portable as Steam or a load of old hardware locked shite? If it's cheaper I'd rather get a download version than boxed.

Zwiffle: A couple of ideas spring to mind. First, there may be some shit in your windows temp folder that's fouling it up (like some sort of leftover install log that matches the profile of Prey's and says "yup, I've finished installing this") so delete all that crap and try again. Second, it might be some sort of protected installer fuckery, so if you have any any virtual drives etc. disable them then try installing again. 
I see you figured it out... or maybe just downloaded again. 
I Downloaded 
first from Gamespy. That's the one that didn't work. Then I deleted that one and downloaded from Fileplanet - which I like - and that one worked splendidly. Also downloaded a million times faster than Gamespy's. Thx though. 
I Thought Fileplanet Was Gamespy 
Gamespot != Gamespy 
They either do their own thing, or pass it on to FileFront -- they rock. 
Happy Birthday, Quake 
If I may say. Still the mostest awesomest by a great many miles. 
zwiffle, gamespy is fileplanet. gamespy download links redirect to fileplanet. do you have raging pink eye or something? 
Gamespot, Not Gamespy 
chops is correct. No, I don't have raging pink eye. 
Not Wrong Lunaran 
Happy birthday Quake!

Quake was not only responsible for countless hours (years!) of fun... it has changed my life for the better!

I have to thank all the mappers and other chaps who have not only kept the game alive, but have also helped the game evolve over the years. Quake today would be a good deal less intresting without all of your valuable contributions.

for the worse, you mean? 
well, it did bring us together 
So you're saying it WAS for the worse then? ;) 
thanks for the clarification man im sure it helped a lot of people 
Metl changed the crate icon! [Gasp] 
Look Again, DaZ 
The Killer Crate icon is still there. That thing that looks like a block of port cheese is the Cube icon. 
The Most Important Thing 
is that the pimp hat icon is still there. 
Hl2 Gunship Wallpaper... 
so I got bored last night and was messing with Garrys mod for HL2 and got this rather nice screenshot of a Gunship and wallpapered it. Funny thing is that PlanetHalflife ran it as their POTD right away (ego boost = check!). So if ya want it... 
Primary Heat Exchanger? 
Just what do those pulse rifles fire? 
I wand your babies

no, really 
wand, I wand them real bad! 
Oh, Darren... �_� 
Someone Needs A Vasectomy 
Just kidding, Daz, though the idea of manbabies scares the crap out of me. 
what the hell is it supposed to use, harsh language? 
No, it uses those Sonic, E-Lectronic Ballbreakers ;D 
Anyone know if headshot's maps are still available anywhere? 
Quake And Modding And Stuff

Can't remember who wanted to look at it now, but that's a scan out of the Australian magazine PC Powerplay from a months ago that mentions a discussion right here on Func. 
Nice one, Tron.

Careful, though. They're reading the board, so you might get sued for intellectual property rights infringement. O_O 
That's the same magazine that I had randomly found speedmap packs on a couple of times, so if they want to start playing that legal game we have ammunition right back at them. :) 
That's cool. Somebody there must have a soft spot for Quake. :) 
Quake r4wks. 
Thanks Tron 
That's a cool little article. Pretty accurate and rather kind to the little Quake community. Makes us sound like quite measured reasonable people. Which we are not. Sloppy journaliism, I say! ;) 
We're Movers And Shakers, Man! 
Far from being sloppy, I thought it was the most electrifying and important piece of journalism since the Pentagon Papers. 
A Nice Little Read 
the bit about some kind of fued between coders and mappers brought a tear to my eye (no, it didn't, but it touched me (and not in a molestation kind of way)). 
Blizzard Art Contest
We will be looking for 3D work and we love to see low-poly 3D too! 2D rocks and can be faster to make, but don�t forget about all of the prizes that you can win for your 3D environments and characters, AND in all 3 of our universes � Diablo, StarCraft, and Warcraft!

Nice prizes... And you can also choose the cash. I am sure there is something mean the copyright (like you transfer it to Blizzard by submitting or something) but I think some of you might have the power to compete in this contest. /me looks envious at Bal ;) 
Being a big blizzard fanboy, I will definatly try and find the time to make something.
And yeah those prizes rock. =) 
Section 7 
Of the rules, isn't that fun, cool otherwise though.

Sponsor Use of Entries. You hereby agree that in consideration of your being allowed the chance to enter the Contest, you hereby grant Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., a perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide license and right to utilize the entry materials that you submit to Sponsor in connection with the Contest (collectively, "Entry Materials"). The Entry Materials will not be returned to any entrant. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you acknowledge that Sponsor shall have the right to use, modify, reproduce, publish, perform, display, distribute, make derivative works of and otherwise commercially and noncommercially exploit the Entry Materials in perpetuity and throughout the universe, in any manner or medium now existing or hereafter developed, without separate compensation to you or any other person or entity and you waive all moral rights in such work. You agree to take, at Sponsor's expense, any further action (including, without limitation, execution of affidavits and other documents) reasonably requested by Sponsor to effect, perfect or confirm Sponsor's rights as set forth above in this paragraph 7. 
You have that in most big contests really... =\
Most of all it gives them the right to actually use and display the image entries, with eventual resizing, cropping and whatever else they want to do.

I like the "throughout the universe" bit, talk about thinking ahead. =) 
Give Me A Cintiq Please 
Back From Hols 
no mappage ? 
Welcome Back Nitin 
Hopefully everyone's waiting for the expo... although to be honest I think most people here have been busy watching anime and masturbating. Yeah, at the same time. 
lol i�m finishing my crapy map pack :p no time to masturbation 
No Time? 
no time to masturbation

Well, I am managing to get the odd one in here and there. So perhaps you need try speed wanking. 
cool, I've been iching to play some quake. 
Curve Tutorial 
So all you mappers out there: some people have complained that czg's curve tutorial is too hard to follow, doesn't have enough steps, or otherwise doesn't make sense. I'm thinking about writing a new one, and/or expanding on it. So what do you want to see improved/expanded?

Link (currently not found): 
Good Texturing On Curved Surfaces 
is much trickier than the brush work. Some tips on doing that would perk my interest. 
czgs tut is only good for WC, but not radiant (its 404 now btw)

I did one for radiant/bsp (should work in WC too)

HeadThump 27 and 63 (or 26 and 64, its not integer anyway ) for the 'classic' uhm .. 'curves' 
Does anyone here use dreamhost's affiliate program? I'm gonna register hosting there and would like to share the 97$ (OMG!) reward :D 
czg's tutorial was just fine, I could follow it but I use WC. 
RPG, I would appreciate a more in-depth curve tutorial for certain. With better screenshots and maybe some blurbs about variations (spheres, domes, etc). And like was previously mentioned, texturing help too. 
One Thing 
That has always puzzled me is at what ratio do you fit in the brushes if the curve has more partitions than just the mirrored 2:1 -> 1:2 curves? For those you fit them in at 4:1 & 1:4 on the 90 degree brushes and 1:1 (45 deg.) where they meet.

So is there like a formula where you can figure out how to evenly divide a curved area with say 16 partitions? Or does it come out to some fucked up slope that wouldn't stick on a grid? Is there an approximation? 
If you look at this

I'm pretty sure this is a way to add more partitions and still keep the correct amount of total area. It looks weird in D3 because D3 sucks at handling copied->rotated brushes, but I did the exact same ratio & number of partitions in a Quake 1 version in GTKRadiant and it came out better looking. I'll have to dig up the Quake version later when I get home because I can't remember from this screenshot at what ratio all the brushes fit together O_o 
don't you do that just by halving the grid and recursively applying the czg arch method so the 12-sided cylinder becomes a 24-sided one... 
Trigonometry And Making Curves 
All of these curves are approximations really, assuming that the original goal was a circle. Even in the simple 8 sided case you run into problems in length. If the perpendicular sides were 4 units long, I think most people would do the 45 degree sides as being 4 up and 4 along. Applying pythagoras' theorem to this you'll find that the angled sides are root two times longer than the non 45 degree sides.

A closer approximation would be to go 3 up and 3 along, as this would give these sides length (root 18), as opposed to the other sides with length (root 16). The problem with this is it's not good for tiling textures.

When you move up to larger numbers things get more complicated. The general way to work out a circle of 4n subdivisions would be to fine 90/n, and then find tan 90/n, tan 180/n and so on. Then you find ratios of lengths that approximate each of these. As it happens, tan 45 = 1, so you can do that exactly. Tan 30 is 1/(root 3), which we approximate to 1/2, then use the 2:1 ratio. This is a pretty good approximation, which is why the 8 and 12 subidivision are so popular. You'll probably notice though that if you are aligning textures to the side, rotating 30 degrees will probably look wrong. arctan is the inverse of tan, and arctan 0.5 = 26.56, so 27 degrees will look better.

So how would we move up to 16, well, we need tan 15, tan 30 and tan 45, the rest are done by symmetry. Tan 15 is 0.268 to 3 dp, which isn't far off 1/4, so the ratio 1:4 is a good one(which I've just seen in the picture you posted...).

So, that's the ratio for the side on the inside/outside of the curve, how do we get the angles of the sides between the brushes? Well, it's a bit harder. The nicest appearance comes from taking the average of the angles of each pair of brushes and finding tan of that. So if the sides were 30 and 60, you'd do an angle of 45 between them, which is exactly what you do in the 12 sided case. Quite a bit harder to do this on the 16 case. tan 7.5 = 0.132, which is probably best to approximate with 1/8. tan 22.5 = 0.414, so 2/5? 1/2? Neither seem that appealing, the former is a wierd ratio, the latter will look quite distorted.

For those interested in maths, there's a rather neat way to get the best "simpler" fraction from a more complicated one, by using continued fractions. You can read how to calculate continued fractions at the wikipedia article:
For any given fraction, if you take the continued fraction form, knock off the fraction at the very "bottom" of the representation, then recalculate what you get, you'll get a simpler fraction that's a good approximation to the last one.

As an example
0.414 = 414/1000
= 1 / (2 + 172 / 414)
= 1 / (2 + 1 / (2 + 70/172))
= 1 / (2 + 1 / (2 + 1/ (2 + 32/70)))
= 1 / (2 + 1 / (2 + 1/ (2 + 1 / (2 + 3/16)))
So the best approximations are in order:
Not bad guesses then : - ).

Ok, facinating maths tangents aside, the last problem is how to do the ratios of different sides relative to each other, which comes back to the problem at the start with pythagoras. Basicallly just chosing a base size like 64 and always making the longer of the two sides this length is probably the easiest way, and has the benefit of being easy to texture. To be fair, the 45 degree example is a bit unfair, as it's the angle most prone to this problem, for all other sides the difference will be of a factor between 1 and root 2. 
I probably didn't make sense. I'll try at home. 
Well, there's the tut right there. 
That Is The Tutorial 
I learned to bend and skewer in an orderly fashion when I was getting the hang of radiant, Speedy. I guess I owe you some thanks for it. 
Ray, yeah, I remember you liked an "evolution of the curve" image I made a few years ago. I specifically had in mind to write something about domes, too.

Blitz, Say whoot?

bambuz, yeah, start with the 0:1, 1:2, 2:1, 1:0 curve, clip off the vertices to get a 24-sided circle. Note that all the ratios are still 0:1, 1:2, or 1:4 (or the inverse of these). When you start getting off the 1:x ratio by clipping off all the vertices again, then you get some faces which are clearly smaller than the others, and the illusion is hampered.

gibbie seems to favor 12- and 24-sided curves that never have faces with 1:0 or 0:1 slopes, but the downside is that the curves must be much larger. A 24-sided circle using that method must be at least 128x128, whereas the other method lets you get down to 32x32 for a circle and all the vertices are still on integer grid units.

(Where is the pie icon? I need a circle for this post.) 
I Just Use The N-sided Brush Feature And Snap The Result To Grid 1 
No thinkings necessary that way. You do need Radiant though. 
Since The Original Is Missing 
I made some very basic pics for newbies. They were helpful for me at least at the time. 
Self Lifting? 
how is it not posible to stand on a box and not be ablet to lift yourself?

i tried, but this shit doesnt work! it has to work, i mean, how it cant? damn this shit! 
Hmm... 12 Sided Hollow Curved Pipes 
one of the things not mentioned in tutorials (even czgs) is how to create HOLLOW pipes that fit on the grid and can be curved around. In Worldcraft, this is childsplay, but I had problems when attempting it in radiant because the selection method is fundamentally different, and attempting to skew a group of selected brushes usually results in a mess. I heard that the more recent versions have another group selection method, so maybe it is worth investigating again.

SPoG's big Q2 map (spogsp1) had some of the most ludicrous pipes I have ever seen, and it was SPoG who showed me how to make pipes in the first place (as well as a couple of other very cool brush techniques). 
than, you skew brushes 1 by 1 :|

and why pipes only, u can do things like

(wanted to try such thing, after seeing unreal map with hallways going in many directions from a circular room) 
than, you use the three point clipper (in gtkrad).

i once made this template map for inertia (also in gtkrad). it has properly aligned textures on 12 and 24 sided curves and a dome also with aligned textures i think. this dome you can use to make hollow pipes as well.

Curve template map:

note: it is wise to uncheck snap to integer grid (prefs -> settings -> brush) before you start with extensive curve editing. 
can't tell what is going on there (a series of arches in a circle?), but the reason I was thinking pipes might be the best thing to use for and explanation is that pipes are probably the most complex yet common shape to make. Anyway, other stuff would also be worth explaining I guess, but curved pipes are one of the most tricky things to make if you don't know the easy way. Making a regular arch is simply a case of slapping a few wedges in the corners of a square doorway :) 
Integer Grid... 
is required in worldcraft unfortunately, which means that some types of curve are impossible to make, and are certainly impossible to make at a small detail level.

Your curvy maps are very impressive, so perhaps you should write a curve tut for radiant/Quark/whatever you are using these days. I'd really like to know how to make easy curves in radiant like you can in Worldcraft. 
i've added a simple curved pipe to the curve template map (same link).

all these curves in this template map are on grids >= 1, so these curves should also be possible to make in wc.

ok, i'll think about writing a little tutorial, but atm i'm kinda busy :( 
Hollow pipes are done same as in my tut - slice then skew. You just need to skew each brush of the pipe individualy, cant operate the group.
Never yoused 3-point clipping, its rather complex. 
The Original Tut 
I think it mentioned how to make a solid cylinder curving.

You take the cylinder sideways and stretch lengthwise, clip the end at an angle, stretch sideways (so it's overwide!) and then skew it (it thins to perfect diameter again!). It was a clever trick how the stretch/skew numbers match, since it goes to grid eventually. I don't remember the technique exactly.

Would extrapolating that to a hollow pipe be not straightforward? 
except you dont need to stretch "sideways" if you make the sides parallel 
This is how I did a hollow 6-sided pipe:


The map and bsp are in the dir too. All was shown originally in czg's tutorial that is not online now. All glory unto him. 
So, Prey Released 
...Team Fortress 2 on the way...

...DNF soon?

Soon we won't have any vapourware to bitch about. :( 
There Will Always Be Vapourware To Bitch About... 
Even if TF2 DNF and any other games I can't think of right now come out we will still be able to complain that they should release the earlier versions from before restarts. :) 
New Discuss Thread Opened! 
yeah cheers we saw it.

those damn quake bugs always ruining my game and shit 
I Think 
One bad bug is the clipping hulls not always working right with funny angled brushes. Could someone look into that? Is that a qbsp issue or engine? 
In Worldcraft, you can always cheat. What I mean is the curves don't have to be exact to look good. Look at headshot's Bless, it's created with WC only, yet he managed to get the curves to look great without any fancy editing tweaks. 
Circular Reasoning 
I'd also say, there's no real need for every curve in a map to be aspiring to be a circle, you could do some very nice things with a parabola instead for example. The parabola is also nice because you get exact integer results very easily, since it's just some scaling of y = x * x. The step sizes in the y direction should just count up the odd numbers: 1,3,5,7...while the x step is constant for each segement of the curve. You'd probably want to scale this afterwards though, it's quite steep otherwise. 
I Miswrote 
My curved pipe was 12-sided (instead of 6 what I wrote), so it is a specific answer to than's question.
In WC, no individual brush / face / vertex editing is required after you've done the first brush by vertex editing. I don't know how to do this in gtkradiant since it doesn't work similarly with the shear/stretch functions. 
One bad bug is the clipping hulls not always working right with funny angled brushes. Could someone look into that? Is that a qbsp issue or engine?

I believe the latest qbsp compilers (aguire, tyrann) have made massive improvements in this regard. 
I hesitate to say that they completely solved that problem, but they've added code that deals with most of the situations. I think any remaining problems may be an inevitable result of math imprecision. 
New Quake 1 Single Player Episode 
[This was a duplicate news post -- for info on this episode, go here:] 
Clipping Hulls 
if they have indeed fixed or solved the clipping hull problems that's like the best thing ever! 
Is anyone (looking at Spog) going to add Prey support to GtK? Preditor sucks afaict (just like DoomEdit, blech) and it's just really cumbersome to use. If so, get on it! 
Quake Help Wanted 
Hi Chaps, it's your old chum DaMaul here!
I need to ask for a bit of help if I may...

1) What's currently the best Quake port for taking nice screenshots in?

2) What do I need in order to be able to record videos from inside quake? ( and maybe also on PC games in general )

First person to help me gets a ham sandwich! 
Holy Crap, My Hero(sandwhich) In A McCann 
FitzQuake is the best all around for a modern port that has hardware accelerated smoothness but still retains the look and feel of software Quake. I typicaly use the software client toChis at a highresolution from my screenshots, for the classic 256 colors dithered together goodforyouness.

As for the second question, I have no idea. 

I know ezquake can record straight to avi (I've done it and it works beautifully, the sounds are captured too), but it's a quakeworld client, so gameplay is somewhat different to sp quake, and it can't play .dem files. Graphics are similar to normal sw or glquake (if you turn off all the fanciness). 
I Thought About EZQuake 
or Anthony of Dead on Que's avi code that can be added to most engines, but it sounded like Dumaul
needs something that does screen capture video directly from the PC instead of the game. Maybe EXQuake would still be satisfactory. 
Fraps ( is pretty good for video capture in general. I have a registered copy at home if you need it, just send me a mail (andyp.123, I use gmail) and I will send it to you.

I also would use Fitzquake as it keeps fullbrights and doesn't make lighting look muddy and shit. It is much more vibrant than anything else basically. 
latest Darkplaces beta has HDR bloom -
looks really sweet (better than many pos console games with shit textures and bloom), I`d use that for screenshots to make quake maps look cool in the portfolio :)

fraps for video ofcourse 
Thanks, guys, ham sandwiches all round! I'll be checking all that stuff out tonight.

PS. I'm slightly worried that everyone seems to be on first ( or second ) name terms with me today! 
i miss your great maps :) damaul2 and damaul7 got great bots waypoints :) i made then few years back! 
Ah, I Thought It Was A Second 
psuedonym, skewerd from Die Hard, my mistake. 
Die Hard 
That's funny! I didn't realise my real name conjured up images of a sweaty man in a vest.... ( His name is John McClane anyway! )

Interestingly, my birthday is the same as that of Bruce Willis. Write that one down and tell your friends! 
So Uhm, #terrafusion 
What's going on? I'm the only person there?
Is this some sort of huge netsplit? 
Obviously the internet doesn't like you.

I'm in there and everything looks normal. Stupid question, but you are on the right network aren't you? 
Hehe, maybe it's a very small netsplit involving only one victim: you :) 
can I please request mp3/ogg whatever support for quake music? My cd is not going to last much longer I think. 
And While At It, PLEASE... 
... implement it in the same fashion as Darkplaces so players wont have to deal with different ways of custom cd tracks. 

(already on my list, actually) 
how did the hdd recovery go by the way? just curious because I'm hoping rubicon 2 will resurface one day... You also mentioned that your fq source after 0.8 was lost, so that's why I remembered. 
Pulsar And Hrimfaxi 
saw the screenies over at qexpo, maps look great. 

1) Where do all the cool half life 2 mappers hang out these days?

2) What are the HL2 maps that are considered the pinacle of user made shiznat atm (dm & sp, but sp for preference)?

And no this isn't a betrayal of my roots to map for the current trendy games, oh no, it's... it's... oh god, I'm sorry, please forgive me mummy ;) 
Seconding nonentity's questions. Tried Coastline to Atmosphere, was at best average, Minerva doesn't work, and the rest that are posted here don't seem worth playing. 
There are NO cool HL2 mappers. But, czg idles #tf. Blitz idles #tf too (on more than one server.) Other than those two, I dunno. 
I thought Minerva was really nice, didn't have any trouble getting it to work.
Haven't tried any other HL2 sp stuff, as I haven't heard of any other good maps... 
Just Wondering 
Anyone here going to Fragapalooza? 
I thought the question was about where to find good maps, not people who made terrible maps. 
Oh Never Mind Me. 
It was about where the queers are at anyway... 
Minerva : metastasis 1 & 2 are the best releases so far, I also enjoyed "das roboss" a 3 level pack which had some great combat and decent visuals plus you get to pilot a mech at the end :D

tbh thats all thats worth checking out atm, kinda sucks eh. Sorry dont have dl links :( 
A new page at my website, i added a Q1SP Hall of Fame 2, for more recent maps: 
Quake Condensed actually made it into a hall of fame? No one is more surprised than I, although I'm still quite fond of rpgsmse4 - Whispering Shadows. 
your brushwork is always good to look at. :o 
in engines like fitz/aguire's, is it better to play with -bpp 32 or without ?

does it make any difference ? 
Another Two Things 
in both aguire and fitzquake, when I play with no cd (ie no music), sound is perfectly fine. When I play with music, there is a lot of distortion in sound effects. Any ideas ?

Secondly, and this is more a question for metl, on my new system fitzquake runs terribly. Even in the stock quake levels.

Granted, I'm running in 1280*1024 with 8xAA and 16x Anistropy, but on the same settings, aguire's engine flies. Unless it doesnt do AA or Anistropy ??

Have a geforce 7900 and an AMD 3700, can give you full specs via email if you want. 
doesn't stifle creativity -- you guys arguing about it does.

whenever there is even a hint of a possible flame, someone will use that occasion to proclaim their moral superiority by responding to the precedings in a tone of nuetrality, as if they were 'above the fray', 'tut tuting' those who are involved.

Of course, you are the one who jumped in this time. However, to get to that point where you could make your claim, you had to mischaracterize my postings. I gave what I thought was a well thought out reponse, and I avoided insulting anyone. When Blackdog went through the roof, behaving at a threat level Red to a posting that was at best a mild light Blue, I did not raise the vitriole any higher.

But you mischaracterized my post as an argument, as well as oversimplifying the opinion stated in it. I have avoided arguments for at least a few years on this board because I do not like the schisms they create, nor the time they waste. 
Did I miss something? A deleted post? IRC drama on func? 
Flattery will get you nowhere. Seriously. �_�

Here, have a beer. 
-bpp 32 looks better overall, because in 16 bit mode, there is minor color distortion (and in the case of textures with alpha, like the scrolling sky and the menu graphics, there is major color distortion.)

Unfortunately, I don't know exactly what could be causing your framerate problems or audio problems. If you want to send me your config file, I can try to point out variables that might be good to tweak, though (for the framerate problems only; I know almost nothing about the audio system.) 
I didn't intend to minimize what you, specifically, were saying, but just to tell both of you to *hush hush* before it got out of hand. 
Adam Foster's Minerva series IS the best out so far. He's one of the last guys remaining from the Nightwatch/Natural Selection power mapper squadron that hasn't yet been enveloped by the games industry's fat sweaty folds.

I'll ping the members of said squadron that are now at Raven and see if there's anything else shiny we're missing. 
Doom3 Texture Use 
For those who didn't see it yet: I added yesterday, on my Quake Expo booth, some screenshots of my current projects that uses Doom3 texture set converted to Quake format.

Feel free to comment. 
OK, it should have been posted either "screenshots and betas, thread, or "Quake Expo 2006 Discussion Thread"... sorry for this.. Anyway, please comment.. ;P 
looks very good, reminds me of your previous spacebase level. Already when browsing the texture archives, I noticed that the hexagonal floor tiles (doom1 homage) are _huge_, they tiles are like 2 meters across. I think you could safely downscale that texture in the bitmap editor (not in the level editor!) to make it look more natural.
Actually, otherwise the textures seem a bit big too? Dunno, you'd know that better by playing instead of looking at shots. That'd make you feel a little small. Maybe it's not serious. 
I Agree 
looks like midget quake, where the playe is smaller than a floor tile :) 
I will reduce the size by 2... Good point.. 
2 More New Reviews At My Site: 
trincasp3: Underground Base
dm3rmx: The Occupied Base 
regarding audio: try increasing the command "bgmbuffer" to 16384.
Another important command for audio is "_snd_mixahead"(default 0.1) 
on my old Voodoo system, I often experienced distorted sound when playing Quake. It appeared to help when adding the -primarysound engine option. 
that might be it, the console always says something about secondary sound buffer being used. 
tried _snd_mixahead (first thing I tried really), didnt do anything.

I'll try that other command out, thanks. 
none of those work.

It has me scratching my head, sound is perfect when cd music is not playing.

I tried hl2 and quake2, given that they use cd music. Both work fine with cd music playing. 
Cd With Fitz 
when I have a cd in the drive that starts playing with fitzquake, the engine slows down a lot. (I can't hear the audio since I don't have the wire to the sound card connected.)
It's also a weird problem with drivers I guess that many apps like fuhquake and fitzquake shut down all other sounds and I can't listen to mp3:s while I play. Although with qizmo sounds I can do that. Something to do with directsound I guess. It used to work fine before. 
My how things get circulated ... 
Cthulhu Is Back !!! 
Look at the top left of this french movie related website... Cthulhu is back !! 
And This One... Is Also Cool... 
My how things get circulated ...

man, a lot of people aren't that bright, are they? I'm going to just take some photos of shit and call them screenshots and see how many people I can fool. 
Quoting than here - ". CZG has an absolutely mind blowing map tucked away, although he told me he's stopped working on it because it doesn't work in Fitzquake any more... perhaps we should all pester him about it, and perhaps get poor old Metlslime to release a version of Fitzquake that will handle large maps."
So yeah, I'm going to go ahead and try to initiate some pestering. Maybe it's not my place, I think it's pretty much universal on this board - we all want more CZG. 
PS - More Pestering 
Than - the wizard waterfall cabin map sounds really cool too. I love cool little polished SP's crafted out of cool little polished DMs. 
czg, don't make me come to Swewaylandia to pester you. 
Yeah, I played that secret czg-map, and even though it had no monsters in it yet, it's already my favorite quake map ever! (seriously, it rocks)

I suggest you all poke him with sharp sticks in his various fatmeats (=his whole body), and show him pictures of tortured kittens until he finishes it. 
Ok That's It! 
Never finishing it now! </bal> 
Please don't finish that map ever if it means we can have rpg come over here! 
finish the map czg...</pester> 
Airventure EAA - Jets And Planes Oh My! 
So I went to EAA airventure today with my little bro, theres some pics and a couple F-22 flyby video clips - aaaaaaawesome: 
hey CZG I will send you some russian cheese if you do it! and dont care about fitz. 

... lol

than, is there any way you can retrieve episodes of Silent Library and deliver them to us? namely, me? 
Phait, That's 
where your tax dollar goes, half of the world's defence budget is used in USA.

Louder than thunder, them planes. Man has some power with technology, makes you think. 
A Public Request 
I played hrimfaxi & drew's Egypt the other day, and am too bored to look up the thread. It was cool in many ways.

It just sucked that I had 20 fps in it in many places, somewhat unnecessarily I think. r_speeds about 3500. And when ne_marb was recently mentioned in another thread here, it's a great map too but has some serious fps problems. (It isn't even that open but the rooms can see into each other!.)

Please try to visblock, at least rudimentarily. Make that hallway between big rooms L-shaped or something. It's a good practice. It's quake too, the engine and gameplay were neither meant for open maps. r_showtris 1 is such an easy tool in fitzquake that one can check visblocking quickly. And it lowers vis time a lot too!

Thank you. 
The Old Hardware Back Then / Now Discussion 
i'm too bored to look up the thread.

why should maps still be restrained in terms of size/r_speeds when most people have the proper hardware to run them smoothly. what is acceptable today? i'm not sure...
answers somewhere. 
I Certainly Don't. 
i think with my last maps, i tried to keep stuff under 5k. 
Bambuzzzzz... And Al... 
Do we really want to push the limits, or keep the old constraints and being stucked into 1996 ??
Come on, it is natural to evolve.. please do the same... doh ! 
What computer and engine did you get low fps in? Maybe some gfx card or engine settings can help you. 
if you still get low fps in Quake these days, even with those r_speeds, you need to upgrade mate! :) 
I never go below 77 fps in quakeworld. I have a p3 500 with geforce4 mx. Sure, I accept some lag in big maps. But it just sucks when it's there for no good reason.

Well, whatever, maybe someone can make you a d3->quake map converter that turns the bumpmaps into bsp details and you can vis it for a year on a beowulf cluster and release to the awe-gaping community. R speeds 100k.

The quake engine was not meant for big detailed areas. The long vis times are one clear indication of that. Another is the gameplay. Q1 doesn't have detail brushes and whatnot. I really shouldn't need to explain this. Doing big detailed areas in quake 1 is like milking a horse. It's not meant to be that way.

There's a balance in going "beyond 1996". Go to 2001 or so in r_speeds. If you want to go further, use other engines and map formats?

Why even vis your maps then JPL, if it takes weeks, if you don't care about performance? Castle of dark ages was unplayable for me, but the spacebase map was good and I liked it.

This is of course all my layman opinion.
Please, think of the computing cycles. 
Why even vis your maps then JPL, if it takes weeks, if you don't care about performance?

Why ? Because it is more than unplayable even with a high performance PC.. Only aguirRe's engine would have been able to play unvised CDA...

Actually, my target was (and is always) FitzQuake: it must support the level without warnings/errors, and it is not a question of PC performance only IMHO...

I doubt many of us are still playing with WinQuake... or even original Quake engine... though...

Anyway, I think "old PC" and "old engine" have to be "archived"... and please let the humanity evolve to higher performance materials.... ;P 
If You Want To Go Forward 
Darkplaces and FTE can load q3 maps which should have less problems with size, and vis really fast afaik. Probably works with better fps too. Although the support is probably buggy as hell, but that will never be remedied if nobody starts using the features.
And some shader things are not there. 
Definitely A Hardware Problem 
My old PII with crappier specs than that loaded and played CZG97 and Necros' maps without any refresh rate problems.

As for what mappers should be doing that isn't really worth discussing because limitations in size also effect decisions in design, and that is unacceptable.

I'm looking forward to the day when the tools allow us to build big festering Quake cities. 
CZG97, Hah, We Should Be So Lucky 
A future generation will put CZG on ice in a hightech, Illumanati subbasement and force him to produce maps with just his mind. 
If a machine was built to create structures based solely on czg's thought processes, all we'd get would be lots of kittens and giant willies. 
"limitations in size also effect decisions in design, and that is unacceptable."

So design should never be limited by the engine? You're mapping for the wrong game, mate. 
So design should never be limited by the engine?

That is a bit of a dodge on your part because you are advocating limiting map design to the requirements of outdated machinary, not what is possible given engine design and current hardware.

Binary partitions are not an effecient means of rendering terrain scaled areas but if someone wants to build an octree based renderer that processes bsp maps no one is stopping them, and as Carmack has stated the means of rendering is becoming irrelevant as hardware advances are being made.

You're mapping for the wrong game, mate.

I know of noone who shares your opinion of keeping maps and tech at 1997 among fellow Quake fetishist. It is bit of a puzzle to me where your mindset is coming from (years of living under Communism, maybe?). If I became destitute and could not afford to keep up beyond the 2006 mapping scene in the upcoming years, I would not expect mappers and programmers to keep churning out product to please me.

In fact, in 2002, I did not have a system that could play UT 2003, it was a bit of a pisser but that was their decision to develop as they pleased (though I did tell Wolf Marshall the Unreal 2 sucked and he wrote back that Epic did not develop it).

The design of Quake was modular from the beginning, and the code was released by Id to encourage further development as an extension of that modularity, so who is really out of sync here? 
I Also Suggest 
I would not expect mappers and programmers to keep churning out product to please me.

you to read Atlas Shrugged sometime. Noone has to map. 
Well, if quake was some octree based thing that supported big maps in a proper way, it'd be fine, but it's not.

czg07 btw, It's probably done in proper czg style and thus has good fps all along. Terra is a very good example of excellent maps with low system requirements. They don't take years to vis either.

The bsp and vis specs and algorithms haven't really changed since 1997 and you're advocating for using them for 2006 "modern maps"? Well, do port the doom 3 architechture to q1 then. There has to be a limit even for you somewhere?
Modular quake etc... well, if there would be a new renderer and new compile tools, then it'd be fine. There aren't. Except q3 format. Why not map for it?

Living under communism. I chuckle. Probably every other country but USA is deeply communist from someone's point of view. My country is as communist now as it was 20 years ago. It was an ad hominem attack anyway.

The point here is we're actually arguing what is sensible and prudent, approrpriate and moderate. Aristoteles kinda things, it's a hard problem everywhere.
I say r_speeds below 3000, (and often it'd be good if maps stayed below 1000, especially if the rooms are small and undetailed) what's your number?

It's maybe visionary but it's half lazy too to put lots of complex geometry in open areas.

The original inspiration to talking relates to somehow seeing "classic modern maps" reviewed and seeing terra, adamantine cruelty and egypt on the same page and thinking how much easier it was to do egypt than the others since it doesn't care about r_speeds that much, so I thought it must be noted explicitly.

I laud mappers making small r_speeds maps! 
Marcher was cool and it was playable with my system, it somewhat lagged in some places. It was a concept map and the concept really could not have been done in any other way. (It was way faster in fitz than in aguirre btw!)
Headthump, I see that your project from qexpo really pushes some boundaries. I wish it well and hope it vises in finite time. Maybe if it was in some other engine, such problems wouldn't exist.

But it really pains me seeing good-quality maps but nothing huge, and them having huge r speeds mostly because of lack of caring. Maps that needn't necessarily have huge r speeds but they still have. 
It Wasn't Ad Hominem 
that would mean an intention of insult. The circumstances of one's birth and place are purely accidental. I ask because I really would like to know what drives you to make rather authoritarian pronouncements on how other people should create content.

Why would you feel that it is your edict from on high that r_speeds should be in the 3000 range? Because that feels 'right' on your machine? Nomatter if that was the common recommendation in tutorials from 1999 but doesn't even come close to the capacity of the average machine today? There is a presumptiousness here that I am curious to understand. 
BTW, Since You Did Ask 
it is higher than 3000, but I have only -fast vised it. An earlier version compiled in 8+ hours but the change from that version is substantial. I got the portal number down to around 22,000+ after they were 31,000 plus so the performance should increase on the next build. Though, I have no problems running around in it, I aim to make it somewhat efficient.

I get this message, MAX_MAP_VISIBILATY exceeded when I attempt to compile it in the Quake 3 Arena format, but AquiRe's and Tyrann's tools compile it without any problems. Undoubtedly, it will take some time fully vis when I am ready to do it. 
Game Standards 
I do agree somehow with bambuz that maps should be playable in normal Quake option.
I had the abandon pak first released and it played well in normal quake and the maps were not bigger than a floppy.

Then I took as advice to recompile them again with new compilers and updated quark, and I had a lot of work getting them leak free.
Great to see them in Fitzquake, but I wasn't able anymore to play them in normal quake because of the grey fall outs.

I am a pacifist, but I can't see the relation with mapping. I have a P3 1300 logitec-gForce. 
Then I took as advice to recompile them again with new compilers and updated quark, and I had a lot of work getting them leak free.
Great to see them in Fitzquake, but I wasn't able anymore to play them in normal quake because of the grey fall outs.

this paragraph makes no sense to me. surely recompiling maps in order to get rid of leaks (and therefore make it visable) would reduce (if not totally remove) grey flash in winquake? if anything, you should have gotten grey flash in winquake before you recompiled and fixed it.

did i miss something? 
HeadThump & Bambuz 
There is a difference between lazy+inefficient mapping (made easier by better computing power), versus purposely designing complex maps made for contemporary computer systems. The computational expense of the former leads maps to get bad reviews and might crash your pc, while the latter helps the game evolve.

That Settles It For Me 
Oh, Crap, I Forgot To Include The Toast 
Here's to evolution. 
Tyrann updated his site:

Just a quick update. I was going to put up a booth at QExpo, but I just don't have the energy right now. Anyway, just to get this out there, here is version 0.1 of tyr-utils (and source). This packages together my light and vis utils, as well as bspinfo and the beginnings of a bsputil tool. The version of tyrlite included is unchanged from version 0.99b, but the version of vis has a few tricks added to reduce compile times. I'll update the utils page later to reflect this new packaging. Qbsp will be added later, once I get a clean GPL version done (the TreeQBSP source isn't GPL compatible as far as I can tell, and I haven't been able to contact the author to get it changed). 
1)Dont touch communism, or I'm calling Vondur!

2) Bamb, spare ~100$ on a new mobo+sempron 3000+ CPU. Its time to upgrade. Aslo q3 maps in DP will prolly run even slower on your outdated sys 
Thx For The Advice 
1) HT, did you make the detailed spire tops as entities/models/whattheyare so that they are not included in vis? In quake1 you can't do that, because then they wouldn't be lighted properly. And thus they have to be in the bsp and fuck up the map. Or well, modern computers can handle the map even when it's fucked up, but that's not beautiful imo. But in more modern engines they can be excluded from bsp splits and vis calcs. That's one point I'm trying to make, quake was not designed for that, while many engines are. You have only the func_wall that's not going far enough.

2) Upgrading my pc is pretty low in the priority list. I hope we'll see it someday though. :)

3) r speeds 3500 was high even in 1999. My computer is about 2000-2001 mid-range.

Making "modern" maps for q1 is a bit like putting a jet engine to a bicycle. Yes, well, it can be done, but we already have motorbikes, cars and aeroplanes which do the job better. It's a curiosity allright. But I recognize you digress and we can just say, "ok, we disagree but we can live with that", I'm fine if we stop this particular part of discussion here. The tech part is interesting though. 
Q1 scales badly, but it does scale. Even if it takes 10x more CPU to run 5x more polys (numbers out of the blue)
So the only problem there is - it will run slow on old hardware. The question is - should mappers care about the minority with old hardware and limit themselves to low detailed maps and not use the advantage of todays processor's power.
Im not talking about shoddy mapping (no vis optimisation etc) 
In quake1 you can't do that, because then they wouldn't be lighted properly.

That is what negative lighting is for. Where a func_wall torch holder doesn't cast a shadow beneath, you put a negative light set to an info_null to create a shadow cone underneath. You can also place a simpler shape inside of a func_wall to do the actual casting.

If you read my site note, it is very well likely(I'm gauging from your speedmaps)that I have spent more time on this one map in one form or another than you have mapped in your entirety, so why are lecturing me? 
it's just a hack. You can't listen very well, can you. I'll stop this discussion here. 
Byzantine News 
Bambuz, See, Here Is Your Problem 
n quake1 you can't do that, because then they wouldn't be lighted properly. And thus they have to be in the bsp and fuck up the map

You present as an insurmountable problem something that is easily solved by a number of ways that you were obviously not aware of but mappers have successfully used to make pretty maps for years. You can call it a hack but you are just trying to save yourself from a little embarrassment.

You'll be much better off if you stop trying to make yourself out to be an expert in all things Quake and listened to people who have actual experience testing the engine(s) with a few thousand maps of their own.

I'm not angry with you, I don't dislike you, but that is my honest opinion without the sugar on top. 
While We're On This Topic, 
Fucking Ebaumsworld 
I'm reading through this thread and.... lol 
Gah Dammit 
i won't give eric ebaum my traffic and nor should anyone. he's already a filthy rich criminal scumbag, and visiting his site only encourages his stealing. 
That Fucking 
site crashed firefox. beware (ebaums) 
i think i'm missing something...

anyway, i thought it was funny. *shrug* :P 
ebaum's world is a site that just rips off content from everywhere else on the net. I think there was something between him and the SA guy because Ebaum kept taking content from the SA forums and using it...

er, read this:

scroll down to the section entitled "controversy". 
I do I apreciate your sublinking, but answering
in the link can be lol also. 
First I Have Heard Of The Controversy, 
I've seen some of those GIJoe Public Service Announcement remakes before. I get cracked up just thinking about the one where a guy is teaching fire safety to kids in a burning house, 'Get the hell out of here you stupid little bastards. Run!' 
Wow, Lol 
i don't keep up to date with all the intarnetty things like this. :P

it's still funny though, what can i say? ^_^ reminds me of that rejected video from a while back 
Ebaumsworld Sucks A very catchy tune to this one. 
The Worst Thing 
is that Eric Bauman has made much of his money (he's worth millions now) by purposely stealing talented artist's flash cartoons, decompiling them, removing any watermarks or references to the artist who created them, then hosting them on his site and making a shitload off $$$ through traffic because his site is so huge.

Not only does he consistantly ignore the original author's requests to take down their material, he's been known to launch DDoS attacks on the websites of people who complain about his practice of doing this.

In short, he's an utter scumbag of the highest order. 
oh noe!
you better stop complaining or Eric will ddos func_ 
Kinn, Question Regarding Social Acceptance As A Homosexual Chav: 
How does it work out for you? 
I thought all chavs were homo? 
I think you should finish yours first and then capitalize on all the Google searches for "Byzantine" and then sue them for thousands of dollars if they complain. 
I don't know what this word is. you mean like people from finland? 
That game looks pretty cool 
Billions Of Blue Blistering Barnacles! 
WTF is wrong with my internet connection? Is it my wireless card? Has Windows Genuine Advantage somehow installed a Fuck-With-RPG device even though I removed WGA? I know it's not the router or the connection itself, because others have no problems. So what the fuck is the problem? Can anyone help sort this out? 
8/3/2006 8:13:46 AM

8/3/2006 8:16:21 AM

Damn, The Spam Is Back 
Impressive Doom3 Map 
very AvP2 
...which is definatly not a bad thing. the outdoor shot looks pretty good too. i'll have to give that one a try! 
It's Good. 
It isn't perfect but it's the most "real world" feeling D3 map I've played, and the new textures actually suit the existing ones. 
Wireless Connections 
Now that I'm not so angry, maybe I'll be more coherent.

I'm having problems with my wireless internet. It comes and goes, slows down, speeds up, things timeout, etc. Very flaky in general. I'm on a wireless card connecting to a router, but other people on the network don't seem to have issues connecting.

Once in there Windows Genuine Advantage got installed and seemed to almost totally kill the already maimed connection before I removed it a few days later.

So is this a problem with the card? Is WGA still messing with my system? Am I overlooking something simple?

If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it. I don't have money to go buy a replacement wireless card unless it's actually going to help. 
Without some actual network diagnostic info, it's going to be pretty goddamn hard for anyone to actually assist you.

(Besides generic "tips" like don't use a sucky wifi card.) 
Then how about suggesting a diagnostic tool and what info is relevant? 
Please add the speedmapping thread to the permanent thread list. I'd like to have 10 semi-original threads instead of 9 appearing in the middle section :) 
i was trying to avoid having TOO many permanent threads. This seemed like one that people always ressurected whenever they needed to talk about it, so it didn't need to be made permanent. 
Resurection Blues 
I'm running default Vista with default IE7 and I cannot View All Threads (and never have been able to) so I can't resurect nuffin' not no how. 
I have the same issue with Mozilla Firefox.. 
Isn't that just because you need to login to access those threads? I think metl changed that a while ago to reduce server load. 
View All Threads 
Just tried it in Firefox 1.0.7 and it works fine for me...? 
Oh, I didn't know that. I've only ever been a visitor, not a member. 
firefox and it loads "view all threads" and "news archive" just fine.

You should NOT need to log in to view those pages. I think mike is saying they time out before fully loading.

The only thing you need to log in for is the option to view "all" posts with a direct link.

Which i just realized is stupid becuase logged out people can still click on the thread title to get the entire thread.... so yeah, i need to make it consistent. 
Found by a workmate in the leaked AOL search data:

"Quiz. What�s going on here?

6856 adultfriendfinders
2006-03-07 17:41:15
6856 adultfriendfinders
2006-03-07 17:41:34
6856 adultfriendfinders
2006-03-07 17:41:45
2006-03-07 18:14:49
6856 southwestern bell phone book
2006-04-02 10:22:13
6856 telephone listings
2006-04-02 10:25:23 2
6856 telephone listings
2006-04-02 10:37:21
6856 southwestern bell phone book
2006-04-02 10:37:31
6856 southwestern white pages
2006-04-02 10:39:16
6856 southwestern white pages
2006-04-02 10:39:21
2006-05-06 22:37:50
2006-05-06 22:38:13" 
QW :D 
I have some stupid server until end of August. I decided just to host a plain qw server on it so some of the recent tf maps can be played (just tell me if you want more "non-played" maps). The server won't handle too many players, I think 3-4 is the max.

Settings are:
timelimit 20
fraglimit 30
samelevel 1
deathmatch 3

Ask me for rcon password in irc or per mail so you can change the map.

dm3rmx (in rotation)

Connect to and have fun. :) 

All of Vondur's maps
Speeds' leaks and orkan
Gibbie's alcyone, shadows and utressor 
Dark Messiah Demo 
If like me you are having trouble installing the demo to somewhere other than your C drive then look here -> 
nice. nobody connected atm. though :/

what about putting efdat's betas in the map rotation, too? maybe then they receive some more testing... 
I Feel Like Spamming Here.... 
Straigt copy'n'paste.

I've got quite a few requests for making more of those runes so I thought about it. I probably could get 10-20 slighty smaller and less thick ones done. So everyone who wants a rune please send me a mail and don't forget to write how much you would like to spend (shipping is from Germany, 8 Euros for airmail to anywhere). Any money I "earn" goes straight to the hosting bill. Please do NOT tell anyone so there aren't too many requests by people outside "the community"!

neg!ke: Added. 
rune me please (will paypal) Mirror 
In case anyone didn't know about this:

This is a mirror of the old archives. They finally added the missing /planetquake/ dir about a month ago.

(brought to you by me browsing the i3d forums) 
Good News! 
They finally added the missing /planetquake/ dir about a month ago.
Thanks to me! :D 
Efdat's Betas 
those are cool
played green and red
green is confusing to me cause its tight and got many teles, liked the red one better. maybe red is easy to control armors\MH
they are pretty much final... come play 
My isp has a mirror of the 3dgamers content that doesn't count towards my monthly cap. Time for some leaching I think! 
Hammer sucks the shit... 
DMM is the shit of my life. 
Wait, Runes 
what? did I miss that post? 
Thred For The Win 
i need to play the speedmaps, apparently. looks really cool! that would be an amazing style if developed! :o 
hehe necros i already played all Quake maps release i think... atleast all that are in quaddicted... :) that�s why i start mapping :) to make some new for me to play :) 
Now you can download new version of my map from my site:

BTW I didn't expect my map become so popular... 
Yay, Necros! 
For a while there I was playing around with all sorts of texture combos and styles -- and lacking in the gameplay department ;) Since then I have been trying to strike a balance, but maybe I should revisit that one...

There was even a speedrun done for it :) 
Site Hosting... 
So what are the options for Mapper website hosting these days? I've forgotten / Lost all my planetquake login info and hate fileplanet with a passion so I want to move away from GS. 
Scampie Or Me I Think 
Just mail if you want to get hosted by me. You would get the domain then, mysql if you need. Space and traffic as much as you need.

I guess Scampie offers the same for 
Same For Me 
Spirit and I have the same hosting company (my plan is better, though ;) and I can put you on with whatever. 
New Site 
Thanks much to Spirit I am no longer bound by the evil planetquake... I've moved here -

All my & Drannerz maps are available for local download so you dont need to go through fileplanet any more. Fixed all the review links too (that was fun) :D 
Series 60 Quake

Yep, thats Quake actually running on a Nokia 6630 mobile phone. 
Cool Beans 
yes, quake is officially old now 
That's nothing, Jago. I got Quake to run on my Tool - �nima jewel case.

The aspect ratio is a bit off, and I had to take the CD out to save memory, but it works. You can even see Arizona Bay start to form. 
lol that's awesome 
Blitz (or anyone else who knows the url), could you throw me a link to your online portfolio, as the one google throws up ( doesn't work.

If he's in IRC could someone ask him for me? kthx :) 
Re: Urgent Message 
don't worry blitz, i'm an eejit - sorry if i caused a panic :} 
*clutches Heart Valves* 
Found some old files on my computer, that I couldn't locate in the files of Quaddicted.
They're not mine, but the first interesting 2 have a good architecture and have no name. Its a SP and a DM, but SP is awfull hard.
So without permission of the author, but more in their honour:

Also 2 total other maps, -lunar- made by someone called Wendigo, and although they are rather primarily, they're still worth a chance.

I hope someone can identify them, and also maybe Spirit could host them on his site? 
And More... 
- Recurrent Rumors - author: Scragbaite

and a more diluted one, out of a sequel, still in beta stadia form RPG. Hope he don't mind exposing this level, couldn't find his url.

-Card Of The Unstoppable Love Machine - 
Why are you distributing people's beta levels publicly? 
...please be careful.

pdbq_sp1 is (as the .txt indicates) by palldjon not Scragbait...AND palldjon is me in "learners" mode when I made my first tentative steps into the community. After a self imposed journeyman period I changed to my permanent nick "distrans".

This file is already available as part of the Quaddicted database. However, since you're putting them up in their honour, I'm not so fussed (you crazy vulpes). Metl is right to question your right to re-distribute betas though. Re-think that one :) 
kysenty3 is already in the filebase.
And those two lunar maps look awfully familiar. I definitely played them before and thus they are somewhere at Quaddicted.

I'll add kysdeath to the deathmatch archive, thanks :)

Dunno about distrans' map. Is it a "proper release"? If so then I will add it.

RPG's map should be deleted from your webspace (the zip is corrupt for me anyways). Do not give away betas that aren't your own ever! 
This file is already available as part of the Quaddicted database.
Which file is it? 
Kysdeath/lunar maps were in the DM section of the old cdrom archive, there are a few SP maps hidden there.

The other maps can be found on each respective mapper's site. 
Correct Name 
CardO - The Unstoppable Love Machine ? 8) 
Ritual News (olds ?) 
SiN Episodes SDK Released.
Ritual hires 
where is Cardo these days? :o 
for putting other's beta on this board.
I thought they were of some value, but I better had send them to Spirit before posting.

I'll delte the map of rpg, and the Card0 map could look great after some remapping.
But scragbait's site is lame.

Me a big donkey, won't happen again. 
Where the fuck has he been? The last I heard from him he was getting his own house -- maybe he's gone and become respectable... 
...last time I looked it was there under '' 
Since I have it available plainly on my website, I don't think I can complain that MadFox likes it well enough to redistribute it. However, I am working on finishing the map, and it just needs the final area plus monster/item placement. 
Oh Right... 
so it's THAT map. 
Firefox On The Way Out 
It's getting more bloated and slower with every release. I'll try to switch to opera as my main browser. If they had finally sorted out the tab focus order...
Is there something new cooking from the mozilla foundation? 
they did sort the tab order with opera 9. 
Is that Card0 The unstoppable Love Machine, that became Ambesek, and is now mutating into Rubicon 2? 
Opera 9 
Tons of shit they haven't fixed yet though :(

Like the .chm support when saving webpages though.... fucking shitloads better than the old method. 
I love it but it drives me insane because of the stupid memory leak 100mb+ for a browser with one page open? 
According to FF developers, that's actually a feature.

Firefox keeps a lot of websites with all the imgages/etc in memory so that if you decide to press the Back-button of your browser a couple of times, the pages would load much faster than they would load off cahce on HD.

Quite obviously this comes with a price. 
It's getting more bloated and slower with every release.

so it's not just me! man, it felt like it was taking forever to load these day.

i think i'll have to look at opera soon. 
crashes at least three times a day. 
opera 9.0 sometimes won't open the page of speed demos archive quake section (which is a serious drawback :) A friend also talked about problems with other sites. I have switched back to ver 8. 
Shut Up RPG

Since it's never going to be finished due to excessive layout suckage, I figured (ie was told to by NotoriousRay) I may as well stick the trondm3 source .map on my site so that everyone can shut up about it. 
Some Info How I Made My Runes 
Opera 9 (again) 
There are a few niggles, but generally it is a great browser. You can use forward and back to go between pages very quickly, and it also has next page prediction, so if you use forward when there is no history to go forward to, it will try to guess the next page. This works quite well on some forums, but not so well on others.

The only probs I have with it atm are that:
1. I'd rather use uTorrent for torrents
2. When a download or email has been downloaded, sometimes the icons stay lit up even when you have checked the item/read the email.


No, there isn:t really anything else. If you are a power firefox user with 10 billion plugins you will probably hate Opera, but if you just use stuff like mouse gestures and ad blocking, Opera will probably suit you just fine. It also has email, rss and irc and still managed to fit into a 5mb download, so you can't really call it bloated. The mail client is great, the IRC is useable, but RSS is a bit shit.

It's fucking fast as fuck though :) 
those photos are really cool. I want to turn one into a conback or some sort of logo or something. 
There's a tronsp1 mentioned on your site, but I couldn't find a d/l link. Did I miss something? 
It's still not uploaded to my site, I've been pretty lax with getting all the content on there since I've been too busy mapping. :)

Should be up there soon. 
too busy mapping

That's what we like to hear! 
someone rework tron's scrapped map into a small sp map for the base pack!

opera people: how much memory does opera9 use? 
I Forgot Two Images Of The Runes 
added them now. Those are two wallpapers/conbacks I made a while ago.

I am using this one as conback:

metl: Go for it! I have a lot more pictures and I could take more if you need a certain angle. 
Opera Is Shit, Don't Use It! FirefoXXX Foraver! 
Opera for me uses now 60 megs.

If you've already got Opera 9, update to Opera 9.01 as that fixes a lot of nigglets. (Including the thing Ankh mentioned about SDA)

[link to a jpg of a fox in a diaper, crying while holding a gun in its mouth] 
RPG working on finishing AMSP1 is something I hoped for in a long while! I played the unfinished version and really liked it.

rpg, why not make the exit loop to could.bsp? I noticed that could loads rpgsp1 on exit. I like your maps enough to play three of them in a row :-) 
Opera Memory Usage 
Depends how many sites you have open. Seems about the same as FF if you don't have any windows open, but I don't notice it lagging when I have lots. Right now I have 3 func windows open, (full of plugins and shitty webcode) and shacknews open and it's using 41mb, though it is slowly climbing. If I minimise it, the memory usage drops near instantaneously to 15mb.

I just opened another bunch of pages and memory usage is still at 41mb. I think it will climb slowly for a little while though. It certainly uses a bit more than 40mb sometimes.

When I brought the kotaku window into focus, it used another 7mb of ram, and putting it out of focus hasn't changed that, so I guess it depends on what windows you have open and also what windows you have recently accessed.

To be honest, I haven't noticed FF using loads of memory either, though I don't really use FF for anything other than keeping smut out of my opera cache :)

p.s. I have no FF plugins installed, so maybe that's why it seems ok. 
That Would Be Something I'd Like For Opera. 
I like Opera's delete private data function, but it sucks that it deletes Everything.
If you could tell it to only delete changes made after a certain time, that would be awesome.
You could clear out your traces of visiting on friday but still keep all your daily websites' cookies and adresses typed in, etc... 
Completely Agree 
that's why I use firefox for visiting

There is a "delete new cookies when exiting opera" option, but I'd rather not have to exit opera. Delete changes made after a certain time is a great idea.

I think Firefox has a slightly better delete private data function, but I just clear it all because I only use ff for dodgy sites anyway. 
I Think 
Firefox:s user interface has some things better: I like how it changes to the tab on the right (or left if that doesn't exist) when I close a tab. While opera switches to the last active tab, which is kinda unpredictable?!. I guess it's preference.
Also I used flashblock for firefox. 
Nice work, Spirit. You're a great craftsman.
Especially the glowing one in the fire!

I want one in chocolate! 
allows you to choose tab behavior. You can have it select tabs like ff now I think.

You can also disable flash by pressing f12 and turning it off with the menu that appears (along with java, js and some other stuff if you want). 
That the wallpaper of yours I've been using at work for the last few months is not just a well made graphic as I'd thought, but is in fact a picture of one of the actual metal runes you made in a real fire pit, is pretty cool shit!

I'm impressed! 
[11:03] * than|mapping has joined #terrafusion
[11:03] * than|mapping has left #terrafusion

we know that really, you're still there! muhahaha 
Reason Is 
my arm is fucked and i don't want to chat. need vertical mouse :( 
Re: Re: Wot! 
distrans: No comment.

Tron: You're a weanie. :( I did my part!

Spirit: Those are really cool indeed. I'd like to get one, but all I would do with it is let it sit on a shelf and people would ask me "what's that" and all I could say would be "that's a Quake rune." dork++

neg!ke: Don't tempt me.

golden_boy: Cool idea, but I actually already have plans for the ending of that map. :) Maybe for RPGSP2... 
You told me to release it, it's released...I just don't want to release it properly because of the aforementioned gameplay suckage. 
How About... 
a Quake symbol hood ornament?

or "bonnet medallion" as you brits probably call it. 
FAQTION.ORG - Quake Mapper Hosting 
I just ordered the domain.

It may be an 'iffy' name, but hopefully it'll grow on ya. I was going to get 'quaked' .ORG or .NET but they're all taken already.

Metl, when all is setup should I submit a news thread detailing the hosting? 
yeah, i'd say that's a worthwhile news item to get out there. 
bonnet medallion

bonnet . . The word conjures an image of a wee girl skipping through the tulips, it's hard to imagine someone saying, "I've got a 420 kicking in 8 cylinders under the bonnet", but I guess it happens. 
Bonnet, Boot... car, windscreen, handbrake, tyre, hubcap, bumper...? 
Let's See 
I'm guessing,windscreen is what refer to the windshield, handbrake is what we call emergancy brake on this side of the, er, pond? Tyre is tire. English spelling looks Blakian but that makes it cool. Hubcap and bumper are the same here.

While on the subject of mores. I saw an article in the Wall Street Journal yesterday and on Chavs their taste for quaffing champagne. The English have always been known for their manly drinks. Churchhill was a legend for the quantity of Scotch he could put away and still run the country. Why are these chavs adopting the taste of clueless American rappers who like overly sweet girly drinks? 
Spirit, I must have one.

I Have One 
It is quite magnificent. 
Careful Zwif, 
If your locks get broken and the icon goes missing, you only have yourself to blame. Lunaran sounds like he really, really wants one. 
CETME, Daz, Lun 
As I wrote at Quaddicted:
2006-08-11 D'oh! I wrote "Please do NOT tell anyone" below but meant "Please do NOT tell EVERYone" as in not posting it as news anywhere. :)
That "write how much you would like to spend" is just for me so I know what to expect. Higher biddings do not equal better runes or something just as lower bids don't offend me or get lower priority. Quite many Quakers aren't actually rich. I know :)
And DO MAIL me if you want a rune, without a mail in my inbox I would probably forget you...

2006-08-09 I've got quite a few requests for making more of those runes so I thought about it. I probably could get 10-20 slighty smaller and less thick ones done. So everyone who wants a rune please send me a mail and don't forget to write how much you would like to spend (shipping is from Germany, 8 Euros for airmail to anywhere). Any money I "earn" goes straight to the hosting bill. Please do NOT tell anyone so there aren't too many requests by people outside "the community"!

So mail me, if you want one. 
So I've always wondered why they call it emergency brake. Do you really use it in emergencies? Handbrake seems better because you use your hand to operate it, and I only use when the car is parked. 
hl2 textures, where them bitches at? 
In Half-life 2 GCF File 
A wonderful little peruser of HL2 or Source cabinet files, can be gotten at , and VTFLib, which can edit and save .vmt and .vtf files, is at . Nem rocks =D 
I picked up a Chevy Blazer(?) late at night in Anchorage. I'd been travelling for about 18 hours without any sleep. I'm in a foreign country, driving on the wrong side of the road, in the middle of winter, and I'm looking for the handbrake for at least 10 minutes before I realise that it's not a 'hand' brake, it's a foot pedal brake! Oh ha, ha ,ha.

I was not amused but My Babies thought it was hilarious. 
Exactly, Right About That 
Mike and Vigil. I remember taking driver's education in HighSchool on my first day of instruction and not really having any prior experience behind the wheel at fifteen.

I was doing figure eights around some cones in a parking lot and I veered way too far at some point. My first instinct for some reason was to grab the emergancy brake, an action that almost flipped the car.

The instructor yelled at me, "Oh my God! You could have ripped out the transmission!"

So, the lesson was, don't actually use it unless you are parked, or your main break gives out and the situation is dire enough to risk the engine.

Anchorage? Sounds like a great getaway from it all. 
I took My Babies to the 25th running of the Iditarod (to watch, not compete).

And I also collected my Martin D41.586833 while I was there :-) 
Weird Dark Short Musictrack I Once Made 
I just found this on my harddisk, maybe someone likes it, heh.
I should have made it a proper loop... 
I Like That... 
If that was on a proper loop and a little bit longer it would be great for a Doom 3 map. :D 
"parking Break" 
is what I hear about half the time -- the other half, "emergency break" 
a metal digeridoo? :) And some scifi ambience clearly.
So mail me, if you want one.

oh. ok. 
Uhm, Another Thing About The Runes... 
As it seem not to be clear:
I did not want set a price since 1. I don't know what getting new "blanks" will cost me and 2. I don't want to make money from you guys by announcing a higher price than it might be in the end and 3. I don't want to keep people with less money than needed out.

I _think_ it will be something around 5-7 Euro that I will have to pay to the guy who cuts them. I haven't got a reply from him though so this is totally a guess! I do not demand any money for the work I do myself. The only money that adds to the amount I need to cover is the shipping. Which totally depends on you, your location.

Perhaps I should have written this earlier: If someone bids less then the money needed I want to cover that from people who bid more. There is at least one person who would love to get a rune but is not sure if he can afford it. It would just be fair to cover it that way. If that doesn't work then I will pay it myself.

I just need to know how many runes I should get made. 13 Euro should probably(!) cover the costs. Repeat: This is my guess. I don't want to be accused being devious. I will tell you what it costs once I know. And you can decide what you want to pay then. (I better repeat this too: The lowest price possible is 100% ok, giving more would help people to whom it is too much. And if there is any residue I think it is damn well earned. Would be nice to get something for it without hurting anyone. I'd use the money for the hosting bill.)

You are welcome to ask if you are unsure about anything. Jesus, I almost feel like some stupid shop. Would have been better not to offer this perhaps. 
It Was 
and still is a good idea, don't let it grow into something bad. 
Don't Beat Yourself Up, Spirit, 
even if you charge a ten percent overhead to cover weekend beer expenses it wouldn't be a <i< bad thing. It is your initiative and investment that is getting it done, you are not exploiting anyone. 
I was thinking more along the lines of amateur made textures. But thanks anyway. 
I'm willing to pay whatever it would take to post one of those to Australia. Just name the price. :D 
Quake Runes 
Spirit, do you only make the stylized quake Q? Or do you have any other designs? The quake rune that looks like a 7 would be cool to see I think. Or actually any of them. Hell, I'd probably pay for the set of 4. 'Cept you'd have to make 2 of them without the separate bits due to, you know, gravity and all. 
Tron: Shipping to Australia is 8 Euro, as the rest of the world. It might get down to 6 Euro though if the new runes are more light.

NotoriousRay: Heh, you aren't the first to ask that. No, I can't do other runes as I don't do the cutting job myself. 
I'll have 2 of those if I can,

There is at least one person who would love to get a rune but is not sure if he can afford it

and while your at it, the person mentioned above, I'll pay for one for them, and you can just send it to them. I'm not totally sure how this is working, I read 'bids' etc, anyway I'm happy to bid 100 Euro (whatever that is in Australian dollars) for 2 for myself and 1 for the other person, do what you will with any left over, I'll Email you later, with more questions and for info, I hope I can get them. It would make this old Quake freak very happy. 

Can you make me a rocket launcher please. And a pony, I always wanted a pony.

Mmmm, quad pony... 
Episode Rune 1 
I had nothing to do so I just worked a bit. I sawed(?) it out of a thin copper plate, added facets and then grinded it. The plate was a quite old one and not flat anymore, that's were the uneven and quite ugly surface comes from. It is not really faithful in the shape either, I didn't print it but drew it freehand. Well, just for fun afterall :)

VoreLord: Wow, this offer made me totally speechless. I think I totally misused the word "bid", seems like everyone misunderstood it first. =(

wrath: no :P 
How long do these take to make on average? (The Quake runes). 
Doing them consists of two parts. One is getting them cut (which I did myself in spring, but can't do now). The pre-work (configuring the CAD/CNC stuff) took about 1 hour. Assembling and cutting few moments. Adding structure is different. I made some very detailed with small round hammers (pic below), also I experimented a lot. I made ~12 runes in spring and that took one whole day. It's not too much work. What takes a lot of time is to get them rusted, but as they do that all by themselves (2-3 weeks) that is the laziest part. Finally I cleaned them and added varnish, that was about half an hour for three runes.

The most detailed one (mine,heh! which got a dive in saltwater to rust now since I loved the rusted!):

The end1 rune took roughly 2 hours. 
with "two parts" I meant the part that someone else does for me (cutting) and what I do myself. 
How big are the runes? 
i would love to have a keychain quake symbol :) 
Keychain Quake Symbol 
Now that I would pay good money for; especially if it were high quality like the runes seem to be. 
you rock so much!

/me is going to suicide because of the silly post not delivering me this beauty 
Industri Trailer 
A 30 second gameplay footage trailer of Industri (a Doom 3 project I've been working) has been release.

Check the main Industri site for more details -

For the click / read lazy:
- XviD format (best quality)
- WMV format 
Looks Cool 
different from all the base maps being released, good thing :) 
I remembered seeing this and had tried to track it down but couldn't find any references to it (didn't help that I couldn't remember who was making it or what the name was)

Looks cool. 
What happened to the improved curve-building tutorial you were going to do? 
Flow Inside 
I made a slow and relaxing track in FLstudio.It is called Flow Inside you can download it from here:

I'm too lazy to find music thread.
If anyone cares. 
...yum! Seeing the development from Tenebrae, through T2 and then D3 is rather interesting. Doom3 seems to be the best choice, but it's amazing how close you got with the other engines (models aside). looking forward to this one :) 
I'll let you know as soon as I find out what happened to all my free time. 
Well hurry up, there are curvy parts of pbrsp2 waiting to be built!
New Review At My Site: 
That's A Pretty Fair Review 
I would have graded Trinca's a bit higher as I thought it was one of the better executed rounds of monsters sort of endings, but I agree with mine and Zwiffle's and Pope's. 
very chilled, but the high notes on the piano seem to clip or distort at points, try some compression of em.

What VSTi are you using for the synth at the beginning btw? 
What VSTi are you using for the synth at the beginning btw?

The synth in the begining (and thru all the song) is the standard channel in FLstudio called Cytrus with the first preset.

It's my first rather good thing I made in this program, I'm only learning it. Point me what is VSTi? 
VST = Virtual Studio Technology.

Ie, synths, effects units etc, everything you use in FL is a vst.

I recommend you check out reFX vanguard (its a vst synth) you can get FAT sounds from it. Also "Synth 1" and "crystal" are good too. 
don't go the way of moby. He's done enough damage of oversimplifying relatively beautiful songs into well... simple.

Keep it complex. And more into it. This reminds me of some tracker stuff done ages ago. It's a good start. You'll get good in some time. 
Mike Woodham 
If I Owned Cattle 
I know what I would use to brand them :) 
Back From Holidays... 
Hi guys, I'm just back from holidays (3 weeks).. What happened there ? 
nothing is summer is normal few things happend :\ everybody is at beach 
That rune looks amazing! Looks like you've totally nailed the process.

bambuz: 'Don't sound like Moby' is always good advice, in fact, that's my motto for life. But it's important that adding complexity isn't interpreted as just adding more notes, adding superfluous harmonies and 'froth' to melodies.

Complexity can be in the chords you choose, by doing something enexpected and nonrepetitive with the melody or in the production of the track itself, with changes in effects or balance of the tracks. In music it's about quality not quantity or notes, which is why Steve Vai, Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen can all play burning solos but can't write a good song between them. 
Always With You, Always Without You 
is not a good tune? Since when? 
of the 80's fret burners, Vinnie Moore was the one I thought had the best sense of composition. Damn, man, I haven't thought about that stuff since I was in Junior High School ;) 
Hath thou gotten my e-mail? 
Yar, haven't done anything though, waiting for this weekend when I'll have plenty of time to get some sort of decent shots and a decent FTP program. I DO plan to use your space, just haven't gotten around to it. Thx, btw. 
I should send you Ace FTP trial. I've used it forever (mostly because it has case conversion) but it's nice. It's an older version that I can't find anymore. You've got my Yahoo screenname I believe, so - anytime :) 
Filezilla is a great program and it is free. Also supports SFTP. :) 
Quad Pony =D 
How long until some drunken gamer at a bar gets into a fight, pulls out his quake rune and yells QUADDD DAMMAGEE and a melee ensues? 
It's already happened...

I lost. :( 
you need Spirit to make you a ring of shadows, them. 
i spell gud 
"Runes" sets (i.e regarding the Quad rune in post #10807) would be complete with a Ring of Shadow, all runes from the 4 Quake episode, and for sure a Pentagram... It would be a good price for next year QExpo speedmap contest, or any other big event... what do you think ? 
If I could win an entire set of Runes for next year I would start mapping right now. Please Please Please!!!!! I beg you on my knees for a complete set!!!! 
even if there isn't, you should do so! 
New Q2 Map By X7 
(duplicate news post) 
Today On Wikipedia... 
I learnt the effects of heroin (surprisingly, I forgot what I was taught at school), what a speedball is, and more shockingly about the condition priapism - a possible effect of coming off heroin.

I hope I don't have a stiffy in the morning. Good night. 
Hey Than 
Bal says you should quit the heroin before the heroin quits you 
I just tried to browse Spogs old site on PlanetQuake for info on Q3Map by doing the new url trick spog.planetquake.blah.blah, and I got this message,

Your account has been created.
You can access your Web site right away using Over the next few days, DNS servers all across the Internet will
update themselves with your new site name. Once that happens, you will be able to access your site at its permanent address,

They are trying to give me Spog's site?

If someone runs into Spog, let him know something fucked up is a foot. 
2 Useful Greasemonkey Scripts

Convert and links to working ones.

You need Firefox & Greasemonkey to use them. 
And By Greasemonkey� 
you mean javascript?

(or what's so special about it?)

links not working btw 
no idea about greasemonkey -><- javascript.
Links work again. 
Trackmania For FREE?? 
I have downloaded both "TmOriginal_FromPowerUp_Setup.exe" and "TmsExtreme_FromSunrise_Setup.exe" but when I try to install any of those I get a message: "trackmania was not found on this computer"
Do I miss something? 
Ok Got It 
Trackmania Nations is for free. It is great fun :) 
I think it's Trackmania Nations that is free. That was for some tournament as far as I know. 
To Fast! 
I just wanted to show-off my knowlegde and fast posting skills, you know? 
New E-mail Address 
As of monday 2006/09/11 my old E-mail address is dead.
Click on my name to go to my account if you want my new address. 
Well It Has Finally Happened. 
I'm no longer in love with Quake.
czg u are a bitch you in love with everybody... 
if you never map again, thanks for all the good Quakin' you have provided. 
HL2 Command Line Parms 
I wonder if anyone has messed with hl2 command line options to get it to run better? I've got a few commands in mine but it still hitches loading data on occasion and is very annoying, this is what I am using :

-novid -heapsize 1024000 -cl_forcepreload 1 -dsp_enhance_stereo 1

So im giving it a full 1gb of ram to play with (I have 2gb in my pc) and telling it to preload everything yet it still hitches??? Does anyone more in the know than I am know of any other useful parameters to add? Oh the dsp enhance parameter makes the stero panning sound much better btw! 
runs like ass on my pc on level loads. The hitching is a huge problem. It's infinitely worse with more recent Source games.

I only have 512mb though :( I also have a crap onboard sound chip. Once it's loaded it all runs fine, but this problem absolutely shitted on my experience of the game.

Luckily, I had played it at my old work and it ran fine on a system that also had 512mb ram (but a proper dedicated soundcard) and had no hitching issues.

I hate source. 
So the problem has to do with the sound? Wow, I never knew that. 
Found that this little gizmo works wonders for latency performance, decreasing and sometimes halting the stuttering completely: 
Well Czg 
You know what that means - it's time to move over to the dark side and finish that Doom 3 map, beotch. 
Source saves memory by only caching the first eighth of a second of all sounds. It plays that eighth while it loads the rest of the sound.

That means that it's constantly seeking on your disk for sounds.

I dunno if it was ever proven that that's what causes the hitching, but that's the leading theory at least. 
that's a nifty tool, but i was wondering what else will be affected by changing the pci latency? and if it could be bad for other things? 
Didja get my e-mail? 
Why Is It So Silent Here 
I corrupted some files and thus need them again...

You can get the last three from FP via Fatty's and Tronyn's sites. 
Thanks a lot! 
as I downloaded most of the quaddicted side before it crashed.... 
Thanks a lot to you too! 
A Difference Engine Built With Legos 
Who said Legos had no scientific merit? 
Sometimes we are considered as geek... but this man is over standing the geek concept !! In anyway, respect to him: building a calculator using "Legos" is pure art... 
re #10850.

nope, didnt get an email from you... 
You Guys Are Too Quiet 
I broke down and downloaded "Lego Digital Designer," which for the uninformed is lego's new virtual lego building software which lets you build stuff out of infinite legos without having to actually own any.

At first I thought, "how could they do that when it would sort of eat into their sales of actual physical legos?" However, it seems that this Lego Digital Designer lets you actually order, ie with money, the exact set of bricks you used to build whatever hideous masterpiece it is that you built. So, if you construct some crazy thingajig and just have to have it, you can buy it and have those bricks all show up in the mail for what I assumed would be a tremendous fee. I worried very much that I'd emerge from my apartment two weeks later, scruffy and unkempt, having spent upwards of a thousand dollars on a large, colorful, and fully articulated Baneblade or something.

It turns out I was wrong about all of that. Lego apparently decided instead that to stop this from eating into sales of actual sets they'd just make the software completely awkward and useless, and only include the boring common bricks you can't build anything remotely interesting with.

I placed like two bricks and a wheel and uninstalled the whole affair without remorse. I guess, for now, there is no substitute for the original. 

We here at the tower of koth bought a bunch of Lego games cheap, including a builder ( don't know if it was the latest, but similar to what you describe ). The actions to get even an ordinary brick of an ordinary color into an ordinary location was a protracted feat of counter-intuitive key bashing. I think my greatest achievement was to successfully open a hinge.

Conversely, some cherished Lego was retrieved from a parent's garden shed and we set about constructing "some crazy thingajigs". No comparison. We're going to take pictures, then dismantle the Lego and safeguard it for the next generation. 
I'm Curious 
who of us played with Legos as a kid? So far, I know of myself, Lun, and Kell... 
Were the only toy i really ever played with from about 4 years old, to 16 years. I still take them out from time to time.

The 1200 piece black car still holds a place of honor on my top shelf. 
Around here (sweden) I think you can just safely asume (unless they're terribly old) that everyone played with lego and if someone says otherwise you'll have to try to figure out what cave they were raised in. 
Strong lego trimmer here, but as most of my greenhat toys are gone. But I can remember it gave me as much joy as Quark! 
The 1200 piece black car still holds a place of honor on my top shelf.

The race car??? I built that too! <3 
Tinker Toys AND Lincoln Logs -- Oh My!

I even had Giant Tinker Toys and could make a robot the size of my mom that would love me more than she ever would ;-) 
That Was My Hobby As A Kid Too 
building cars and jets and rerigging toy guns to shoot out eye punturing things. As for legos, I never got into them. 
Legos Were Fun 
Sadly I wasn't quite creative enough to make impressive stuff, and mostly I didn't have the requisite pieces to make much anyway. Rather expensive things, you know. 
Not Lego... 
...but some inferior knock off, yes. 
Yes, legos were. It was the only toy I ever got (and in terms of cost per hour of entertainment, were incredibly low!). 
Growing Up With A Single Dad Who Didn't Care How The House Looked 
- Things frequently got pretty messy, and lego pieces were always getting lost everywhere, my giant collection eroding with every building session, in the end - I lost the last lego, and my Amateur Structural Engineering days were over.

They were indeed alot of fun though, the most fun was when you used standard pieces and built original stuff with, rather than following some plan or layout with special pieces by some danish guy. By the way, this job of coming up with the sets and ways you could build them was a plan of me and my friend when I was about 10, we spent weeks building and looking at lego plans, and trying to muster up the nerve to call Legoland in Denmark to see if they could employ us in their big factory.

Ah, the mind of a child :D 
Ah Lego 
I STILL play with Lego, for my birthday a couple of years ago the gf bought my one of those Mindstorms robotic sets. :D

Voodoo: just think, if you'd worked on your lego skills instead of level design you could be working for Lego right now. 
I used to dream of working for Lego building stuff when I was a kid, up until the day I discovered quake mapping really, then I kinda stopped playing with them. 
i play a lot legos :) with my kid! 
I was convinced at one point in my early years that I could construct a robot with them. I would not only use tinkertoys, but raid the kitchen for small applicances and tupperware that might come in handy. I would create a big pile of these useful parts in my room ro the den, and set about work all day, or until my mom came from the kitchen screaming about where such-and-such container was. I never did make that robot. Sigh. 
i once tried to build a bong from legos... fortunately, it didn't work out.

fantasy spaceships were always cool, especially when they had a battle, were shot down and crashed into hundreds of pieces afterwards. :) 
Lego Bong 
I love you, negnegke.

Yeah I was into Lego too. Mostly Technic though. 
Czg Was Always On Another Level Compared To The Rest Of Us. 
Voodoo, we're on the same page with the single-dad-who-didnt-give-a-shit-about-messes thing :D I think the freedom to utilize 3 entire rooms with my own projects really affected me... 
It seems I was less creative than you guys at that age. I played with He-Man mostly. I was really into He-Man. 
If Kinn Played With Legos He'd Build Castle Gayskull 
Oh lol I mean grayskull sorry there Kinn ^_~

Adam has faaaabulous hair though, right? 
they were cool, their sqeezable heads in particular. i quickly had to discover their vulnerability to fire though, and then, on some new year's eve, they were all gibbed under mysterious circumstances...

sleazygee: lego is even more versatile. check out this useful tool for example: :P 
Ah, Lego 
I wasted many an hour on those damned wonderful interconnecting plastic thingies. My crowning glory was a hugeass medieval town thing, which was completed, carefully populated and then was immediately strafed by my super-intricate Death Interceptor (which was really cool and utterly deadly, even if the wings did have a tendency to fall off a bit).

The only bad thing about lego was getting those really small thin bits off. 
That's why most of mine had teeth marks on them ;) Looking back, however, it probably wasn't the most sanitary way of removing them... 
I still have two boxes full of them (in storage, sadly.) My largest creation was a 7-story tower where the bottom two floors were castle, then there was the hospital floor, then the police station floor, and then it was just random girders and platforms.

I used to dream of working for Lego building stuff when I was a kid, up until the day I discovered quake mapping really, then I kinda stopped playing with them.

this is my post also. 
My legos are all still in tubs in my parents' basement. Wonder if I should go nick them some weekend and see what I can do with the entire monstrous collection now that I'm all mature and creatively trained and not so anal-retentively worried about not taking the individual sets apart and mixing up the pieces. 
Do it. 
Forget robots, I was convinced I could make a working laser or raygun of some kind purely out of lego utilising all the little coloured half spheres, and the black two inch long bendy tubes. 
Sure, but a laser or raygun couldnt do your chores. 
i've tried using legos as an adult. The problem is the old "finding that one piece" in the giant box with 10,000 pieces in it.

I think i'm permanently converted to making game levels becuase you never run out of the piece in the color you want. 
So Did Everyone In The World Play With Lego... 
... or just the sort of people who end up reading a quake mapping forum?

(I played with lego, mostly technic, not so much recently, I got into programming instead of map design though :) 
With All The Second Childhood 
stuff going on I wonder what's next? Is everyone going to get up on the furniture to play a game of hotlava? 
Is everyone going to get up on the furniture to play a game of hotlava?

bagsy me the pentagram!!! 
Generic, Ours Too 
Although we had a dedicated Lego Knife in the household just for the purpose. Looking back, I think my mum was worried about me choking on a stray piece. 
Everything I built in Legos was always 100x better than what my friends did, because I knew to coordinate colors and keep some things like vehicles symmetric. Where friend's creations looked just hobbled together and it was supposed to be "A SPACESHIP!", mine pretty much actually looked like what I was attempting to make. 
Ah, Yes Dog... 
I forgot about the choking hazard scare of the 70's. Luckily, all my Battlestar Galactica ships shot mini-torpedoes but *sigh* my Boba Fett action figure did not :( 
< In An Oldtimer's Raspy Voice > 
when I was a kid there were no pentagrams of protection to fall back on. You touched the floor
your ass was fried! 
Legos were basically my childhood but brace yourselves because I am about to outnerd you all.

In addition to having Lego building contests with my brother where we would get either our mom or our older brother to declare who built the coolest building, I also used to do this thing where I had a modular set of Legos that I used as the setting for a turn based RPG. O_o

Basically I had a few of those huge, green, flat-planed Lego spaces that made for perfect "grinding" spaces for RPG battles. So like I had a few prefabbed towns and stuff made that you could reach and buy weapons at (remember the Lego swords, etc.) when you beat the monsters in the "world map" part of it.

I also have this vivid memory engrained in my mind where I can see myself laid out on my living room floor on a Saturday in the fall when I was only about 7 or 8 and I was playing with Legos, about to go out and buy some more Legos! It's like one of those snapshots in your life where everything is so perfect you have an out of body experience of how perfect it is and it stays with you forever.

As far as I'm concerned, as a professional Level Designer, I am basically getting paid to make specialized set pieces made out of Legos. If you try to tell me otherwise I will cut your throat, snatch out your trachea, and replace it with a prosthetic one made out of Legos. 
"Legos were basically my childhood but brace yourselves because I am about to outnerd you all. "

I once won a $20 gift voucher at a largish shopping mall for winning a speed lego building contest. :D 
I think the question here is who didn't build stuff with Legos?

I never got into castles myself, I built spaceships. Stations, cargo freighters, fighters, cruisers, carriers. Fighters were made out of three blocks, cruisers made out of 5 bigger blocks. I had two warring sides, both used separate ship designs.

Then my Lego guys were used to carry out invasions and ground operations. 
Lego Building 
I did and all my friends did too of course. We played a lot with them too.

I know one kid who didn't like lego at all as a kid, some just are like that. He also stopped computer gaming at the age of fifteen. He will probably be much more successful in life than I ever will. ;) 
I have never owned or even played with lego. 
you are now an outcast... ;) 
i played with lego quite a bit.
rough estimate of ages: 4-12. 
I Was A Fucking Lego GOD 
Indeed. Specialising in anything to do with the space stuff, and Technics (full motorised of course). Never used to build from the instructions, every new box was just more fuel for my fiendish factory furnace, churning out Lego masterpieces.

Actually, when I was young, stuff like, well, eating, and, errr, bodily functions, tended to have second priority when I was building Lego. In my defence, this prioritisation only led to it's seemingly inevitable conclusion a couple of times...


I worried very much that I'd emerge from my apartment two weeks later, scruffy and unkempt, having spent upwards of a thousand dollars on a large, colorful, and fully articulated Baneblade or something.

But You Don't Map 
This doesn't help our statistics AT ALL! 
This Lego Discussion Rocks 
i wasnt much of a lego builder, I preferred to spend my childhood smashing my he man figurines into each other than build stuff. 
your childhood was spent wisely ^_^ 
yes I think so 
Shambler Had A Childhood? 
I thought he just sort of congealed. 
#10908 best czg post ever!!!

shambler go map :p we want judge u!!! 

Kinn liked HE-MAN??

That explains a lot. Too much in fact. 
Plastic Bricks And Warhammer Bits 
I mostly made scenery for my WH40k armies to play around, before I got into WH40k though I tended to make these large combat arenas where pirates would fight space-men! (LOL)

I would make big rocket engines and attach them to the pirate ship so it could fly, but I didnt like pirates much so they would always lose.

Though I do remember once the pirates captured a spaceman and made him walk the plank (In SPACE) and he would fall into a planet (the wash-basket in this case), then the spacemen would get ultra pissed and blow up the pirate ship! 
I would make tiny figures out of play-doh and then build machines in lego to squish them and drag them through cogwheels and chop them up and stuff like that. 
after building I had this domino-fall dream of long trajects of standing legoparts that felt one after each other after one touch...

We had a dominoday in holland that reached the 3.467.000 pieces! Good we have no Eartquakes, although I heard the aplause of the 2milion limit almost shattered the rest of the standing parts. 
I Built Rubberband Powered Technics Lego Cars 
The only bad thing was that some good pieces were destroyed in collisions or simply didn't stand the tension from the rubberbands.

Also played a couple of warhammer 40k games with a lego dreadnaught that was pretty close to the standard space marine design and used lego sets for stop-motion productions featuring rancor and clay blood among other silly kids stuff. 
Mini News 
Tyrann updated his engine:
This release includes some patches from the FreeBSD port and reworking the CD audio drivers.

Lego rocks! I was rather the "player" while my older brother was the "builder". I always wanted to play with the things we build. He always destroyed them shortly after assembling to create something new.
This totally reflects in my (poor/short) mapper experience. I tend to build, play, play, build, play, build, build, play. Almost 2/3 of the time I spent on mapping is spent on play-testing the maps. Ok, I only released speedmaps so far but I mapped quite a lot mini-/fun-maps. 
... amsp1? =) 
Uh Huh 
I was rather the "player" while my older brother was the "builder".

Was that comparable to, say, the "receiver" and "giver" scenario...? 
Ah, No 
We were both building stuff. But I wanted to play with afterwards (pirates, cowboys, marineships, whatever) while he wanted to build more/new things. 
I know one kid who didn't like lego at all as a kid, some just are like that. He also stopped computer gaming at the age of fifteen. He will probably be much more successful in life than I ever will. ;)

Or, he'll end up with a fat, bitchy wife, working in a stale prison-like cubicle, for a bank or something, denying loans to people as his only form of gratuitous pleasure while he dreams of what his life could have been if only he'd had an imagination . . .

I got my first Legos in the 70's from my Aunt, as hand-me-downs from my cousins. Mainly just the red and white bricks (but lots of them). I purchased a small set of six Lego knights (the oldschool ones from the yellow castle generation) - and built massive blocky white and red castles for them to attack and defend. Eventually when Lego came out with their more modern grey castle lines, I ended up with a number of their castle sets, and many more knights and peasants and horses - so then I was able to have some larger battles and sieges with some more realistic looking castles!

I had a few of the space sets too. I remember the red and black astronauts were "Klingons," the white Human, the blue "Romulans," and the yellow were other aliens.

That Lego mail-order store got a lot of my cash when I was a kid!

Ah, nostalgia . . . 
Ahhhh, Lego 
Being a lonely child, I would pull the legs off spiders so that they wouldn't be able to run away while I talked to them.

But my life changed once I discovered Lego. I would build the little houses, and plant the little Lego flowers in the little Lego gardens, and put the spiders inside the little houses. I found I could seal all of the little gaps that the spiders might have escaped from by using Plasticine, which meant I could talk to the spiders at anytime of the day or night (mainly at night I admit) and say to them anything I wanted, for as long as I wanted, as loud as I wanted.

It was fun to watch the spiders trying to get out of the little Lego houses, trying to run away because I was taunting them so much. You know the sort of thing, "You might have eight legs, well OK, now seven, but you can't play football like our Billy."

I even introduced them to some other friends I had at the time, namely several house flies that I had caught and put in the little Lego house with the spiders. (Did you know that the story about drowned flies could come back to life if you rubbed salt on them was a load of old baloney? I lost some of my best friends before I realised that I�d been taken for a ride.)

Unfortunately, the flies always seemed to say the wrong things at the wrong time because the spiders inevitably ended up killing the flies in a fit of pique. I think it was this lack of anger-management on their behalf that eventually made me fall out with the spiders, big time.

But I didn't stop playing with Lego, no sir. I shared my early Lego building days with lots of my friends of the period: worms, ants (they were always running away and I stopped talking to them for many years because of that), beetles and grasshoppers. I even built a stable for a hedgehog that used to frequent the bottom of the garden at night (yes I know, night-time again). I became one of the first of the local kids to be able to converse with hedgehogs, although I am still quite indignant over the fact that no matter what I asked them to do, they never seemed willing to cooperate; plain ignorance if you ask me.

Like some others on the forum, I have kept all of my Lego from those halcyon days and even used to get it out in the evenings after a hard days work at the abattoir and set up whole villages For My Babies. We would sit there being amused until the wee hours, talking to the spiders and flies� 
Hmm. I seem to remember something about that? I don't remember what it was, though.

Speaking of which, does anybody have any thoughts on doing mapping from a USB memory drive? Something along the lines of installing GTKRadiant and several wads onto the thing, and then just plugging it into a PC and running it from the USB drive whenever I wanted to do a bit of mapping? Obviously, compiling and playing would wait until later. 
didn't you say you wanted to finish it? Concerning the USB stick idea, I can't see why it wouldn't work. I think they're handled like floppy disks or digicams by the PC (i.e. basically like hard drives.) And if you run Radiant from it, why not qbsp (or quake)? 
Is Anybody Can Help Me? 
Well: GTKRadiant has lots of stuff in the registry, dunno how that would work. 
Radiant would probably write its stuff into the new host system's registry then. 
I Think... 
gtkradiant is the only program that might not work that way. All the others (qbsp/light/vis/quake) don't care about the registry. Of course, you said you just wanted to edit brushes...

I wonder if the old QERadiant would work without the registry? 
A Mouse Alternative 
does anyone have any experience with any of this kind of thing?

It's basically a horizontal rolling stick. Roll moves cursor up and down. Move stick sideways and cursor moves sideways.

It seems so nifty how they scroll it at banks and bureaucracy offices, definitely a lot better than a trackball.

Than, that might be better for your wrist than a mouse, althought it might suck for mapping, dunno. 
Slashdot liked a Wired article called "The myth of the 40 hour game."

I saw that and thought, "Huzzah. I'm sick of these six hour epics that claim to be much longer. I miss deep involved games.",71836-0.html?tw=wn_story_page_prev2

The guy's position is that games take far longer than 40 hours, citing TOMB RAIDER LEGEND as his prime example, which he played for much more than forty and then gave up on because he was still only two thirds through. "Who are these mythical 40-hour gamers?" he cries.

What the fuck? 
I thought that article was pretty fucking stupid. He's complaining about getting a lot of value out of a game?

He mentions that he loves playing the game but suddenly decides to quit because he says he's "not anywhere near the end." First of all how the fuck does he know where the end is if he hasn't gotten there yet? Secondly, if the game is actually fun like he claims, why would he stop playing just because he thinks he's not near the end? Shouldn't he be playing because he enjoys the game?

This is by far one of the worst gaming articles I've ever read and it shocks me a bit coming from Wired who usually only print fairly interesting articles. 
while i din't like the article, i do see a problem with games that have a core of 10 fun hours getting padded with another 30 hours of tedium just to satisfy people who demand long games for their money (people who are generally poor and have lots of free time -- i.e. kids.) 
Haven't Read It Yet 
though the magazine is in my reading room (euphemism).

But I imagine some of the questions raised have answers if only we put a great deal of thought and effort into finding a solution to these perplexing questions.

First of all how the fuck does he know where the end is if he hasn't gotten there yet?

Walkthroughs. He could have had used one to get to where he is at in the game, and realized in relation to that locale in game, he quite a way to go. If he is on page 6 of a 9 page walkthrough, he may have done a simple rule of thumb that equates to 2/3rds of the way through.

If the writer did not use a walkthrough, he may have picked up a general idea of his location in the game through conversation with people who have played the game, something on the lines of, 'hey, where are you at, man? Oh, the killer bees! You have long journey ahead of you my friend; just wait til you get to the
bear. You better have a few rocks handy for the slingshot or you wont make it through it. How did I handle the killer bees? You know that jar of honey you get in the stripper's dressing room, well, you are not supppose to eat the contents, or pore them on the stripper . . .'

why would he stop playing just because he thinks he's not near the end?

It is possible that the writer has many deadlines, has a second job, or he may be a student as well and he has to put the game aside for a while to do those things. Perhaps,
he even has a three day weekend coming up in which he plans to block out several hours into indulging in this game that he says he enjoys.
Quiting may only be a temporary measure. Note the qualifiers, I don't know what may motivate this individual so making any assumption in this matter makes little sense.

Shouldn't he be playing because he enjoys the game?

All of my lessons in life were instilled in me by the age of two through a Sly and the Family Stone album my mom played for me,

'different strokes for different folks . . . because we've got to live together!'

There, I bet that will come in handy one day. Glad I could help. 
I thought SPoG told me that GTKRadiant 1.5+ doesn't actually write stuff to the registry? I just stores like if xml files with the user data? 
Oh, And Golden_boy 
Yes, I did. However, I also want to finish this homework that's due tomorrow. :) 
And If Radiant Wouldn't Work 
What about other editors? BSP, WC, et al? And on slightly related topics, QMe? 
All of my lessons in life were instilled in me by the age of two through a Sly and the Family Stone album my mom played for me,

'different strokes for different folks . . . because we've got to live together!'

There, I bet that will come in handy one day. Glad I could help.

I think there should be at least one qualifier for you to be taken seriously as a games journalist : you play games because they're fun. 
I would be inclined to agree with that.

By the same token, why do books have to have so many chapters? Can't they be shorter? Like a page each? I can't concentrate on something for that long, and nobody writes books for someone like me. Where are all these supposed one-month book readers? 
In Fact 
I was reading a book last month in snatches here and there amongst my hectic life as a guy that writes shit for Wired magazine, and after a while when I saw I still wasn't at the end I just gave up. 
I Am Here To Tell You 
That GtkRadiant will run just fine from a USB drive if you set it up correctly. Stuff it writes to the registry (if any) will not be necessary for its operation. It doesn't need to be "installed" on the computer it is run from to work properly.

While you may have to mess around getting the config files set up right, my experience tells me that there is no reason why you couldn't get it going, along with a mini-quake directory with the required textures etc. 
The problem is that very few games manage to stay interesting all the time and if you have other things you'd rather like to do why shouldn't you stop playing? One capital crime I see far too often is games taking a long time to get going, often excused by story telling and setting the scene - things that could just as well be done in the game.

I think developers simply need to get better at making games now that everyone playing isn't teens with a lot of free time and greater ability to forgive tedious elements.

My game time now is mostly spent with games that's easy to pick up and play for a short time... Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! 
o... o... OUENDAN!!
Yeah what bear said. On the other hand plenty of gamers don't seem to mind having to spend hours of doing tedious things in games, look at all the people playing wow. =D 
IMHO, There Is No Better 
I think there should be at least one qualifier for you to be taken seriously as a games journalist : you play games because they're fun.

better motivator than obsession/compulsion to really get a task done. I doubt if Van Gogh had a single moment of joy or happiness from painting in his later years. Sure game lovers may be willing to endure much, but they are motivated by a happiness factor. If the tedium
begins to effect that, they will move on. The
obssessive/compulsive on the other hand will just keep at it and at it, going the distance, moving the cheese further . . . 
I Doubt 
if Van Gogh had s single moment of joy or happiness from paintings in his later years...

I don't, but I hope you enjoy them.
How do you write white right? 
I don't, but I hope you enjoy them.
How do you write white right?

H - O - N - K - Y 
Pac-man With Crickets

This is interesting... most games are played against either computer AI or human opponents. Animal opponents opens up a whole new set of possiblities. 
sure man :-) take your time. shouldn't have "poked" you. ;-) 
[deleted Spam] 
[deleted spam] 
A Nice Book 
Jesus Christ 
spam alert! :( 
A book like that would be cool. If you could find someone who did custom bindings, it'd be nice to have the Quakonomicon! Featuring woodcut-style illustrations and text like "FEAR YE THE SHAMBLERE, FOR ROCKETSE NE'ER WORK TOO WELLE UPON HIM"... 
i would buy the shit out of that 
heh, a good idea. That book was made for a game, there was an information about game monsters in that book, so I desided to draw a quake simbol on it =) (because monsters=quake)

maybe I'll make a proper quake book soon. 
Ars Moriendi 
Wait, Don't They Make Cars? 
Zoom Zoom 
cars so fast you'll barely be able to catch up with your ever growing phallus 
I thought that article was pretty fucking stupid. He's complaining about getting a lot of value out of a game?

No, he is not. He is complaining about the fact that developers and publishers are focusing on their most vocal part of the demographic, people who have the opportunity and the desire to invest 40+ hours in a video game.

And, huh, he's right.

The number of anticipated play-hours has become another part of the benchmark in the evaluation of games in the pages of magazines and internet discussion forums. Just like graphics has always been, and physics and AI are slowly becoming. And no wonder, that's what happens when you are able to track the evolution of games. And God bless, because it's a good thing.

I want my games to look good. I believe that for the money I invest, the game should reach a satisfactory standard of graphics. It's part of the experience. However, there's a pitfall here. Hardcoreists have equated good with photorealistic. ICO and Shadow... is some of the best looking games you can find, but it's nowhere the near cutting edge code of Sweeney and Carmack. Same thing with Half-life 2. The goodness is in a cohesive and apparent artistic direction, not in the number of million polygons treated with eight shader passes. We all know this, by the way, this is familiar litania.

Back to the matter at hand. ICO is a ten hour game, without checking the savefiles I'd say I spent maybe 12 on Shadow... HL2 took slightly longer, maybe 20 hours or so. Very few games that seat the just one more try-factor in the telling of a story or unfolding of a plot manages to keep people playing for upwards of 40 hours. And by people, I am talking about human beings that have obligations other than to themselves. Fathers and mothers, working professionals, students with even the least detectable trace of ambition...

HL2 manages that by being a fun game. The story is just icing and mortar. You could replace the story of city 17 with something completely different, and the game would still work. Sure, valve does a great job of keeping most people interested in the story because, hey! it's a well written affair.

When you've played just the one game of Defcon, you've seen everything you're going to see, I'll venture to say. These are the rules, this is the spatial representation, here are the tools at your disposal, etc etc. This doesn't make it any less of a game than any big-ass jRPG. Hell, ten years down the proverbial line - some of us are still enjoying quake.

And while I sometimes enjoy and desire long games, it's only when it's being handed to me by the creme de la creme of game development - the Uedas, the Miyamoto's and the Valve's of the business. Because they know how to pull it off. With every Tom, Dick, and Bill in the industry insisting on their games sporting 20 hours of single player campaign content, you inevitably end up with alot of insipid fluff. They would do themselves, and their audience, a service if they said to themselves and their teams "Ten hours is a pleasant and manageable goal, but if we only get to eight hours of good, clean fun - that's fine too."

The benchmark of value should not be how long it takes to play through, if it is - we're in trouble. The industry must stop pandering to the teenage boy demographic and get with the god damn program - the rest of us also wants to have fun, and we're willing to pay for that fun. 
Oh, if any of you got fed up with that and stopped reading half-way through - that just proves my point! 
I Didn't Stop Half-way. 
It was a good post. 
It was a great post. 
A Good Post By A Terrible Human Being. 
ICO is a ten hour game
You misspelled 'two'. 
I'm glad someone else is arguing this so i don't have to. 
With every Tom, Dick, and Bill in the industry insisting on their games sporting 20 hours of single player campaign content, you inevitably end up with alot of insipid fluff. They would do themselves, and their audience, a service if they said to themselves and their teams "Ten hours is a pleasant and manageable goal, but if we only get to eight hours of good, clean fun - that's fine too."

Wrath, no game studio on earth is gonna say "You know, guys, we're not as good as Valve, why don't we just make a five hour thing and call it good?" 
A really nice 8-12 hour romp. Not too long, maybe slightly short.

Max Payne 2 - 3 hours of kind-of-okay gameplay and crappy melodramatic tripe (but with SLO MO!!)

I heard those games were okay.

BTW - I don't actually know what the argument is, so I'm not on anybody's side. 
Right, instead they say "You know, guys, we're not as good as Valve, why don't we take our five hours of solid designs and add another 15 hours of repetitious bullshit so that we can boast we have 20 hours of gameplay!" 
Are you talking about Halo? 
He He He... 
If metlslime is talking about Halo (1 or 2), I really think he is too harsh... Visually both versions are quite good, and even if it they are very linear, I had fun playing in coop mode... Not so bad in fact...
And the concept to have only one weapon avalaible instead of the "big" arsenal is quite realistic.. as well for ennemy weapons use! Note that this concept is also used Call Of Duty 2 which is IMHO one of the best immersive game I played since Doom3... (and I still play... ggrrr... not yet finished in veteran mode... :D...) 
And the concept to have only one weapon avalaible

please read :

And the concept to have only two weapon avalaible

sorry for this.. 
Wrath, no game studio on earth is gonna say "You know, guys, we're not as good as Valve, why don't we just make a five hour thing and call it good?"
Lunaran, you think I don't know that? And as far as I'm concerned, them not saying that is why most game studios are never going to get a shot at becoming as good as valve.

I know that most studios are little more than indentured servants to their publisher. And I know it's alot easier to rant on some message board in the ass-ward parts of the internet, than it is to run a studio with integrity and pro-active strategies. But that's a dumb reason not to point out where they go wrong.

But quite frankly, most game studios turn out five hours of uninspired but solid design stretched to 20 hours, just like metl said. And I don't have the patience or time to play through 20 hours of that, and neither does most gamers.

If instead they had released their five hours and lowered the price to �15 or �20 I'd probably buy it. Hell, even fabled valve is taking this route 
Well I have short attention span and dont want very long games either. And not so much free time these days.
Another thing to mention - many console games stretch the playtime by not having a quicksave.Thus you have to replay from the savepoint or even the very start of the level. For example I absolutely dont want replay the missions in GTA from the very start... this is even worse method of prolonging game-hrs

Actually I dont complain about games being too long - I just lay them off. Just keep the save to return later... may be. (played hl2 in the period of ~6 months) 
The Article 
If you read that article carefully, the guy never says that the gameplay sucks. He simply says that he stopped playing because he couldn't envision himself coming to the end. He makes no mention of the game being repetitive, tedious, or anything like that. In fact he says, quote:

As I gushed at the time, Legend was the first genuinely superb Lara Croft game in years, with a reinvigorated control system, elegant puzzles, and an epic storyline involving one of Lara's long-vanished colleagues. I was hooked -- and eager to finish the game and solve the mystery.

That is why the article is fucking stupid. If he came out and said "I stopped playing because it wasn't fun anymore because the gameplay is too repetitve" then I would agree and say "yes, I too hate games that become repetitive and a chore to finish" *cough*Doom 3*cough* *cough*F.E.A.R.*cough*

But he never says that...maybe he was trying to infer that because he didn't want to hurt the feelings of the nice people at Crystal Dynamics, but nonetheless he doesn't indicate that as being his reason. That is shitty journalism written from a perspective I can't relate to at all.

Using an example of two games I love...I could pay 50$ for Sonic the Hedgehog II or 50$ for Shining Force II. They're both great games but Sonic II will maybe give you 12-15 hours of gameplay, 20 if you die a lot. Shining Force II will give you 80+ hours...maybe more depending on whether or not you want to explore.

Shining Force II is like playing 20 long ass games of a chess-hybrid with a pretty good story between each one to keep you engaged and wanting to move forward .

Sonic II is like an extended game of pinball with a fair-enough story to keep you playing and no replay value.

Completely regardless of age, race, sex, political party, or whatever other excuse you want to make, if you only have 50$ to spend and you like both genres equally, why on earth wouldn't you spend the money on the game that is going to give you the longer, more dynamic, and ultimately more fulfiling gaming experience? 
Sonic II Has No Replay Value? 
I beg to differ sir -- I was playing some quite recently, and having a blast. Still fucking forget about the robots that crash through the wall on the Aquatic Ruin level... 
Game Hours... 
Those games boasting about having 40+ hours of gameplay really need to look at World of Wacraft. It's not uncommon at all for a lvl60 character in WOW to have 50+ DAYS of invested playtime and yet players are still finding stuff to do in the game. 
Multiplayer is a bit different though, isn't it? I mean, ask the typical competitive QW player how many years he has invested in QW servers, and he's still only played 5-6 maps! 
Sonic 2 
I don't dare think how many hours I have spent in that game. I have it on an emulator for my phone and usually pull it out when I'm on a bus or something. 
A game that NEVER ends?! My god, man, who would play that? 
A game that NEVER ends?! My god, man, who would play that?

Errr.. Immortal people ? 
JC, Mohammed, Moses, Khrisna and I have been playing Go on a fractal based board that seems go on endlessly. There is one player who never makes good moves because he is always smoking pot.
I'll never tell who it is though at the risk of offending millions of his fallowers. 
Whoops. Last Word Gives It A Way 
Guild Wars. 
410+ hours play time so far and I haven't finished it (penultimate mission is a bitch).

Admittedly I've explored a hell of a lot and played really slowly and done a bit of farming and stuff....but still... 
1) you are forgetting the monthly fee for MMORPG

2) what rpg said

3) WoW is for ppl willing to trade (huge chunk of) real life for a virtual drug. 
Seeing As An Article Spawned All This... 
One place to find game related texts that aren't just news and reviews is The escapist magazine:

They usually have at least something interesting in each issue. 
One Word: 
Oblivion. I've spent about 220 hours in it so far, on one character, and it still absolutely rocks. I may even get around to trying the Mages Guild quests at some point. Game of the Decade for me, at any rate. 
yeah, bear, this is usually pretty good. although warren spector's got an article up there right now about how games don't need to be fun, and I can't really figure out wtf they'd be instead. 
Fun In The Escapist 
I read it as that what he was trying to communicate is that a) fun is a too vague word to be very usable when trying to talk about the "fun-factor" in games and that it might be beneficial to try to break it down into more specific aspects of exactly what makes the game desireable to play and b) maybe games doesn't have to aspire to be fun (as in entertaining) to be interesting like other forms of art that are consumed for other reasons.

Basically I think a) is just about getting better at describing/thinking about game mechanics and what makes it work or not and when it comes to b) I'm sure there are already games like that but then again it all depends on a) - what you consider as fun, entertaining as opposed to or in combination of being fulfulling in some other way. 
I can't really figure out wtf they'd be instead.
Inspiring, thought-provoking, beautiful, teaching, communicating a statement. Meditative. Some games could try a little bit harder to be important
but why 'instead' 
Game Length Etc. 
One "short" game with great replay value was Square's evil stepchild, Vagrant Story. The SP is really short, however it had an innovative combat system, great level design, very ominous story, dozens of cool monsters and an item combining/upgrading system (there were smithies/shops throughout the game to upgrade the stuff you found in the dungeon.)

Best of all, during the first playthrough, I'd come upon doors that said "Sealed with the Rood Inverse". I couldn't make heads or tails of it, as it is something from the game's story that you get at the very end. I always thought it might be some kind of artifact, but it isn't. The whole game I went, "what is that thing they keep talking about?" Finally seeing what it really was was SO cool, because it was there all the time. Well, those doors only open in the second play through, after you got the Rood Inverse. Thus some of the most interesting areas (and the top-level smithy) aren't even accessible when you first play it.

I always thought that was so cool. I love that game, and someday I'll find it again. I foolishly sold it. 
and usually pull it out when I'm on a bus or something.

Thank god for the qualifying sentence before that. 
Inspiring, thought-provoking, beautiful, teaching, communicating a statement. Meditative. Some games could try a little bit harder to be important.

So if they're not fun aren't they not games at this point? 
So if they're not fun aren't they not games at this point?

Hardly. That's like saying it wasn't food becuase it didn't taste good. 

that's alot o' negations. 
Here's my point.

Games are stuck in the fun-niche. For historical reasons, they are treated as play, or entertainment. Which is all fine, Nintendo is all about the fun and the play and thank god for them.

But there's something else that generally goes amiss. The game as a medium. And when we equate videogames with some mysterious fun-factor, we're not realising what might be possible.

I enjoy a good popcorn-flick. That's the hollywood mainstream-machine at its absolute best. Spiderman, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc. And they're non-stop fun entertainment from first frame to last. They are exhilirating and exciting to watch.

But then there're other kinds of movies. Say, 21 grams. Maria full of grace. And they're great. But they're definitely not fun to watch. They're hard, and sad, and unrelenting. In fact, watching them can make you feel like shit. They make you think, they plant stuff inside of you and have you question yourself and the things around you.

We've also have the kind of film where the story-telling is very central. The Godfather, Seven, Silence of the lambs. They don't make you feel like a iece of crap, but they deal with dark themes, and if they have to tell you something you might disagree with, they will. For the sake of the story and the experience.

You can't say that any one of these genres are better than the other, and a good movie is a good movie when the craft that went into it is solid and well executed.

In games, every genre but the popcorn one has gone virtually un-mined, and that's a shame. I'm 25 years old, I can handle some provocative story-telling, a message not easily digested. Challenge me. 
Kell Drops Another Long One 
If I have a burning desire to bring to an audience something of the importance of the politics and tragedy of the highland clearances, what is the most attractive way for me to do that? If I really want to decide what characters to have, what dialogue they should deliver, what dramatic events will occur, wouldn't it be natural to write a script? A screenplay for a movie or radio drama? Or maybe a novel?

But if I try to realize it as a game, then I must - not because of any outdated misconception of what constitutes game design, or what some pundit pontificated on the internet, or a slavish obedience to marketable convention, but by sheer definition - make extensive allowances for the audiences' input. I have to make it interactive. Is interactivity really beneficial to telling the story of the highland clearances? I'm trying to impress intellectually and emotionally upon people an event that destroyed the lives of thousands of impoverished natives, and altered the scottish landscape to this day. Do I really want to try and blend that with concerns of item inventories, physics objects or skill trees?

I guess the question I'm asking here is not "can games contain important topics?" but rather "can important topics be made into games?", which I admit is not quite as to the point. The point I am trying to illustrate is that the qualities of art that make it 'important' may be ultimately incompatible with what makes games 'interactive'.

Now you can respond by saying that the highland clearances wouldn't work as a game because they are clearly not a suitable topic. Well ok, let's look at a topic that clearly is suitable: WWII.

Saving Private Ryan brought home to people, especially young people, the overwhelming horror and sacrifice involved in the Normandy landing. More than one of the spate of WWII games post-Q3 contained maps deliberately emulating this event. Did they - could they - ever have the same impact as the movie? And I'm not talking about graphics level.
Matt Damon spoke about how he and the other actors observing Spielberg at work estimated that he was making an average of one decision every eleven seconds. Note the word "decision". Everything that transpired onscreen during that sequence was a decision. When Tom Hanks rolled that radioman over for the third time to discover his face had become a gruesome crater, that was a decision. There was no interactivity there, no alternative non-linear gameplay available, no quickload. Even if such a compelling image were added to a WWII game, could it have the same impact? Because in a game like CoD or RtCW, at the end of the day you're not there to bear witness to a talented director's realisation of a historical milestone. You're there to shoot nazis and capture strategy nodes. I'm not at all convinced that the two things are reconcileable the way Specter seems to desire.

I'm not saying that games that are more than fun aren't possible, just that I personally can't imagine how a game could be made where fun wasn't the primary goal. Just because I can't imagine it doesn't mean it isn't possible, and I look forward to someone proving it is. But so far the arguments amount to nothing more than wishful thinking.

Lots of people spend lots of time playing games. They're lots of fun, but wouldn't it be great if they were more than just fun, if they were culturally significant? I spend lots of time drinking sugar-free cola. It tastes nice and quenches my thirst but...well, wouldn't it be great if sugar-free cola could be more than just tasty, if it could be culturally significant? More important?
Just because it would be a satisfying ideal to fulfil doesn't mean it's actually possible. I'm not unsympathetic to the wish for games to be more important, but I've yet to hear any actual proposal as to what that would be like.

That's like saying it wasn't food becuase it didn't taste good.

Yes food does not have to be enjoyable to be nourishing. But it still has to be edible. 
This is a wonderful discussion youse guys are having -- I only hope there are a lot of the companies' higher-ups having the same one, seeing as how a massive industry such as game production certainly warrants it. It would be awesome if such gaming experiences as those being described here actually made it to production, ones that provide (and demand) a much greater scope of emotional and intellectual response from the "player". Oh spooooge. 
I Do Think It Has To Be Possible To Make Games 
that evoke strong feelings and make you think but it sure is a challenge of big proportions.

And surely the interactivty in games must offer at least as many possbilities as limitations?(and in no way make it impossible to deal with important topics without getting boring)

The one thing that's obvious is that you have to think differently and deal with the medium you're working with instead of trying to emulate movies or other established forms of expression. I think the biggest hurdle is simply that it's relatively new ground so you have to figure it all out yourself. 
I think the biggest hurdle is simply that it's relatively new ground so you have to figure it all out yourself.

That may well be true. But so far what's been said is "I think it should be done, and everyone else should figure it out" instead of "I believe it can be done, and this is how I've figured it out." So as I say, no more than wishful thinking. 
This is some I'd like to tackle and maybe someday will even attempt but I don't think this is something just thinking and discussing will come up with a solution to, I think you have to build protopyes and experiment and well basically it's something you'd have to spend a lot of time on before getting anywhere wich is also why there's so little progress being made because hardly any devs in the industry can afford to spend that kind of time on something that might result in some cool wghile outside of the industry there are hardly any with the knowledge/resources to work on it. 
I Am A Silly Trollop 
Ignore me, l'm just testing out posting here with the DS browser...

Looks like it works ok.
I can't log in though for some reason. I'm not sure if it supports cookies. 
Ah Nevermind 
I had just forgotten my password.
Looks like it works fine. ^_^ 
This Is A Lot Longer Than I Thought It Would Be... 
The one thing that's obvious is that you have to think differently and deal with the medium you're working with instead of trying to emulate movies or other established forms of expression.

That's what I was going to say. Games can't recreate the exact techniques of great movies and end up being great games. Games are essentially interactive, and most attempts to make cinematic games involve reducing that interactivity with gameplay-on-rails and lots of sit-there-and-watch-this-cinematic moments (the opening level of Medal of Honor: Rising Sun for example)

Instead, games should be pushing the interactivity angle, and the imaginary category of high-brow games (which don't really exist, but could exist if people made them) need to use that primary fact of player-determined outcomes as the lever that does the heavy artistic lifting.

There are obstacles. Games are an entertainment medium, players have expectations of entertainment, and at the very least, the game needs to be compelling enough to keep people playing when it ISN'T fun. We know people play games that aren't fun -- they get hooked by a frustrating puzzle game becuase they can't give up on a challenge, they get invested in a MMORPG character, or .

But there are more obstacles. By creating a system of rewards for outcomes, games impose their own value system which will trump the player's own value system while the player is in-game. See GTA games, for example. The player is not going to make losing choices just to satisfy their real-life morals, becuase it's just a game and it's all make-believe. Of course, the game's value system could itself be the artistic message.

Or, the game could easily not have any win/lose conditions, making it more of a simulation or sandbox game. However, this idea is problematic, becuase without any explicit rewards, there are still implicit rewards, such as "if i do X the game gets boring, if i do Y the game is fun, so i'll tend to do Y" -- the GTA mode where you don't care about missions but just run around freely is a good example. There's no real reward system built into murder and meyhem, but if you obey the "law" you'll find the game shallow and boring.

Of course, there are also games where the player always loses, and this itself can be exploited for artistic messages. Imagine Robotron but with the player as a mass murderer and the bad guys as police officers. We know the game can be fun becuase robotron is fun, but guess what? Robotron always ends with the player losing (dying.) Same for a game like "Global Thermonuclear War" from the movie Wargames. This could be "fun" if your goal is to survive as long as possible, but the final outcome is always the same, and this could presumably carry a message about the futility of nuclear war. 
Okay, also, another implicit message of any game is how the simulation is set up. Most games simulate some sort of reality. Built into that is the assumption that the world works the way the game designer thinks it works. Look at sim-city, or civilization, for example. There are tons of math formulas behind those games, and they are all built out of the political and sociological beliefs of the designers.

So one question is, can we remove that and make the game world operate the way the PLAYER thinks the world works instead of the designer?

Another question is, can we expose that implicit assumption that the designer's world-view is correct, and make the player question in an artistic way (rather than in a "this game sucks" way) that aspect of the medium? Many players claim to want realism, but what they often seem to want is a world that agrees with their desires of how the world should work, based heavily on war movies they've seen.

Looping back to the artistic intent of the director, I see the game mechanics and rules of the simulation as being in the same artist-controlled, audience-consumed, category as the script of a movie. If you think about it, a movie is just a game someone else is playing. And what happens to them doesn't just depend on the desires of the character, but also on the "rules of the game" defined by the writer and director. Imagine any Die Hard, True Lies, etc. movie if the characters in it had to follow the rules of OUR world instead of theirs -- they good guys probably wouldn't have survived very long. 
I Bet You Say That To All The Boys 
Good stuff metl. Current mode: digesting. 
Opinion Of Just A Casual Gamer 
I would be more than happy if games werent necessarily more than fun, but just removed everything int here aimed at pleasing 14 yr old teenage boys.

Like having the hero spout cheesy macho lines every now and then which kills the atmosphere, like having the 'dark' factor of a pg-m rated hollywood 'horror' flick.

I know why they're doing it, but removal of it would improve most games for me.

Also, fuck the story. Like any good popcorn flick, it's not about the story. And since games have some of the worst stories that even Uew Boll wouldnt adapt, why spend so much of the player's time on story ? 
He He 
Also, fuck the story. Like any good popcorn flick, it's not about the story. . And since games have some of the worst stories that even Uew Boll wouldnt adapt . . .


Any chance you'll be having an Andy Sidaris film festival weekend soon? Julie Strain, yummm . . . 
some of us here seem to think that a game is still a game without some mechanic that you enjoy playing in, and that having fun with said mechanic and unrolling a provocative deep emotional story in said game are mutually exclusive.

If you're not playing anything it's not a fucking game. It's a movie you have to click on occasionally. The very nature of requiring interaction implies that there needs to be some reason we're enjoying it, or we're not doing it. If you want to be emotionally provoked by a movie you just watch the damn thing; it's a story. If the deep meaningful ones weren't enjoyable for some reason, would you still be watching them? "Man, this movie bores the shit out of me and the editing makes me want to vomit, but golly is it ever a sad story I need to enrich myself by absorbing."

It's called entertainment for a reason. One way or another you're going to enjoy it. 
One way or another you're going to enjoy it.

Or else! 
Part 1 (The Early Years) 
Films and video-games are referred to as entertainment simply as a broad term because the vast majority of the output is fairly lightweight material designed simply to please and give enjoyment, rather than be provocative. That doesn't mean there aren't works where the terms 'entertaining', 'enjoyable' or 'fun' don't readily apply. There have been numerous examples given already to illustrate this point, one more would be something like Full Metal Jacket, which, by most people's definition of the word, wouldn't be classed as 'enjoyable', but it was certainly interesting, enlightening and thought-provoking, and for those reasons it was worth watching, even if it wasn't 'fun' to view. So with regards to cinema, I think people will be prepared to see works even if they aren't enjoyable. The viewer may not be having 'fun' throughout the 2 hours running time, but they receive other benefits that make the viewing of the film valuable.

Whether it's the same for video games is another matter. As you alluded to, an interactive medium requires more effort on the participant's part, so if that expenditure is no longer fun or rewarding, it's hard to continue the energy investment that would prolong the interaction. With passive activities like watching a film, the viewer doesn't really have to do anything, so continued viewing is that much easier if the material they're spectating isn't, or ceases to be, enjoyable.

After considering it briefly, I thought of one example of a game sequence which doesn't conform to my definition of fun, yet I still consider a worthwhile, even beneficial addition to the piece. The dream sequences in Max Payne 2 (I'll ignore those in the original game, since their design was so abysmal they clearly negatively impacted on the game), while containing only a modicum of player input that entitles them still to be considered interactive, managed to serve useful purposes such as establishing atmosphere, developing characters through exploring motivations and mental state, changing the game's pace by deviating from the often repetitive action of the game's standard gameplay mechanics, and furthering the plot. The obvious question is 'could they have been an even more positive element of the game had they been more "fun"?' For a sequence to be fun in an action game like MP2, I think there needs to be some mechanic which demands skill and has an element of challenge. However, such an approach means requiring the player to recognise, learn and master these skills, which obviously requires some mental investment and distracts from non-skill related aspects of the game, such as the more narrative-oriented elements mentioned above that the dream sequences focus on. This is one area where the goals of 'fun' and narrative development conflict, and an instance where I think the dream sequence's approach of very limited interaction (the task of merely running through corridors observing what's going on around you) works quite well at preserving the game elements in skeletal form while also bolstering more ambitious goals such as those that Spector is arguing for. 
Part 2 (The Essay Strikes Back) 
Another example that illustrates a potential conflict between developing enjoyable game mechanics and furthering goals such as plot, subtexts and thought-provoking concepts is Deus Ex, which I feel made some major strides in achieving the sort of things that Spector wants to see, but also occasionally allowed the pursuit of enjoyable gameplay to get in the way of the exposition of these arguably deeper elements. At the start of the game you are bombarded with information on the goals of the game, the different approaches you can take, and the tools which you can use to pursue them. You then have to grapple with the game's required skills (stealth, shooting, conversation trees, hacking etc) and try and learn them to a degree that permits further progress in the game. At the same time you are presented with a vast amount of data on the game's characters, their motivations, the game's locations, organisations, plot subtexts etc etc. If it was a film, handling this narrative related info would be straightforward enough, but tasked with learning the core game skills at the same time it becomes overwhelming, and neither side - the gameplay 'fun' or the plots/characters/subtexts/themes - gets appreciated fully.

This primarily applies to the start of the game, however, as I think overall the game does an excellent job of elevating the status of gaming in relation to its treatment of more sophisticated themes, while also providing fun gameplay mechanics. The pace of the title helps, as the exploratory nature of most levels allows you peaceful time to digest what's being presented to you and ponder it. I also think the fact that you're asked to think about your character's development (as it relates to game influencing skill attributes, rather than his emotional development as it pertains to the plot) encourages a more thoughtful demeanour in the player as well, which in turn encourages consideration of narrative elements. This is much like System Shock 2, in which I would often find myself stopping at those stations to upgrade my abilities, while at the same time reading email logs and thinking about the plot; ie the gameplay design and story ended up being almost symbiotic at times. Bioshock seems like it may be similar, in that you will be required to genetically alter your body to survive, thus dehumanising yourself and consequently being forced to consider the game's intended commentary on broader themes, such as the length's people go to in extremes, the role of technology in society and the points at which one's humanity begin and end. To sum up, while there are clear potential conflicts, particularly in the learning phase of a game, or inherent in faster paced action games, I think if you can achieve that kind of synchronicity between gameplay mechanics and these 'higher goals' that Spector speaks of you genuinely can achieve a satisfactory balance between fun and the more mature, demanding aspects of art that may be engaging but not necessarily enjoyable in the sense we commonly think of when considering video-games. 
[deleted Spam From Taiwan] 
[deleted spam from taiwan] 
Getting Spammed 
Someone posted my email without asking my permission and now i'm getting spammed. Admins haven't gotten back to me yet. I need some admin to remove my posted email from the "jobs and mappers wanted" board asap. Also, i'v had to abandon 5 accounts already from spam contaminatation. If can't stop the spam, this one will have to abandoned too. Thanks ahead...

If I knew you are so scarry about spams, I would have tried to help you to find mappers for your mod development.
I anyway, I'm very sorry for the conveniences you are facing today. 
I Really Enjoyed Reading The Gameplay Discussion Above 
And now to something completely different.
Earlier this year I posted some photos from the Zitadelle Spandau in Berlin, Germany. I watched Sin City yesterday and just had to edit one of the photos in that style. Thought I'd post it here too. :) 
I just realized the map I'm currently working on has topped 37000 brushes. 
is a Q1 map at least? Lunaram 
Greatest Conspiracy Theory Ever 
holy shit?

can't be q1 can it? i think i got up to about 12k and then qbsp refused to even look at it. 
It's Probably 
some secret project at raven - like the new wolfenstein game or something.*

I'd love to work on a new wolfenstein game.


*honestly, I have no fucking idea. Just a guess. 
Jesus Lun, 37k? 
It Went Down A Bit 
if anybody want to contact with me in Quakenet please do this!

/whois Trinca

i�m sick of Scampies craps! already got a kid... dont have enought pacience to another...

hope u guys dont forget me :p 
36k In A Wolf Map? 
Good job, Lun. But you should know better than to use carving. ;) 
Enough To Read 

hmmm :)


(repost from base pack ;) 
Wolfedit - Ioc What U Did There Lol 
e;f,b but still, I'm surprised you guys are still using brushes as the predominant base for architecture - I guess traditional id-style mapping techniques will be sticking around for a bit... 
No, They Won't 
only as long as id franchises do.

and who says static models aren't counted as 'primitives'? 
Quake Map Sources released. :D 
^ Woot 
I wonder what license they apply to though... 
Just enough of the "WolfEdit" showing there ;) 
I Only Reached About 30k 
But numbers like that suggest you're making stuff that would be done better in some other program unless the editor is vastly improved but I guess you have no choice? 
Quake Map Sources 
someone make that news. 
that was fast 
Pretty Sure 
mesh models count as brush primitives in d3 engines too... 
how big a deal would it be to increase the number of sound channels in Fitzquake? 
i don't know offhand. Could be really easy, unless there is a network protocol limitation involved. 
would that break compatibility is what your saying?

just cause i know other engines have that fixed, like tomazquake or, i'm pretty sure, aguire's engine.

one final question, what's the deal with packetoverflow? is there any way to get rid of that? 
Packet Overflow 
I think that's also a network protocol limit. And yeah, the main issue is compatability. But also, just making sure it doesn't crash the game. 
Ok, Good To Know. 
those two issues are my major gripes with the quake engine these days. I hate how sounds will cut out in the heat of combat, or gibbing a ton of things makes all the models flicker.

It's not game breaking, but if there was a way, i'd really really appreciate it. :) 
To get rid of packet overflow, the better method I experimented is to use special progs.dat, like progs.dat I used in "Castle of The Dark Ages" (i.e CDA.bsp).
It was based on spawn64 progs.dat that has a corpse removal function, a special teleport/trigger function. The most important is monsters activation (i.e the way monsters appear in map) by trigger, according to the player progression ingame. So given that all the monsters are not present a at the same time, and that all dead bodies disappear in 5 seconds, you limit edicts count and also packet overflow.
I can only say that thank to aguirRe's help I was able to make something playable without too much problem (at least with FitzQuake)
I hope it will help you. 
Idgames2/ & Idgames2/planetquake/ 
I mirrored the full idgames2 from 3dgamers.
Including the planetquake folder of course. 
i mean more like having 50 zombies in a room and not having pack overflow when i toss a grenade at them. 
Is that in beta yet?? ;P 
Heh No, 
i'm not really mapping much these days. i was playing marcher again a couple of days ago, and got packet overflows on the last 2 battles (by the bell tower, and then after, when i got teleported to the ground) 
So AFAIK aguirRe's engine is the only one that can support such a massacre.. :D 
There Are Others 
tomazquake, for one can handle huge amounts of entities on screen at the same time, as well as has extra sound channels.

i don't know if it is still compatible with other netquakes though.

there are probably more engines out there like this as well.

it's just one of those things that would be really nice to have if it could be done properly.
anyway, just rambling at this point. 
Gimmy That Thing 
Nice and interesting article. Well written. Where did you go? What have you been up to? What drove you from IRC and ESReality? The yellow teeth scandal? 
will we see you on "Darkness TV"?

I hope so. I am wet with anticipation as, I'm sure, is the rest of the world. 
I Really Hope Not 
Because the company would fall into financial ruin after purchasing a wide enough lens to fit my entire, fatty visage in one frame.
Or pay to have the Hubble reoriented. 
Ugh Gameplay 
I still don't think there's any argument for games having bad game mechanics to 'enhance the story'. I don't get it - let me compare games to movies again:

You talked about movies that were no 'fun' but very emotional, but aren't all these movies EXCELLENT examples of directing, camera-work and acting - the equivalents of game mechanincs in film?

I seriously doubt you guys would have been as emotionally moved if those movies were directed by, say, an early peter jackson.

I always seem to be influenced most by games that let you FEEL what they want to express DURING GAMEPLAY. SS2, hl1, prey (utterly failing because it just showed pretty things instead of revealing important, working, logically connected stuff), can't think of any other examples. hl2 just had cutscenes you could walk through, NOT what i'm talking about.

And of course you won't immediately get the motivational impact you have with some movies. Imagine a movie completely shot out of first person perspective - it doesn't have that much of an impact (at first?).

Regarding Deus Ex: i remember playing this, found the first level kinda nice looking and then i can't even remember why i stopped playing this, probably because there was no further motivation for me to play this - ie. it was no fun AND no experiece. 
You talked about movies that were no 'fun' but very emotional, but aren't all these movies EXCELLENT examples of directing, camera-work and acting - the equivalents of game mechanincs in film?
Game mechanics are not movie directing, photography or acting.

The mechanics, or the design of play, is exactly what the non-interactive (movies) and the interactive (games) does not have in common. 
you lost all credibility when you said that Deus ex has no experience =)

Its one of the few games I recall where I was totally sucked into the experience and it made the game so much better. 
Deus Ex Start Is A Drag 
It's one of those games I feel I should have played through because everyone is raving about it but the thought of playing the begining of the game again puts me off. 
Deus Ex 
Agreed, the first level was pretty boring, especially if you are going at it with an Quake-like approach. Got great after that, atmosphere was so nice in that game despite what I thought were pretty poor visuals at times (and horrible model animations). 
you lost all credibility when you said that Deus ex has no experience =)

Word. Great game, great gameplay (in it's style), and one of the few that actually delivered what it promised. 
Game mechanics are not movie directing, photography or acting.

The mechanics, or the design of play, is exactly what the non-interactive (movies) and the interactive (games) does not have in common.

What I was arguing earlier is that the writing and directing, etc. of a movie is analagous to the game mechanics and design of a game becuase they are both the part of the work that the author has control over. Ideally, the author of a game shouldn't try to control things like plot and editing becuase that infringes on the player's role. Of course many existing games are hybrids that try to mix movie elements with game elements, so much so that we assume that's how games should be. 
Related News 
fuckin lol 
Favorite Quote: 
The release of the maps also means developers seeking to build in those zones must show how they can overcome the quake hazards. 
Dangerous Hazards 
like HoM, r_speeds, massive vis times... 
Vis Times 
will they really be that high on a modern system? the levels are all self contained and not at all complex, so perhaps vis will only take a few hours for the whole game on a powerful pc.

Now if someone links them together in a clever as hell way and makes lots of extra connections... that might cause some vis headaches. 
i just rattled off the first few things that came to my mind. :P 
Hey All 
Long time no update at my site. 4 New rune maps plus a bunch of quake stuff from aguirRe (most notably a Soul of Evil bonus map based on the SoE final maps) plus I fixed up Masque a bit. And various other lame rants/news/pictures. 
Great update to your site, Tronyn.

Yeap, I'm still in Indian Summer. I'm glad you are opening it up content, style and size wise. I'd like to keep my map Ikblue. My attempt at the SoE texture set was a crash and burn that I submitted to the QExpo turtle map event instead of inflicting it on you.

Also, I searched through the three LOTR books and I didn't find it to be very quotable so it is likely I'll use something from the linear notes of Morrison Hotel instead. 
what's a generic fileplanet login again ? 
use mine
pass: trinca 
anyone now who made this map??? 
thanks mate. 
tronyn i start my map but is just one room :| fuck!!! base pack is eating me all the free time :| by the time indian summer born i didn�t no how to mapping was just a Quake player just start mapping at november 2005, and to be in a project i think we should start from beggining sorry tronyn :( i will try to make after december when base pack will be release... "i hope" :\ 
thks Spirit was a email i get last night!

Sergei O. Udalov para min
mais opc�es 19 Out (15 horas atr�s)

Hi, gamer.

In attachment you you will see my favorite map. But i don't know, what's real name of it. So, i can't find way points for it. May be you know real name of this map? I've heard about you a lot... ))

Sergei O. Udalov
203K Download 
I need some help adding linebreaks to a quite big textfile that contains informations for the Quaddicted SP Map Archive. I want to finish it until Sunday because I'm going on a trip to Berlin and Trinca could work on sorting the stuff in Excel then.
So if anyone has some spare time during the next ~30 hours and is willing to help, please mail me. I would give you an excerpt of the file then, work for maybe 1-2 hours (less if you want). It's just scanning the content step by step for changes on a certain place and hitting Enter there. I'll explain it detailed personally.
Spirit_ i can covert to excell or acess and then port it again to .txt the way you want... more 2 or 3 hours i�m at home i make u this in few minuts 
Thanks, but I don't think it would be too easy that way.

Here is what is to do:

Trinca: I will give you the files to sort and merge somewhen during the next days. 
Try Microsoft Word find/replace. Replace with should be "^l" (without the "") if you want to insert a new line. Just tested this, it works.

(If it doesn't, in the find/replace dialog press More then Special and then Line break or something... dutch version here.) 
The problem is not inserting the linebreak, it is finding the right spot to insert. I don't want the linebreak at the "Lineline" word, I want it just before the first appearance of a foldername (which does appear more often). FrikaC already suggested some program (TextPipe) but that is way too complex for me.
I am halfwaythrough the file anyways (worked on it sometimes during the past days). There are only ~500 linebreaks left :D 
Ah ok, I misunderstooded. 
A regexp search/replace can probably cut the lines before each string with a backslash, but then you'll end up with more lines for each folder. Maybe it could be done in several steps ... 
is an old old evil a new release ? Should it be news ? 
Unforgiven may be a long way off, but at least you have a complete startmap, man! People still ask me when I'm going to release "that hand map." And I'm still in love with it--does that make me some sort of narcissistic autosexual? 
Nitin, RPG 
Nitin : An Old Old Evil does not qualify as a new release. It is not how Bengt fixed up NJ, for NJ was far closer to completion. This is a more playable version, but never the less is still fundamentally incomplete. Coven is more new, but still not new enough to be news. Also, the fixed Masque and Masque source are also kind of new, but again, not new enough lol. SO basically there's everything here EXCEPT an actually new Q1SP. Thanks for paying attention though +, many thanks for paying attention enough to keep news going throughout the years. Having taste in computer games, one sometimes feels, is a profession or at least hobby of its own.

RPG: I very much appreciated that map. I also liked how you made something out of those textures even though they aren't everyone's thing (every mapper has a preferred style: mine's manifested in SOE, rapture, etc), yet you still made something really cool. If I tried to make a good map with base textures it'd definately suck ass compared to your rapture hand map. However, If you do want to use that map in part of something you will release soon, I have no problem with it. It will certainly be a long time before Unforgiven gets released. Who wants to debug 650 monsters? All saye aye!... uhh... 
The screenshots on the bottom looks fantastic. Especially the first one. Oh my god! 
I'm still posting a news item about the update, I tried some of the stuff and it deserves beetr thn to be forgotten in a GA Func post or a site update. 
Is it correct that your file consists of several "records" of the following form:


separated by commas? And you want all consecutive records that start with the same directory in one line?

If that is the case, send the file, I'll do it for you. 
Aw Crap 
record form:

"ne_dust2\", "|", "ne_dust2.bsp", "|", 1173, "|", 08.02.04, "|", "Lineline",

ignore extra spaces. 
Oh And 
Sending the file would be hard, please let me know through this forum if you want my help. The email adress in this forum account does not work. 
I am already 99% done (maybe one hour left), so I'll just finish it the manual way. Thanks for the offer though. :) 
It's all good. I forget about it myself until someone asks me about it and I have to re-re-re-re-explain that it's just a start map for someone else's map pack. :) And I feel you about the whole working-oneself-into-the-ground situation; I'm there right now. Things might change nicely sometime in the next 2-3 weeks though, so if you seriously want some help sorting out the map, let me know and I might be able to offer some help in December. 
tronyn your new email is fuckedup... dont work :\ 
tronyn u should open a gmail account seperate the spawn from mails :\ and is free if u need a invitacion just shoot! 
There should be a dot between mail and usask in the address. 
thks aguirRe! ;) it was sent now! 
Shrimp On A Treadmill 
You thought you'd seen it all, until: 
Was thinking El Scampino needed to lose a bit of the gut... 
++ For Animal Cruelty Comments 
would watch again 
and he doesn't get sucked into a 3mm hole in an oil pipeline? 
Gl Quake Will Not Load 
I get a genport I/O initialization failure then,

grSstSelect: Non existant SST, then I have a huge screen!

ending with wglcreatcontent failed.

I already have the required glide Dll (I was told on the link to download it too, cuz I'll need it, then told unless I have a voodo card, which I dont, I wont need it. So I erased it from my quake directory and got the same messages)

Please help!!! 
like i was saying, unless you have a voodoo card, i don't think you need any dll in your quake dir. That could be the problem. 
Take 2 Gl Loading Problems 
I was told to erase opengl32.dll as well. So I did, Now it finally loads past all of these errors, but its slow and stutters. 
have you tried using FitzQuake? It's a vast improvement over GLQuake. 
I'm Posting From Work. 
yeah, just use fitzquake, it's cool for cats 
I Want To Use Dark Places 
I thought you had to have Gl quake first though! 
Tried Fitzquake 
It couldnt load gfx.wad. Whatever that means 
You Don't Need Glquake Then 
Fitzquake and Darkplaces should both work on a clean install of quake.

For Fitzquake, all you really need is three files:

I'm sure darkplaces is similar, except darkplaces might come with its own dlls.

As for the gfx.wad, this can happen if you launch with a .bat file from a directory other than the quake dir:


cd c:\quake

If it's a shortcut, make sure the "starting directory" is your quake directory. 
I think what you meant to say was:

did you buy Company of Heroes yet? I fancy a game against you, I gotta get you back for all that ownage you gave me in dawn of war! =) 
I'm free for an ass-kicking in CoH. Come back to #tf, please. We miss you. 
Latest Experiment In Running A Better Engine 
Installed only the pak files to C:\Darkplaces, C:\Quake Darkplaces, C:\QUAKE and still got the same effect. the game stutters so bad I cant even play it. I Cant adjust the options ingame (If this is the problem)Cuz It takes three minutes to shut the damn thing down and try again, Toggling options is impossible.

*that is how bad it stutters. 
If They're Not In A Folder Called Id1, It Won't Work 
They Are In Id1 
on all attempts they were in id1 
it sounds like Dark Places is starting out with the real time lighting option on. You'll need to go to the graphics menu and change the setting
option labeled rt_world from on to off. Once the rt_lights are off, Dark Places will function pretty well for any graphic card. Yeap, it will take about three to five minutes just to get to that menu unless you have a blazing fast video card.:( 
That sounds like when I tried running a GL engine with a Glide Wrapper on my old ATI Mach 64 once... 
graphics card? Lemme guess it's some cheap ati? 
Tried Everything 
Turned off rt everything, decreased the screensize to a tiny little box, Then it ran with improvements. But thats no way to play the game!!

Do I just need a better video card? Im running it on a 2002 dell. I dont even have a Ati, just whatever came with this computer. 
check the video card in control panel, display devices.

no way to help you without havin some more info unfortuantely. 
Its very odd, I mean I could run darkplaces / fitzquake in 1024x768 just fine on my old geforce 3 what 4 years (??) ago. The only thing I can think of is to re-install your graphics card drivers, check that you dont have other programs running in the background, etc. 
Firefox 2 Usability 
Well, since they decided to fuck up the default config and not give the possibility to make it right in the menu, you have to resort to config editing. Here's how you fix it back to usable: 
it's sometimes hard to find what embedded graphics you have.. you could try with sisoft sandra or some debugger memory print hacks or just looking at the motherboard.

Perhaps you don't have good opengl drivers for it?

Did the computer come with a manual or some driver cd? That could help too. 
Dark Messiah On STEAM 
This is just a heads-up for those of you that have orderd Dark Messiah of Might & Magic on STEAM.

Once the game has fully preloaded, right click on it go properties and then click on the "local files" tab and then click the "verify integrity of the game cache" button.

The reason is that the pre-load is missing sound files from the game which results in most spoken dialogue being replaced by an awful white noise that will destroy your playing experience and also your ears too...

Verifying the game cache takes 20-30 minutes and then steam will download all files that were missing and you will be good to go.

On the game itself, I've only played the tutorial mission and about 10 minutes of the game proper, so far so good, cant really comment on the gameplay yet because its mostly scripted stuff so far =) 
White noise....

Von and I will like that :) 
if you can comment more on it when you've had the chance to play, i'd appreciate it :) 
My Video Card: 
Intel (r) 82815 graphics controller.

As for a manual or a driver cd, the computer was given to me. Dont get me wrong, it has a pentium III. Its not a piece of junk. Its fairly new, so I cant uderstand why quake wont run darkplaces. I agree, it should! 
my gateway thingy uses the 82845 chipset, and i had a hard time running fitzquake at high quality settings. darkplaces ran like a disco strobe until the rt lighting was turned off. need a gfx card 
You Could 
try to run in software... i don't know which clients have software mode. Maybe joequake.
For starters you could just try fuhquake (quakeworld), it's very compatible. 
"Dont get me wrong, it has a pentium III. Its not a piece of junk. Its fairly new, so I cant uderstand why quake wont run darkplaces."

Does... Not... Compute 
Dark Messiah Cont. 
So Im upto chapter 5-ish now, heres what I think so far:

The game design seems to jump from great to mediocre from map to map, there are some great set pieces and combat areas followed by some dumb chase sequence or a "proetect the NPC with 5hp" situations that get frustrating quickly, but on the whole so far it has been very enjoyable and I can overlook some poor segments as the good parts overshadow them well.

Combat is very good and feels meaty, if you've played the demo you know what to expect, the full game adds a lot more weapons, spells and bow types which all have their own special abilities and combos. The RPG element shows through in the weapons as the more powerful ones require skill points placed in certain skills in order to use them.

Ahh yes the skill system, well you are given skill points for completing mission objectives and finding secrets and completing side areas which you can then spend on upgrading a variety of your characters skills. These are set into 3 basic categories, Warrior skills, Assassin skills and magic skills. Putting more points in to warrior skills can earn you more HP, different combo attacks, increased weapon damage etc. Assassin skills can let you walk undetected, allows you to backstab enemies that have no detected you, and all kinds of things like that, while magic skills open up new spells, increase your mana pool etc.

It seems the game is quite generous with skill points too, so you can have a totally maxed out warrior build but also a fair few points in assassination or magic too, so there is plenty of room for quasi-warrior-mage characters.

The game has some really cool maps, my favourite so far is set in s string of mini-islands with lots of buildings attached to the sides of sheer cliff faces, with all manner of rope brides, cave systems, and rocky outcroppings to explore.

Overall I am enjoying it so far!

PS - This game has spiders, and they make my skin crawl! No other game has given my shivers when spiders appear quite like this one! They even crawl up the walls to get you! Yikes! 
Daz go map :p 
Agreed =) 
Dark Messiah 
After the tutorial level the entire game consists of staring at a loading screen for Chapter 1, whose loading bar gets to about 70-80% and then never progresses any more.

Quite a lot of people seem to be suffering with this bug, and there are some more nasty ones like memory leaks slowing down the game massively on certain combinations of hardware and drivers. If you're thinking of buying you might want to wait until after the first patch.

I've tried some workarounds from Ubisoft's forums, they actually made matters worse for me as the game now freezes when loading my previous saves. 
Any finnish people here? (Friction I think?)

Could you please find me a contact email address for or (seems to be quite the same)? Some site/network/files admin one's prefered. I can't read a thing...

Thanks! :) 
what's czg05 infamous for? you ought to finish it, just because it's so far along and contains a lot of neat designs. cramped bits could use some cleanup, and the pipes generally horrify me, but there's a lot of awesome in there.

need to dress it up in idbase, though. the textures you used are a monotone horror (and I should know) :) 
Another Note On Dark Messiah 
I just went ahead and bought this and am installing now.

Probably because I'm just stupid. Also hopeful and optimistic. But mainly stupid.

Does anyone else appreciate the irony that the user agreement has both "licence" and "license" on the same display during installation? Also, from the box copy:

Notice: The game contains technology intended to prevent copying that may conflict with some disc and and virtual drives. (emphasis mine)

I'm sure that the presence of typos and errors in the installation and on the box don't mean anything though.

Also, when I manually edit the install path from the default
C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Dark Messiah of Might and Magic to
F:\Ubisoft\Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
and click "Next", it changes the fucking install path to
F:\Ubisoft\Dark Messiah of Might and Magic\Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.

I have to manually change it from the default (with the M&M folder included) to just F:\Ubisoft and then hit "Next" for it to sort things out and not shit all over itself with redundant folders.

Things that bode well = 0 
Funland Issue Solved 
I got an email address. Thanks. 
Dark Messiah Of Bugs And Bungles 
pjw: Yeah I noticed most of that stuff, it's not exactly encouraging.

I've been able to experiment a bit more with making it go better: I had bought a boxed copy and just used the key to unlock a Steam preload so I didn't have to faff about putting the DVD in the drive. I tried installing the SP off the disk instead. With the DEP disable workaround and a massively bigger swap-file than I usually use, I can finish chapter 1. And then it locks up loading chapter 2.

Up until then, the disk version seemed to work a lot better than the Steam one. The disk install loads levels in about 15-20 seconds rather than the 3-4 minutes it takes the Steam version (both are installed on the same partition by the way). Some people were claiming that the Steam version's GCF files are more heavily compressed, but that's almost certainly untrue as the files are all exactly the same size between the two installs. 
Dark Messiah Hmm 
Got it off steam earlier today, only had one crash (after a few hours of play, I'm up to chapter 5). No other problems with it though, it runs fairly well and load times are reasonable.
I'm quite enjoying it anyaways, going with an assassin at the moment, and dispatching people is fairly satisfying, just hope I'll be seeing some more monsters soon, humans are boring...
I like the fact that there are lots of secrets to find all over the place, encourages exploration. 
A thing I found is to set texture resolution to medium instead of high, the textures still look great and loading times and in-game hitching is MASSIVELY reduced. Worth a try anyway.

As for the crashing, it hasn't done anything like that yet on my system (STEAM version).

Bal, more enemies will be coming to you very soon =) 
Yeah I'm kicking orcs off cliffs by the hundreds. =D

Haven't had any other crashes, and yeah I have my textures on medium (I read on the forums that it just didn't run with textures set to high). 
Well, I'm In Chapter 2 Now... 
...and haven't really had any trouble at all. Reasonably quick load times, etc.

I noticed that apparently the game installation takes a look at your rig and decides what the recommended settings should be (as denoted by an asterix in the menu), but it doesn't actually change your settings to be less than "godlike". Wow, that's really silly.

Even though I have a decent rig (3.2 w. SLIed 7800s) things were still set higher than "recommended for your system" by default. This is probably a good contributor to people's computers taking a shit when they try to run the game.

I also notice overlapping brushwork in the start/tutorial map. For fuck's sake.

I'm having fun playing the game though. :) 
PC Technical Question 
Ok a few months ago I bought a second matched pair of ddr400 (2x512mb) and installed it into my pc, it is exactly the same brand,model,size,etc as the first matched pair seen below ->

But when I install it my pc suddenly becomes super-unsatble and crashes all the time (full sys lockup - cant do a thing) I am trying to understand why... All of the 4 sticks of ram are exactly the same and should technically work fine but they dont.

I have run memtest86 overnight a few times now but it never finds any errors with the memory at all so I am at a loss.

If I remove 1 of the new memory sticks the system still crashes but maybe once every few days or so which is bare-able but it really bugs me because I dont understand why.

There was a gap of around 4-5 months between buying the first matched pair and the second pair, all I can think of is that somehow the newer memory is incompatible with the older stuff in some way, but like i said its identical so I dont know about that.

Any tech-heads have any clues on this? I have an asus nforce4 sli-se mobo, amd64 4000+ running win64, and it was fine before I installed this new memory... 
maybe it causes overheating of some sort ? no real idea why though. 
Maybe you could try to remove the old sticks and check how the computer behaves then. This could give you a clue. 
I'm not sure but... I think it can come from 2 things: either the compatibility between your mother board and your PC3200 memory, or the connection distance between memory and CPU memory controller.

I guess it is not the first one, and that you are aware that memory to memory compatibility need to be checked (i.e PC3200 is faster than PC2700. you can change from PC2700 to PC3200, but a mother board that has been designed for PC3200 will not work with Pc2700 memory.. it is not backward compatible...)

Anyway, I already experimented such issue. Like you, I added memory to my PC. I have 3 slots on my nmother board, I removed the old RAM stick, and I didn't took care when I re-placed the memory stick into the slots... and I put them on the "opposite" side, that was the farest slot... Due to both memory and CPU memory controller timing constraints (that need to be respected), the data were not stable when sampled by the CPU, and so completly incoherent and not understandable by the CPU: that explains why the PC crahses...
So I think you should try to change of memory slots (the biggest memory as close as possible of the CPU), if you still have free slot on your mother board...

Maybe it also can come from clocking, power supply, etc.. at memory input...

I hope it helped. 
I will certainly look into these things, thanks everyone.

Well my mobo has 4 ram slots, and each one has a 512mb stick in it, all pc3200 ddr400 with the same ras, cas latency etc, so I dont know whata happening really.

I have tried moving all the ram around into different slots but nothing seems to work. Also I dont think its an overheating problem as the case is quite well ventilated with case fans / dual psu fans and the biggest cpu fan I have ever seen... 
seems that all I had to do was upgrade the motherboard bios to the latest version and it appears to be stable now with all 4 sticks of ram installed.

Strange thing is that the ram is now working at 160mhz rather than 200, but I cant see any noticeable performance hit, and if it makes the system stable I wouldnt really care if it did :) 
Neverwinter Nights 2 Is Out 
Yeah so NWN2 is out and it will make everyone's PC cry. Preliminary reports indicate that Core 2 Duo E6600 + 2GB ram + NVIDIA 7950 GX2 = unplayable in 1920x1280. 
because the screenshots aren't really impressive at all... in fact, it looks ugly as hell...... 
disgusting. I myself refuse to play games at less than 15384x10240. 
That's A Bit Shit 
that system sounds teh awesome, yet it can't run a game at (presumably) the native resolution of the screen. That sucks.

I hate playing games at less than 1920x1200 because they always look shit on my screen. It was never a problem with CRTs, because they could handle any resolution and produce crisp output. My monitor is a fucking POS when it comes to displaying anything other than a 1920x1200 image, so I try to avoid it. Some TFTs are ok though.

Also, if you use half the resolution of your screen (i.e. to 960x600) the picture is likely to be fine, but anything in between will often produce dodgy results. I guess it depends on which monitor you have.

Anyone else got the same problem? Anyone got a nice TFT that can handle all resolutions crisply? 
I've got two Viewsonic VA1912WB 19" widescreens and I don't really have a major issue running non-native resolutions or resolutions that don't match my ratio (16:10), like 4:3. Then again maybe I'm not picky and don't notice anything problematic that others might. 
I've got five Panasonic 60" HDTVs connected to my computer, I don't notice many problems with my array of thirteen overclocked GF x666's 
Samsung 204B 
It runs fine with what I've thrown at it: 800x600, 1024x768, 1600x1200 (native). But then again I've never seen other LCDs run at non-native resolutions, so I don't have much to compare it with. 
you fuckers owe me for one scrollwheel. so many posts, so little substance. 
Thanks For Contributing To The Discussion! 
My e-penis got an infection when I posted on another messageboard :*( 
Stay Tru 
to func. In metl we trust.

No, really, this design is damn elegant when I get here after browsing some other forums. 
Then don't post here! Jeeeesus...

This board is the most efficient I've ever seen. 

I live to serve. 
Learn To Use Pagedown/end And Last 25 Posts. 
Nuff said. 
necros, kell check your email!!! 
Sorry Trinca 
i got your mail, we're just discussing. ^_^ 
anyone know a good gaming site with news and previews/reviews of new games? i used to use gamespot, but the whole site is broke for me and has been broken for like 2 months now (am i the only one with that or are they just really lazy?) 
:) hehe ok didn�t now :p 
I Use To Get 
GameSpy Daily in my e-mail box, and then over the summer that stopped coming without an explanation.

Even a, dear sir, your free riding days are over.We are providing our service only to paying customers. Get a hair cut would have been nice.

Now, I just go to BluesNews for game news and links to reviews. 
i like gamespot's ability to track games for me, and email me whenever new stuff about those tracked games appeared. also, it would categorize all related news to a game in one place. blues is nice, but it's just sort of all over the place and makes keeping tabs on specific games a chore. 
Quake Custom Covers 
Here are some cutsom covers from found by PrimeviL, a french Quaker... IMHO, the first one is the best...

Enjoy ! 
According To Pascal Luban ... 
the best multiplayer maps are not boring, not confusing, and fun.

Well, shit, Lubey, I've been trying to crack that code for years. Kudos. 
Speed Mopping! 
Over at Inside3d much murmur and fervor has been about regarding a new way of promising alacrity fused with products. This is the speed project, or speed mopping. Mopping as it would be a combination of mapping and modding.

It would be an opportunity to bridge the community a bit more, as the mapper could build something for the modder to work in, or the modder could code something for the mapper to build around. As a result the community gets to experience a more complete result, and we get to work together on that which we adore so much.

Join in on the discussion of such here -

Sign up if youre interested here -

A good bit of discussion has already taken place on Anynet #qc with neg!ke, CocoT, FrikaC and others. Lets clean up our act and mop Quake!

[editor's note: worthwhile project, but not really news becuase nothing has actually been released yet.
I'm responding here becuase I can't post on i3d without an account.

Reminds me of some game developer contest where they give every contestant a pile of artwork and a base engine, and have them invent and program a game with it.

Well, we could do something similar, especially with the relative lack of modelling ability in the community compared to mapping or coding abilty -- create a pile of models ahead of time, and give them to everyone to use if they like. This could also satisfy the needs of having a "theme" -- the theme would be to use at least X amount of the provided art. This would also probably eliminate the issue of people submitting projects they had already been working on, becuase it would hopefully be difficult to shoehorn the new artwork into an existing mod.

This would also be a good concept for a speedmapping or turtlemapping contest/event -- release a brand-new WAD at the beginning of the contest, and everyone has to use it. 
This Should Have Been Made A Discussion Thread 
anyway, good idea. providing a set of models to be used in any way has already been done in speedmodding events before and lead to interesting results. 
I Need 
some betatesters for my almost-done up-/downloadsite for Quake stuff.

Just mail me. Betatesting should start this weekend (I hope...). 
not at home this weekend :p going to morth of Portugal :p 
found this pic in quakeworld forum!!!

Ouch.. It is painfull for my eyes.. Like having a big drug trip and then playing Quake... It's too much "disco" for me :� 
The natural conclusion to custom engine shenanigans! 
I Don't Actually Think That Looks That Bad... 
.. much better than the random highres texture used on everything or the old mipcap 3 and other horrors. 
I didn't say it was bad, I just said I didn't found it really good.... It's my own taste... 
Aguire, you still around these day?

i wanted to convert the quake1 map sources into the q2/q3 format (with the extra face definitions and texture path, so basically the opposite of -f 32).

i tried with mapconv.exe, but it's not working. specifically, it's messing up 'key' names, ie:
"message" "map name"
"" "essage" "map name"

so if you could toss a reverse convert of q1 -> q2 format into your already great converter, that'd rock. :) 
There is a java version of my map converter floating around that should do this. You should be able to get it from here: 
didn't know you had continued developement of mapconv! i shall have to try that tomorow :) 
Quake 1 Icons 
I'm looking for a few quake 1 icons. I have some shortcuts to quake bat files on the total commander toolbar. The blue&white MSDOS icons don't look that good :) 
i got some Ankh shoot in irc when i get home and online! 
Thanks Sleepwalkr 
the new java version worked fine :) 
there are some here:

but Trinca if you have some nice different ones please post them here. 
Necron Or Someone 
are alias .tri files ascii? 
You're welcome. Glad I could help. 
where are you, you little idiot? i miss the axially-designed mapping madness! 
winquake has a nice q-rune icon - i use it for my quest shortcut 
Are Quake .sav File Compability Tied To The Network Protocol? 
I don't think so. 
Hmm, Ok I Wasn't Sure 
was just asking to possibly be able to help this guy working on a quake NDS port:

Actually, does anyone here have any experience with the Quake engine? I've been playing Quake on the tube in the morning but upgrading the networking has somehow corrupted my save file! And I was nearing the end of the game! No fair! 
Bear: .sav File Information 
Quake's .sav files are basicly dumps of the network, possibly specially formatted, I dunno, but the jist of it is, the engine must be able to speak whatever protocol the demos use.

Someone needs to confirm this to be sure, but I'm pretty certain of the above. 
i thought they were dumps of the server state, meaning they contain the entire level and not just the part that is sent to the client. But this is all speculation of course. 
Client/Server Demos. 
Well, client demos are dumps of network traffic the client receives.

Server demos, I dunno... I'm guessing that as server demos are mostly compatible with client demos, that it's pretty much more of the same, but with info about more stuffs.

Of course, SP demos are different again, as they already know about everything. It's probably just yet another client demo... 
I thought we were talking about savegames, not demos. 
Oops, So We Were. 
My bad :) 
Changing The Progs 
You can "corrupt" a savegame if you change the progs.dat file in such a way that the order of precaches changes. Then things will get the wrong modelindex and look odd. I don't know if that's what he means by corrupted though, it sounds more serious than just this... 
I Knew Demos Were Tied To The Network 
But not sure about the save games. If you open a .sav file in a text editor they appear to just contain a dump of the state of everything in the map along with some unknown values/data at the start of the file. 
It's Just An 
edict dump with the progs globals section in the beginning. It has nothing to do with the protocol, but everything to do with the progs version when it was saved.

Depending on the nature of progs changes, the sav file will be invalidated or not.

And sometimes, you don't even have to change the progs to get an invalid sav file. This is typically caused by non-deterministic precaching, so depending on random, the sav file will work or not. In this case, it's a bug in the progs and should be fixed. 
Another... for more gibbie. 
Shambler Is Evil 
<Kinn^> whoa
<Kinn^> wtf, i just had the worst nightmare o_O
<Killes> tell us now
<Kinn^> ok, i dreamt that i was talking to shambler on msn messenger, and that somehow gave him secret control to reboot and bluescreen my computer, and i never caught on, so i'd keep walking straight into his little trap over and over and when i realised what was happening i felt so betrayed :{
<Killes> rofl 
Is there a problem with your email address? 
Preach Or Someone 
am I correct to infer that there's a 1:1 correlation between mesh verts and st verts in an .mdl, and that models have to therefore be physically separated along UV seams? 
Yes Lun 
been experimenting with that recently, and it's the only way to get a 'uvw style' skinmap in q1.

you were talking about q1 right? 
Almost Always, Yeah 
The only time you can get away with not seperating them is when you perform a planar map using the original ID method. Then you can get the same vertex twice on the skin without splitting them on the model. The problem is that it's very restrictive, as if the first vertex is at position (s,t) the second vertex has to be at (skinwidth/2 + s, t). Which basically restricts you to exactly the same style skin as the original quake models. It's possible you could do some parts of the skin like that, and some parts with seperated uv/mesh verts, but it'd be quite a lot of effort.

I'm looking at making a little command line tool to help models with split UV's like this. I've already done the nice easy things like fixing uv's out of bounds - if uv's aren't between 0 and skinwidth/skinheight they give an access error in QMe and display garbage on the skin in software mode outside the bounds of the original skin. In GL the skin tiles as you'd expect, but if you want compatibility with software you can't use that trick. Hopefully the next thing I'll add is to correct smoothing on split vertices. It'll look at all vertices that occupy a single point per frame, and recalculate the vertex normals for all of them. That way the split will be better hidden on the model by the shading. 
Preach are u the aerowalk maker? 
Got this name before I knew about Preacher, the author of that map, otherwise I wouldn't have gone for something so confusing : - ). 
hehe thks ;) 
You Could Go By Peach 
and yeah, that uv thing is disappointing. do split edges show with obvious horror in-game, like with sparklies and etc?

I bet if you were smart about your character design (and exported a base frame that was terrifically mangled) you could make the id method work pretty well. Maybe I'll go with that instead of trying to fight it. 
No Sparklies In Q1 
but lighting doesn't get interpolated smoothly over the edges like it normally does. it's not really bad though. if you look for it, you see it, but it's not 'zomg, wtf ugly!' bad. 
It's not a big problem, it's just something that's fixable in theory, and shouldn't be too hard to put into the utility I'm writing anyway. Sometimes it might even be a desirable effect, for instance if you have two materials on a mesh that's all one piece to keep the poly count down. You can split the UV's along a polygon, get a nice solid edge between the two objects, and they get shaded differently to distinguish them. Of course, you can achieve the same thing by just building them as two seperate objects in the first place... 
Thanks Guys 
The lack of vertex smoothing can be easily hidden by just placing the seams in intelligent places. Developers before us have already established a nice canon of tricks like shoulder pads and thigh bracers to mask such things. The details and elements you paint into the skin can cover up such things as well.

Is the 320x200 skin size limit imposed only by modelgen/lbm, or by software quake? I'm planning on rolling targalib into the modelgen code at some point merely for my own sanity. 
Only Imposed By Modelgen 
I've certainly had models with 256x256 skins load ing in winquake with no trouble, and I don't see anything bar memory being an upper limit. Best in fact to stick with power of 2 skinsizes for the sake of GL engines, as they'll get resampled to the nearest size anyway. 
I was thinking a 128x256 or a 256x512 for ease of acceptance with the half-shift thing.

Ok, this is going to be fun methinks. :) 
You're a fucking weirdo :)

The scary thing is, I am on MSNger a lot... 
New Valve Game 
"Left for dead"

Its a 4 player survival co-op game with 4 human players vs a city of zombie hordes, sounds pretty cool, also humans can play as the zombies as well if they like.

Some (not so legal) scans are here: 
Oh, Yes. 
That looks to have plenty of badass potential... 
Ta Daz, I Was Just Looking For Those ^_^ 
will see... 
I do remember quite a buzz around here for a multi-player coop game and it seems that is what valve is doing, it sounds really interesting anyways! 
Looks interesting, looking forward to seeing how that plays... Only thing I regret, is that those shots don't seem to be showing any real anti-zombie weapons, like old vinyl discs, golf clubs, and lawnmowers, seems to be only fire arms at the moment, and for me any good zombie film needs to feature more... interesting, weapons (I think this is what Dead Rising did? haven't tried that). 
Quake Stuff Up-/downloadsite Ready To Use 
Here we go:
The password is ilovetheshubhub
Let's see how it works :) 
What All The Shubbub Is 
Anyway, quake's modelgen requires skinmap imports as .LBM images. Having at first no clue what a .LBM image was, I set about trying to moosh the free Targa library into modelgen so I could just load those instead. Of course, being open source it has to go to extra lengths to be useless, and the targa code is mostly uncommented and the part that I'd have to deal with in particular is some arcane batch of bit-twiddling operations on variables with names like 'temp.' thanks, guys.

Deciding not to waste any more time on that I set about finding out what an LBM was, and quickly discovered that it's more or less synonymous with the Amiga .IFF format. Well, perfect, I thought. I can write IFF's.

But no, of course, it can't be perfect. I'm using the only version of photoshop (7) in which Adobe left out IFF support. Furthermore, searches for plugins turn up nothing useful because Alias decided to include their own proprietary image format in Maya and also name it IFF, so of course that's all anyone wants to concern themselves with these days, and the information for those plugins is always something to the effect of "You're going to have to get rid of your existing Amiga IFF plugin to make this one work, unless you're lunaran and you use PS7 in which case ha ha ha ha ha ha fuck you." 
8 Bit Bmp Files 
can be used with Id's modelgen instead of lmps. 
Is the source available for those? the tools source I have off id's ftp supports only lbm. 
The Reason I Ask 
is that I'm altering modelgen to let me import from maya, because otherwise I'd have to go through the stupid chain of hackery like export to obj and then use lightwave to convert obj to lwo, for every frame, or something equally unwieldy.

I've already got the import-from-maya changes I made to modelgen proven out and functional, but I can't test them for sure until I can import a skin. otherwise modelgen refuses to write the model. 
Any Source Is Likely Long Gone, Sorry 
On Inside3d there has been talking about making an all purpose Quake modeler to address the current problems common to every one who works with Quake's mdls. It might be worth emailing Frik to see if he has any suggestions (don't know if Maya import is part of what he is addressing thought). 
My maya import is sort of just a good-enough-to-suit-me thing. I can easily write to an ascii format of my design from maya, and easily modify modelgen to parse ascii and fill in the appropriate MDL data, so that works for me. True importing from an actual .MA or .MB would be considerably harder for reasons I think I touched on in one of the other threads (the q1sp sequels one I think).

Although if I can find a good bmplib it might be simpler to work with than .tga. 
any 8-bit uncompressed format should be really easy to add support for and it's not really hard to find info about them either. 
Or Maybe Look If This Will To The Trick: 
You do realize that when someone has mentioned having difficulty with something, and you try to aid them by telling them that it's easy, it comes off as insulting, right?

Thank you for the link, though. 
I Probably Exaggerated A Bit Too 
just because I had good experience with loading 8-bit targa files easily back in the days while other formats may in reality be a lot less logical. Sorry if I insulted you - that was not my intention. 
haven't you used deluxe paint? Kids these days... You can convert any format to lbm with xnview/nconvert afaik. If nothing else, save to pcx and load in deluxe paint and save as lbm.
I'd like to add deluxe paint is an awesome paint program from the 256 color days. 
Deluxe Paint? 
Can I order that on punch cards? Because I don't have one of those fancy 5 1/4" Floppy diskette drives yet, and I don't want to tie up my phone line dialing into a pirated software BBS with my (external) 2800 baud modem.

and no problem, bear. posting from work sometimes allows residual anger and frustration to seep into posts. :)

although that imagemagick doesn't support amigaIFF or LBM according to their master format list. :( Also, as far as I know, an eight-bit targa is probably ridiculously simple to read, but I can't infer exactly what the structure is from the code I've found to do so, because the lines all look like the censored cartoon equivalent of what I yell when trying to read it.

... (*&|>>#$ck)! 
Maybe a dumb question, but have you turned the viewing mode to "binary file"? 
You Shouldn't Need To Infer Anything 
Google will give you any number of additional sites describing the .tga format, if that one isn't good enough. 

I can't download and test this out yet, but by the looks of it unless he's playing a joke this guy has managed to get the Doom3 megatexture feature working with this mod. Anyone want to give it a try and see if it's legit? 
You mean outdoor areas don't have to look terrible anymore? 
I thought megatexture was new technology developed after Doom 3, not some shader that can be written afterwards and slapped into the existing tech.

Looking at the shots, it is, as suspected, nothing like what I've seen of the megatexture stuff used in QW. Looks a bit shit, wheras in what I've seen of QW the terrain generally looks great. 
xnview is a modern software and reads almost all formats and saves them too.
Btw deluxe paint II came on 3.5 inch floppies.

Love, b-buz. 
check your mail 
guys why when i play fittzquake or glquake at work i got a double image? errr cant play this way... game is running but got two views... :\ is like a duplicacion! any idear how to fix that? at home works perfect!