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Anyone Up For A RPG-MP Campaign?
recently me and _bp played MP Dungeon Siege. except for a couple of specific points, it was pretty fun i thought.

Well now there's a 'bevy' of shit to play... new NWN addon, and isn't there a DS addon that came out?

So i've been itchin to get stomething like that started. I'm leaning towards DS or NWN mainly cuz i already know the interfaces. I tried the D&D one but was pretty non-plussed about the entire thing.

Anyway, i was thinkin 1 maybe 2 nights a week, regularly scheduled. I think I could even go so far as to play at work and set up a private ded server on a different machine to ensure performance.

what you think? either reply here or poke me on irc cuz all my emails are down. )=<
I prefer NWN,but you may need some good DMs to keep the server going...except you just want hack/slash.
Talking of NWN,are you going to do anything with its toolset? I found it quite interesting. 
I would very much like to....really cool idea....except I don't have either game and would only get DS.

But if there are any other ideas, post them. I would like to play some MP stuff that isn't DM/CSclone. 
/me Blows Own Horn (not Like That, You Perv) 
The new DS expansion is good (or, at least, if you liked the first one you'll certainly like this one), and it includes the entire first game with it, gratis.

I was one of the level designers. :) 
/me Blows Pjw's Horn 
Really? I might have to pick that up then. I enjoyed the original but didn't like multiplayer and none of the mods really took me as anything special (SoW as an exception, but it hasn't made it out). PJW, does it really expand the gameplay at all or is it just new monsters, new lands, new weapons, new spells? 
A Bit . . . 
There are a few significant-but-minor improvements (e.g. auto-sort of items in inventory, auto-distribution of potions (mana to mages, more health to warrior-types), basically a lot of things to make the interface more user friendly and to make managing your party a bit more intuitive. There's also a cool new pack animal, a backpack to expand inventory, etc.

Does it have major gameplay changes? Nope. Our hands were kind of tied in that respect (i.e. "It's an expansion to a successful game; you may not change big stuff!"). 
Well Thats Cool 
I will probably get it, but need time to save up some dough. 
I've played alot with the toolset when it came out. Even got a whole book on its scripting and creating levels. I'd diffenently be interested in throwing together a campaign. It would be good fun I'm sure. 
To ProdigyXL 
Yep,but I haven't got that book,I learn from Lexicon and campaign scripts,have to say it's qiute easeir than i thought :D
Yep,it would be quite fun to make something with it,though I prefer Witch's Wake style :D 
But My Wildest Dream... 
is to make a first person RPG,with really good role playing and story-telling(just like Morrowind) 
What Does A Lvl Designer Do In Your Company? 
making 3d models,textures,and put them together in the toolset?(I remember that DS has a good toolset) 
Level-Designerly Things 
The modelling and texturing for any game is typically done by an artist (which I am not; my Photoshop skills are pretty meager, and my Max skills are worse).

With DS, I mostly did level construction (which was maddening initially, since you don't make the component bits, you just put them together, from a list of, literally, a couple-thousand), lighting, fades, and a bit of scripting, shrubbing, and monster placement.

The editor is pretty good, but can bite you in the ass, considering there's no auto-save, no undo for geometry changes, and it's quite possible to have a ripple effect from deleting one node that results in most of your level going away . . . 
DS Level Editor 
I worked briefly with the DS level editor. It was not too bad, but I lost desire since I didn't know Max/Gmax and could only use pre-arranged pieces. I would have thought the people building the pieces would be laying them down, but I guess you've got to get into all the scripting elements with that too. 
Im Game 
I just bought DS: LoA would love to multiplay that. 
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