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Speedmapping Thread!
From now on, this thread will be the place to discuss speedmapping issues. This will also be where all speedmapping events will be annouced. This is just an effort to keep General Abuse on it's topic of 'anything' rather than being about speedmapping every weekend.
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Are The QExpo 
speed packs going to be announced in their own threads? I thought the latest smqe1 was pretty good. 
I've been putting the announcements on the qexpo Speedmapping booth, and linked the released pack in the Qexpo thread. 
Now that QExpo is over with, we're back on track with the normal Speedmapping numbering. This week is SM102 - "Geocomp". Make a map using simplistic textures and gorgeous brushwork - the looks will be based not on how pretty the tex are but how good you slap them onto detailed brushwork.

Saturday, August 27th, 2005, 3:00 pm Central in #speedq1 on Quakenet! W00t! 
What Happened To Smqe2? 
Were there not enough maps to make it worthwhile? Are you going to include the maps that were submitted for smqe2 with this pack? 
Sm101 + SmQE1 = ? 
My thoughts on these are:

sm101_starbuck - attractive texturewise with a few misalignments and areas that need to be clipped off. I would love to see this one made into a proper SP map :)

sm101_zwiffle - not a bad little hoard affair which took a couple of tries to survive. I liked the difficult puzzle :)

smQE1_entar - looked bad with a green tint :(

smQE1_neg!ke - green enough with straight-up gameplay and a few Oz favors scattered about. I am becoming a fan of this guy's intricate brushwork :)

smQE1_preach - great gameplay with old skool looks. I had to leave a few bad guys standing around to escape with my scalp intact. Best of the bunch ;)

snQE2_zwiffle - short, sweet and survivable without being a walkthrough. It also had a nice tight...layout :)

Thanks, Hrim. 
I guess I should have known to look there?
Anyways, I really liked smqe2. Zwiffle, you implemented some pretty fucking cool architecture in this one. I didn't like Neg!kes as much as his last, but it was still very cool. I love the chunky look of your maps. Your style is very unique and I like the playfulness of your maps. Generics was cool too - I haven't seen the movies, but your map piqued my interest. Mine took about 2 and a half hours, and I'm happy with how it turned out,considering. The Ammo balance sucked, but I kind of like fighting the last shamb with an axe. What did you guys think about smqe2? 
I thought your map was just stupidly hard, and never finished it.

They were all fun, though. 
I Thought 
smqe2 was fantastic, one of the best SM releases recently. Every map was strong, even mine, which is weird. I would like to have more patience and do bigger, detailed maps, but I don't use copy and paste like I should and my maps become small. Drew's map was tough, I got to the gold key area and had to fight scrags with my axe so I didn't finish it. neg!ke's and generic's maps were cool, completely different, but both fun nonetheless. Hopefully it'll be a good pack today too. 
Hey Zwif, 
Got a map for this week's event (actually it isn't really in theme, but . .). I have been having a problem getting on to hotmail and emailing tonight. So, I'll send it when I can, and you put it in next week if you like. 
Problem Solved, 
I'm sending it in now. Give me the God Smack Around if it is any inconvenience. 
QExpo Speedmaps 
smqe1_neg!ke was fun and pretty unusual, close to the theme and still lots of action. Tip: If you had problems lighting the two big buttons that reveal the "wizard", either move the lights from the walls a bit or use option -softdist 4.

smqe1_preach was also fun and in a more traditional setting. Gameplay was good although the scale felt a bit too big. Easy movements and plenty in fighting are always welcome.

smqe1_zwiffle was very good-looking with nice textures. Gameplay was a bit rough, but manageable.

smqe2_drew had decent layout but maybe a bit monotonous texturing. Gameplay was pretty good until ammo and health ran out near the GK, one of the real fun-killers. Also, the map leaked and wasn't vised.

smqe2_neg!ke had a quiet and curious beginning in a nice setting, but the rest was fun arena-style combat. At first it was easy, letting them finish off themselves, but soon it escalated into pretty intense mayhem. I had to retry a few times before leaving with really low health ...

smqe2_zwiffle wasn't quiet at all; major close-quarter combat right from the start. Again pretty rough fighting, but survivable. Nice details, texturing and lighting, only a bit small.

As a whole, two good packs! 
Zerstorer Theme 
I've mentioned it before and been shut down, but I'm gonna try again. I'd like to maybe have a speedmapping session using the Zerstorer mod. I know it's not Vanilla Quake, so some of you guys might feel like it would be diluting the purity of speedmapping or something, but I'd like to try it. What do you think? 
No Point. 
And don't tarnish Zerstorer. 
No Doubt A Good Point There 
But if we could talk CZG into doing a Terra like episode for Zerstorer, that would swweeeet. 
SM103 - "Autumn"
Saturday, September 3rd, 2005
3:00 PM Central in #speedq1, Quakenet

I'm afraid this'll be my last Speedmapping event until next year. School starts next Tuesday and I just won't have a lot of time to do anything between that and work. Oh well. =/ 
GG Zwiffle. 
Nice final theme too, hope you get a good turnout.

I think you;ve done a great job of keeping speedmapping going under fairly uninspiring circumstances, and I think it;s been worth it - although they are still only speedmaps, there have been some interesting maps, interesting ideas, and an occasional upturn in quality too. AND you have brought several new mappers to the fore, some of which - generic, drew, negke - are showing a lot of promise. 
I agree with Shambler, and I'm sure plenty more of us quake fans do as well. Your commitment has been pretty impressive. You just kept going, coming up with wonderfully obtuse themes and producing maps every time. I know alot of people would have given up... I know I would've. Thanks alot for contributing to this community. Hopefully someone else will step up to the plate. So yeah, thanks. 
Do you have an email address? Just send me an email and I can reply to that. 
nooo, that's sad news! :/
what am i now going to use as an excuse not to continue working on my maps??
hopefully, you'll find some time to host a speedmap event every now an then, depending on how much spare time you'll get...
anyway - as the others already said - good job!

btw: why not upload the smqe1 pack to the speedq1 archive, just for the sake of completeness? 
what am i now going to use as an excuse not to continue working on my maps?? 
"Mental Institute"
"I'm a true mapper"

Any of those are feasible. 
L O L 
"I'm a true mapper"

I never thought I'd be able to actually say that.. 
and what about "i got 'zwiffilis'"? :D 
You've got mail :) 
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