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Speedmapping Thread!
From now on, this thread will be the place to discuss speedmapping issues. This will also be where all speedmapping events will be annouced. This is just an effort to keep General Abuse on it's topic of 'anything' rather than being about speedmapping every weekend.
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Speedmap #104 - The Return Of The King 
Speedmap #104 will be happening this Saturday, with myself taking helm of the Speedmapping boat once again.

There will be no theme for this pack, Single Player or Deathmatch levels are acceptible. Timelimit is 100 mins, let's try to stick to it, but I've never been one to enforce the timelimit strictly.

We will meet on IRC for the live event, on the Quakenet network ( in #speedq1, at 3PM Central Time, this is 8PM UTC. If you can not make it, or wish to map beforehand, you may email me a map before the live event or get in contact with me beforehand. My email is 
Also, Please Relieze... 
I will not be making a speedmap, for this or future speedmaps. I cannot due to the limitations of my contract. I likely shouldn't even be running this event. This is why I will only be in charge of organizing, collecting, and uploading the weekly events. 
Hurray For Scampie! 
Boo for Raven contract! 
If anyone has any ideas for themes, please bring them up.

Themes I will not run for any reason:
Anything requiring a custom engine. Speedmaps must run in GLQuake minimum.

Anything requiring a mod. Speedmaps will run in vanilla Quake.

Anything limiting brush or entity counts.

Speedmapping is about creation and enjoyment for the mappers who participate. Themes should encourage people toward innovation and new ideas of architecture, gameplay, and buildstyle. Themes should not limit mappers, or require having to learn new entities/features in a specific mod or engine. We are having fun building maps, this is excercise, not a popularity contest for mappers to get famous. We don't need more than vanilla Quake to be creative. Themes will never be enforced, only suggested. The timelimit is also not enforced, since it's merely there as a guideline to spur on the quick creation of a map. Speedmap packs are released for the sole reason of sharing what we did with each other and inspiration for our fellow mappers. 
- "Quake Meets Next-Gen FPS of your Choice"
- "The City"
- "Runic" (I like Runic maps!)
- "Swallowed"

Don't you think Return of the King is a little egotistical? :) 
Oooh, Themes! 
- Charles Dickins.
- Pirates.
- Old Movies.
- Glass.
- Origami.
- Speed? 
Good To Hear 
that speedmaps is going to be more than a summer fling.

Possible Theme's

Clean Base,
Rusty Base,
Sci-Fi Runic,
Gothic Runic 
-Coop (maps that NEED 2 players at least)
-Penile devastation
-Haunted houses
-Caribbean (or Pirates like Text_Fish said)
You should have a "Use hacks from the Teaching Old Progs(.dat) New Tricks thread to make weird maps" theme. 
I've seriously thought about that myself.

Everyone else: thanks for the theme ideas, come 'em coming. I'll likely use a few. 
Some Things Speedmaps Don't Usually Have... 
- difficulty settings
- secrets 
I think that is more a time consideration than anything else, Speedmaps are generally so short that it would be a waste of resources building secret areas. 
not unless the whole map is made of secrets. 
As first Emperor of the Quake and protector of Mexico, NEXT WEEK'S THEME is 'Secret Maps'.

To even progress through the map, you must find secrets.

(Note, NEXT WEEK. This week's speedmap theme will remain 'no theme') 
Of course, that's why I suggested it... 
-churches, cathedrals, arches, cellars, caves, nature, waterfalls. Salmon stairs. 
wild west
fast food
8192 units tall
Theming 2 
custom textures or assortments
simple textures
terrain textures

what about the circle mapping thing? ~3 people make rough maps, then they submit them forward to the next guy in alphabet (and the last guy sends it to the first one) or just some other mapper for continuing work, add stuff, then forward again. It's not chainmapping but is a bit related to it. Doesn't require so much work from a "glueguy". You can have an arbitrary number of steps and people and might even get your own early work back modified - whatever! The scheduling doesn't need to be rigid since you can shuffle the maps and mappers - a mapper can show up and say "I'll take the next ready piece to work on". 
that's not a theme, that's a headache. 
More Themes 
Practical Themes
- functional machinery (the hacks thread would be helpful here)
- pentagrams (the symbol)
- quads and pentagrams (the powerups)
- partially submerged

Conceptual Themes
- retreat and surrender
- isolation
- addiction
- kindness and forgiveness 
What about a puzzle theme? I envision something like the Mario 64 water level, where he had to navigate a huge mass of metal piping and scaffolding to push buttons and do fun things like that. Would make for a nice bit of cerebral fun, different from the norm. 
Lol Scamp 
of course it's not a theme. And you seem to have headache almost all the time anyway... 
'The Island'
'By the Light of Ancient Stars'
'Against all Odds'
'Exploratory Instincts'
'What if these two maps mated?' 
I like the mating one! 
Hehe Lol 
like something really bizarre, the mating of start and end .bsp? 
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