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Speedmapping Thread!
From now on, this thread will be the place to discuss speedmapping issues. This will also be where all speedmapping events will be annouced. This is just an effort to keep General Abuse on it's topic of 'anything' rather than being about speedmapping every weekend.
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I'll be there. 
Ahhhhh The Bees 
/_/_ .'''.
=O(_)))) ...' `.
\_\ `. .'''
You Fail Again! 
Your award: Hornets 
Who The Hell... 
Somebody pretending to be me!.. what the hell, and erm look, they use they used specially contructed packets to spoof my IP address... erm, or something.

Okay, sorry to spam. Good luck with the speed mapping. I will be having sex (with bees) for the next 18 hours, so no map from me. Can't wait to see the results though. I'm itching to play some new maps. :) 
Wow u guys r nerds ....spend hours nad hours doung mpas!! Wow so u get the pleasure of feeling popular since u cant in realy life since ur fat and ugly! Get a life losers fuckn dorks 
Did That Guy Just Try To Make Fun Of You Guys Or Something? 
lmao, what an idiot. he must feel cool cuz he made fun of you guys on the internet! :o What a fucking ashamed 
Fuck Idiots 
You fuckn nerds are trying ur hardest to get the best map...U have no girls, no have no friends, u have 2 inch glasses from being at the comp all day, and u live with ur parents..GOOD JOB! Since u cant compete for anything else since ur fat and outa shape from sittin the whole day u gotta compete in maps ...WOW LOTS OF SKILL .. Its a game for fucks sake. And Did that guy just make fun of you guys or something should be ashamed u fuckn cunt hater dork 
Did That Guy Just Try To Make Fun Of You Guys Or Something? ...again 
lmao as I said before..your insulting someone over the internet? whats the point? I just dont get say that they dont have lives? Your the one takin your time just to make fun of some people that are just doing what they want... so no offense, but thats a bit hypocrittical, dont you think? 
Your Right 
Oh my god , i didnt realize that. Holy shit, im sorry. Wow . Im such a hypocrit , I Love you guys i dont know how i could have done that , Im sorry man .. 
perhaps make it so that only registered users can post? 
...I don't know, they seem to have my number. 
And it's hard to feel insulted by someone who can't spell 'real' 
Well, those guys who insulted our community, have not enough bollocks to use their "real" identity to post messages..... So they don't win we waste time to be interested in them... They are insignificant people.. So we must ignored them... 
My cat is called Ice-Cube. He drinks Baileys. 
My Cat 
leaves sacrificial bunny rabbits at my door.
spreads their viscera out at PHI relative angles,
and draws little pentacles around their bodies in blood.

One day the little fucker will realize that I am not really Satin, and then I'm SOL. 
Satan Blehhhh 
'cause if I ws Satin then I would make a really good scratching post for him. 
One day the little fucker will realize that I am not really Satin, and then ... perhaps he will sacrifice you instead of rabbits... why not ??? 
guys, stay on speedmapping topic, or you're just as bad as those 'spammers'. 
Thousands apoligies .. you are right, we are fully off-topic while talking about HeadThump's satanic cat... sorry... 
...Ray, how's progress on 82? 
Re: Sm82 Progress 
I just pasted your piece into the rmf/map file late last night. Pretty much assembled and leak-free. Alot of lighting i need to do, then that other 'gameplay' thing. Then tweaking/detail and stuff. It will still be a while.

Your piece is quite nice btw, sure it was a speedmap? :) 
Hehe... the .txt indicates. The split level doughnut that "protects" the large bit from the rest of the level (and hence over the top r_speeds) is the speedmap bit. The large bit was done (between bouts of vomiting during three days of sickness) after Scampie indicated that he was in need of an end piece.

So my whole thing is more like a TM than an SM, but who cares as long as there's a decent SP level in the offing.

Kudos to you and Scampie for progressing the thing. 
Please Leave Me Out Of Your Kudos 
NotoriousRay is the man here now. 
You progressed the project to a point then handed it on to Ray who is now progressing it further. If it turns out to be arse we can all can the last one who touched it, but in the meantime kudos.

Now stop mapping d3 so hard and get some sleep (or fresh air) grumpy guts. 
Is Speedmapping Dead... 
...or just dormant? 
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