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Speedmapping Pack 59
ah yes so the pack you've all been waiting for is here. It's quite the delight, and although its not as naughty a number as 69, i'll be surprised if it doesn't draw a giggle from some of the folks. The session this week was unthemed (with optional subtheme "Insult CZG").

This week we've got one heck of a line up, the authors being:

Hrimfaxi (made a great big map), Leviathan (who gave me 2 maps, cheers!), MadFox (making his speedmapping debut!), Scampie (inspirational abuse!) and myself (the mighty S, king of the brush, etc).

Download the Pack here: (1.6 MB)
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Before even playing it, Hail to you all! 
I noticed you've boxed your map (very DayOfTheLord-ish!). Do you need assistance in finding the leak or do you prefer to leave it as it is? It's one of those annoying alignment leaks. 
I Think Hrim's Was My Favorite. 
but the little "czg sucks" logo thing that starbuck did was pretty neat. You should go into graphic design. 
my previous post, I jumped to conclusions (not very unusual).

Anyhow, very big variation in map theme and gameplay in this pack. I also think Hrimfaxi's was best except for dark lighting and spike shooter room, otherwise good gameplay.

Leviathan's were a rather unpolished, MadFox's seemed very familiar to his previous map (those purple textures are really weird) and Scampie's was -um- CZG-ish in a way ... 
oh crap, i forgot to remove the box, there aren't any leaks that i know of :) 
Madfox Was Good! 
I liked madfox's map. It was a weird maze, fun to explore. I only wish it's exit had been in a more logical place, like after the shambler. 
speedmaps quality goes down which is good
let it die.... 
How About We Let YOU Die 
you sold out years ago anyway
(1st album is always the best) 
the "speedmap should die" joke, gets old after the 3277th time?

or you disagree?

I Disagree... 
...but CZG SUCKS!

Which is a redeeming feature that made this usual pile of bollox worthwhile. 
it wasn't a joke btw ;)
<insert revolvting joke here /> 
I Suck For Not Mapping 
Hrim's owned me. A lil polish here and there and this could be a decent full map.

Lev, why not make one decent map instead of two mediocre ones?

Starbucks... very nice look to it. Again could probably pass for a 'proper' map.

Scampie, meh...

Madfox's looked kinda like his normal maps do :-) ...only i wandered around aimlessly for a bit, got onto a roof, saw loads of monsters in the distance and just strafed over to grab some ammo and managed to exit via an invisible teleport completely by accident..? Hm. 
felt like a decent doom map :) 
Yes, my map sucked. I wasn't really into this week and all I wanted to do was insult czg for not speedmapping.

As for Lev's maps, 1 is a late submittal for sm58 (same as Hrim's) and the other was this weeks. 
Hrim's map is like woh! I normlly hate knights, but your placement was perfect and even made me just a couple of times. The lighting pissed me off at first until I realized you meant to do it like that.

Leviathan's fisrt map reminded me of the end of "The One" with Jet Li. The first thought that came to mind was "I am nobodies bitch!" The second map was boring. Try something other than a hall with monsters and ammo.

MadFox's confused the hell out of me. I like the odd layout until I reached the top on one side, jumped the get a weapon and exited the map. Is the whole sky an exit?

Poor Scampie, I hope your into it next time. You have made some fun maps in the past.

The layout for Starbuck's map was really nice. I don't play Quake DM, so I just ran around for a few minutes and took in all of the goodness.

And a question for Vondur, if you don't like speedmaps it's cool, but why do you come around here and try to bust up their thing? People do this because it's fun. I'm glad they do beacuse I love Quake and think it's still the best action packed FPS. 
Sshh, Vondur Is 
secretly preparing a massive speedmap contribution, he's just trying to divert our attention until it's ready ...

Or not. 
no, he's just trying to draw attention to himself. just ignore him, everyone else is. 
Old Speedmaps? 
Where to get older speedmap packs? It seems that at

there are only the 2 latest packs.. Are the older ones, ~40-55 anywhere on Web? Or could someone put them up somewhere, if they're not? 
for the older sm1-39. Hopefully, Speedy can restore his archive soon. 
Speedy has nothing to with the site...

The server spawnpoint is hosted on lost it's hard drive last week. I'll be getting them all back up real soon. 
Good to hear you're putting them back, Scampie.And aguiRe, thanks for the link but I already had 1-39 
jumping to conclusions again ... 
I got a bunch up now... i'm missing a few packs, so i'll work on filling the holes. 
less holes now thanks to metlslime and RPG 
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