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Speedmapping Pack 61!
It was long, it was hard... it was a struggle at times, some found it awkward, but the sixty-first speedmapping session just came to a close (this innuendo-filled sentence too, thankfully).

The stars of the pack this week are the illustrious Mr. Drew Simpson, Baron Leviathan, Captain PuLSaR, Lord Scampie and Sir Zwiffle....

Now my PC is still broken, so I cannot check out the maps myself, but Scampie The Great informs me that they are very good! As a result of making the pack on an iMac, there are some formatting issues in the readme, but hopefully no greater problems than that.

Download the pack here: (1.3 MB)
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I can't start quake up (gl & gq) because apparently I don't have glide2x.dll. I install glide2x.dll. Quake crashes upon loading with random jargon-filled errors.

i had t oget rid of my opengl32.dll or something like that. You started getting these problems after installing QW? Cuz that's what happened to me. 
delete opengl32.dll from your quake folder. 
Lord Scapmie is right, these are good. Zwiffle's had a really cool idea with the pool fights, but I ran out of ammo in the second one and dodged grenades for a minute before I felt suicidal. Drew's was awsome, I just wish the slime killed me quicker. Leviathan's was less of a slaughter house than usual and it looked good too. PuLSaR's had the most unique design I have seen in a while. Ans Scampie's reminded me a Lev's blood bath maps within a Scampie level. (I know that might not make since, but play some of the older packs and see what I mean)

Overall, good pack guys. 
I can't start quake up

Well, that's a small mercy at least. 
<rj> isn't glide2x.dll what you have to remove to get glquake to work?
<scampie> yes, if you don't have a voodoo card

So he lied!" Thanks... I think it must have put itself back on when I installed quakeworld last week.

I played the maps this morning in a hurry before work, in godmode. Scampie's, neat. Zwiffle's, i would've died about 10 times over in, but nice atmosphere. Levs, umm... looked nice. Pulsar's, wicked idea! Would love to see it expanded into a full proper map. Drew's, neat. 
Glide2x is the wrapper for 3dfx cards (Voodoo) to work with OpenGL. If you don't have a 3dfx card, you remove it. Thus I answered the question you asked. I'm not your tech support, especially during speedmapping sessions. 
Not Bad 
Scampie's and Drew's maps had best looks and fun gameplay, Lev's was a bit short.

PuLSaR could probably drop the sunlight to reduce the fullbright feeling. Otherwise nice looking, especially the top area.

Zwiffle had the player fight in the water too long and didn't seal the map but had a good Koohoo-ish look. 
I wasn't asking you specifically was I? Nevermind anyway... badly worded question on my part, evidently. It's working fine now. 
Originally I wanted player to be thrown to the past and then to the future, but look at the map name and you'll understand what problem I met.

The same problem goes to light, cuz it was very fast.

aguirRe: had a strange effect compiling the map using your tools. Hourglass' cones continue to expand (decompile map, make a leak and see what I mean). But original tools can't compile a map with hourglass at all. 
I'm Not Sure 
I understand what you mean here. I noticed there are some faces on the hourglasses that are underlit, this seems to happen sometimes when a face is misaligned to its neighbours.

Maybe you could send me the zipped map file and I'll take a look at it to see what you mean. Decompilation often causes weird misalignments that weren't there in the original.

Btw, what do you mean by "original tools"? 
at first "original tools" are original worldcraft tools.

I'll try to explain:
Have you seen two big grey brushes in the rocks at the lower area? There'no these brushes in my editor. They appear only after compiling the map. They are growing from the hourglasses in both sides (top and bottom).

Also if you want I may send you it. 
There'no = There's No 
Some pretty cool maps this time. I was pretty impressed. And that hourglass teleporter had me 0wned. 
I Agree 
Yeah. What editor did you use to make the hourglass map? I think the best was 'Where Ogres Bathe', because the ground covered by the player is almost doubled by the usage of the platform over the water, a technique that can be aplied very quickly, I presume.

On a different note, does anyone know how to get past the 8-character filename limit on the 'map' command in the original quake.exe? (v1.08). I have resorted to renaming the files, but I'd rather use some console switch to enable long filenames. Or I suppose I should should just use DarkPlaces... 
The original quake.exe is the only one with the file limit I think. If you prefer software mode then get 'Winquake', enables quake to be played in a window (can still use fullscreen though), has some better resolutions, enables longer filenames... probably more stuff too.

I think there's also be a third party engine mod for software mode somewhere but I can't remember the name. 
WinQuake is meant to be played on Windows and removes that limit. Quake.exe is meant to be played on DOS (Dos is the one with the 8 character limit, I don't think you can get around the limit.)

TyrQuake also supports software Quake, if you want to go that route. 
I'd go with TyrQuake myself, it fixes quite a few things, and tends to actually work, unlike Winquake (for me anyway) 
<- I Owe You One Of These 
Thanks, guys. Yeah, I can't get WinQuake to work either, so TyrQuake it is. 
Awesome maps. Can't believe they are actually speed maps.

sm61_drew.bsp : Very precise map, juuuust enough ammo to do it. Good detail and well thought out.

sm61_lev.bsp : Tiny map, but actually very good looking and I like this "face a bag full of enemies" sytle map.

sm61_pulsar.bsp : Holy cow that was different. I like weird shit in Quake. Nice one, hehe.

sm61_scampie.bsp : Good looking map where the pace just builds and build. A damn good blast. Maybe my favorite from the pak, but they were all good.

sm61_zwiffle.bsp : Challenging map to play. Like the idea of overhead killers and you stuck in the water. Probably took me the most goes to complete. 
Did you get my emails regarding sm61_pulsar? 
yes, I've just checked them
And check yours. 
There's Nothing 
in my inbox now, please re-send if you've sent me anything after you sent me the map itself. My email account at MyRealBox is sometimes acting up.

If it bounces or otherwise doesn't seem to work, please check the properties of one of my last emails. You can find my original address there (as opposed to my "Reply To" address). 
Try Now 
I've resended it at your box at 
Got It 
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