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One Year Of Func
Looking at the timestamp on the General Abuse thread (Dec 23, 2002,) it seems that Func_Msgboard is now a year old. We also hit ten thousand posts a few weeks ago. Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone for keeping this messageboard and community active and worth participating in over the past year. Here's to another year of Quake (etc.) mapping!
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...and kudos for keeping the board up metl =) 
long live func! 
...func'n roll all nite and (lan)party everyday! 
Let�s Rock 
..and celebrate this with a nice fat map pack.
My First Post! 
Well, I never posted yet, but now is the time;)

Thank you for being THE international Quakesite!
Thanks to all the Speedmappers around here for keeping Quake alive!

BTW: Merry Christmas to everyone! 
i wouldn't tell that only speedmappers are keeping Quake alive ;)

(don't start flame please kthx ;) 
But It's So True! 
but more importantly, good work metl, and respect to everyone who has posted on func_ ! 
I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing 
Well tis nice to be back I guess. I seem to have clocked up over 100 posts.. fuck knows where they went.

Roll on another year. 
Agreed, All . . . 
The Quake (et al) community is still alive and well.

All the best to you and yours, and See You In The Game ;P~ 
Bring on the dancing Ogres!!! 
Long live Func_MsgBoard 
Thanks to metlslime for making this fine board, thanks to Peej for supplying the base, and thanks to everyone who posts here for making it a place worth visiting. 
it's great that quake map community is still alive and new q1 mappers still appear

Thanks metl for this board 
So what the hell is Quake? 
nd thanks to everyone who posts here for making it a place worth visiting

And wrath 
. o O ( First anniversary map-pack celebration? )

Awesome, keep it goin metl! 
so tomorrow do we get the 'welp, that was fun, time to shut 'er down!' post? 
Thanks for keepin' it going metl. Even though I'm sure you had better/other shit to do besides look after this pathetic gaggle of vertex manipulaters, you did it anyway. You da man =) 
Heres To Many More 
rock on dude! 
I'd like to thank the academy. 
Dancing Ogres . . . 
anyone up for some ClubShub dancing? 
if that's anything like TeamSmab dancing 
I... don't get it. 
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