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Speedmap Pack 62!
Here it is, Speedmap pack number 62! We got FOUR new Quake singleplayer maps hot off the presses for you!

This week's authors were: Leviathan, RPG, Than, and Zwiffle. Their maps were built with 'hybrid' themes, meaning they used multiple texture themes/settings in building their maps. There was also a secondary 'snow' theme that was optional.

Grab the release here:

This is the final speedmap of the year. The Speedmappers wish everyone a happy New Year. Next week we'll be running Turtlemap 3, an event geared toward building a full blown map in 1 week. Check out the Speedmapping Thread on the forum for more details.
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I never wished anyone a happy new year. Lev's level was too hard I had to run past the shambler, ogres, scrags and vores with no armor, ammo and 1 health. I think than's was the best tho, very cool arena type swamp level. 
uhm, I kind of exceeded it by a couple of hours. The final hour was trying to get it to compile and fixing entity problems but that's still a good 4 hours on the map :/

rpg's is rather nice but really easy if you find the secret. Actually, it's quite easy anyway :)

Zwiffle's map is nice but EVILE. the number of times I would see a health pack, grab it, then lose it to some bastard knights hiding in the shadows was unbearable. It was a little cramped at the end for my liking too - made it bloody hard.

Lev's map has quite a nice theme, but like Zwif said, it was too hard. Lots of monsters, little space to move around although there was a fair amount of ammo I thought. On my 3rd attempt (I died at the end twice :) I killed everything and still had some shells left. 

i like shub level remakes... 
what hybrid styles did people use? 
Leviathan - egyptian with a little tech
Zwiffle - snowy stone and rock with idbase
RPG - end.bsp in space
me - hertic 2 swamp with kingpin industrial 
As Usual.... 
Great, great overall quality... I'll put a little emphasis on one of my favorites gameplay styles, that is gettin' through a level shooting as few times as possible and letting monster infight clear my way... these levels were particularly good for this... Maybe NoShootingQuake could be the next speedrunning? Let's come up with some rules.... 
Ta Than 
those maps sound interesting

NoShootingQuake is a good idea, but lets discuss next sessions theme in the Speedmapping Thread, to keep things simple 
Pretty Tough Bunch 
this time. Lev's was real hard to get 100% kills, but definitely worth the effort. Very nice looking, but it wasn't sealed properly.

RPG's was fun too, although the secret made it too easy. I skipped the 2nd tele the first time, which made the challenge better.

Than's was also damn hard and was too dark in some places. There was a big clipping error in the blood pool near the vore, otherwise nice jungle atmosphere.

Zwiffle's was much too dark (although obviously intended), which made the fighting unfair. I fail to understand how blindfolding the player can make the game more fun.

Due to the darkness, the missing tjunction padding was also very obvious. Please consider adding the "-tjunc" option to the compiler. 
I Used Your Bsp, Vis And Light Tools Aguire ;) 
You lot are getting FAT and WEAK over christmas, this lot was piss easy as well as plain crap. Although at least people gave the theme a good go. 
you didn't have to be so graphic 
yes he does. he's Shambler.

I agree that I'M fat and weak... I failed at 2 attempts to make a map this week. Spent an hour on a neat idbaserunic hallway... and gave up. Aw well.

I enjoyed all of this week's maps, no complaints here. Glad to see mapper's like Lev and Zwiffle really start to make some nice proper maps, keep it up guys :D 
My PC being a cunt. Insane amounts of crashing stopped me from mapping on saturday and is stopping me from playing these maps today.. well, I managed to complete RPG's (it crashed on the end screen) but the others were a no go... only got part way through each one before having to reset.. :-(

They looked okay though. 
Bloody PCs 
maybe it's a sign we should take up cross-stitching instead 
Yes, I noticed that you at least used my Light with the 4x4 oversampling. If you haven't already, check out the "-soft" option also. In this map it might not make a big difference, but in many maps it does.

Also, I noticed for the first time that Lev had actually used his non-sealed map as a tool to simplify lighting. It took me a while to figure out that he'd used delay 3 lights that shines through the unfilled void into other areas of the map, interesting. 
The darkness wasn't really meant to make the fights tougher, but to hide the ugly of the level. But I don't know what the Tjunction thing is of which you speak, could you explain please? 
Why does the readme list sm62_rpg as a deathmatch map? 
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