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Speedmap Pack 62!
Here it is, Speedmap pack number 62! We got FOUR new Quake singleplayer maps hot off the presses for you!

This week's authors were: Leviathan, RPG, Than, and Zwiffle. Their maps were built with 'hybrid' themes, meaning they used multiple texture themes/settings in building their maps. There was also a secondary 'snow' theme that was optional.

Grab the release here:

This is the final speedmap of the year. The Speedmappers wish everyone a happy New Year. Next week we'll be running Turtlemap 3, an event geared toward building a full blown map in 1 week. Check out the Speedmapping Thread on the forum for more details.
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I suspect you're using either the TreeQBSP 1.63 or DuBSP compiler to build your map. Just add the option "-tjunc" to the command line and rebuild. Most other compilers have this option default ON, but those two above have it OFF.

If tjunction padding isn't done, the result is a lot of "sparkles" that appear where brushes meet. It makes the map look less solid and once you've noticed the effect, you'll easily identify it in any map that exposes this problem.

If you're using GLQuake, just enter gl_clear 1 in the console and then move around in the map, keeping an eye on the dark parts of the walls and I think you'll see what I mean. In bad cases, it looks like "disco lights" and it looks a bit out of context in a Q1 map ...

You'll get the same effect if there's a bright area (e.g. sky) behind a dark wall. It's just easier to see the sparkling effect when gl_clear is turned on.

Btw I don't think your map is ugly, just underlit. With some careful low lighting (e.g. "moonlight"), you can improve the looks without destroying the mood of the map. 
becuase I used the txt for sm60 as my template and obviously missed changing that one. sorry :( not like anyone READS those things. 
that's wierd I don't get any wierd things where the brushes meet. I use Telejano though, maybe it's already taken care of with that engine? I will use -tjunc from now on though, thx. I will also work on making my lighting better, but only after my maps look decent enough :D 
To Aguire 
I didn't realize i used delay lights. What i thought i did was use a minlight value of 100, and a light entity under every sky with no fade distance. I didn't even realize it leaked until i noclipped after the pack was released. 
Well, your delay 3 (no fade distance) lights in the "rock chimneys" shines through into the other rooms with skies, creating an impression of sunlight. Although the "sun" is actually casting shadows in multiple different directions simultaneously which is a bit weird.

At first I thought you'd used normal sunlight in worldspawn but I couldn't find any. And still the sunlight appeared to be there ...

The leaks are in both stairs leading to the exit room, look at the roof and you'll see them. 
Nice Batch 
RPG's = weird is good - liked it :)
Zwiffle's = not much to look at, but a tough challenge.
Lev's = Not quite enough ammo, but a good looking map and fun to play.
Than's = Strong theme. Very playable and tough.

Well done all, and thanks. 
Just Wondering 
How many people found the secret in sm62_rpg? Is there anyone who did NOT find it? 
I Found It 
It was pretty easy to find, there weren't many other places that it could've been. Plus having a secret at the very beginning is just plain obvious, unless you're Kell in which case you can hide it reeaaaalll good. 
Me Tooo! 
...But only on the second run... as everybody by now knows, I'm such a dumbass..... 
The Silent, it's been done. Check out the naked runs: 
...Thanks, Hanz! Little different from what I do, though..... 
Strange Graphic Effects In Lev's Map?? 
I have some screen shots showing weird lighting and flying 'grills' in the sky.

Anyone else seen this in Fitzquake? 
Flying Grill 
I didn't notice anything, where did you see it? 
Flying Grill 
They can be seen in all areas of sky.

The 'weird lighting' is on three brushes - or at least, he faces of three brushes - after the first door.

I have four .jpg's (288k) showing the effects if you (or anyone) wants to view them? 
are the bugs consistent, or do they change or go away when you reload the map? 
Good point, I rushed a bit ...

The effect is not consistent. I have seen the 'grill' effect many times and not just in Lev's map. The colour of the 'grill' is usually red or grey - I don't recall seeing any other colour. And I am not sure whether the 'grill' colour is consistent with the various sky colours that mappers use.

The 'weird lighting' I have seen on a number of maps but again, not consistent. It stuck out in Lev's map as it was yellow and green.

I tried reloading the map and now cannot see the effect at all.

I do have a habit of having a large number of applications open at the same time, and the quantity of applications is obviously not consistent. For example, I will have two sessions of IE, Fitzquake, BspEditor, TexMex, and maybe Excel and/or Word if I am working and playing (kinda multi-tasking!). I also am in the habit of not closing Fitzquake but using the Windows key to switch back to the desktop to look in the Maps folder to get the name of the next map to load (Speed Maps in particular); then click back into Fitzquake to load the new map in the usual way.

I suppose everyone is throwing their hands up in horror?

I have a P4 2G, 1G RAM, Ati Radeon 9700Pro, 350w PSU with plenty of cooling. I have the latest Catalyst drivers.

It is not the end of the world but any suggestions as to what may be occuring? 
Flying Grills 
I have just played (I am in the middle of playing) SM9_Inane, and I am seeing yellow grills in a blue sky. The grills appear to be moving with the higher layer of the sky.

I have one session of IE open (in which I am typing this), iTunes playing radio station, three folders open, a DOS window and FitzQuake.

--- interlude to finish the level ---

Aha! FitzQuake crashed when I exited this level. 
I think you're hallucinating shit, man. Less tabs for you! 
I think you're hallucinating shit, man. Less tabs for you! 
I Also Think> 
Doubleclicking the "submit" button was the best idea I've had all day! 

It must be '66 or '67 since I had any 'tabs' (actually sugar cubes) but as they say, if you can remember the 60's you weren't there, I really can't remember.

So, leave me alone son and go and ask your mother ;-)

The grills, the grills aaaaahhh ... 
I assume, by the ip's, that the above 'Shambler' is Mike accidently repling to Shambler using the name 'Shambler' 
Memory Going.... 
Scampie, you are right of course: I forgot to enter my name and it seems that that causes the previous poster's name to be carried forward into the new message.

Hopefully, Shambler will not feel too offended at my using his name. But he will probably be too polite to tell me even if he were. 
sounds totally messed up. i guess you might as well email me some screenshots. Not that that will help with the half dozen other bugs you claim to have found in both fitzquake and this messageboard :) 
On its' way: thanks. 
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