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Quake 1 Single Player Map Mescalito
Dressed in speedbaze texture. Quite alot of monsters, some traps and bunch of secrets for your quaking. Try lower skill settings at first, as the map might seem too hard at first attempt.


good link d/l

more pics and d/l at

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vodka and women for free !
Absolutely agree with you.
btw it's a good idea for a map name 
Make The Next Map Even Harder.

review posted. =)

Nice map overall speedy. Hope you make more! 
Post #11 Fatty 
Yes Fileplanet just did that to me, I just downloaded xMex instead of TexMex. 
The actual file once downloaded was still called xMex 
Used to do that to me all the time on my last computer, with all files. Stopepd when I got my current one though, oddly. 
First Play Demo 
No Good At Slope Jumping.... 
..anyone got a demo of how to do it properly? I didn't obtain squat with my attempts... you get the GL noclipping to the top of the pillar near the slope and then jumping, so I figured one could be fast enough to use the gate while it goes down to jump on to the top of the pillar and then onto the GL... but again my mad skillz didn't help... anyone got an idea? 
Omg He Relased!@#$! 
nice mapp0r
played it on skill2 but didn't get killed
i suck cuz i didn't record that
nice mapp0r! 
Nice work Speedy. Enjoyed it. :)
I've got 3 out of 5 secrets grrr, anybody got a demo of all five? 
anyone knows where the fifth secret is? I found 3, saw the GL but couldn't reach and have no idea about the last. 
Spoiler!!! Don't Read If U Don't Wanna Know The Secrets!!!! 
For all who may care...
1)Secret DS in the pool of water near the staircase with the exploding barrels, just shoot the underwater grate....
2)Secret Flyin' Megahealth... shoot the Speedy logo in the place where u're ambushed by Grunts behind the disappearing wall... the megahealth will land..
3)Grenade Laucher... dunno how to get it.... someone says slope jumping, I'm not good enough to do it, anyway, that's a secret...
4)Secret Megahealth2 ... where the ground collapses to throw you in the ending room, there's a MH... just approach the collapsing floor slowly, so that u don't fall and then jump (keepin the left) to the goodies...
5)In the last room there's a secret Blue Armor that can be reached by jumping(from the platform where you first land) to the left onto the girders(?) that come out of the wall and then going along the decoration(u actually can stand on it) to the armour...
Hope you find this useful... sorry about the lack of detail, but I'm doing this from memory... 
Great Map 
Wonderful map! I was able to finish it in "Normal"-mode without cheating;) Every other "modern" Quake-map was to hard for me...
So... GREAT Skillworking!!!
Thank you! 
How To Get The GL Secret 
I'm A Sissy 
...that's all Stubgaard!! No excuses. 
The Silent 
ya, I supposed there should be a secret in the last room, I've even jumped from the upper platform onto the decorations, but the secret seems to be on the other side :D 
Pulsar,there's Always A Secret In The Last Room.... 
...But I still don't understand if u found it, dumb me! :(( 
I Found It After You Told Me Where It Actually Was 
Thnx 4 Demos 
thanks for comments and the demos.
if any one else has demos of playing my maps (especially first-time playing) - Id love to see them. Shambler - if you still have the demo of the first attempt (where you died) - email it to me. 
Speedy You Fucking Mapist 
I must suck at Quake (wait -- there's no must about it) but I couldn't beat it on 'normal' yet. (2 tries)

Anyway speedy you continue to amaze me, and this is a great map. The Q2 rock tex was put to good use, and all the terrain looks very organic and not cheesy. There is just the right amount of ammo (at least on Normal and Nightmare) and I like the way the map is laid out in a very connective fashion (even more so than the usual custom Q1SP) =)

It was a blast to play so far, and when I get some more time I'm gonna beat it. Keep up the good work Dima. 
Since I tested the map, does that include me? Do you want to see the two demos I made? 
Sorry I overwrote it with the second one. Trust me, I played almost identically except that I had to kill the Fiend in the pool, and opened the Quad door after clearing out that area of grunts.

BTW, I'd be interested to hear on what you've learnt from watching my, and other people's, demos. Actually I was going to speculate on it myself but I'm too lazy =) 
Didnt Do It For Me 
I've seen speedy's talent for cool design an brushwork in some screenies he's posted but this map had hardly any of that talent on display. I thought it was a visually boring map, although well above id standard. The flattish lighting didnt help either.

Gameplay wise, pretty good and effective on normal and quite enjoyable.

It's ok I guess, but I was expecting something better (like the map who's screens speedy showed at q3w forums, huge base with sprawling rockwork and curves). I hope you're still working on that speedy. 
I just like to see the initial reaction to the map, thats why I prefer 1st time run. And its fun to see your own maps played.

And Iv learnt that shambler is a pacifist :)

rpg: yes. 
First and second runs, on hard skill. Approximately 700KB, zipped with DZip. 
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