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Quake 1 Single Player Map Mescalito
Dressed in speedbaze texture. Quite alot of monsters, some traps and bunch of secrets for your quaking. Try lower skill settings at first, as the map might seem too hard at first attempt.


good link d/l

more pics and d/l at

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First Play! 
Demo available if anyone wants it...

Ummm let's see...

Map: Mescalito
Skill: Hard
Kills: 114/115
Secrets: 2/5
Time: A very long time =)

Comments: Second attempt at playing Speedy's new map. First attempt was going well but ended abruptly by opening the Quad secret with an axe and getting two Fiends in my face. Playing fairly cautiously thanks to Speedy's useful warning about difficulty. Wasn't too bad except getting embarrassingly low on health before the final room. A good and pretty well balanced map although a little more health would be nice. Spent a ~long~ time trying unsuccessfully to jump to the tantalising GL, boring to watch. 
Looks good, cool end room which is a bit underused designwise, pretty nice Quake feel to it. 
Skill settings very effective. Will be good for speedrunning, plenty of potential shortcuts. End room suffers from RPGSP2itis, ie very detatched from an otherwise very well connected map.

Hey shit, maybe I should be writing reviews for maps! 
"Hey shit, maybe I should be writing reviews for maps!"

looks like you just did 
Map: Mescalito
Skill: 2
Time: 7:58
Secrets: 1/5
Monsters: 115/115

This was my second run. I have demos for both. It was obviously easier for me considering I tested an earlier version of the map. Very challenging; maybe could have used an extra health pack somewhere, as it seems like the map is too hard to complete on the first run, and you force the player to play extremely cautiously (which I never do *cough*). Still, a good fun map.

Visuals are nice. I liked the lighting. Details seem a little sparse, but there are enough to have the map look good.

Conclusion: Very much worth your time, but consider lowering the skill setting by one notch. 
Very good map indeed... been cocky, tried demoing a Nightmare 1st run, died brutally with the blue key in hand and an ogre grenade up where it hurts the most.... Then again 5 more times in more or less the same spot... gave up demoing... ended up with 115/115, 14 mins and 4/5 secrets (the GL? Any tips?)... pretty lousy, if u ask me.... But, great map all the way (agree with Shambler on the impossible backtracking map...) Keep 'em comin.... 
I'm A Triple Dot Junkie... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 
You have to do a sloped curve jump to get the GL I believe. 
Before anyone accuses me of spoiling it, I should clarify that I thought it was pretty obvious, and was just pointing it out for his edification. 
I Like It 
Did you use func_explodable for that effect. 
When downloading from FilePlanet, does anyone else find the first two characters of the filename are missing? Doesn't scrozzle the download, just a wierd thing. 
Very fun map, but I got killed twice after the blue key door (very evil orge behind the blue key left me 30 health) when I ran out of ammo. Anyway I liked this map :)
Especially I liked how the megaheath jumps from me. But than it returns where it should be ;) 
Very Good Map 
except for three annoying things. One enforcer trapped in solid beneath the silver key (and therefore unkillable), too easy getting squished in the exit lift and the #$@%&! GL ...

Otherwise gameplay and challenge were excellent on Medium. 
vodka and women for free !
Absolutely agree with you.
btw it's a good idea for a map name 
Make The Next Map Even Harder.

review posted. =)

Nice map overall speedy. Hope you make more! 
Post #11 Fatty 
Yes Fileplanet just did that to me, I just downloaded xMex instead of TexMex. 
The actual file once downloaded was still called xMex 
Used to do that to me all the time on my last computer, with all files. Stopepd when I got my current one though, oddly. 
First Play Demo 
No Good At Slope Jumping.... 
..anyone got a demo of how to do it properly? I didn't obtain squat with my attempts... you get the GL noclipping to the top of the pillar near the slope and then jumping, so I figured one could be fast enough to use the gate while it goes down to jump on to the top of the pillar and then onto the GL... but again my mad skillz didn't help... anyone got an idea? 
Omg He Relased!@#$! 
nice mapp0r
played it on skill2 but didn't get killed
i suck cuz i didn't record that
nice mapp0r! 
Nice work Speedy. Enjoyed it. :)
I've got 3 out of 5 secrets grrr, anybody got a demo of all five? 
anyone knows where the fifth secret is? I found 3, saw the GL but couldn't reach and have no idea about the last. 
Spoiler!!! Don't Read If U Don't Wanna Know The Secrets!!!! 
For all who may care...
1)Secret DS in the pool of water near the staircase with the exploding barrels, just shoot the underwater grate....
2)Secret Flyin' Megahealth... shoot the Speedy logo in the place where u're ambushed by Grunts behind the disappearing wall... the megahealth will land..
3)Grenade Laucher... dunno how to get it.... someone says slope jumping, I'm not good enough to do it, anyway, that's a secret...
4)Secret Megahealth2 ... where the ground collapses to throw you in the ending room, there's a MH... just approach the collapsing floor slowly, so that u don't fall and then jump (keepin the left) to the goodies...
5)In the last room there's a secret Blue Armor that can be reached by jumping(from the platform where you first land) to the left onto the girders(?) that come out of the wall and then going along the decoration(u actually can stand on it) to the armour...
Hope you find this useful... sorry about the lack of detail, but I'm doing this from memory... 
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