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New Year's Gaming/mapping Resolutions 2004.
What are yours??

What do you intend to do....or not do??

What habits are you trying to kick....or encourage??

Myself, I don't really have any - one would have been "Spend less time dicking around with Quake and UT botmatch etc and more time completing games" - but I have done that one already having got the new PC, so that's all good. Just stick with that really - more games, less dicking around. Although trying some more stuff online (old coop or new dm) would be cool.
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I only can promise at a 90% of confidence one deathmatch map and even perhaps i'm being optimistic :).

Another thing i have to finish is Diablo2, i'm still on the second act, this is enlonging too much argh!! 
want to finish everything and everyone :D

including maps 
I Believe 
Pulsar has proven himself to be a tad bit more evil than I am. I only want to dominate the world and take all of its prime resources and honeys for my own sordid ends, whereas it is clear he wants us all dead. If you accept me as your leader, I will protect you from the wrath of Pulsar, otherwise I will be forced to conspire with him. 
It is funny. We're able to lay about 200-400 brushes daily, so a proper sized SP map could be done within two weeks (one week for raw layout, another for entities and stuff). I wish it was theory only :/ 
My basic plan is to keep making polies and link them in a way to make them vacuum shut until I reach number 1200. Once I get there, I slap a slip gate in, and a box around the final area and call it done! 
Creative Resolutions For 2004: 
1. Don't start any new maps! I keep doing this, and it's baaaad, because I have plenty of perfectly good unfinished maps.

2. Finish, or at least make very significant progress on (like getting into beta testing stage), on one of the said unfinished maps.

3. begin learning the music synthesis/sequencer program Reason 2, and commence my plans for making totally awesome music.

4. continue amassing my music collection, in the pursuit of perfectly melded dj sets. 
Get Reason 2.5 if you can... and preferably Cubase with the rewire plugin. Reason always sounds better when used as a slave instrument to Cubase imho, Reason isn't really the greatest in the effects department.

Am not hugely experienced with either (although I know my way around them) but I can normally spot a reason track a mile off :-p ... Rewire is used alot by professionals though. 
Theres a couple things I would like to do Quake-wise this year:

1) Start and/or release my first Q1SP.
2) Start and release a kickass Q1DM.
3) Start and/or release a good/fair Q3DM.
4) Work on TD a lot more, polish it, and release it.

Some things I would like to do in other categories:

1) Keep practicing my new Yamaha ERG 121 guitar and become good with it.
2) Proceed to kill people that annoy me to an extreme.
3) Continue to heighten my hockey goaltending skills and become great.
4) Lose about 30-40 lbs.

What will get down through this whole list? Probably about 50-75% of it. 
Finish 3 Q1SP Maps 
All are in some degree of completion. The 1st one is close to beta but is a vis nightmare.

Want them done and not hanging over my head anymore.

Make another Halloween map for October. I have a good chunk of cemetary already made. 
I have serious plans. nothing quake-related tho 
oh and Im really done with q1. Old, too limiting, too beaten, the game itself is no longer interesting. And I simply want new toys. 
What about that turtlemap chainmap? 
thanks for the advice... i actually intended to get 2.5. As for supplemental software, that'll have to wait until stage 2, expanding to some semblance of a studio... not gonna happen anytime soon. 
I assume Speedy it's at middle-age crisis, so don't worry, he'll map for Q1 anyway. 
Middle-age Crisis 
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