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New Year's Gaming/mapping Resolutions 2004.
What are yours??

What do you intend to do....or not do??

What habits are you trying to kick....or encourage??

Myself, I don't really have any - one would have been "Spend less time dicking around with Quake and UT botmatch etc and more time completing games" - but I have done that one already having got the new PC, so that's all good. Just stick with that really - more games, less dicking around. Although trying some more stuff online (old coop or new dm) would be cool.
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Mon Resolution 
Je release Bal3dm5 bien! 
ROFL it changed my name back from Bal! Damnmit it would have worked perfectly otherwise! 
* Finish more maps than I start.

* Get this gift GameCube hooked up in some way to my computer.

* Play lots of really cool games on the GameCube. 
I want a pony! 
DCC okay? 
finish crdm3, finish tnj, finish dazsp4.

Finish learning doom3 editing before the game comes out so that I am ready to be sweet. Perhaps learn Unreal Tournament editor, I've dicked around loads with it but never actually built anything properly.

Replay KOTOR as dark side.

persuade cardo to do an animated gif for the next installment of the cardorpg series. 
I'm gonna finish my first Q1DM, and if it's up to par, I'll release it.

I also wanna save up enough money to buy a new comp so I can play D3 and HL2. I hope to map for both games. 
Being realist, try to make a map, a deathmatch map for Quake1,Quake2 or Quake3, it's the same, but one map at least :).

Being not so realist: Make one deathmatch map for each quake.

Being utopian: Make a 3-4 sp maps episode for Quake and another for Quake2.

And i can't forget the fact that Doom3 and HL2 are almost here =)...... 
Ok Ok... For Real Now. 
first off I'll be doing the Speedmapping site. Followed by the Turtlemap. Next I need to finish the 2 q3 maps I have 75% completed. Then I finish the q1sp, which I think may be an episode, I have in progress. After that, I'll be working on getting spawnpoint made into a proper mapping site. Then... who knows... Doom3 mapping? A quick q1dm? We'll see where things take me. I'll be working hard towards making a nice portfolio of work during this year, so we'll see.

I also plan to really play alot of new games, been in a real rut of playing only Quake as a FPS, and maybe a few others for a bit. Going to finish playing some of the PS2 games I recently got, maybe I'll try some differant games. I've also been thinking of designing my own little game, but I doubt it'll come to fruitation. 
1. Finish Ontranto. (I'll have an alpha test of the first two maps ready soon... once I fix that "vanishing hallway" bug.) Which means populating the next five maps, building the last, completing the boss' QC etc.

2. Try out QER editing, maybe make a playable Q2 map. You know how hard it is to make detail brushes in WC.

3. Vanilla Q1 map for Halloween. 
The Eternal Waiting Will Soon End 
* Finish more maps than I start.

That would be quite a feat....unless you're finishing old maps, that is.

P.S. I second the vote for cardorpg4, let's hope he keeps adding emotional depth to the series. 
start building hex:phase 2 (certainly doable i think)

also maybe make a cool map for C&C generals/zero hour 
Finish: misdm14/15/16/17/18/19/20, missp1/2

All of them are done at some stage (25-95%) but I lack at motivation and freetime =) 
Format my hardrive so I can actually map without excessive crashing :-/ 
1) get the balls to release some maps. I'm shooting for Turtle Map, even though it begins on the same day my team plays Dallas in the Playoffs. Wish me luck, friends and fiends.

2) be nicer to critics; esp. that handsome and debonair Underworldfan and that virile and witty Shambler.

3) less sucking up. 
finish/release the 10-15 maps I've been working on, whether they suck or not.
and finish the games i have instead of buying new ones. 
Actually finish a few DM maps and stop rushing myself... perhaps some textures. 
New Yea's Res' 
My new year's resolution is to release my quake 3 map within 5 years. 
Uh HUH. 
Almost everyone promising to finish lots of maps instead of starting loads and letting them fester.

Yeah right. Let's be serious about this:

How many of you are posting that just to join in the trend and have *something* to say??

And how many of you are genuinely wanting to have firmer and more determined plans??

And out of those (if any), how many are actually going to stick with it??

I know this is a bit rude but it just looks like the same old promises to me... 
You just broke my heart :p 
Alright, I Admit It! 
I probably won't release my quake 3 map that fast... 
Won't release anything this year, either. A promise harder to keep than it sounds. 
Lofty But... 
Learn everything I need to know so that when Doom3 is released I can work on making a Doom3 to Quake Total Conversion, then just map that. Will I stick with it?

No. But I'd like to. 
i only said id get started on my map, who said anything about finishing? 
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