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Q1 Map Limits
I'm making a map which isnt too complicated, but is made of a lot of self-contained rooms which cover almost all of the theoretical space that WorldCraft allows. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what kind of limits I'm can expect to hit? I plan on adding more rooms, I just don't want it to bite me on the arse when I'm half way there, you know?


If you need the mapfile itself, lemme know.
? :E 
What WC gives is what Quake gives tho (-4096 to 4096 on each axis), but you may exceed many other limits (32876 of mapnodes I assume and so on).

Okay, let somebody smarter than me speak :E 
By The Way 
What is the limit of entities in Quake? 
Count Me Out 
I Don't Know The Upper Limit Of Entities 
for Dark Places, but the 10000 Hell Knight level demo is pretty impressive. 
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