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Definitive WAD Collection
I had an idea that since alot of the older Quake sites are now shutdown, those of us who have older .wad files should round them up and put them on like a sort of directory for everyone to access.

The thought occurred after someone was looking for a snowy .wad, but I realized that it got somehow deleted. There are also a number of other .wads that I lost but couldn't find by Googling them or other means.

So -- anyone who has a large collection of .wads that can't be found elsewhere, and is willing to upload them somewhere (I have 15MB of webspace, I know it's not much but...) let us know in this thread. Thanks.
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Anyone who wants to upload some wads, here are some details.

Use an FTP program and login to:
Use login name:
and password: func_qmap

This will put wads in

It should be noted that uploading anything besides .zip'd wads will be removed on sight and get me to delete the login for everyone. So don't fuck around :D

Guys, just reminding you that you can still send any .wads there. It'll just take a sec and it'll be cool when we get all of them together in one spot.

Also, I'm looking for stand.wad if anyone has it. It was from a failed Q2 mod called the Stand. 
I Have It 
But i don't have an ftp prog and my email won't let me attach it because it's too big. I can probably get it to you later tonight sometime, maybe around 10-11 pm central. 
I've added the 4 wads that I'm pretty sure you can't find on any wesbites.

The two that don't have readmes are by Killjoy (who modified the orginal Ogro tex) and Daz (?) (clockwork.wad)


^from the text file in the ftp directory. 4 wads? I can only see Clockwork? 
Great Idea! 
I dont have any wads that are not already listed on either of the sites listed above. But I do have a decent port of the q2 textures that have been re-mipped.

Im also hunting down a cheapo copy of daikatana, so I can port the rest of the textures from it.

Im using bsp2wad and remip, if anyone knows of better tools to do this with please lemme know.

Thanks! FaT. 
Stand Wad 
I had that stand wad available for download on my site, try this link: 
Yeah Xen All Of Them Are Zipped Together 
For Anyone Who Cares 
I still have the original decon.wad, bulow.wad, and metlslime's obtex2.wad in my binaries directory

That Was A Cock-up If Ever :p 
I did do a full rip of all the DKT textures when it first came out.

Fucked if I still have them though :/ Anyone? 
I Have Episode 3... 
They seem to be the ones that get used most. It's posted on that page I did. 
I Only Have.. 
the dkt textures that were used in mah map scraps... :-/ 
Sin Textures... 
if anyone is interested. I dusted my copy of this off this week end and played a bit. It has some nice urban textures in it. Not sure how it would port over to quake though...

I cant help but look at every other game I have and wonder how the textures would look in quake... 
you may already know this but TexMex automatically ports to the Quake palette just by loading in the texture wad. 
TexMex's Color Conversion absolute crap, in my experience. You'd be better off using paint shop pro or something similar. 
Uploaded: (UT texs converted by biff?) (Texs from Blood add-on Cryptic Passage) (Transparent texs from said Blood add-on) (Additional Blood trans texs) (Combines normal texs and trans texs) (Normal Blood texs) (Trans Blood texs) (Chico's Ruin texs in Q1 .wad)
Dethtexgoth.ZIP (Schwenz's Deathtex in Q1 .wad) (Dilvish) (All 4 eps of Daikatana) (Flat texs from various sources) (Kell) (Kell) (Lun Q1 + Q2 texs) (Natural texs from various sources) (Q2 texs) (Q-Fraggel's texs in Q1 .wad) (Some Rune texs) (Deadmeat texs in Q1 .wad)

Go here to download: 
thanks that's a lot of tex!!! 
Fantastic RPG 
Thanks alot man...some of those seem really rare! Thanks. 
To All Who Are Getting This Thing Organised... 
...thankyou, much beer on me if ever we meet. 
I've been looking for an excuse to go back to Australia. Now I just need a plane ticket... 
Mmmmm Fosters 
few years back on a hot July afternoon, my car broke down in the middle of nowhere, and after trying to get it started and noone driving by, I walked several miles to the main highway and I spotted a little honky tonk bar. I walked in, thirsty as hell I look over to the bar and they had Foster's on tap. Nevertheless to say that was the best glass of beer I ever had. Pack your bags RPG we are are going to Australia! 
And the best part is, they don't have hot July afternoons! 

All the stuff from xen & scampie combined, I was going to put all the stuff from xen's site onto scampie's site, but couldn't log on (would be useful if someone else could do so).

Basically, it's a Euro mirror of scampie's /wads/ dir 
Texmex Does Suck... 
at color conversion. I do like bsp2wad and q2towad much better for this purpose, remip is also handy. I guess I was hoping that maybe someone had done an updated version of the utilities I use normally for this purpose.

Glad to see someone has ported the texs for daikatana. I _really_ didnt want to install this game on my PC. 
Am I Right In Thinking That... 
jf_Obtex seems to be missing. I only notice because I'm using it on two different projects at the moment, and it is superb. 
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