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Definitive WAD Collection
I had an idea that since alot of the older Quake sites are now shutdown, those of us who have older .wad files should round them up and put them on like a sort of directory for everyone to access.

The thought occurred after someone was looking for a snowy .wad, but I realized that it got somehow deleted. There are also a number of other .wads that I lost but couldn't find by Googling them or other means.

So -- anyone who has a large collection of .wads that can't be found elsewhere, and is willing to upload them somewhere (I have 15MB of webspace, I know it's not much but...) let us know in this thread. Thanks.
Domain Name 
I was considering buying some webspace and a domain name, I would have some space then. I also have a free t35 account with about 20mb for the time being.

It's also hard to find maps sometimes and it would be good to get some of those hosted too. 
Why Not... 
just ask someone with the pq hosted site to upload everything there, after all its free... 
I Uploaded A Couple Of Old Ones Here: 
I Could 
maybe host them at my site. 
I'll host everything I have plus any others people want me to on spawnpoint, I have plenty of space and bandwidth.

Unfornuatally... I keep most of my textures all in a huge lump all.wad, delete any I don't plan to use in a project, and save them as a .wad for that map. So I'm not well orginized. 
Awesome Guys, Thanks. 
I was thinking that like one person would host it, so people would know where to go for all of them. scampie if you've got the BW, awesome dude.

OK, now we just need people to send you their rare/unfindable .wads to scampie. I have a few that might not be around anymore, and I'm hoping all of you will send them too.

Thanks alot everyone. =)) 
there are some dudes who started the channel #textures recently, and they were talking about getting the definitive wad collection together (along with forums and stuff OFCOURSE ;), so perhaps MAPPERS and ARTISTS could work together for the mutual benefit of the community and get some website worked out ! 
My Texture Directory Is Like 2.5 Gigs 
so i can prolly help. (a lotta that is q3 stuff though, easy to find) 
/me Shoots His Wad... 
...all over blitz's face

/me Licks Shamblers Wad... 
...from Blitz's face

/me Didn't Volunteer For A Gay Porn 
Well Blitz, 
Like network television, it is not so much about volanteering as it is about having it shoved down your throat. Get out the spooge protection goggles 'cause you are in the middle of one now. 
+1 Bukakke 
Newbie Wad 
I found a great wad that mapping noobs might want. It's called Q.WAD and has id, hipnotic, rogue, and ctf, basically everything to get started. I think you can find it on 3darchives. 
Don't Forget About This Thread, People! 
I'm just waiting for scampie to set up somewhere you can all upload to! Thanks guys. 
Charon - Liquid Carbon
Speedy - Cr8
Daikatana Episode 3
Schwenz - DTX Gothic
Metlslime - Rubicon
Quake101 (original id textures)
Sock - Egyptian set
Sock - Tech set
Starfields (starry skies, various sources)

...are all on the way up to my Quakepit directory as I write. I'll create a page for them later, with some screenshots if I can find enough!

If anyone can offer names (or even better, links) of other favourite wads they'd like to see then I'll happily add... these are just the ones I have saved in their original form.

If someone's already setting one up then no worries... better two sources than one :-) 
Just Added... 
Armagon to that list 
On Fire! 
Flowing Water
Ogro textures
Rogue - Dissolution of Eternity
Hexen 2 
Alright Then. 
Anyone who wants to upload some wads, here are some details.

Use an FTP program and login to:
Use login name:
and password: func_qmap

This will put wads in

It should be noted that uploading anything besides .zip'd wads will be removed on sight and get me to delete the login for everyone. So don't fuck around :D 
I knew he'd only make the effort when someone else did. Cunning psycology.

I tried uploading all mine there but it erm, didn't work. No error message or anything, just didn't upload. 
I think it may be your ftp program, the login works fine for me and uploads.

And yes, I just offered some space... but no one else seemed hot and horny and offering up wads by the dozens, so I never bothered setting something up. 
Probably Is 
Or my connection, one or the other.

I'm just piecing together all the html now, will post here as soon as I'm done. 
ooh, an almost proper page there? nice :D 
It Is Nigh 
Just doing the tedious task of replacing all my dud urls with the actual edgenetwork ones :-p 
It's Up!

I'll add the pictures when I can be arsed.. but all the links should work. Lemme know if any are f00ked.

If there's any more that anyone wants added then scampie's ftp does have a use! :D 
Anyone who wants to upload some wads, here are some details.

Use an FTP program and login to:
Use login name:
and password: func_qmap

This will put wads in

It should be noted that uploading anything besides .zip'd wads will be removed on sight and get me to delete the login for everyone. So don't fuck around :D

Guys, just reminding you that you can still send any .wads there. It'll just take a sec and it'll be cool when we get all of them together in one spot.

Also, I'm looking for stand.wad if anyone has it. It was from a failed Q2 mod called the Stand. 
I Have It 
But i don't have an ftp prog and my email won't let me attach it because it's too big. I can probably get it to you later tonight sometime, maybe around 10-11 pm central. 
I've added the 4 wads that I'm pretty sure you can't find on any wesbites.

The two that don't have readmes are by Killjoy (who modified the orginal Ogro tex) and Daz (?) (clockwork.wad)


^from the text file in the ftp directory. 4 wads? I can only see Clockwork? 
Great Idea! 
I dont have any wads that are not already listed on either of the sites listed above. But I do have a decent port of the q2 textures that have been re-mipped.

Im also hunting down a cheapo copy of daikatana, so I can port the rest of the textures from it.

Im using bsp2wad and remip, if anyone knows of better tools to do this with please lemme know.

Thanks! FaT. 
Stand Wad 
I had that stand wad available for download on my site, try this link: 
Yeah Xen All Of Them Are Zipped Together 
For Anyone Who Cares 
I still have the original decon.wad, bulow.wad, and metlslime's obtex2.wad in my binaries directory

That Was A Cock-up If Ever :p 
I did do a full rip of all the DKT textures when it first came out.

Fucked if I still have them though :/ Anyone? 
I Have Episode 3... 
They seem to be the ones that get used most. It's posted on that page I did. 
I Only Have.. 
the dkt textures that were used in mah map scraps... :-/ 
Sin Textures... 
if anyone is interested. I dusted my copy of this off this week end and played a bit. It has some nice urban textures in it. Not sure how it would port over to quake though...

I cant help but look at every other game I have and wonder how the textures would look in quake... 
you may already know this but TexMex automatically ports to the Quake palette just by loading in the texture wad. 
TexMex's Color Conversion absolute crap, in my experience. You'd be better off using paint shop pro or something similar. 
Uploaded: (UT texs converted by biff?) (Texs from Blood add-on Cryptic Passage) (Transparent texs from said Blood add-on) (Additional Blood trans texs) (Combines normal texs and trans texs) (Normal Blood texs) (Trans Blood texs) (Chico's Ruin texs in Q1 .wad)
Dethtexgoth.ZIP (Schwenz's Deathtex in Q1 .wad) (Dilvish) (All 4 eps of Daikatana) (Flat texs from various sources) (Kell) (Kell) (Lun Q1 + Q2 texs) (Natural texs from various sources) (Q2 texs) (Q-Fraggel's texs in Q1 .wad) (Some Rune texs) (Deadmeat texs in Q1 .wad)

Go here to download: 
thanks that's a lot of tex!!! 
Fantastic RPG 
Thanks alot man...some of those seem really rare! Thanks. 
To All Who Are Getting This Thing Organised... 
...thankyou, much beer on me if ever we meet. 
I've been looking for an excuse to go back to Australia. Now I just need a plane ticket... 
Mmmmm Fosters 
few years back on a hot July afternoon, my car broke down in the middle of nowhere, and after trying to get it started and noone driving by, I walked several miles to the main highway and I spotted a little honky tonk bar. I walked in, thirsty as hell I look over to the bar and they had Foster's on tap. Nevertheless to say that was the best glass of beer I ever had. Pack your bags RPG we are are going to Australia! 
And the best part is, they don't have hot July afternoons! 

All the stuff from xen & scampie combined, I was going to put all the stuff from xen's site onto scampie's site, but couldn't log on (would be useful if someone else could do so).

Basically, it's a Euro mirror of scampie's /wads/ dir 
Texmex Does Suck... 
at color conversion. I do like bsp2wad and q2towad much better for this purpose, remip is also handy. I guess I was hoping that maybe someone had done an updated version of the utilities I use normally for this purpose.

Glad to see someone has ported the texs for daikatana. I _really_ didnt want to install this game on my PC. 
Am I Right In Thinking That... 
jf_Obtex seems to be missing. I only notice because I'm using it on two different projects at the moment, and it is superb. 
...the proud parent speaks. I'll endeavour to get some to you early next week metl. 
...I could send you some early unvised BSPs. 
Hot July Afternoons 
No, but they have good old fashioned blazing hot Christamses. 
If Texmex sucks, maybe I should try something else for those base textures I wanted to do, I wasn't liking how they appeard in Quake, had problems with subtle gradiations. (I can only run software mode, I've no 3d card...) 
1) quake textures *should* be tested in software mode :)

2) when importing the palette, use something with error diffusion dithering 
I wasn't liking how they appeard in Quake, had problems with subtle gradiations

the problem is you're working with an 8-bit palette. Subtle gradients don't work well becuase there aren't enough colors. You'll either get banding or dithering.

I think you were the one who earlier said he was tired of dirty textures and wanted shiny, smooth textures. Well, it's just not going to look good in quake. In addition to the palette limitation, you also have the problem that smooth textures show off the lightmap banding in software mode.

Keep experimenting, but be aware that certain looks cannot be pulled off well in Quake, and you need to play to the strengths of the engine. 
What John is trying to say is:

keep it dark and bloody 
Not Sure If This Is Known Of.. 
oh yeah, very helpful phait! a collection of textures for use for artists in a thread about q1 wads! 
can't say i didn't try 
that one would be better in the Inspiration & Reference thread 
That's What You Get For Trying 
Yeap, Only A Very Few Of Those 
you could actually use for producing tileable images. 
New Wads 
Uploaded willi-test and oxymoron wads, which were converted to Q1 wad by Starbuck. 
There is a 200 minute wait on Fileplanet right now, and I'm looking to download biff's modified idbase set. If anyone has it, that'd be appreciated.

thats the base wad that is 
Long Time Old Thread 
still no person mention teh 'DICK.wad'.
teh home page of teh 'DICK.wad' found here 
Long Time Old Thread 
still no person mention teh 'DICK.wad'.
teh home page of teh 'DICK.wad' found here 
I Dont See It 
...that anonymous person lied to us!
and I wanted the dick.wad :( 
Ask RPG. I'm sure he has it. 
404 Not Found :( Does this link work? 
no one really used it and most of them were put on grindpsire's site, so I didn't bother reuploading them all. 
None of the links I have found in this thread works, so it seems like the whole idea is abandoned, which is sad :(
Grindspire's site? Could you give me the link?
scampie didn't upload the wads to the new server, and gives me a domain error. So I guess the wad site idea is dead? 
WAD Collection 
I downloaded some of the wad texture files from geneticrose before it died. I don't know exactly what I have on my PC, but if I remember well, I have textures of DKT1/2/3/4, Doom/Doom2, Hexen, cr8, IK<xx??>, Nature, Rogue, Zerstorer, etc.. wad files.. and perhaps some others..
I can give you a clear list later... just let me know if you are interested.. I also can try to put these texture files on my website.. the sad thing is I'm not sure to still have the related text file to give credits to their authors.. thousands apologies in advance... ;) 
Blazzer's Texture Set. 
Blazzer has designed some texture files for Counter Strike. Maybe it can be used for Quake.. Here is the link below..

Enjoy ! 
Some of those might be useful for something I'm working on... 
hey here can i find rogue soa and doe wad? 
Check your Email.

Could you let me know when you have them, or if you no longer require them. Thanks 
hey thks i�m starting mapping after 8 years as a Dm player :) and making single player maps..ehehe :) many thks man! already got then... 
Again, The Urls Don't Work Anymore 
i was googling for dkt.wad, nature.wad and xen.wad, but of course to no avail...

can't we just restore the wad collection once and for all on a stable webspace, like e.g. quaddicted (if spirit agrees)? 
The only thing is that there should be some user interface, maybe descriptions of the sets. My webhost does not allow "pure download" sites, so I think there should be something around these wads. 
we need wads :) spirit for president!!! 
would there be space for samples of textures from the wads? Q1 textures are easily converted from 256bmp to 256gif. Brightness may need adjusting though :/ 
As much space as you want. I think there would be enough space for bmp hosting too, haha! I think png or gif would be best, yeah.

Brightness adjustment is no problem with the right image tool (I'm using an old freeware version of Brennig's, that can do "batch adjustments"). I could do the brightness adjustment, but not the bmp creation (no time for that unless it's super easy).

You (whoever does it) should hurry up with that since I will leave next Monday for about 4-6 weeks with only rudimentary internet access it seems :)
You can use php and get a mysql database if you want. Support for user uploads would be great.

Hm, adding the WADs to the File Archive would not be very good I think. Not because of confusion, but because of the limits of that script. Dunno... Just plain HTML would be enough (for me). 
How Big Are Wads? 
Assuming they're not too huge, I can host them easily if plainly enough. Quaddicted would be cooler :) 
Why Samples/descriptions? 
after all, it's just to have them all in one place, as a repository. everybody knows how the textures look, anyway.
so a plain html file with links would suffice imo - like the dm map archive, only with 
Could anyone point me towards a working link for daikatana and hexen2, quake textures. 
No Problem 
They are pretty small. Most are under 1MB I think. And I would love to have all the included textures as png or gif right on the site. I would estimate about 200-300 MB for the whole collection :) 
everybody knows how the textures look, anyway.
Uhm, no.

And, as I said, I can't provide a "pure download site". What I'm doing with the dm maps isn't really ok for my host I think. 
DM Btw 
you have all of my kdm* maps in that list there; bsps with no readmes. I'm not terribly happy about that. Could you remove them and replace with the zip versions, kthx. 
Sorry about that. I know it is pretty bad how I uploaded all the bsp files without readme/no original zips. I deleted your maps now and uploaded the proper zip files. That is something I want to do with all the maps there. I just haven't found the time yet.

About the wads:
What do you think of this as an example?

Creating that just took a few minutes (Export from Wally and then creating a Gallery via Brennig's, some html cleaning and file shrinking afterwards).
I could imagine just a long list like:

<downloadlink>knave.wad</downloadlink>, size: 123kb, textures: 1234, style: evil, <gallerylink>show me what i get</gallerylink><linebreak>
next wad

That would satisfy both "leech people" and "searching people". Problem/stupid is that the preview page is only about half the size of the wad itself and thus doesn't really help. One could just download the was and then browse it in Wally for example. Some selection (maybe 10 textures per wad) would be better maybe. What do you think?

Oh! And how about permission from the wad authors? Kell just pointed out a quite good point. I can't host something when the 'owner' doesn't want it that way (which I can absolutely understand). 
preview IS useful, in browser etc just to see what style the textures are and if they're shit or not. dl:ing and viewing is such a hassle.

If you're not willing to divide preview to pages, here's a gimmick solution:
If you have dialup, just press the stop button after a while so a few textures show. 
Thanks alot for those. 
Texture Preview 
Most texture authors have made their own preview images, and I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you posted a copy of that. Otherwise, most wads have already been used in a map, so you might consider just having a screenshot of a relevant map using those textures (for example, the preview of DKT Ep 3 might have a screenshot of JPL's map). 
Mafia Textures 
Awhile back I said I would like to create some 1930's era textures, houses inside and outside and what-not - and use it in a haunted house type map. I'd still love to, however I have other design priorities (of which also have the incentive of profit), and I was recently digging through the textures of Mafia.

If anyone has Mafia, might anyone wanna compile a WAD? There are some GREAT textures in there, over 4500 - from brick to houses to metal, stone, floor. While it has great 1930's definitive textures, it has many other textures that don't really pin it to that era.

Mafia data extractor here:

Need to register login to download though. 
What Do You Think? 
the dkte1 site is just uploading.

If someone feels like helping with the html/preview sites, I could send you the program i use (old free Brennig's). You could also easily start from a directory listing, just adding some html code. FTP access will be given to trustworthy people (just ask if you want). 
A Link Would Be Nice... 
I saved some, but I am wondering how to upload them: - 1.367 - 1.851 - 3.658 - 538 - 773 - 3.250 - 2.086 - 53 - 2.339 - 2.471 - 818 - 6.370 - 3.352 - 2.948 - 7.082 - 3.904 - 740 - 2.985 - 3.657 - 340 - 1.684 - 4.406 - 1.024 - 110 - 2.456 - 2.408 - 2.693 - 3.290 - 512
textures_speedtech_q3 - 3.483 - 3.604 - 1.636

If there is any interest, let me know. 
Madfox u can upload to is a free host and suport files untill 100 mb u just have to let link here for Spirit download! 
Rapidshare Is Evil 
and I already sent madfox a mail ;) 
Nice Work Spirit 
Are you going to zip (or even better 7-zip) the wads? They compress pretty well.

Let's hope no-one objects to the archive. 
true nobody uses winzip anymore :) rar or 7-Zip 
it serve you well... 
true nobody uses winzip anymore :) rar or 7-Zip

errr... me !!

In anyway, I also have some textures not mentionned in post #104. These wads are:

tiger.wad (it firs with tiger tank Prefab)

Let me know if you need the stuff...

PS: I'm currently working on Doom3 conversion to Quake1 format... You can already add it to this list, but it will be ready next month... I hope... I alreadyprocess 2/3 of the stuff.. 
Send Them TO ME!! 
I know Spirit offered to help, but just in case, I would like to put them up on Circa1984 as well. Send me an e-mail with however many of those you feel like sending to lolleyballz AT gmail dot com  
All these files have a total size of 37MB zipped.. so no there's no possibility to send it by e-mail, but splitting it at least in 4 parts... and I've removed knave that can be downloaded from Kell's website...
I think the best thing is taht you send me an email with exactly what you need (or what you don't have.. I guess all the stuff is not required..) and then I could upload a related zipped file to my website in order to share the stuff...
BTW: all these files comes from geneticrose website that is dead from a while now ;) 
Mail Sent To Jpl 
How about the hosting? Is it ok to host the pure wad files? Are shall I try to find the original zips (as long as there are...)? I will zip each wad that's uploaded to help people with dialup. Do you want to easily download the extracted wads too? Then I would offer both the zip and wad.

And is it ok to extract the textures from each wad, convert them to png and just slap them in another folder for previews? Copyright or something?

I don't want to piss anyone off. Of course this is a small community but there is much talent that should be treated as it wants to. 
I have about 141 wads for Quake in the original zips with readme file or whatever came with them, completely original as I received them, (also about 25 for Quake2, and 143 texture packs for Quake3 all Original zips), I can get you the list later if you want, bit busy at the moment though. I can then upload them to your site for you if you want, I have in the past uploaded maps for you. 
OK, I just read your email.. I will check this evening what to upload...

Concerning wad or zipped wad hosting, I thing zipped wad should be enough for many of us, and very helpfull for you to save disk space... it's up to you ;P 
Quake textures - 161MB
QuakeII textures - 54MB
QuakeIII textures - 731MB

You may not want the q2/q3 stuff?, and there would be some that you already have in the Quake stuff which wouldn't be needed, but thats the total size of what I have 
If you have got all the original zips then I would prefer that of course. The Quake1s of course. Give me an email address ;) 
Email Sent 
you can just reply to that if you like. 
Quake textures - 161MB
QuakeII textures - 54MB
QuakeIII textures - 731MB

Sounds great! We need this wads uploaded somewhere 
do you guys know of a better set of doom textures for q1? i dont mean new textures done doom style, but the original ones that look good in quake. the ones i have (that i got from are great, but they look funky in quake. fitzquake makes them look better, but still a bit weird.

and what happen to doom3D? 
AFAIK, what you found on Quaddicted are the only existing Doom/Doom2 textures set that have been converted for quake (I guess it is, cause these are the only one I saw, maybe others are existing, but not shared). I guess it maybe have to be reworked in order to remove fullpixels, etc... but I'm not sure...
Concerning Doom3 texture sets, I'm working on the conversion to Quake since last month (at least), and it is not really easy: the process is slow, due to the fact it is very "manual" (i.e scripting the conversion is not easy at all) Nevertheless, I hope to finish the stuff soon... and then post it on Quaddicted, with Spirit agreement for sure ;) 
Have the Heretic 2 textures been converted in to a WAD? 
thanks for the reply JPl. i guess once one gets used to the way they look, none will care. hopefully. :-)

but with doom3d i meant that quake1(or q2?) tc some dudes where doing. i think that was the name. i think they had a site in planetquake. dont remember much, but the doom textures look just like the original game! so thats why i asked. :-) 
I Think 
you're talking about YPOD (Your path of destruction)

they managed to get the textures to look identical to doom's by completly replacing the palette with the doom palette.

while this works, it also means that every single art asset must be replaced with one which uses the new palette. 
Chewing Gum 
i thought of the pallete madness, but yeah, having to change everything so textures look good is a pain. and i only want to work with the textures. :-)

see, i have some scraps that i wanted to turn into a small 3map ep doom style madness for quake1. so being picky and stuff, i thought the resources might have been released or something of that project.

but gonna check out YPOD madness then.

oh yes, found this: hehe. 
fixing up the YPOD TC, I found it interesting to convert the 8-bit texes into tga and post-process them a bit. It reduces the otherwise pretty bleak colours. 
the screenshots look cool - i'd really like to check out the actual maps. has anything of that tc been released / is available for download somewhere?

btw. half-life xen textures wad please! ;) 
i thought that was a recent project. agh, so lame... but they got it finished, unlike me who takes a year to do a room! :-(

anyway. might try the 9bit to tga madness, but agh. im so lazy. :-)

and i doubt doom3D got released. the last news post was on 2000 and i think they where going to move to quake2? or from quake2 to quake3? i dont even remember anymore. :-) 
Because There Are So Many Morons 
that think that is the full game, I have now renamed to contains some gibberish. (No tubgirl, sorry ;) ) 
Nedding The Hexen2.wad 
can anyone send the wad file of hexen2?

i'am fucking need that

send to my e mail
it is


Should Be These 
Quake H2 Wad Or Hexen2 H2 Wad 
whata tha fucka? 
i just remembered that i have the heretic2 textures in png or tga, but they are 50mb! if anyone wants to convert these to quake i can upload them. i just need to look for the cd. 
Heretic 2? 
I have all those in wad format. Are they not on the Quaddicted server?

Also, I have added quite a lot of new textures to idbase for my current map, and I think biff has also made a fair few for his map. Might be time to update the idbase_ultimate wad that I think NotoriousRay started :) 
Since This Is Bumped 
I could have sworn I remember someone converted the Shogo textures to a .wad, does anyone have that? 
i checked quaddicted (htic2.wad) and they are in there! i didn't know that :)

but it feels like a lot are missing, maybe its because they looked crappy on the quake palette?

cool to see them there though :) 
i need the wad files.......canu give them?????
reply at

there all there! 
That Part Of Quaddicted Should Be Called 
Five internets dollars that they don't actually return to read Ricky's reply... 
I emailed him with a link to these posts!

Therefore they won't return (+1 Ricky for disposing of the noob), meaning you all owe me 5 internets dollars... 
gb sent me Hexen textures: 
Ooh Nice 
Love Hexen textures. 
no idea if they are complete. couldn't really find more. :)

Should contain expansion stuff, too. If that actually had extra texes. 
I wish qwadickhead (lame) would keep hlwad versions of all its wads because I can never figure out how to convert mine.

its seriously making me consider moving back to wc1.6. or learning a new editor (lame). 
Which Wads Are You After Now Dru? 
I'll convert 'em for you :) 
Religious Cult Much? 
Some Wads 
Exit02_1, Rawr 
I extracted stuff from the Quake: Arcade Tournament Edition. (followup post coming some day)

Asaki managed to fix an included texture wad. Behold new old original textures straight from id (it seems).

Thanks Jago, I think I took a look when you posted them and added missing ones (if). Not really sure though. :o) 
Thx Spirit! 
Baker made a Quake wad (HL too) from the GPL Nexuiz textures: 
The HL WAD version of it is seriously a Half-Life WAD3 that isn't using the Quake palette. 
Note To The Note 
The reason the HL WAD3 doesn't use the Quake palette is because WAD3 has independent palette per texture.

The cool and bizarre side effect:

You can map using the WAD3 nexuiz.wad in Worldcraft 3.3 and then compile with the nexuiz.wad WAD2 for Quake. Or even just compile with the WAD3 using HL map compile tools and then use a Quake engine with HL map support (DP, Qrack, ezQuake, FTE, FuhQuake, ProQuake, Telejano, etc.). 
I made a WAD from Sock's new medieval textures:

See the readme on how to use it with the original high resolution textures.

I am not sure if they should be resized (to one half?)? 
Yes, By 50% 
fixed, file updated 
My Personal Preference 
would be for two wads, one 50% and the other 100%. Then append a suffix to all the files of one wad, _h or _f (half or full, whichever you choose).

Well, that's what I do with textures I convert to wad myself anyways. I'll do it myself if I'm ever that bothered about it. Sometimes, ridiculously oversized 256*256 brick textures are just the thing for huge cyclopean architecture. 
yes, in fact, playing a bit of q3a after sock's map, i found it odd seeing the sandstone blocks texture at 50% size. i find it looks a lot better at 100% like in most q1sp maps that use it. 
thanks for that wad and explanation. 
Orange Based Wads? 
is there any texture wads that are mostly orange, of if you want to get technical; shades of brownish red?

i've seen a few orange maps around (Orange whip comes to mind instantly) 
Hipnotic and ikbase come to mind if you are looking for base textures. 
But Not Orange Ones 
orange whip (if i'm remembering rightly that it's similarly styled to frib's tangerine dream & mal's agent orange) got its orange textures from stock q2 
Stock Q2 
you seri-ous?

aww maaan

check out clockwork droid by rorshach.

willem has it on his server at quaketastic:

also, like all the rorshach textures are awesome, really. :) (i think vendetta is pretty orange too?) 
Captain Said.., 
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