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Definitive WAD Collection
I had an idea that since alot of the older Quake sites are now shutdown, those of us who have older .wad files should round them up and put them on like a sort of directory for everyone to access.

The thought occurred after someone was looking for a snowy .wad, but I realized that it got somehow deleted. There are also a number of other .wads that I lost but couldn't find by Googling them or other means.

So -- anyone who has a large collection of .wads that can't be found elsewhere, and is willing to upload them somewhere (I have 15MB of webspace, I know it's not much but...) let us know in this thread. Thanks.
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Domain Name 
I was considering buying some webspace and a domain name, I would have some space then. I also have a free t35 account with about 20mb for the time being.

It's also hard to find maps sometimes and it would be good to get some of those hosted too. 
Why Not... 
just ask someone with the pq hosted site to upload everything there, after all its free... 
I Uploaded A Couple Of Old Ones Here: 
I Could 
maybe host them at my site. 
I'll host everything I have plus any others people want me to on spawnpoint, I have plenty of space and bandwidth.

Unfornuatally... I keep most of my textures all in a huge lump all.wad, delete any I don't plan to use in a project, and save them as a .wad for that map. So I'm not well orginized. 
Awesome Guys, Thanks. 
I was thinking that like one person would host it, so people would know where to go for all of them. scampie if you've got the BW, awesome dude.

OK, now we just need people to send you their rare/unfindable .wads to scampie. I have a few that might not be around anymore, and I'm hoping all of you will send them too.

Thanks alot everyone. =)) 
there are some dudes who started the channel #textures recently, and they were talking about getting the definitive wad collection together (along with forums and stuff OFCOURSE ;), so perhaps MAPPERS and ARTISTS could work together for the mutual benefit of the community and get some website worked out ! 
My Texture Directory Is Like 2.5 Gigs 
so i can prolly help. (a lotta that is q3 stuff though, easy to find) 
/me Shoots His Wad... 
...all over blitz's face

/me Licks Shamblers Wad... 
...from Blitz's face

/me Didn't Volunteer For A Gay Porn 
Well Blitz, 
Like network television, it is not so much about volanteering as it is about having it shoved down your throat. Get out the spooge protection goggles 'cause you are in the middle of one now. 
+1 Bukakke 
Newbie Wad 
I found a great wad that mapping noobs might want. It's called Q.WAD and has id, hipnotic, rogue, and ctf, basically everything to get started. I think you can find it on 3darchives. 
Don't Forget About This Thread, People! 
I'm just waiting for scampie to set up somewhere you can all upload to! Thanks guys. 
Charon - Liquid Carbon
Speedy - Cr8
Daikatana Episode 3
Schwenz - DTX Gothic
Metlslime - Rubicon
Quake101 (original id textures)
Sock - Egyptian set
Sock - Tech set
Starfields (starry skies, various sources)

...are all on the way up to my Quakepit directory as I write. I'll create a page for them later, with some screenshots if I can find enough!

If anyone can offer names (or even better, links) of other favourite wads they'd like to see then I'll happily add... these are just the ones I have saved in their original form.

If someone's already setting one up then no worries... better two sources than one :-) 
Just Added... 
Armagon to that list 
On Fire! 
Flowing Water
Ogro textures
Rogue - Dissolution of Eternity
Hexen 2 
Alright Then. 
Anyone who wants to upload some wads, here are some details.

Use an FTP program and login to:
Use login name:
and password: func_qmap

This will put wads in

It should be noted that uploading anything besides .zip'd wads will be removed on sight and get me to delete the login for everyone. So don't fuck around :D 
I knew he'd only make the effort when someone else did. Cunning psycology.

I tried uploading all mine there but it erm, didn't work. No error message or anything, just didn't upload. 
I think it may be your ftp program, the login works fine for me and uploads.

And yes, I just offered some space... but no one else seemed hot and horny and offering up wads by the dozens, so I never bothered setting something up. 
Probably Is 
Or my connection, one or the other.

I'm just piecing together all the html now, will post here as soon as I'm done. 
ooh, an almost proper page there? nice :D 
It Is Nigh 
Just doing the tedious task of replacing all my dud urls with the actual edgenetwork ones :-p 
It's Up!

I'll add the pictures when I can be arsed.. but all the links should work. Lemme know if any are f00ked.

If there's any more that anyone wants added then scampie's ftp does have a use! :D 
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