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Keeping The Fun Alive!
I'm writing this as I'm really drunk, but I mean it for sure =)

Quake deathmatch is incredibly fun and addictive, and it's legacy must be kept alive. I know alot of people are going to cuddle up to whatever new game comes out with fucking awesome shader ver 1.1 and that's fine, but let us not forget the sheer joy that a finely balanced game of QW brings into our lives.

The blood that pumps through QW is kept flowing by the custom mapping scene (we all know how much fun the Q1 stock DM maps are (er)) so we need to do our best to keep playing QW and keep making solid deathmatch maps for it.

I vow to do my part, and I think we as a community that thrives on the obsolesence and charm of Quake to keep us together, should play more together, and make more DM maps! VIVA Q1!
Quake is dead. Someone delete this thread. 
Someone Delete Shambler! 
I can't jump worth crap in QW.

Cube Player 
Very Clearly Drunk 
A Thread Topic All On Its Own 
...we as a community that thrives on the obsolesence [...] of Quake...

This piqued my interest. Please elaborate. 
Remove Fun Out Of The Way 
plz k thx 
Keeping The Singleplayer Online 
As I am writing this I am really absent-minded, but I imagine it for sure...

Quake Singleplayer is amazingly awesome, and its position must be kept apart from the ghosts
of deathmatch, with their cruwel architecture limiting levels for scrounching eachother on the internet submissions, far apart of the stunningly escapedes the singleplayer has to bear, before touching the infinity of the ancient runes.

We all know how deep the singleplayer event peaks, when after years of deathmatching our vains start merging back again to the challenge of the unknown, when we had nothing else behind the growling orgs than a good kept health pack, and a far concern how ever this adventure should end, and where the entities could have concealed their slipgate.

I have never played Quake Deathmatch, at least not online, the ReaperBot be thanked!
And if I did, I would be as disorderd as a lonely Zombie, who doesn't understand where for the Hell all those Deathmatch players are running too with their speedmap stopwatch on, and the glare of fragcounts in their wander.

Keep the Fun alive, and bring Shambler a rotten healthpack for his issue.
I won't blame him, for all his kingdom has drowned in crazy spacecowbows, who are scattering the dwellings where he once was Reign and Master. 
Rennie... are awesome! 
and my 1st big part I will play in keeping q1dm alive is not to play fucking aerowalk any more!!!!!!!!111elevenone!11 
I Hear 
ultrav is good for that daz 
This Sounds Like A Bunch Of Drunks... 
But I'd agree 100% with the first poster. Quake is still, hands down, the best online DM game (whether ffa, 1v1, or teamplay) available (not talking about more "complex" gametypes like ctf, team fortress, counterstrike, etc.).

The more I try playing other games, the more I agree with this. Q2 and Q3 are fine in their own ways, but neither was at all a replacement for (or overall improvement on) the original. They are completely different games, only loosely related in theme, and of the changes from the original, at least as many are detrimental as are improvements.

UT has tried really hard to be a hardcore Quake successor, but, in my opinion, failed miserably. I have probably spent more time playing UT than any online game other than Quake. I really gave it its due; but I have never been able to love it, to really enjoy it with abandon. And despite the seemingly more advanced graphics, I never feel like its maps could be real spaces in the way I can with Quake. UT is kind of fun for domination, but not great for much else, IMO.

Halo is great for ctf, but lousy for DM (it's decent for team DM, but not great. And so-so at best for ffa or 1v1). It's really not a deathmatch game. Some of the weirder gametypes are fun too, though. I'd be happy with a diet of Quake on one end and Halo on the other, with a bit of Q2 and Q3 thrown in for variety.

In addition, without some effort, a lot of stuff "Quake" will just disappear. NONE of the top DM map review sites from 5 years ago exists any more; most mapmaker sites from that time are gone as well. Demos (films) of great matches and players are still available (methos, challenge-tv notably), though at fewer sites than before (RIP SHOD and Demolition), but many of them are currently unplayable since it's virtually impossible to find clients that can play QW 2.1 and 2.2 demo formats.

I am not a mapmaker, but I do my part by playing on custom DM maps whenever possible, and perhaps other efforts to promote and preserve Quake.

Q1 single player is fun, too. There's little pretension of story, or gazing at incredible vistas (Unreal), though mapmaking has risen to quite an impressive art. It's mainly about blasting things, and for that it's about as fun as any shooter out there. And it's still the only game in which speedrunning is a legitimate "sport." It just doesn't work in most other games.

Quake really is a great game, worthy of lasting, not being replaced by the next iteration of disposable electronic entertainment. Its mapmaking community has come up with some truly incredible creations, unique and irreplaceable works of art, and many players and teams have played incredible competitive matches and performed olympian feats of speedrunning that shouldn't be forgotten.

Whew. Rant over (for now...) 
Its Really Very Simple 
and requires eleven words to say:

Quake 1 is the best computer or video game ever made. 
Myopic Zealotism... unappealing, in an almost pitiable sort of way. 
I Completely... 
...don't understand if someone says "Q1 is still the best DM game". De gustibus non est disputandum, one likes stinky socks, another likes stinky underwear, but that doesn't mean if dirty socks are better than dirty underwear and vice versa.

Talking about if Quake is died or not is like talking if some type of car died. It cannot putrefy, it just disappears from big tourneys and lans, but it's still here, played with addicts.

What you have to understand is that there are two communities in Q1 world. One is focused on editing, mapping, modelling, programming, reviewing, moding, coding and so on. Another is pure, hardcoreish uber l33t QW scene, like in Sweden or Norway. And these guys are still playing, organising lans (/me points at QHLAN6), leagues, ladders. They have been doing that for years and nothing seems them to stop that. Obviously, they have no knowledge about mapping (that's why most of CMT maps sucked), but they are making the scene and quake alive, because they're playing on top skill. So, I'd say that Quake would quicker die not if some TOP review site goes down, but when QW-scene goes down.

The most sad point of it is that QW scene completely ignores Editing scene and Editing scene completely ignores QW scene. What we get from it is:
- QW players don't play on our customs but some silly arenaish maps (amphi/endif/povdmm4/end) which they are calling "customs"
- Editing guys don't talk to topskill players for testing and that's why MOST OF OUR MAPS aren't suitable for hardcore QW play. Testing our maps with bots or unskilled players isn't the same if we play them with skilled ones.
- QW players, hungry for new maps, instead of taking some of our work, are organising competitions for new maps. And hence these maps aren't made by editing community, they got crap
- QW players completely don't know anything about quality. For them, architecture of czg07a and cmt1 is the same.

Blegh, okay, I'm going off to buy my tablet :E 
is died = is dead
okay, there are some mistakes :( 
interesting post mis 
No Biggie MisYu 
'is died = is dead
okay, there are some mistakes :('

The quality of thought behind the words shown through. 
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