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Speedmapping Pack 63!
There was a great turnout this weeks, but unfortunately it failed to result in a lot of maps being completed. In the end I received 3 maps by 3 seperate authors.

Zwiffle and Fat Controller went with the optional theme whilst Necros was a free spirit and did his own thing.

You can download the pack here: (1.36 MB)
falling pianos are funny! the map itself was pretty ugly though. :P

i don't know how i beat zwiffle's map. i was able to use the teleporters even though the bars were in front... don't know if that was a bug or intentional. it looked ok though. 
What In The Name Of All That Is Holy Was That Theme? 
sm63_fat is awesome. 
It's a bug, it was intended for like a pretty map only, I added the "puzzle" at the end, and when I saw the bugs I didn't care. I should have left the rocket launcher in instead of grenade that way you can easily rocket jump to the end. Did you have any wierd problems with the teleport texture things? In mine they didn't really show up... 
Fun Without Monsters 
...was the theme. The idea was, you made a map which was all puzzle, like a jumpy thing or avoiding traps (mine.)

As for my map being ugly... well, that's one reason I don't speedmap much. Slow machine, but I've heard rumours that another machine from the olds' workplace might be seeking a new home sometime. With any luck, it'll be faster, more memory, and more expansion (I mean, they run XP, so those Compaq whajamahoosers must be better than what I have now, eh?) 
completly understandable. :)
and of course, you have to love the terse instructions: "you have 8 seconds to get in the house" :) 
Sm63_fat an unparalleled work of staggering genius. It's staying in \maps*.

* along with such classics as 'get on the hotdog' and 'shambler, box room, crate'. 
My First Speedmap 
was not near complete on time, I will have it ready by the next map pack though. Thanks for all your patience guys.

I started with sm63_necros.bsp - good challange. Kind of confused at the end (what do I do now?), but I guess Necros ran out of time - or did I miss something...

sm63_zwiffle.bsp - Damn you zwiffle, that took me sooooooo long to figure out :D. Finally managed it with 2 grenade jumps and a slope jump. No idea if that was the right way to do it. Very cool map.

SM63_FAT.bsp - ahhh the old falling piano map. I've play so many of these, but the idea still has novelty. Nutball heh :) 

Demo for sm63_zwiffle.bsp -- 
It's A Buggy Map 
Just get yourself a rocket launcher and cheat or fly around. 
Don't tell them that. The map is do-able. Just takes some creative thinking :D 
yeah... there was supposed to be a sky texture at the bottom of the pit, with an end level trigger. i guess i forgot the trigger... :P 
did you do it in qw physics or netquake physics? 
SM63_FAT.bsp - ahhh the old falling piano map. I've play so many of these, but the idea still has novelty. Nutball heh :)


Anyway. My goodness these made me realise how different turtlemaps are. I'd got lured into a false sense of security that these might have any value whatsoever. But oh no, now I remember. I sure hope making these was remotely enjoyable as playing them certainly wasn't.

P.S. Sm63_zwiffle - one easy GL and a careful jump into the edge of the barred teleporter. Pish. 
I sure hope making these was remotely enjoyable

I've never seen such unhappy people! 
Fat Controller 
That grass tex.. you make it? Or no? I'd like to use it. 
It's from Hexen 2, along with the keyboard, sky, door and foliage ones. Go ahead... there's converted H2 wads out there somewhere. 
I knew the grass was from H2, but I didn't recall grass-with-flowers. Been awhile since I played. 
What About Losers Who Can't Grenade Jump 
Then You Have The Beautiful 
you just don't play the map. 
use impulse 9 and make rocket jumps instead 
Fly Around 
that's what I did. You can beat the map w/o rocket jumping tho, one of the barsets don't move when they should but you can still jump on the side and teleport anyway, so it's beatable, just buggy. 
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