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New MP AvP2 Map, Winterheat
Been a long time since i built a level for anything, but i wheeled out the tools last month. Winterheat is my 1st attempt at MP design.

more info:
More Shots! 
give us more shots! but i am downloading. 
...very perculiar. 
AvP2 Single Player 
Any good SP out there?

I've finished the Marine and Alien stories. Starting the Preditor. This is a great game. Just wondering if there's some user SP to stretch it out a bit. 
SP Maps 
i am stuck at work ATM. More screens will be up tonight. i will be uploading the .ed file as well.

ScragBaiT, not too many good SP maps out there. My Favorites are Fear 2 Review and... hmmm... Fear Review and DL
... like i said, very few SP maps. 
i should have read the FAQ first

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<shameless p1mp>

</shameless p1mp> 
you could also not play the Predator campaign, it's really not worth it. 
Why Does Predator Suck? 
I just finished Hunt. The outdoor settings and vegetation are cool and its fun to travel high in the trees. The preditor functions and weapons seem cool but the plethora of key-banging is getting tedious. Too much input management can make a game less immersive. The Alien was simple by comparison - you could get more into the game. Between retrieving disks, recharging energy, switching vision mode and zoom in/out, applying health, cloaking/uncloaking, selecting weapons and grabbing heads - it got to be quite a chaotic keyboard/mouse mash fest.

Did you find the Preditor too hard, boring, awkward (as described above) or something else? My initial impression is good but I just started.

I have the Primal Hunt pack as well. I'll play it next. 
Gotta learn to spell it right, right? 
what you said about the controls, plus I found the levels to be not as well or creatively designed as for marine and alien. And switching vision modes for different enemies gets annoying afte a while.

So I guess I find it both awkward and boring.

And Fear Primal Hunt, Fear it a lot. 
Primal Hunt 
I gather your comment above means that I should play it on easy because that would make it about on par with normal for AvP2.

AvP2 was just about right for difficulty except for the Alien end sequence that I found quite tough (although I did beat it.) I played the Marine and Alien on Normal skill.

I don't want to spend more time waiting and staring at a dark screen waiting for the saved game to reload then I do actually playing. AvP2 has long load times and I really spent too much time waiting at the end of the Alien mission. 
sorry for derailing the thread.


post in GA from now on. I've replied about Primal Hunt there. 
Who Dosent Love Bacon 
Don't Play Primal Hunt 
It's poop. doesn't have any atmosphere from what i remember, more of just shooting things than waiting for them to leap out on you. and it's harder than taking a shit with a buttplug. 
Agree On PH 
No suspense at all. You knew you would be mobbed all the way through. I played the marine on easy and the alien and pred on normal.

The worms popping up were very annoying and it was too easy to burn off too much ammo.

AvP2 was quite good though. 
I got all excited, but then I realized the link is a 404. 
:p had sAME problem... 
Uhm, Look At The Date... 
Posted by iART [] on 2004/01/19 17:55:55 
tricked again! 
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