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Poolshark Q3A Map Ready To Go
Poolshark (stchdm1) is a "land o' the giants" type of map featuring a giant pool table you can run around on and inside, a giant bar, giant bookshelves and giant comfy chairs, all packed into a giant wooden room. And it really is ginormous. Think player = cockroach type scale. Available in FFA and TDM flavours.

Get it here for the time being until I get it mirrored at FP (8.5MB d/l).
Revised Url 
Sorry that should be:

(damn no html...) 
I'm not a fan of giant levels. They usually have piss-poor layouts and excellent textures. This one is no exception. 
Revised Use Your Brain 
Sorry that should be:

Posted in the news submissions

(damn no idea...) 
This Doesn't Look Bad At All 
the only giant maps I've played were for HEretic II and they weren't very good; but with an engine as high-res as Q3 this might work. However, the download link doesn't work, heh. 
Look In News Threads 
I rereleased this (with some changes) and posted something in the news forum with an FP link where you can get the map. Hasn't appeared on there yet but should soon. Meanwhile: 
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