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any of you mappers tried ogier:

just happened to come across it, it might be of interest to you...
Check the General thread for the several posts related to this already (look for "Enclave"), thank you.

Now go do a proper Could run you lazy scrote
..I missed that one, my bad. 
Sounds Interesting... 
...hope Quake1/2/3 and all other quake engine games get supported :D 
Quake1 Gamepack 
comes with the editor I assume, it says on the web page it supports quake 1. 
Quake 1 gamepack comes with the editor, just checked, only thing is - I cant load/save .map files, only the enclave file types, any ideas here? Yes I did load the q1 gamepack on loading the editor =)

And..How do you make a brush? =) 
looked at the editor a little more, it loads quake .map files fine, you just need to set the "open" dialogue box to "all files" then type *.map into the filename box and then load any map file you like, just trying to work out how to load textures and how to add brushes now, adding entities is easy... 
Ogier And Q1 
You have to add your wads to ogier\projects\quake\textures and you also need a .PAL file there with the same name as the wad you add (just duplicate the base.PAL that should be there and rename it to match your wad).

Keep in mind that the default texture scale in ogier as it is now is 0.25 instead of quake's 1.0.

Seems like there's no way to access the worldspawn entity in ogier so you have to add fields to worldspawn in other editor or wordpad, seems like anything you add outside to it is kept though after loading and saving so it shouldn't be that much of a problem.

I've mentioned these things to the editor programmer so they might be improved on in the future.

It might be a bit hard to learn the editor with the lack of documention (think the only doc included is the quickref.txt in the data folder that has most but not all shortcuts) and even more so for people that try to make enclave maps.

Best place for info and questions should be the ogier forum: 
Uhm, Haven't Played Around With It Yet 
but what would the advantages be of using this editor over Radiant, Warcraft and Quark? Does it support any model to brush features like UnrealEd? If so, it may be worth my while to open up. 
Of Course 
the original warcraft is a bit outdated, and useless for map editing since it is a uhm, game 
I haven't worked out how to make brushes yet =) But if the editor can make funky brushes then it will have some good uses for creating specialised architecture etc... Still looking at it. 
Funky Brushes 
This ought to help in that department,
Though I have no means of judging how effective it is because I'm too cheap to buy a copy of 3d studio. Now if a similar plug-in existed for wings3d, blender or even Breeze, I would be in Biz-nezz. In the mean time, gtkradiants tools do an acceptable job of cutting brushes the way I like 'em. 
Headthump, I Am Curious... 
what maps have you released? and for what games? also, do you have a website? 
A Few Factoids 
I have two releases for Theif; they are so ugly I consider them bastard children to me now. If you find'em, great, but I will not own up to them. No public releases for Quake, though if you would like to see some of my unreleased maps, including the one I'm working on at this moment, I would be glad to share them with you. I hope to have it ready for Beta-testing soon, so I could use someone for that as well.
I would prefer to have at least a few maps out I'm willing to call my on before I launch a website for the partial conversion project I have been working on since early fall (and, no it's not Vaginal Laceration, nor Brass Brawler, those are just jokes -- working title is Blight). 
Sounds Good 
i might be able to help you with beta-testing the quake stuff. The partial conversion is for quake 1? =) 
You can expect a functional beta of the map (which may suprise Zwiffle, he has seen how badly I messed the original up!) by midweek (shoot for Tuesday). I've spent most of the evening tweaking the map some more, adding another route so it is not too linear, but right now I'm starting to twitch and I need to step out and fullfill 'social obligations' (drinking beer).

Oh, yes, Blight is definitely a Q1 conversion, with custom monsters, weapons, and static models but it is more story and puzzle driven than normal Quake. Bridges and Towers and Mexx9 were my initial inspirations for it. I'm using the Dark Places engine, but if you can run Quake III Arena on your system you will be able to run Blight with no problem.

It shouldn't interfere with the mapping I've promised Tronyn as I volanteered for that and the Turtle map just to step away from Blight for a moment. Cheers! 
Is that OGIER capable to extract Enclave music? 
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