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Evdm1: Black Rain
I decided to take a little break from evspq2. So I took a few days to focus on my first deathmatch level! It has a depressing new (lack of)color scheme for you all to enjoy :) This level is very fun for 1on1 but crazy with more players. For those who can quad rocketjump, a pentagram awaits you :D Enjoy!

Screenshots and download available from the site above.
nice map, but it's too heavy for the poor q1 engine :) dm map with rspeeds 2000 is something evile ;)

and windlash, could you please make your screens a bit brighter like this: 
Sorry about the dark screens, I'll photoshop them right away. I just posted a 1on1 demo of the level on the site mainpage, some cool rocket airshots in it and whatnot :) 
nice demo! it indeed shows some nice tricks of the map. especially i liked that you can hide somewhere in the black abyss and fire from there ;) 
Through careful experimentation, I've found that Ffhntghnfgh is the exact sequence of letters you'll come up with if you plop your balls down on the center of the keyboard. I'm on to you aren't I?

Windlash, good brush work though the size of the map makes it look sparse. I also like most of the weapons placement except for the rocket launcher on the bottom. To easy to get to in relation to the top one. Also, the wind push tricks are great and definitely make the map worth keeping. I played it with reaperbots, but I hope to Lan it with my brother after he is finished putting shelves up for his wife this afternoon(Ha! Ha! Ha!). 
LOL@Axel, put those nuts away man.

Thanks for the feedback though thump :) 
Maybe I'm just retarded, but that's the funniest response to anything that I've seen in days. I couldn't stop giggling for at least two or three minutes. Nice image (um, sort of), and thanks for brightening up my day. 
And Windlash 
Sorry for derailing--I'd give you feedback, but I *gasp* don't even play Q1 anymore. 
Start Playing 
start playing quake again. it ownz everyone. 
Interesting Map... 
I quite like it, it's my sort of style, and has good gameplay elements whilst being thematically innovative. I do think it's on the gimmicky side though and perhaps not appealing for competitive play.

Cool demo BTW, looks like a lot of fun. You speedrunners really do have great movement skills, I like all the tricks. Nice to see that you're just having a laugh, lots of cock-ups and messing around. 
Id like to play it if some1 puts up a server 
A Server... 
That would be really cool :) Would love to try my map with more than 3 players.. 
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