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Speedmap Pack 64!
Can you believe it!? No more than a week after Speedmap 63, we're getting right back into the groove with Speedmap 64! And groovy it is!

3 maps were completed by Moz, Zwiffle, and yours truly! The theme this week was to make maps with an upward flow... mappers somewhat stuck on theme.

Get the pack here!
Good Maps 
but it seems i need more monsters to compete with the 80+ monsters of both the other maps. That's some major gibs in both maps... 
� sm64_moz.bsp - I think Quad & 666 was a bit much, but what the heck.
� sm64_scampie.bsp - packet overflows, but a nice little shootout.
� sm64_zwiffle.bsp - top quality map. Nice looking and challenging enemy placement.

The usual good blast. Thanks for making them. :) 
Pretty Good 
Moz's had nice outdoor scenery but bad lighting and gameplay was basically a quad massacre.

Scampie's had much better gameplay but too dark.

Zwiffle's was the best of the bunch, even trick-jump enabled early on. Intended? 
You Mean 
to the left where you face the first ogre? That was unintentionally intentional. I didn't mean to make you able to slope jump up there, but when I found it out during testing I just left it in. 
Moz -- too easy/too small even for a speedmap
Scamp -- not bad but I couldn't get past the packet overflow
Zwif -- the best map in the pack, nice gameplay planning in such a short amount of time. 
Moz: small, quick, challenge until quad/penta

Scampie: this was pretty cool, good challenge, I was down to 1 health picking off various monsters, died.. reloaded, ~ god :|

Zwiffle: in your face action! I was SO CLOSE to the MH with so little health but an ogre popped a grenade! 
Interesting Maps..., I lied. The shortcut in Zwiffles was fun though. 
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