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Speedmap #65... SPEEDMAP OF DESTINY!
Lookie here! It's Speedmap pack #65! Filled with Quake map goodness!

This week, our theme was a bit differant. Mappers were given a simple top-down layout drawing, and told to use it in any way they wanted to build their maps. You can see it here:

The result is 5 maps, 2 of which are singleplayer, and 3 of which are deathmatch. The usual suspects are guilty, Czg making 2 maps, Starbuck slowly trotting along, Zwiffle zwiffling his map, and myself leading the pack!

Grab the pack, and see some screenshots at the speed mapping page.
I don't included? Bah, I was a mere 6 hours over the time limit. Here's my map anyways. Based on the shape of the bottom right object in the picture. 
These Maps... 
...gave me diarrhoea. Basically some totally twats of maps. 
Sob Indeed. 
And your's megazoid, was the gaming equivalent of felching yourself. 
CZG's DM map was great. Zwiffle's wasn't bad. Scampie's looked good but had a pretty obvious layout.. CZG's SP map ruled if only for the nostalgic value :-p Starbuck's was funny.

But yeah we need a crap maps theme again. 
I've Only Played 
Megazoid's map and there were indeed a couple of problems. Technically, the map leaks and has only fast light. It's a bit cramped in the sewers and especially when entering the final room, it's too difficult to move.

Gameplay was pretty OK except for a bit too little ammo and especially health. If I'd known beforehand there wasn't going to be any health at all, I'd have played more defensively (which often is boring in Q1). Since this wasn't obvious, I could hardly make it through on Medium.

Visually, the sewers looked OK, but the sudden change to white marble-like temple textures looked weird to me.

Well keep on, next map will hopefully be a lot better. 
is always nice to see ... 
Thanks for the feedback aguirRe. The Stone room was going to lead to more Nazi base themed stuff, but since I'm so slow at the moment and the map was corrupt, I thought I would call it a day. Hopefully the next couple of maps will be better.

Shambler: Since I have no experience of fletching, I bow to your superior knowledge. I'm happy to have wasted 5 minutes of your life :)

I wish the weeks pack didn't have so many DM levels, as personally I have no use for DM maps anymore. Liked Starbucks funny bits though >_< 
Starbuck's was funny? O_o 
WTF X 2 
But yeah we need a crap maps theme again.

Dood, every week is a crap maps theme.

Megazoid's map... blah blah insert lengthy criticism here ...temple textures looked weird to me.

Aguire, what fucking drugs have you been injecting straight into your brain you freak?! Why on earth are you analysing this as if it's anything approaching a map?? It's a 30 second long non-map consist of 5 bland tubes and a box room, I know it's a turd, Megazoid knows it's a turd, everyone can see it's a turd. Why next, an indepth review of a fullbright box (without a player start)?? 
Why Next = What Next. 
^^^ Take Your Own Advice 
go away shambler, we know you don't like the maps. 
Dood, every week is a crap maps theme.

I knew you'd pick up on that one.

The difference being... a theme where we deliberately go out of our way to make our maps as shite as possible, rather than aiming for mid-to-high standards and falling flat on our arses. They end up so much better. 
that point (can't really be called a joke) was made last time when we had that theme... i probably made it 
if you only ever tried to map yourself, you'd stop your weekly whine

its simpliy not possible to create an outstanding level in 100 minutes

get over it 
you guys should just ignore the sham. he's been whining on the forums since before time began 
I Find His Rants 
Quite amusing actually. 
nothing amusing when you see same teen-speak bullshit time and again 
FYI, the amount of shit I give about your opinion: 
Off Topic 
but related to mapping...
has anyone ever played goldeneye for n64? has anyone made or thought of remaking those maps for q1? i'm sure they would be pretty easy to put together, the only real problem being textures. ideas? 
The Geometry Would Be Very Easy To Put Together 
but i don't know why you'd want to do it... it certainly wouldn't be very suited to the gameplay of quake, which is drastically different to Goldeneye. 
those who speedmap and can make a playable and decent map out of it get my respect. I know that I couldn't do it in the allotted time. 
You really love to hate these levels, eh? 
I may sound crappy, but why does this toppic link download speedmap pack 67 in stead of 65? 
becuase speedmap 65 is two weeks old and I let old things go into archives rather than dwelling on them for years. 
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