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Speedmap Pack #66!
Theme: Crap Maps or Parody Maps

Authors: Gleeb, Megazoid, NotoriousRay, R.P.G and Starbuck.

Info: This week, there were two themes to choose from. The 'Crap Maps' theme encouraged mappers to create the worst maps possible, whilst the 'Parody' theme (thought up by R.P.G.) suggested a more lighthearted approach.

There are 5 Singleplayer maps in this pack, and no DM maps. Gleeb and Ray followed the 'Crap Maps' theme, R.P.G. and Starbuck followed the 'Parody' theme, and Megazoid made a map which was a combination of the two.

More Info and Screens

Nice Batch 
Good bag of maps I thought. Loved some of the effects on Starbuck and NotoriousRay's maps.

R.P.G's map is actually pretty good (time limits considered), but I missed what the parody was of ?!?

Gleeb, that picture was hideous :P 
That Was Good Fun 
Everyone wins! 
hehe, i think starbuck's wins on originality! i've never seen that done before!

i'm not sure what rpg's was parody-ing, but it looked really good. at first i thought maybe it was a parody of czg's latest map (all the archways led me to believe this) but the ending camera reminded me of the pcgamer map so i'm not really sure. very nice in anycase.

megazoid's was funny with the popups and the "pretty" hat. :D

and ray's crazy dogs were just wierd.

gleebs was... shall we say, an eye sore... can you even win it? :P 
RPG's Map 
look at the map title. And then go noclipping around. 
RPG has a thing about penis shapes :) A parody of his own Penile Devastation perhaps? 
it's a bottle of absolut vodka. Their ads feature other things in the shape of their bottle.

bunch of examples 
I thought it was pretty straight forward. I bet Moz got it right away. 
By The Way 
whats the highest score anyone can get on my map?
(your score appears in the middle of the screen when you shoot an asteroid/spaceship) 
Pretty low... I suck at it :D

even still... any chance of .map releasal so we can see how you did it? 
Sure Thing 
uploaded the source here: (7kb)

its a really simple trick, should be obvious when you see the .map. 
A Little Speedrun 
I did a speedrun of R.P.G.'s level thus far. Maybe I'll run some of the other levels later today. Fun little map pack! 
470 (could try harder)

(and megazoid, that shambler and the others looked so happy to see me) 
Third try = 590. Fifth try = 610 (I think that is the maximum?)

Great map, Starbuck. :D Now I know why you were asking about the func_train. 
SM66_Ray was LOL material. 
Starbucks Map 
LOL! That was awesome starbuck!!! I got 620. not sure if you can get any more than that. Here's the demo to that one. 
glad you like, I think thats the maximum too :) 
On Starbuck's Map 
I got 640, but I think 650 is maximum. 
Starbuck's Map 
Damn, boy! you keep coming up with these original ideas...

shambler, shambler, shambler..... 
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