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New Cube Map: Infertile Mind
Small but tightly packed dm map featuring the egypt textures and a thick red fog.


Infantile Mind, more like :P 
I Know Nothing... 
I fired up Cube this moring to take a look at Infertile. Seems nicely designed, although I'm no expert. Should make for fast DM gameplay.

Personally I'm not a big fan of that sandstone brick texture that comes with Cube, but that is a minor personal point. 
Feedback Without Playing 
I haven't played it, but from the screenshots it looks a little plain; even for a Cube map. Not horribly plain, mind you; just a little plain.

Anyway, good job on releasing a map. Too bad more people don't do that. 
Hopefully it doesn't look so empty in the game. It's hard to judge a map by screenshots. 
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