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Newbie Mapping Q
Well...due to my slow net I prefer posting Qs here rather than searching through tuts

1.How to make Negative Lights?
2.What's the name of the entity which can be used to make a light entity focused on it?

1. Use a light program that supports antilights; generally the idea is to give the light a negative value.

2. info_null - slap on a "targetname" and you're set.

Tyrlite offers both antilights and spotlights which don't need to target stuff, BTW.

3. There will now be a brief pause before someone else yells, "Post this shit in the 'Mapping Help" thread you TW4TXX0R!!!eleven!" 

Here Spot 
Cool, I was wondering about spotlight the other day. 
we have a MAPPING HELP thread for a reason.

(sup Fat Controller?) 
Use The 
mapping help thread. 
OK Thanks... 
sorry for having not found that thread :D
hmmm...but I did use an info_null? maybe targetname wasn't added 

A freaking newbie!?!

I thought they went extinct with the great Q3 catastophy of oh-one... 
Be Nice! 
Don't drive him away like the others :P 
Driven Away? 
I thought they were buried in the flower bed. 
Oh Yeah 
Oh yeah,


"classname" "info_null"
"origin" "XXXXX"
"targetname" "target1"

"classname" "light"
"origin" "XXXXXX"
"target" "target1" 
Thank You For The Roses... 
To New BE or not to BE new...

never get lost in a toppic with other Q-oldies
and got squeezed by the Hunc_Allocated Title error??? 
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