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New QSP Map -- Adamantine Cruelty
My new QSP is ready.



BTW, if you don't mind, could you please record the first run demo? I really enjoy watching first runs :)
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Sorry For Ruininining Your Thread, Vondur :( 
It's still a great map. With Scary Zombies. 
Nice Map 
After watching the demos of Vondur's map I now know that I need to make my own maps a lot harder! 
well i've got some angry mails regarding my main secret. fek u dunno what to do. some ppl find it easily others complain about too many windows to shoot. sigh.
i'll try to explain: this kind of puzzle is for those who enjoys walking in the quake dimension. just walking and admiring brushwerk.
others, who like rushing through the map can exit w/o finding this secret or noclip to it w/o probs. sorry, this map (puzzle) is for true quake lovers....


yeah, czg, you kinda ruined it, but i blame scampie.... 
I Love You Vondur 
Nice one Mr Svetlichny, keep 'em comming. 
Great map. Wide, bunny friendly, doesn't feel cramped in any particular place, and still manages to confuse me with it's complex construction. 10/10. 
Yay For Me! 
I found the Super Secret in the manner that Vonder expressed 3 posts up. I had to go back and find a couple I missed but overall, I'm pleased. I got 3/4 secrets and hope to find the 4th.

Vondur - I recorded my 1st run demo. It's 4Mb zipped. Should I mail it to you? Should I DZip instead?

Great Quake crawler map and I play the way it's meant to be played - fight - explore - look around - no rush. My demo is very long. 
Review Is Posted At My Site: 

hmm no dots at end of links

hmm no edit button here.

ya, try dzipping, it shoule be less in size and mail to :) 
Great Map! 
Im not big on SP, but I really like the author's deathmatch maps. So I figured what the hell... I wasnt disappointed. I actually nabbed all his SP maps while I was on his site.

Keep up the good work! 
Good One Von 
Took me 55 minutes... 
AC Demos 
The first demos are in on AC: 
This is actually the demo of my second run. I had just gotten up from a nap when I made the first and it was cut short. 
Hey guess what? I'm a moron. 
Text Adventure 
You come to a sign on the road. It says: "Do not smile at the moron." You are likely to be eaten by a grue. 
Go North 
Go North 
Moving around in the dark is dangerous!

You die. 
Layout was so confusing I found a bunch of secrets before stumbling across part of the intended route. Never located a grenade weapon so I had to gun my way through the zombies. Gave up locating the silver key and settled for a trick jump instead. Etc. etc. etc.

But it's a good map. 
How did you miss the grenade launcher seeing as it's in the same room as the zombies you had to gun down?? 
he meant the zombies that are in the spiral tower. and if to access blue key with sillye trickjump you won't get grenadelauncher yes. 
Great Level Vondur! :) 
I'm at 159 enemies and stuck. I got to the silver key area. I'v shot every window and enemy, I could find. I'm at 63 mins. Any hints?

Love the cool huge structure of the map. Great gameplay, kept me guessing the whole time.

Few things annoyed me about this map...

First thing, silver key. Now I know the trick jump was obvious but I always like to play maps fully and properly before raping it with shortcuts etc... but I gave up looking for it in the end, took the obvious route & travelled back to see where the entrance was. Was kinda annoyed on finding it since I'd been in that room before and thought it was merely a route back to the beginning via that underwater tunnel; the lighting was deceiving. Maybe that was intended but it niggled me nonetheless.

I also managed to shoot all the windows... but travelled back through the map for at least 10-20 mins and still couldn't find the rest of the monsters/hidden doors. Being able to exit without completing the mission was an innovative twist but I felt it could've been pulled off better.. more clues (like monsters perhaps) leading to where the hidden doors were, wherever they are (still not found them yet) would've made it less frustration. Don't get me wrong I like a bit of exploration, but in moderation, not scaling every last corner of a map this size :-p

Gripes over though, the layout/architecture/general atmosphere was top notch & the gameplay without flaws; nothing imbalanced. Rated it highly, took 45 mins to complete.

The way the rooms contain well crafted architecture yet still manage to blend smoothly & consistenly together was very impressive; perhaps not quite as much as say, GMSP2 was, but certainly one of the best I've seen. With regards to personal taste I prefer layouts which contain giant spectacular areas which integrate with rocky surroundings, and would have preffered some of that in here to give it more variation, but it's still a superb job. Well done, Vondur. 
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