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New QSP Map -- Adamantine Cruelty
My new QSP is ready.



BTW, if you don't mind, could you please record the first run demo? I really enjoy watching first runs :)
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would've made it less frustrating 
sorry about causing frustration, as i said this map is not for nervous people ;)

and i don't like open areas in quake ;) i wanted to make dark tunnel-ish map, so here it is... 
Pfft... no, just people who get bored easily wandering around aimlessly without any monsters to kill ;-)

And didn't mean open necessarily... but twasn't a critisism anyway, just my own taste 
Its Interesting 
when i played and reviewed this map i found the pathway to the blue key very quickly. i think i look for clusters of monsters as a way to plot my path, or just go the way that seems to make most "sense" [whatever that is!?!].

i have played a lot of quake 1 SP maps so maybe its become like a hidden instinct to find the pathway!

im not really sure, hehe.

but all told a very interesting map conceptually, i came very close to giving it 19/20, i must admit. 
/me Hates Scores 
i finally played it! it's a nice looking map, but it's damned confusing. the layout of very convoluted. i didn't really like it because of that... i was lost often. also, it's not clear which route to take at the start.. it looks like you can take both routes... it's still pretty hard at the start before you get good guns. also, i was running out of ammo quite often with only the gl to fall back on...

the ending fight was pretty cool.

demos: - 1.5mb

in ne_ac, i die fairly quickly, but in ne2_ac i finish the map. 
/me Loves Vondur For Making Cool Q1SP Maps :o 
feel free to ignore scores if you hate them :) 
Just managed to complete the mission :D

Had to noclip to figure where the secret entrance was.. kicked myself for not realising sooner.. nice idea :-)

Btw shadowalker: I'm thinking you might be in the 2nd last room.. you have to slope-jump up one of the ramps to get to the ledge 
Welly Well 
necros: i just wanted to make interconnected tunnels of death, seems like i succeeded ;)

underworldfan: i do :)

xen: congrats! but a pity for noclip usage... 
I found my way through the map very easily.... until I tried looking for the supersecret. 
3 Words 
I love you.
Best map ever.
Not enough health.
Still don't care.
Really awesome connectivity.
Brutal end fight.
Single player paragon.
Vondur go map. 
good good 
3 More Words 
still haven't downloaded 
You Suck 

download it, crustaceous one 
I just downloaded and played this last week. It's the first Quake map I've played in quite a while, but *wow* it was good. Good to see you tried something different with your style too - not quite so obviously a "Vondur map" - and pulled it off really well.

Nice work Vondur! 
Glad you liked it Tyrann :D 
The above mentioned end fight was really challanging and brutal. At the end it was just me with an axe (ou of ammo) against two jumping spawns. Result: slimed just in front of the exit. And yes, map is really nicely designed.

PS: Sorry for not recording first run demo. 
Old news I know, but since the thread was brought to life again, I thought I'd post a link for the SDA speedruns: 
Riding The Cruel Lift 
I remember this map from years ago and only now (6 years later) I have found the time to play it! I initially tried the map on easy skill level and found it good fun. I liked the architecture and it was well constructed with curved space everywhere. The final secret (The AI are watching you) was priceless, the icing on the cake for a well crafted level.

I tried the map on normal skill level and holy crap this map is hard as nails or as the title says cruel. There were certain gameplay mechanics that leave little for skill or planning and riding a lift up to a small platform surrounded by sword wielding crazy knights is one of them. It is surprising how few gameplay mechanics exist for Q1 and this map does not disappoint with the familiar pit and AI rain dance.

Overall I loved the map, the architectural style, the easy(normal) skill level was fun and the final secret was a real gem. :) 
I remenber very well this map and love it, now I have to play it again :\ 
sock u dug this out and actually played!

glad you liked it, weird it was hard on normal for you, i'd watch the demo to see your playstyle :> and yay for finding the secret :) 
> It is surprising how few gameplay mechanics exist for Q1

this is probably my main point in Quake gameplay discussions for a couple years now.

Most seem to like it that way, though.

This map is still pretty cool of course. One of the maps that really inspired me to learn mapping - Vondur and RPG were my heroes :)

Nastrond by Vondur is also pretty good. Apart from the cool name. The map that made me adore RPG was "And all that could have been". RPG showed me his dopefish, and I was wooed. Come back RPG. 
just replayed tonight again, always in the edge of death but finish it on Hard :) with no deaths! 3/4 secrets and 190/190

fun blast that took me 41 minutes :) 
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