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The #Terrafusion Bill Of Rights
For years we have all enjoyed the various forms of communication our community has taken to. The first major form of connecting to one another was the advent of the QBoard. Shortly there after, #terrafusion was created while the community was discussing the concept of a web portal of the same name.

Other sites came about such as Peej 'n' Frib's, and QMap. Each of these different, yet similar sites each held a unspoken code of conduct. Certain behaviors were expected of one another to keep all the information within the sites easily obtainable and junk free. Places were set aside for normal bickering and bantering that always took place.

These sites were havens for many different opinions and ideas to be freely exchanged with little or no prosecution. If someone created an thread that for one reason or another failed to meet the criteria agreed upon, they were politely corrected and the issue was taken care of. This thankfully has continued through each generation of our boards.

Advanced forms of idea discussion were created as the next logical step beyond typical threads. For instance, Peej 'n' Frib introduced the concept of columns. After each entry the readers were encouraged to leave some comments and continue the discussion on the given topic. This acknowledge the idea that everyone has their own opinion on others opinions.

For sometime I was a moderator at Qmap. I and the other moderators adhered to the ideas of what constituted new threads, news, and what should of been placed where. During this time I tried my hardest not to play moderator of opinion, but play an invisible entity that allowed everyone to have their opinion properly expressed. Each moderator strived for this concept of letting everyone get their say in, just in the right place.

As each new site was created to replace the old and broken, the code of conduct slightly changed and morphed. Anyone who has spent any amount of time within any of the sites understands these unspoken rules of conduct.

However it has become increasingly clear that #terrafusion has moved away from these rules. Instead it has become a space for mindless abuse. When it first created it was based on the idea that no one held power over another. Countless times people would step down from op position after making any adjustments to the channel. The point was not create a sense of elite ness which everyone agreed would stifle discussions, ideas, and opinions.

So as a result I per pose we develop a quick bill of rights in a sense. For instance, what constitutes a ban or kick. It doesn't have to be like the 10 Commandments of TF, but just a general rule of thumb on how to act there. Now that the room is moderated rather strictly, I believe it is best we have some rules similar to the unspoken ones I touched on above.

I hope everyone takes a quick moment to give their opinions on this subject.
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Too late! 
Getting repeatedly kicked/banned is just a way of life in IRC now? I must have missed the memo. 
I'm Pretty Sure... always has been, for those can't work out how to not piss people off.

Learn from your mistakes. They can break you or they can make you stronger! </phil voice> 
you like to hear about ambiguous homosexual harassment aimed at fellow mappers I don't much see the desire to join terrafusion. I mean I've been banned twice, but that was because I said zelda sucked and pope kicked me (lousy piece of trash dm mapper.) 
/me Draws His Master Sword 
and Jump attacks yo' ass!

and ummm you weren't kickbanned, just kicked, thus free to return

why put all this hate into me on the boards, thats just uncivilized...

why does this thread even exist? #tf is not qboard, it's issues and politics shouldn't carry over 
Which Server 
is #tf hosted on? I tried (saw a reference somewhere), but both #tf and #terrafusion were empty..? 
This place needs a search function. 
#terrafusion is on

gamesurge took over for gamesnet after some legal matters 
I Remember 
Pope kicked me first time I came, some kinda welcome ritual he says, and Scampie hated me for my political idiocy and kickbanned me. That was cute. But all is well now. At least, for now. ^_^ 
My Thoughtful Contribution To This Thread 
blah blah blah wah wah wah 
<wanking>Flamewar! Flamewar!</wanking> 
I love polish people, they map good...and make me laugh! <beer> <beer> 
(didnt bother to read entire thread)
Prod: the rule is clear - piss off mod/owner - get kicked. Continue to do it - get banned.

granted, its easy to piss off scamp and he often provokes the conflict himself

anyway, who cares 

Apart from that: Scampie rocks. He has kicked me in the past too, and each time it was well deserved on my part. 
Boris The Blade 
Hi SleepwalkR!!!

Yeah, Scampie rocks!
He kicked/banned me couple of times, wasn't quite sure what for, but who gives a fuck, especially when he unbanned me :E

Scampie ROKZ!

I am a sun worshiper! 
Watch Me! 
It was about 1april2004 AM6:24 Lunaran attented me about a discussion on #tf from Madfox, who was throwing up comments that were a substraction of all my posts I had given here on Func_msg.

I seemed to be a complete idiot, while I've been only once there to ask some info about getting up my quakepages on my homepage.

It must have been a dork, who used a text generator to trash my identy.
In the beginning I was surprised, then felt abused, and got angered.
Then I realized that when Lunaran hadn't attended me I would never have known.

I don't care much about cynisme, it just unnecessary fucks up normal conversation. 
I cant even seem to find #terrafusion now days 
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