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Speedmap Pack 71!
Just a quick update, Speedmap 71 is released!

This is week 2 of our Tribute to Headshot megatheme. This week we did maps themed after the classic deathmatch pack, Dapak!

Only 2 mappers finished this week, Preach and myself, but both are great SP maps and worth checking out!

Enjoy the maps and lets hope for more next week!
Sorry I waited another day to release this, was kinda hoping for another map :(

Oh well, I'm really proud of my map this week, think I'll expand it if people like it. Here's some bigger screenshots to get people in the mood:

Also, Preach's map is pretty good, but kinda dark. A suggestion is to not worry so much about every light being sourced perfectly, and just get everything lit. It's just a speedmap, it's more important to be able to play/view it easily than it is for things to be 'correct'. 
Both are really really good, but I think scampie's was a little bit better because of how it loops in on itself. I'll try to finish my map for next week but I was having some problems compiling it, so we'll see if I turn in two maps next week. Great job both of you !! 
Please expand! 
Preach's looked great, but I killed the vore and didn't know where to go. I nopclipped my way to the portal where some fiends jumped along an invisible platform. I killed them and noclipped through the portal.

Scampie's was awesome, I'd love to see it expanded. I played it three times. On the second go a grunt spawned in the basement like a statue. He didn't move and shots didn't damage him. It was weird. 
Thank you for that entirely-purposeless-for-normal-playing clip brush where the bridge is.

You boring twat. 
And Thanks Metslime Too.... 
pl... = playing. 
I've escaped the patented Shambler 'i hate all speedmaps'! I must have done something right!

Guess I will expand the map in the next few weeks. 
The Clipping Brush 
It wasn't entirely pointless. The fiends were getting stuck on the bridge, so I stuck it there to fix the problem. I figured it was the lesser of two evils. 
there should be playerclip and shamblerclip textures, that only affect hull1 or hull2. Aguire, you reading this? :) 
I'd use shamblerclips everywhere, just to piss him off. 
Both Maps 
were great, but Preach's had better visuals (although a bit on the dark side) and gameplay. I had to take on the last two fiends with only 2 health points left, a bit tricky ...

I didn't have any problems with the final bridge, it worked as expected.

Keep up the good work, both of you!

metl: I think the poor shamblers have a hard time with hull 2 as it is ... 
Okay, fair enough, I did consider you might have done it for a reason, but only after posting the obligatory insult.

I wish someone had bloody told me before I spent a while trying to speedrun it. The double GJ off a Knight or GJ + double Fiend boost would have been pretty nice. Still possible, mind, but very tedious trying to fit into the remaining slot. 
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