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New Q1SP Map - Azure Infux
My first quake 1 map.


Download: (dzip) (zip)

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In Before Shambler Insult! 
WHooooeeee i'm gonna play this right now 
This Map... extremely homosexual. It tried to interfere with my anus. But I denied it. 
Nice Map! 
Enjoyed playing it!
Here is my first run :) 
Go Flecker! Play this map on skill 3 and good luck :) 
Yeah, I Tried... 
but I died...

ran outa ammo and started running, made it past the zombies but the vores n shambies at the end toasted me 
Empty Title Mmkay?? 
Play this map on skill 3 and good luck :)

That, sir, sounds like a challenge. 
Yuck, .dz File 
what thing do i have to dl to unzip dz files? 

freeware and small in size. 
Semi-first run demo here:

On the first run, FitzQuake was running at about 150% of its normal speed so I was getting owned by almost every monster. After I died in the central room, I restarted the computer and recorded that demo.

As for the map: that was an obscene amount of monsters at the end. I probably could have got the fiends and vores sorted, but probably not the Shamblers. I'm not sure if this was intended as a speedrunning map (it doesn't appear so), but either way having something a little fairer would have been nice.

Also, I got stuck on the lifts in the central room (exhibited in the demo). Some clip brushes would have been nice there.

Miscellaneous comments go here about how the gray theme was kind of cool, but that having more diverse and complex details would have helped. Nothing was particularly bad; however there wasn't much to grab me and keep there, especially after I died in the finale. 
Thanks for the demos guys, keep em coming =)

RPG, theres some goodies down in the crypt with all the zombies, they make the end a hell of alot easier. Oh, and i did have speed running in mind when making this map, i am a runner myself. =) 
cant you upload a simple zip file? i hate the program!! :( 
Unless You're A Mac User 
...there is absolutely no reason not to have dzip.

Of course, uploading a BSP FILE in a .dz archive instead of .zip is pointless in itself too. 
Dzip Is Nice 
I like watching people complain about .dz files, too. I find it amusing, personally. 
Is the compression ratio really that much better than .zip?

Anyway, when you're distributing a product that you want people to play, then it is common custom to provide it in a format that people can read without hassle. I for one won't be playing this map until it's available in .zip because I'm too lazy to download dzip (though obviously not lazy enough not to type out this big moany post). 
Nice Map 
Very even challenge throughout on Medium (with the quad stuff in the crypt for the end slaughter). Repetitive texture colour(s), although I assume this was intended. Like having blue sunglasses on ... Good use of teles to avoid tedious backtracking.

I see you have used standard id Light. Although lighting was OK, with a more flexible light tool, the lighting could be more interesting (you'd probably need far less lights as well). Take a look at and see if anything seem interesting.

Btw, on these two files, normal zip is actually smaller than dz ... 
.dz form, great.. sorry but im not into dling new apps for old maps mmkay? 
Yes it is about 10x better than .zip but ONLY FOR .DEM FILES. For anything else it's identical and you get no advantage from it. 
I HATE that fileplanet !!!!!
Lo-o-ots af adds, but where IS that damn file I'm lookig for ???? 
Heres The .zip 
Thanks muchly for the .zip version, I downloaded dzip, but was holding off installing in the hope that a .zip version would come along. Thank you 
WOW ! 
Nightmare is really hard, very nice map,
hard to believe its a 1st map .
Great ;) 
good stuff Optic 
Finally got around to reviewing the map (I was compiling a map of my own for a bout a week there, so no Quake!). Aside from what I said on UWF's site (, I want to say that the iris door was really cool and also, I think the areas you built have a lot of potential to be atmospheric, that is I think you probably envisioned something more extensive in terms of detail than you were able to create.
Nice map, cheers. 
The Iris Door... 
is a Iikka prefab <wink> 
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