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Speedmap Pack #72
Another week, Another Quake Speedmap pack!

We got five maps for you this week, 4 SP and 1 DM, made by four authors, Card0, RPG, Zwiffle (made 2), and myself! This was week three of megatheme number two, A Tribute to Headshot, this week being the textures from his map Spine. It may be Speedmap event #72, but this week's quality is number one!

This week, Zwiffle, RPG, and me strung our SP maps together, so you hardcore players can play them in an infinite loop. Enjoy the maps!
RPG asked me to post this for him:

<RPG> scampie when are you going to post the sm72 news item cause im really tired and im staying up so i can make the first post in the thread and say how bad sm72_rpg is and apologize to shambler and warn people to not play but im really tired and i want to go to bed so when are you going to post the news item

but I'd rather post this:

[23:06] *** RPG ( has joined #speedq1
[23:06] *** RPG ( Quit (Quit: K I love you buh-bye!)
rpg makes me wet 
RPG's map was the coolest! (everyone say something nice to cheer him up) it totally beat everyone elses map this week, and is possibly the greatest, most unflawed map of all time!! I give it 11 out of 10! 
the only really cool map here is zwiffle's first one. But it alone is worth the download. My only complaint is fighting 3 shamblers on a narrow platform with a rocket launcher -- that's got to be the worst situation possible for that weapon. 
er, you were meant to RJ over them. That's why you were given 200 health and armor with the RL. 
Fun Stuff 
For me Scampie's was best, not quite as good as last weeks effort, but still....., sm72_Zwiffle was cool, intesresting, second one wasn't to bad either. Card0's map was good for a blast with the Omicron, quite fun actually, and RPG's, well, I could think of worse things to spend a couple of minutes doing.

Keep 'em coming 
but i want to fight everyone!!! 
Great Maps 
I especially liked Zwiffle's first (the space map), with brighter lighting this map really looks good. There were only some minor problems with a bad tele destination, a deathknight really stuck in a brush and the vores above never getting activated (thank god), possibly due to distance or visibility angle.

As for the final shamblers, I didn't dare using the RL so I took them all down with the DBS and some fast footwork. Zwiffle's 2nd map was also nice.

Scampie's was OK but reminded me of a previous one (I think) and it wasn't sealed. RPG's looked good too when the light was turned on, very tricky rock textures to light up ...

Good going these theme sessions! 
Wasn't Sealed? 
Now Let's Post The Body! 
Yes it is sealed, unless you can somehow vis leaked maps. 
The Version 
of sm72_scampie I have is definitely not sealed in hull 0, just noclip outside and look inside, you'll just see a black body (the unlit outside of the map) and you can fire e.g. the RL without it exploding in your face.

There are at least one leak on each side of the ramps (rather big).

I noticed it was vised, but it's definitely not sealed in hull 0. There are ways to vis it anyway. Which compiler did you use? 
TreeQBSP, v1.63
TyrLite, v0.9
rvis+, no version number 
That Compiler 
can easily build your leaky map and still generate a prt file for vis. IIRC it only generates pts files for leaks in hull 2 and since the two leaks in your map are too small for hull 2, you won't get a pts file. If you inspect the compiler log, you'll see that it leaks, though.

Try using one of my compilers instead and you won't be having those problems anymore (well ... the leaks will still be there of course but you'll always get a pts file). Bsp size will shrink from about 500k to 300k after sealing it. 
used your compilers, before and after fixing the leak. guess you're right. I'll use yours from now on I promise... Just needed something to kick me in the ass to relieze I should make the move. 
Stuff That Confuses Me 
I've never had the shamblers not teleport, though they may have all telefragged each other when they spawned. The knight that hides behind the pipes has never become stuck for me, and the only bad tele dest i know of is when the scrags spawn but blow up when they do... btw scampie you should've been using aguirre's tools for a while now, they're great. go punish yourself by playing rpg's map again. 
another thing is that if my tools don't work, you'd know who to blame ...

Zwiffle: The bad tele destination is the one to the secret and just when you exit the tele you're halfway over the edge and going down. It's extremely tricky to not fall down after this teleport. By just adjusting the angle of the tele destination, it'll be a lot easier.

The knight I was referring to is halfway inside a brush in the middle of the map. I found him when there were three monsters left after the final fight (on Medium), two were vores and the last one was the poor knight ... 
Hmm Well 
Disregard half the email I sent you Aguirre. That teleport is tricky, it's meant to be like that. You lose 5 health on the first drop to the tele, and another 5 when you drop from the platform. That's the cost of getting a supernail gun in that map. As for the knight, I'll have to find that, I didn't realize there was a knight stuck in architecture! 
The Stuck Knight 
is at (1368 -440 -160) and he doesn't look happy at all. It's like shooting knights in a brush ... 
Sure enough, I didn't even notice him. He's stuck in the wall real good, ain't he? That's kind of a wierd thing with Hammer... sometimes it copies a brush or entity just when you move it, so you have a new copy that you're moving and an old copy where the brush/entity was... gets kind of annoying. 
That's a 'feature'. It happens when you hold shift while dragging. 
I just wanted to say that I just noticed Scampie's countdown in the news post. Very clever Scampie. Very clever. 
It Was Neat, 
but the last one was kind of forced. 
Zwiffle1: Very nice, interesting gameplay & design... the dark lighting worked but a few bits were a bit *too* dark imo, spent at least 5 mins on this map which isn't bad for an SM

Zwiffle2: Clip those squares in the floor dammit... kinda frustrating to run around/fight in but layout was decent

Scampie: Nice, not much to it but nice. huzzah

Cardo: great layout, lots of neat little ramps lying around where you can slopejump up to items etc... looks like it could be interesting & fun for a duel/3p map

RPGs: nice concept but I found it more fun I9ing and seeing how fast I could RJ to the exit with godmode on. Best was 12 seconds, easily beatable tho 
Note to self: this isn't msn 
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