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New Q2DM - "Space Debris"
Space Debris is an old map that I was working on for the Oblivion mission pack. I later gave up on it, and using the theme I'd already developed, built the ZTN ripoff you all know as Derelict. Five years later, I re-discovered this basically complete map that simply needed item placement and clip brushes. A few hours of work and some playtesting later, I give you Space Debris.


i love it...
wait I haven't played it yet

too much vodka 
i always wanted to use those textures for map. :(

gonna download level now. 
"Space Debris" By Captain/Image 
Released 1991(?)
Listen at: 
I Give You... 
Nice atmospheric map for tight shotgun battles :)

It features slanted crate, so download it NOW! 
That's where i got the name, funnily enough. I listened to that song constantly back in 97/98 when i first got into mods. 
Re: Post #2 
Use them already, they are crate... err, great. 
I never gave permission for use of my name, here. I'm on the phone now, calling my lawyers. Hope they're not locked up... 
awesome, that was the first thing I thought of when I saw the title :) 
Space Debris 
Not sure if that`s quite what I wanted in the end but what I had a whole amazing, elegant player control system and I must stress this point, I am Galactix's 1-man team, and I produced that alone in my free time, in a relatively short time period. The 'minor' variations I'm talking about would have a free CD-ROM drive, which I may not re-install Quake. I dunno... Metlsline... ...can you lose the daikatana symbol please!! So... any news on when will be a review at my site soonish. 
Great layout. Looks about as good as Quake II is physically capable of. 
Curse You, Fitzgibbons! 
This makes me want to make an Oblivion-textured map. Oohh... someone please make it stop!

Cursed are the inspired, for they will not create. 
Looks nice, but amazingly forgettable in my opinion. Everything looks too much like it was prefabbed and peiced together. Layout is neat, but it's 90% halls, and even the rooms themsealves are so tightly packed they feel like more halls. Plus very little in the way of battles that will happen on multiple planes of elevation.

Sorry to be Mr. Negitive, but didn't find much to interest me here besides the textures, which would be great if there were some higher res .tgas of for use in Q3. 
It's okay to be negative; even five years ago i didn't think this map was that great, and i just released it on a whim since it took so little work to finish up.

Personally, i think the atmosphere and lighting are nice, and the connectivity is pretty solid, but it lacks any focal points/set pieces/atria. And not only is it all hallways, but the other architectural features are repeated a little too often.

I played a match against inertia the night before i released it, and it was actually kinda fun, but it's certianly not a Map For The Ages. 
Lighting Is Nice 
as are some of the small details, but otherwise I'm with scampie on both looks and layout.

BTW, I havent played q2 dm in years so I'm commenting after just walking around. 
Good Job.. 
on the map metslime!
I like it. 
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