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Speedmap Pack 74
This week's theme was suggested by metlslime, so it's all his fault. The idea is that the maps can't be beaten the first time through.

We got 3 single player maps this week, a real mix of stuff. Metl's map really shines this week, taking full advantage of the theme. Zwiffle makes a map filled with spawns that I can't beat. And necros... well necros made a necros map. :D

Enjoy the maps!
it seems like necros and zwiffle thought the theme was "maps you can't even play through once." 
was a clear winner here with some interesting gameplay. Zwiffle's wasn't so difficult if you let the monsters do their own internal affairs but the exit didn't work.

Necros' map, well I found one secret ... 
I Was Able To Beat Mine 
And the exit worked for me, but i made it go to sm74_scampie. it seems he likes to make my weekend a failure, 
Pwned Sm74_metl 
I got bored and made this :D

Can anybody get 12 seconds using the true exit? 
In the released sm74_zwiffle, there's no changelevel trigger at all. How can the exit work without it? 
Will get completed for next week's pack

If I can be arsed

Ran into too many errors :| 
I Guess 
I sent scampie the wrong one. oops. 
btw, those aren't missing textures in my map, i specifically wanted it like that. :D

also, metl, are you saying you couldn't beat it? it's more like a puzzle map than anything else... so maybe it wasn't clear.

i also like your map, Metl... I had a lot of trouble on zwiffle's though... i had to resort of monster infighting to get rid of the nine spawn... wow... and even that was luck... then i couldn't even end the map! :P 
necros: jumping off into the void pointed at a nonexsistent map. 
of course! i completly forgot!

when i compile my maps, i add a _q1 to the end of the filename to denote that it has been converted into q1 format (I use gtkradiant), and i was using the name ne_rerun as the filename, so in order to play it right, rename the mapfile to ne_rerun_q1.bsp

i changed the filename to sm74_necros to make it consistent with the other filenames completly forgetting that to do so would stop it from working!

my apologies! :) 
you suck

But I love you 
Necros You're A Twat. 
And like the way to do sm74_metl first go wasn't obvious enough. 
well, it was obvious to *me* ;) 
One Sentence Reviews. 
sm74_metl was a little short.

sm74_zwiffle made me go erg.

sm74_necros wasn't played because I knew of the aforementioned bugs and was too lazy to rename the .bsp. 
you whore! 
it's short, but you have to play it TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 
So that's TWICE the shortness. 
ROFL @ Zwiffle! 
1 + 1 = 2? 
No, not when dealing with clouds, plasmas or Metlslime levels. He he. Good one Zwiff 
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