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Jobs & Mappers Wanted
Need level designers for your amazing new mod? Or are you a game developer looking to hire? Maybe you just heard about some job at some company, and want to pass it on to the gang here at Func. Or you're just doing some fun little one-man project and want a little help from a level designer. This thread is the place to announce paid positions at companies, unpaid positions on mod teams, or even just ask for a few maps for your mod.
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Reading through the thread, apparently it's useless to hope for any actual job in here. If you want to do some work for AD or other mods, I think it's best to contact the project leads directly. For AD, it's Sock. He's currently working on v1.5 of the mod, with new maps included, so if you have something for him before he's done, you might feature in the next version. 
Welp, always I can try. 
I was actually wondering if anyone could come work on my project. Haven't really started it yet, but it's a stealth ARPG bullet hell sim racing game with dating sim elements. I need coders, mappers, texture artists, modelers, concept artists, writers, a project manager, director, and producer. Will pay in Safeway coupons. Thanks. 
You heard the guy. 
I appreciate your passion and energy, but I'm personally more into horror/action games that aren't trying too much. Looking forward where this in going to lead though, but as a designer you need to put all in. Concepts are always just concepts, before someone puts more information and idea behind them and demonstrates it in a way it doesn't end up feeling vague for the most people.

It is always good to know, what are your keys features you can put on this project, and how to help others do their jobs well, so everyone is a sense what is going on.

There has to be group of specific people (mostly leader of different teams, if teams has more than one member), who will mindstorm together and cut off unnecessary ideas that doesn't benefit game's main goals at all OR features that are hard to pull off and still doesn't add much to the gameplay. Team needs outsiders too, for testing purposes, QE testing.

Team needs money, because rarely people work without money (unless hobbiest project that is meaningfull for the most parts), team also needs softwares, good management, healthcaring etc. all the little things. For example if you hire only one programmer, it is quite big risk from himself and to the company. Every resource needs management & caring. There shouldn't be no doubt about what project is trying to achieve from every aspect. 
Fixing Couple Typos.. in a sense of what is going on*

..(mostly leaders from different teams like: art team, code team, QE testing team etc.)*

..hire only one programmer, it is quite big rick for himself/herself and to the company - but same goes to other members as well.* 
Not Sure If It Was A Joking Response Or Not 
This Forum Has Become Really Weird. 
Maybe my sentences doesn't make sense, but personally I don't want to mock other peoples if they have dreams and so on. 
Dear NewHouse,

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Dear kawaii lol

Your offer sounds quite vague, and I need more information. Ps. you forget to mention email you were talking about. 
It was just a joke. No harm done. 
I agree 
Though it would be really nice to know, are there even 3d modellers, 2d texture artists? That information would make it actually interesting to even talk about future plans people have. 
How many of you have been working on game engines like Unity or UE4? 
If anyone can help me make models and code,then i will give you ideas,maps and maybe a little money if i can get it.
PS-I need a mapper as I am not a good mapper.Maybe i can make part of a map and the other guy can finish it. 
Hey, Let Me Think Abou 
Actual Paid Work 
I'm looking for a level designer for a Doom/Quake style FPS game, paid work.

For more info about the project or other things get in touch with me: 
GLSL Post-Processing Shader For Darkplaces 
Job: A GLSL Shader for DP with these features:

1. the option to resample input resolution by .5 or .25

2. the option to palettize (??) with one of different sized palettes (128, 256, needed for testing)

3. directions on how to actually deploy/modify (toggle options) of said shader.

Deadline: at your leisure

Compensation: $$$, specific amount TBD

The goal is to emulate the appearance software rendering, example1, example2. This is not for Quake, but for a separate project which uses q3map2 and its shaders. I say this just in case that has any technical implications on the work that needs to be done.

The end result is my concern, if you feel there is a better method than what I described, please let me know!

Contact info is in my profile, thanks! 
Looking For Concept And Promotional Materials Artist 
I'm looking for an artist who can draw concept art and create promotional material for an indie retro FPS.

You'd get to design cool weapons, monsters, and characters.

Please see the original ad on polycount for details:

Job Description: emulate 8-directional sprite rotation. character model (a quad, in this case) must always face the player regardless of character movement/orientation (like a sprite) and display the appropriate frame based on viewing angle. darkplaces specific.

Compensation: $300 (USD)

for all inquiries, please email me at Thanks! 
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