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Where Would You Like To LIVE In An FPS Game??
See topic title, fool =).

Pick some places from major or indeed minor games and say WHY that particular piece of real estate attracts you...
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Red Light District, DN3D 
Obvious reasons. 
The shots of Far Cry look just about as close to a tropical paradise as I've ever been. Wouldn't mind buying up that island and moving there. 
the asylum in painkiller. holy shit, that map scared the bejesus out of me. ;) 
start.bsp cuz ut's cozy there, and there's lava so i can fry gibs, yet there's pool so i can swim, yet, there are slipgates so i can walk to the any episode i like. also there's nightmare skill teleport room, this would be my living room with lava teleport as the fireplace... so start.bsp is the plase to live :) 
But hm, I do actually live in Poland, so I'm living in Kingpin already =) 
You said you wanted to live in RPGSMSE3, too. 
I wanna live in one of the barrels from Barrels o Fun in Doom2. 
Zagheida's / Max's Mansion In Nehahra 
That big fireplace looks like it would nicely offset the peaceful but dismal overcast and perpetual thunderstorm . . . nd the demon mosaics were cool!

(it's raining here right now - blah!). 
How Did I Know This Was A Shambler Topic? 
I wanna live in that pretty water room in the first Serious Sam. :P

or anywhere in the first episode of DooM.

or the Von Braun. That would rock. 
SS2 Von Braun 
you know like, before everybody was eaten by worms and died 
Zin Appeals To Me 
because it is grey and claustophobic.

Or, perhaps the Palace of Hate with its menacing allure. 
I would like to live in American McGee's Alice. Don't ask me to say where; there are too many places to choose from.

Also, the crazy void world in Undying seems unendingly cool. I think that served as partial inspiration for the finale map in Quake Condensed. 
I would live in aerowalk. There is enough free-range space on the level that I can find wild game to shoot, and I would cook the fresh meat in a fire I made by the upper tele. But at the end of the day, I would set up camp on the red armor and have a cozy sleep in my loft. 
I'd like to live on one of the floating sky islands in NaPali where there are lily-pad covered lakes, green hills and meadows and bucolic farms to roam about and cultivate healing fruits and raise cows. A short trek from the farms are mystical but peaceful temples on the island where I could enter the flame-lit chambers and feel the stress leave as I listen to the calming chants of the Nali Priests in deep meditation.

I'd live in one of the cottages not far from the town gathering center where the wind chimes pierce the early evening breeze. Think I'll head over to the pub and join some of the elder Nalis as they tell stories of the great battles that led to the toppling of those invaders referred to as the 'Sky Demons'.

Anyone else want to live here? 
If I Had To Pick A Place From A Nonfps Game... 
Zelda 64, in that village up in the mountains, Kikuru village i think? So peaceful there, except with the graveyard and the haunted well and all that... 
in the first or second map of contract revoked, or Nastrond, to study and look at the beatiful textures better.

Or maybe the mountains of Soulstice, once all the monsters are dead, it would be a peaceful sanctuary. 
...not a recommended residence for sleepwalkers. 
this must be the geekiest thread ever. 
Gloom Keep 
That would just rule. 
First level of Rise of the Triad. I'd hang in the secret area that only opens after 4 mins. 
The Undying Manor... 
is an impressive Irish coast property - worth a fortune. A bit stormy but private - you could hang out at the Monastary ruins, the family Mausoleum or paddle out to the Standing Stones. It's quite a huge property. You would need to find a way to prevent most of the staff from quitting as it does require a lot of upkeep. Also, there's some nasty weeds in the greenhouse. 
Undying Mansion 
I considered listing the mansion in Undying (and the whole estate, really), but some of the "transition" mansion levels were really poorly lit, plus they used things that looked like typical mapper fair (1:2 grade slopes instead of stairs). But I suppose if you consider all the outlying areas -- including the catacombs in the Mausoleum -- that might outweigh the poorer parts of the mansion. 
"I would live in aerowalk."--inertia

Jesus Christ you're brainwashed! 
Rise Of The Triad 
That brings back some gaming memories 
Serious Sam 2 
The first level, because it's so easy.

/looking to live on easy street 
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