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Where Would You Like To LIVE In An FPS Game??
See topic title, fool =).

Pick some places from major or indeed minor games and say WHY that particular piece of real estate attracts you...
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Some quality choices.

Na Pali Heaven - this was going to be my choice for Unreal! Somewhere overlooking the lake too I think. A beautiful setting, less harsh than Bluff Eversmoking or the castle, would be great floating in the sky and probably a nice village community once the Skaarj had gone.

Gloom Keep - this was going to be my choice for Quake! The outside bit impressed me right from the start. Just a cool place. I'd probably hang out in the YA secret that you jump along the wall too. However the left hand area with all the traps can piss off, I'd have that knocked down and replaced with a nice garden and some Fiend pens.

Eternal Autumn (?) in Undying - another excellent choice, a lovely place apart from the weirdos trying to kill you. A lot of Undying is cool but I think this is probably the best.

Oh stick to in-game maps too, makes it easier to compare. 
A Few More Choices... 
The start of FAKK2 - really nice place, great view, nice gardens, right close to the town but a bit of privacy, lots of hot chix around.

Quake2....hmmmm not sure, it's all a bit grim and oppressive.

Wheel Of Time - errrr. There must be somewhere. I forget. 
viking village place from rune

Also The Blue maps IK made. 
I'd Like Painkiller 
The Hell level in Painkiller. That'd be a sweet place to live.

Either that, or the Dark Place. 
City on Water, nce place for a swim, sunset, cool architecture, please atmosphere... :) 
that's Pleasing Atmopshere... i seem to have forgotten how to spell. 
Eternal Autumn was the (rather out-of-place, but very pretty) outdoors world right at the end. The creepy blasted pseudo-Moorish void realm was, I think, called Oneiros. 
Who is Moor? I am intrigued. 
More Moorishness 
The Moors were Muslims of Arab and Berber descent who invaded portions of Spain in the 8th century and built a civilisation in Andalusia; they lasted until about the late 15th century. Architecture was essentially Islamic but with many distinguishing features, (none of which I can name :), but it's quite characteristic as a 'look'.
I Guess You Could Call Me Moorish 
Some of my ancestors were Moorish Converts on pappy's side, some were Celto-Iberian, like the House of Castille -- I've a relative who traced the lineage down to the time of Cortez
though the records are much better kept after 1755 when my ancestors founded New Iberia to reign in Protestant Expansion in the New World. 
Moorish Architecture 
is very, very nice. A combination of Islamic Geometric and Old European. Delicious ^_^ 
In Concurrance is a nice site.

Some interesting ideas as well; the faux dome in should be fairly easy to implement. 
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