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New QDM: Return Of The Shadows
Very vertical 1on1 / 2on2 quake deathmatch map dressed up in classic quake textures. Built to play well.

Download & info:


Hope you like it. Comments are appreciated :)
It's not the prettiest girl at the dance, but the layout looks good. 
Looks like it'll play very well, dig the little icons on the ground for armours etc.

Good spotlights too. 
Fun Level 
I had a good little 1on1 with a friend on the level. Definately layout shines in this level the most. My only complaint was that the elevators subsided much to quickly - too quick to get off the lift sometimes :) Good level though, I like the sandy PSE4 metal theme. 
i like the use of weird angles.

but, you say that the map is "dressed up in classic quake texs" even though only like 3 of the textures are from Quake. Most of them appear to be modified versions of the Prodigy 4 textures. 
The layout is crazy madness. Great angular stuff. Does feel old school, but with a harder more modern feel some how. Windlash made a good point about the plats dropping a little too quickly. 1 on 1 was confusing, wonder what a good 4FFA would be like. Fun stuff, congrats. 
bibi has released it afterall! 
It Stinks... the inside of my urethra after a good hard goat buggering.

Well done gibbie. Not my style but seems like it would play pretty cool. 
metlslime: im sorry i lied :( what i meant was that it looked old school.

windlash/prodxl: if the lifts are too fast for you, you move too slow :) sorry, me nor my playtesters had any probs with them. maybe u just have to know the map a little better. i wanted them to be this fast because then u could go down again really quickly if you wanted. and if someone was following you he wouldnt have to wait very long to use the lift again. 
Good Map 
Been having some good matches on this since beta 6 =)

I really like everything about the map -- layout, design, and gameplay. There's something really cool about the atmosphere that I can't describe, but I really like it.

I would tend to agree about the lifts before my first 10 plays of this map, but you get used to it and it's not a big deal.

No other complaints! Great job gibbie, keep it coming brother. 
Good stuff - I love vertical maps, and although the detail isn't exactly overwhelming there's a good solid feel to the design which I like. 
I playtested this since its earlier semi-beta days, and the layout has gone through a number of very significant changes, including alot of teleporter muckery =[ Alot of people have played and commented on the gameplay for about 2 months before release, so it is actually quite refined regarding the gameplay. Although large in terms of *volume*, once you know the map the players can make the seemingly large space feel a little too close for comfort =] Have fun, I foresee that this will get positive attention from alot of people for a long time to come! 
Teh Sexy! 
looks nice but i'm not much of a player. Well.. not in the Quake sense of the word. 
...Bab5 fan? 
no why? 
Oh and thanks all for the comments :) 
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