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Vondur + Czg = New Spq Map
You might remember I stuck many of my old map sources onto a page some time ago, in the hope that they wouldn't just be wasted time. Thankfully, my hopes came true.

Vondur picked up the remains of an old e1m1 remake I did, and decided it might be worthy of a polish. He didn't finish the map though, but handed it back to me so I could see what he was thinking about it. I made some new bits on it, and passed it back, and so on and so on, until today when we've got a finished map to show you all.

So yes, finally we ended up with a nice modern upgrade of the good old Slipgate Complex, which we have dubbed The Slipgate Duplex.

Screenshots and info: download:
Fileplanet download:

Please enjoy and tell us what you think!
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As Certain Members 
of our lovely and dear little community would say...


old school meets new school, this is the definitive interpretive quake mappery, taking our nastalgia for the (g)olden days and refining it to a higher level

well done, fags 
That was like some weird alternate universe. It felt strangely uncomfortable. 
Very Cool, A+ 
But I missed a secret... where did it go... 
a delightful little map that had me trying to remember where all those secrets were in the original. loved every second of playing it and the aesthetic styles of both of you blended seamlessly. gorgeous! 
If you could remake Castle of the Damned that would be awesome, that's my personal favorite level from Quake. 
Very Fun 
I liked it:)
what about remaking whole Quake? Or at least the first episode? 
Remaking Quake 
is a huge undertaking, because a) there are alot of levels (30+?) and, it would probably get old after a while, because once you make it through e3m5 or whatever, you'll realize you just want to play the REAL original maps!

but, having such a project completed would be really awesome, and give a number of people a whole lot of bragging rights :D 
CZG & Vondur Scare My Children 
Beautiful level and great level of new detail (and atmosphere) brought to E1M1. I'm going to go speed run this now! 
Finally The Slipgate Complex Looks 
Complex! I liked the details in this, breaking up the pushout bridge section, the changes Megahealth jump area. Good stuff.

Instead of a Quake redux I would like to see The Dynamic Duo do a 36 level megawad of original maps for the Nehahra engine and progs.dat -- that would just blow Doom3 away for me! 
Very Nice Map 
Great architecture and lighting created a completely different feel to this classic map.

I just kept wondering where are the monsters, they must have planned a mega-ambush somewhere. The extra secret also took me a while to figure out. But what was the deal with the penta? 
All Of Quake Wouldn't Be Cool... 
but maybe just the best id maps strung together and edited for gameplay... 
But that did rock. Good work, guys! 
Vondur In Idbase Shocker! 
owny map, guys. idbase forever :) 
Speed Run 
Easy run in 0:28.

You will probably see this map added to SDA in the near future... 
Really loved this one, you guys reworked that map perfectly. Great brush work from top to bottom. Really some quality work in here. You can't tell 2 people worked on it, you melded your styles so well. Congrats. 

couldn't find the last secret though... i got all the regular ones, i think.

this is a vast improvement over the original map, and the extra areas are all nicely done, blending in well with the original level.

good work, guys!

ps: wow, so much quake these past few weeks! how exciting!! :D 
Extra Secret? 
Is there an untagged secret? I got all six and it was just like E1M1. I don't want any clues, I just want to know if I should continue looking for something beyond the six I found. I say this only because of some of the comments above.

I super-enjoyed this beautiful map. It's so cool to know the layout in advance yet it looked so much different! Excellent experience. The build quality and lighting make this a joy to explore. Also, you can't tell that two mappers did it - it's consistent thoughout.

Okay - we won't get all of Quake but if I had to pick another map to get this extreme makeover, I'd vote for Gloom Keep. GK just did something for me in my Quake infancy.

Thanks Vondur and CZG! 
There Is A Secret Secret Area... 
I only found it when looking at the .map file, but I'll give you a hint: You find it from one of the tagged secrets. 
Thanks for the comments guys! We're really glad you liked this map!

For some of you wondering about the secrets: all the secrets are the same as in original, and yes, there's one new area but we won't tell you how to find it :)

Hehe, funny demo Windlash, it looks like the map is monsterless on easy. Especially if to compare with modern custom maps :) 
/me Wipes Away A Tear... 
Aww, you guys rock. So hard.

btw, that tele at the beginning is my fave part. 
Found It! 
I just found the super-secret area - man, that's clever. Really worth seeing, too. 
About The 7th Secret 
it was pretty obvious to me playing the map how to get there, in fact i noticed how to get there without thinking about it! but yes it was delightful, nice brushwork in that area as well 
Nice Looks 
very cool update guys. But why didnt you update the gameplay too? I know it would have tinkered with the original but it would have made it more worthwhile.

7th secret area was cool too, I just kept on looking for something to shoot :) 
gameplay messing left for those who'd like to mess with the .maps ;)

the idea was to improve the geometry/layout w/o touching monsters and items (some items were added tho) 
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