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Vondur + Czg = New Spq Map
You might remember I stuck many of my old map sources onto a page some time ago, in the hope that they wouldn't just be wasted time. Thankfully, my hopes came true.

Vondur picked up the remains of an old e1m1 remake I did, and decided it might be worthy of a polish. He didn't finish the map though, but handed it back to me so I could see what he was thinking about it. I made some new bits on it, and passed it back, and so on and so on, until today when we've got a finished map to show you all.

So yes, finally we ended up with a nice modern upgrade of the good old Slipgate Complex, which we have dubbed The Slipgate Duplex.

Screenshots and info: download:
Fileplanet download:

Please enjoy and tell us what you think!
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that's more like it, thanks for posting that.

The only thing I didnt really like was perhaps those underwater spwans which were completely unfair, otherwise vry enjoyable. 
Underwater Spawn... 
have been a q1sp staple ever since fmb8 :P 
very good. Oh, and i did find ALL six secrets on first try. Hee. 
you can see the spawns through the water, same with the fiend at the start, so it's not that hard. plus they get stuck down there as they turn around. gives plenty of time to take them out. 
There were spawns in the water? Never saw 'em. 
I Call Start.bsp! 
Someone should make a list. 
Von told me to do e4m4 so I guess I am. 
Just Do Remixes Of The Maps You Want 
and skip all this remake reservations - I'm sure it would be interesting to see different remixes of the same map. 
yeah, but I dont play with see through water because some maps have it turned on and others off (making the water look weird) so I just leave it turned off. 
Oh, Ok. 
i thought everyone played with r_novis 1 :D

i guess that could be considered cheating too... oh well, i leave it off the next time i make a demo. ;) 
Ahh tis very nostalgic, gallivanting around the ancient maps of yore. Verily, this remixing idea is an idea most fantastical. 
So, Wait 
necros - you used r_novis 1 and the pentagram?!? You weakling! Has anyone even watched my demo yet? o_O

If we build a remake, is the intention that they will connect to other remake maps? i.e. e1m5rmx.bsp trigger_changelevels to e1m6rmx.bsp trigger_changelevels to e1m7remx.bsp etc...? 
i watched it. i didn't know anyone used hipnitic pack for regular play! ;) so it took me awhile until i realised to start with the -game hipnotic.
(probably why many didn't see it?)

anyway, calling me a weakling, is it? well... i enjoyed watching you die the first time around. :P 
well, at least I went down fighting, and not carrying a powerup :P

ah... -hipnotic. I see. That's annoying. Does everyone use a different mod which has mousewheel weapon switching down as well as up?
Also, hipnotic has the very useful genocide! command - impulse 205 iirc. Good when playtesting. 
Weapon Switching 
-game id1 has weapon switching down as well as up. Just make sure your config contains
bind "MWHEELUP" "impulse 10" //weapon up
bind "MWHEELDOWN" "impulse 12" //weapon down

No genocide though... 
you don't need to mod to use mwheelup and down...

in regular quake, go in the console and bind mwheeldown "impulse 12"

impulse 12 is the impulse to cycle backwards...
genocide... didn't know about that... hehe just tried it now. :P 
cool, thx for the impulse 12 bind

Yes, genocide! is the main reason I use -hipnotic. Worth adding a similar option to any mod code, assuming that wouldn't be infringing copyright. I use it all the fething time when I map; ~100 monsters taken down with a single key stroke :P 
i just tend to use notarget to bypass monsters and noclip through them if they are really in the way... 
that's the basic method; but with some entities only triggered by monster death, it's useful to 'clear' the map to the state it would be in once complete and exitable. Also, noclipping on/off all the time gets annoying. 
As many times as that copyright has been violated in terms of mdls, weapons, .qc, levels -- I would not be concerned about it unless you are planning to comercially exploit it (somehow). 
noclip through monsters who can't see you!? weakling! blast your way through! 
wakes up other monsters sometimes, so it's more annoying than anything else. 
Just played Speedy's HARD version of this which was pretty cool and to be honest a much better version overall because you spend more time soaking up the atmosphere of the map, appreciate the designs more, explore over the whole map, and have a good challenge with some fun gameplay (although it's pretty easy after the start apart from the spawn bits, but still good). I like the Fiends in the water and the Shambler behind the SNG. Oh yeah and some of the jump "secrets" are cool.....except the one that gives you a "Shambler Sux" message - WHAT THA FUCK asshead :P. 
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