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Speedmap 78
You guys know the drill. Weekly Q1 Speedmap pack release.

Theme was Arena. Windlash, Zwiffle, and myself mapped. Zwiffle's is DM, Windlash is sm78_evan

This kind of sucks - I missed this one, and it was what I was waiting for! that's okay - I'll make an arena map for sm 79. 
Mike Woodham: 
Just received your map now... few hours after the speedmap finished up. I'll stick it into sm79 next week, ok? 
gl_loadtexture: mismatch PARADISE

evan's from start map
zwiffles from either evan's or scumpie's 
use fitzquake. 
go map 
Scampie's was good, windlash's was hard but when you kill both shamblers and the double-sided cone lifts up was cool. 
use fitzquake. 
Two Tough But 
fun SP maps here and Scampie's was best, I like temple styles. Everything was in reasonable supply, nice architecture and a good arena combat.

Windlash's was in a grey-blueish Q2 style, was too dark (tricky textures to light up) and was really hard. When the shamblers appeared it was more luck than skills that made me finish after several attempts. Maybe a more cautious strategy would help here ... 
Don't use Quake2's 32x32 trigger texture as trigger in Q1. It screws things up due to glquake's cache expecting it to be the 64x64 texture it cached in maps played before yours... or when someone else's map that uses a trigger texture at the proper 64x64 size (like Zwiffle's) after playing yours.

Played a few rounds on sm78_zwiffle with Zwiffle... alright fun for a bit, but it's size makes it just a repetitive orgy of teleporting and grenade spam.

Windlash's is good until the 2 shambler's who kill me everytime becuase I'm out in the open with only a rocket launcher and a few nails. 
My Fault 
Oops, sorry about that texture cache error with my map when playing other maps in the same session :/

This was my first speed map, and I honestly didnt know what the hell I was trying to accomplish :D Oh well, it's a decent first effort I guess...

I liked the look and feel of Scampie's level, good job Scamp :) 
It will probably be somewhat out of place?

So should I give it a level 4 vis then as I now have the time? 
Mike Woodham: 
For your information and enjoyment, compiling/light-ing/vis-ing are not supposed to happen within the 100min speedlimit... the compilers are doing the work, not the mapper! :D And, the speedlimit is never enforced anyway, so just do whatever you want! 
Yeah, if you want. Next week will most likely be unthemed so there's no way it'll be out of place :D 
I'm Glad For That. 
i too wanted to map for this week's event but i was playing cs and i forgot... :o
you can flay me now. 
oh, we will....just for playing cs you deserve it ;P 
It's Actually Kind Of Ironic, 
considering we're making these completly unrealistic and hellishly evil monsters.

very xen... oh no! that's halflife too! gah! ^_^ 
There's Nothing Wrong With Half Life 
Or Xen. It's just that the original levels insisted on being separate.

I have a concept for a Xen-esque hub (called "Now and Xen" - you can groan now) where a recaptured Gordon had to investigate a very large rock in ol' Aeryx Xen to find out what happened to an expedition there, and why.

I keep forgetting to develop it - the idea was to unify the bits of Xen that were flopping around in HL... 
i know. i was only kidding. it's just because HL and CS are closely related. ;) 
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