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Remake Of Q3dm14 For Q1 [qdm14b1]
Hi there lazy mappers ;)

I was little bored so made this one, dunno why but i just did. Its in beta stage so maybe ill change something someday or just leave it as it is rite now. Map is made by me from scratch so some places looks different then in orginal one. Of course jump pads sucks, they are not as good as in q3, but its not my fault its quake fault ;) Treat this map like curiosity, not like my official map. Anyway love it or hate it:
The visuals kind of left me cold. :/ 
...i know, it looks like shit :)) 
kornel ale cie beda jebac gg kthx 
what can i say i love you! ;) you not the map...eheheh is +/- :) could be better i prefer other work�s by you but good work! 
qurnel this map is nice, looks oldskool and cute

txt file within the zip file would be nice to keep everything in order 
Vondur, u can say it sux, coz it wasnt made for good looking' ;) hehe 
Well, I Don't Play 
DM, but this map looks great to me. Lots of detail, nice texture combinations and lighting. 
I Like It Fine 
Yet another qurnel map I'm diggin'. Sure, it ain't as pretty as it could be, but it still has a lot of cool features. 
Sinista Blargh 
really wasnt all that great on multiplayer.. i tried it with some friends and the jump pad like things only got in the way along with the narrow hallways.. confusing layout as well.. details were highly lacking and the place with the pentagram was obnoxious considering youd get it sometimes.. fall in.. and wait a minute or so- so you could die.. if i had to rate it id give it a 3/10 though because the tower like architecture did look alright.. 
Really Like This Style. 
I love this old school texture style in dm - it reminds me of the maps I'd play when I'd stay up all night gibbing reapers instead of studying ;)

I also dig the broken stone block details. Nice and curvy too :) 
zrobiles chujowa mape i tyle =)
mwahaha hah ahaha 
I quite like it and it's a good conversion. Yeah the jump pads can be a bit ass but other than that it's fun. 
Err WHY 
why remake one of the worse q3 maps?
visuals are poor as you said, but more importantly, the layout of this map leaves alot to be desired (yes, even for teamplay) 
M'oh YEAH! 
The CardOMan likes it and that's enough! 
I like the sounds the doors make. 
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