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Bunker: New Q1DM Released !!!
Hello all, Please find here my first deathmatch map named Bunker. You will find on my web site screenshots and zip file... I hope this new one will enjoy many of you like Hatchepsout did... I tested this map with 7 Reaper Bots: this map contains up to 8 player starts, and it is compiled to support colored lights feature.


Feedback, advices and comments are welcomed! Enjoy!
It reminds me some of my first maps I've made.

It's kinda blocky, squareish, flatty and symetrical and personally I hate blocky, squareish, flatty and symetrical maps, whatever SP or DM (that's why Von's maps suck ;)

I think you have to work on modelling a bit, but you've got a good start, so keep up the good work =) 
i agree is looks too much like a vondur map therefore it sux dix 
Sorry dude, but maps of this quality came out in 1997, not 2004. Lots more effort into build quality, architecture, innovative layouts, and such are required. And just like Misyu said, it's blocky, squareish, flatty, and symetrical... plus the lighting is just plain boring.

Sorry to be harsh on the comments, but I think you need to study some more recent mappers work more closely and work on your build quality some. You know we'll all be happy to help you learn and improve. 
Something I Noticed... 
in this map and your last, is that you have a habit of down-scaling textures. This is generally a bad practice because it greatly increases the face count; e.g. a texture scale of 0.5 in both the x and y axes would potentially increase the polycount by 4x.

even with -heapsize 32000, I got the RAM symbol that appears in the top left corner of the screen, in both this and your SP map, probably as a result of too many polys due to the aforementioned texture scaling.

That said, you do have potential and with the right guidance, I foresee great things coming from you in the future :)

(God, I sound like Darth Sidious there :P) 
Good Try 
Man not like the other�s pros that are in here but you must start somewere! i dont like much of the level the game play is very poor but it�s your first ;) keep doing and will be much better soon...dont give up ever! QUAKE in THE GAME! 
I noticed this time more bad comments than good ones... hhmmmm...
OK, this DM map is not really good (I built it in 2 weeks), and I must improve myself in my mapping stuff... sure I will do... with many times... So even if I'm a little disapointed, it's all your right to "hate" this map...
Anyway, thanks for your comments and opinion... I will take much more care next time...

Make It Into A TF Map!! 
The TeamFortress guys would crap themselves over a map like this. 
Do I need to understand this last remark as a joke ?? 
It Was True 
they'd love it 
I don't know Team Fortress game, so I'm a little bit confused while reading dazka post: joke or not joke, that is the question ??? 
The Only Joke Here Is Team Fortress 
Sorry for my approximative english... I'm not used with all the language subtility... Anyway... Thanks for explanations...
Team Fortress 
was/is a Q1 mod that was popular a while back. You can find more info at .

There are many maps made for this mod, e.g. .

This map seems a bit small for TF, though ... 
Thanks for the links and fot your explanations... Bunker map sure is too small for TF team, or any kind of CTF mode, while I could imagine 2 flags in the bunkers' 1st floor (those with only one entry)... rather a nice idea... but it seems to be an "old design concept" for guys here who prefers more relevant architecture...
It was just my 2nd map, and I built it into a "wrong way".... too quickly...
Well, I 'm currently mapping a new Q1SP... and this time I hope doing something better than Hatchepsout.. and sure better than Bunker !! :))
I Love Blocky/squarish/symmetrical Maps... 
honestly. of course i love quality maps even more. 
Thank you... There is at least one man who like this map... It makes me really happy now... ;-))

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