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Speedmap Pack #80!
Another big week of speedmaps! And bunch of awesome ones too!

Our theme this week was Vertical Swamps, a compromise between metlslime and myself in our thoughts of good speedmap themes. He, I, and Zwiffle followed the theme and it looks like the compromise gave the perfect theme for cool maps. PuLSaR made a nice map in last week's Abandoned City theme, and Speedy made a good map in his own unknown theme.

Enjoy the maps!
I thought they were really good this week, worth the extra 6+ hour wait. Good job people. 
All really good. Apart from scampie's, obviously. 
good pack, I liked Speedy's most, interesting design/gameplay 
Good Pack 
I liked scampie's and metl's best. 
Nice Variety Of Maps 
All were good and had nice visuals, but pretty tough combat. Caution and strategy was essential in some maps, especially metl's and speedy's. Metl's had a continuous grenade rain and speedy's had severe ammo shortage, beatable but just barely.

Pulsar's had a nice temple theme (I wonder where he picked that up ...) and Scampie were into trees, nice ones too. Zwiffle's swamp had some leaks in the plumbing, a YA that I just couldn't make it to (but would've helped a lot) and some tricky combat.

SM80, a new collector's item. 
metl - I got bored on the 4th attempt.

pulsar - ummm yeah.

scampie - kinda cute I like the bit of IKBase.

speedy - easy but I fell into the void which wasn't as much fun as when all the Fiends were doing it.

zwiffle - what. 
SO CUTE!!!! ^_^! 
your fault for not beating it on the third attempt. 
your fault for not beating it on the third attempt.

Metl has combined three themes in his speedmap: vertical map, swamp map, map that needs to be played at leats three times :)

Pulsar's had a nice temple theme (I wonder where he picked that up ...)

These are hexen2 textures I downloaded the day before sm-event, now there're one of my faves 
I beat metl's map first try. Guess I have skillz or something. 
Metlslimes Is A Tough Little Number 
I beat it first time too, and its more a mini-ceramonial circles than a mini grisly grotto.

Scampies was a good, bloody fight/ I enjoyed picking off the last bunch of monsters with the nailgun.

Zwiffle there is a damaged brush right at the water entrance before you reach the teleport. I couldn't find the exit either. I pushed the button, nothing happened from what I could tell.

The most enjoyable map for me was Speedy's because you could lead fiends back to the entrance and watch them jump to their deaths. Aww, poor stupid, suicidal fiends. But then, he didn't do it in theme so he cant get the Burnt Peanut award.

That eliminates Pulsar, but his level was the prettiest. If Pulsar's level was a woman, I would marry it.

Sounds like HeadThump is a little confused . . . 
When you teleport to where the two ogres are, look around. You should see a huge blocky brush with the star liquid floating in space. The button makes some plats rise from the water so you can jump to it. Jump back to the where the ogres were then bounce to the exit. Hurrah. 
nice pak
dunno whos map was the best tho 
I Found It, 
Thanks Zwif. I mistook that rock the first time I saw it. Good routing in this map. 
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